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9 Things Dog Owners Have Learned To Accept

4. You’ve learned (the hard way) that Earthly possessions are fleeting. Your designer leather boots or your brand-new jeans are the victims of choice when your pooch has a fit of anxiety-chewing. Also, you’ve most likely given up on keeping track of all the underwear your pup has destroyed. But with one look into those big, apologetic eyes, and you remember that your love of material things is nothing compared to the love you have for your dog, no matter how naughty she may be.

Jonathan Kriz via Flickr

5. The bed is no longer yours. Your bed becomes the dog’s bed, and you are a guest in it. That is all.

Sherman knows how to relax
reader of the pack via Flickr

6. Separation anxiety is now a thing in your life. Whether you leave to run errands or for vacation (which you have prolonged and cancelled in order to avoid those “don’t leave me” eyes), you know you’ll miss your dog. And by the way he greets you when you come home, you know that he missed you, too.

Jake in the crate
mara via Flickr

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