Abandoned Baby Cheetah Becomes Best Friends With A Rescue Dog

It’s commonly thought that cats and dogs don’t get along. But what about cheetahs and dogs? Kris the cheetah and Remus the rescue dog prove that friendship has no boundaries. They are best friends, and they don’t even care that they’re different.

Kris was born in July at the Cincinnati Zoo, but she was the only surviving cheetah cub from her litter. So, the zookeepers decided to pair her up with a “surrogate sibling” so that she could still grow up with a friend.

Image: @cincinnatizoo/Facebook

Kris and Remus

Cheetahs usually have a litter of 3 to 5 cubs, however, if only one or two of the cubs survive, the mom often abandons them. She will stop producing milk and want nothing to do with them. It is heartbreaking, but because of this, the zookeepers decided that it was best to hand-raise Kris.

Being raised by the zookeepers meant that Kris might be lonely. So, that’s why they decided to adopt Remus. They wanted Kris to grow up with someone to play with, and they thought a dog would be the perfect companion.

Remus is a mixed breed that was found at a local dog rescue. He is only about a month older than Kris, so they get to grow up side by side. 

Image: @cincinnatizoo/Facebook

The zookeepers had met with lots of different rescue puppies ahead of time to decide which one would be a good match for Kris. They found that Remus had the best temperament for a cheetah playmate.

The zookeepers explained that there isn’t just one particular breed that would fit this position. It all depended on the personality of the dog.

At first, Kris was hesitant around Remus. She had never seen anything like him before, but over time, they bonded even more than expected. Now, they run around and play together, and they both seem overjoyed with their companionship.

Image: @cincinnatizoo/Facebook

The History of Cheetahs and Dogs

Kris and Remus are not the first cheetah and dog friendship. There are at least 6 other dog and cheetah pairings that have been a success. Turns out, dogs are not only great at keeping humans company, but they also make great friends for cheetah cubs.

Image: @cincinnatizoo/Facebook

One of the most well-known dog and cheetah pairings is Ruuxa and Raina from the San Diego Zoo. They have been friends since 2014, and they still get along to this day. Ruuxa is a cheetah that was diagnosed with a condition that affects the growth of his front legs. With the help of Raina, a friendly Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ruuxa was able to recover and make a great new friend in the process. 

It is unclear as to whether or not Kris and Remus will remain friends once they grow up, but they will definitely enjoy the moments of their childhood together. Kris is so lucky to have Remus by her side to help her grow. Their differences are what allow them to get along so well.

Featured Image: cincinnatizoo/Facebook

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