Actor Gives Shelter Pit Bull A Happily Ever After

If shelter dogs dream of being adopted, this Texas pup dreams bigger than the rest! She’s living in a real, Cinderella-like fairytale after finding her new home!

Once named “Sylvia,” the former stray was picked up by Montgomery County Animal Services in the weeks following Hurricane Harvey. Shelters that hadn’t flooded and could still take in pets were filled to bursting, and rescues around the country transported hundreds of animals out of the area to make room for more as many pets were left homeless after the storm.

As a sickly pit bull in a shelter with a less-than-desirable kill rate, the future looked dim for Sylvia. After losing her fur to mange, she was mostly pink and was being passed over by rescues and adopters. Luckily, one rescue in the area saw potential, and plucked her from the noisy facility. A Chance To Bloom Dog Rescue in Conroe, TX took her in, and gave her the medical care she needed to get well. They saw a sweet, shy, affectionate girl blossom in their care, and their work absolutely paid off!

In March, the rescue received an application to adopt, but unlike others, it was extremely secretive. They only knew that the person was very high-profile, but they had the information they needed to consider although the name of the potential adopter was withheld. The rescue could only guess, but after communicating for weeks regarding Sylvia, the person remained a mystery.

Just last week the identity of Sylvia’s mystery-adopter was revealed: actor Justin Theroux! He’s best known for his on-screen appearances and tabloid covers, but the actor is also an outspoken advocate for shelter dogs, especially pit bulls. He has been a proud dog-dad to several other dogs, including Pooma, a pit bull he lost in 2008, and four other dogs he shared with actress Jennifer Aniston.

Theroux renamed the dog “Kuma,” meaning Bear in Japanese. She was flown from Conroe to New York by Pilots and Paws, and already looks right at home!


MEET KUMA (くま) !!! 🐻 There are too many people to thank for Kuma…. @jesslee81 and William and everyone @chancetobloom You are the heroes who took Kuma from death and loved her back to life. Also @austinpetsalive for steering me towards a new adoption. And also… of course Katie and Ryan and all the pilots with @pilotsnpaws … showing that ALL breeds can fly. Especially the ones most in need. PLEASE, if you follow me… check out the work ALL these people do, day in and day out… to rescue and help the voiceless. If you are looking for ANY kind of Dog or Cat… PLEASE adopt one. You can find ANY breed. Even really fancy ones in need of homes. Don’t believe me? Think of a breed, go to … and see for yourself! And oh yeah… thanks @petfinder for all you do too! If you can… please go to the link in my bio and see what @chancetobloom does. And please make a donation in Kuma’s name. #pitbull #adoptdontshop #pittiesofig #dontbullymybreed #rescuedog #くま

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