Actress Maisie Smith Posts Emotional Video Tribute After Dog Passes Away

EastEnders star Maisie Smith has been acting since she was 7 years old. Now, the soap opera actress is 18, and throughout her entire journey, one important family member was always there for her: her Jack Russell Terrier, Benny. The little dog was always by her side to cuddle with her and support her.

However, after nearly 13 years together, Benny passed away. He died peacefully, but Smith was still heartbroken about it. So, she shared her feelings about losing her dog on social media.

Smith posted an emotional tribute to her dog on Instagram and TikTok. It featured a 25-second video with clips from her beloved dog’s life. She showed a variety of memorable events with Benny, such as him running outside, licking Smith’s hand, and cuddling with his sister Betty. The sad music in the background makes it even more heartbreaking.

Image: @maisiesmithofficial/Instagram

“Meet Benny. He was the bravest, the sleepiest, the kindest, the goodest, the silliest, the handsomest,” Smith captioned in the video.

Smith’s beautiful tribute video quickly proved that Benny was all those things. In fact, Smith poses for many pictures on her Instagram, and Benny would often try to sneak in to be a part of the photoshoot. In every photo, it’s clear that he truly was as handsome as Smith says.

Image: @maisiesmithofficial/Instagram

Rest in Peace, Benny

Losing a dog is never easy, especially when they’ve been with you for such a long time. At the end of the video, Smith adds that on top of all Benny’s amazing qualities, he was also a big brother and a best friend. Smith uses this as a moment to remind her fans to cuddle their dogs as much as possible.

Smith has been in quarantine throughout the coronavirus pandemic. She has been keeping herself busy by posting plenty of photos and videos for fans to enjoy. In fact, she has even taken this time to work on her dancing skills and her makeup skills. However, the best part of this time at home was being with the sweet dogs in her life. Things just won’t be the same without Benny by her side.

Image: @maisiesmithofficial/Instagram

Luckily, Smith can still cuddle her younger dog Betty, but Benny will be missed greatly. This loss proves that you should never take the time you have with your dog for granted. With dogs, every day is special. So, don’t forget to cuddle your dog and love them as much as possible.

Watch the Emotional Tribute Here:

Featured Image: @maisiesmithofficial/Instagram

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