Actress Olivia Munn Defends Her Rescue Dog Amidst Rumors

Stars, they’re just like us… and when someone speaks badly about their dogs, they jump to their defense!

Actress Olivia Munn, who says she rarely comments on rumors, couldn’t keep quiet on this one. A photo started circulating of her rescue dog, Chance, lifting his leg near an airport greeter. Readers and headlines assumed that the pooch was peeing on the greeter, but in reality, it was just one of those quirky things that our canines do.

“Chance loves his leg scratched, so he does this thing where he lifts his leg, and it looks like he’s peeing on you,” she explained to PEOPLE.

However, the paparazzi snapped a photo at the wrong time, capturing the unflattering angle. As the photo spread, Munn couldn’t let the gossip tarnish her precious pup’s reputation. She said that the only other time she’s responded to rumors was to address speculation that she was dating Chris Pratt, her friend Anna Farris’ ex-husband.

“I felt that was the only time I can think of, besides having to say ‘I’m not dating my friend’s ex,’ is when I had to say to the world, ‘My dog wasn’t trying to pee on someone … No, no, he was just asking for a scratch.’ I felt so defensive,” she told PEOPLE.

Listen to Munn talk about her rescue dogs while at a photo shoot for PEOPLE’s “The Beautiful Issue”:

In the article, the actress joked that the incident prompted her to teach Chance a valuable lesson.

“Chance and I sat down, I told him, ‘Hey, look. We’re in the public eye, you know? You can’t always control it. They’re going to say what they want.’ I told him to get off Twitter, get off Instagram. I said, ‘Deactivate your comments section.'”

We don’t blame Ms. Munn for standing up for her darling pooch – after all, wouldn’t you?

(h/t: PEOPLE)

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