After 5 Years Of Searching, Pit Bull Finds His Forever Home On Betty White’s Birthday

A Pit Bull mix named Spike has been homeless for five years, but it’s not his fault. The pup was surrendered to a shelter after his family experienced a tragedy. He’s been living in various shelters ever since. But when he arrived at Lake Humane Society in Ohio this year, they knew it was time to give him the happily ever after he deserves.

During the “Betty White Challenge,” on what would’ve been the actress’ 100th birthday, the shelter posted a plea for Spike’s adoption. That one post was all it took for someone to finally see Spike and fall in love with him. Betty White would be proud!

Spike waits for adoption

Years of Patience

In 2016, the 9-year-old Pit Bull’s home burned down, causing his family to surrender him. Spike spent about half his life at a shelter in Youngstown, Ohio, where he was very anxious and scared. It took him a long time to come out of his shell and warm up to the staff and volunteers.

After about five years in shelters, Spike was transferred to Lake Humane Society in Mentor, where his chances of adoption would be higher. Sure enough, he didn’t have to stay there long.

“A lot of the staff, our hearts were just with him so we did take him in and just with, you know, our marketing team, adoption staff, care staff, we all worked together and he did find his home and he honestly wasn’t even here a full week,” said Cindy Sender, an adoption counselor.

Betty White with Dog

Lake Humane Society made a Facebook post about Spike when he first arrived at the shelter. Then, they made a second one during their “Betty White Challenge.” Someone spotted Spike’s photo on Betty White’s birthday and knew that they had to adopt him.

A Home Worth Waiting For

A man said it was like love at first sight when he met Spike. He worked out a “foster-to-adopt” situation for the pup, which lets him foster Spike before officially adopting him. Now, Spike is living his best life in a loving home!

“We had so many generous people make donations, people reach out about just animals and Betty White and the impact she made on their lives with her involvement with animal rescues,” said Sender.

Pit Bull mix gets adopted

Thanks to his amazing new family, Spike will never have to feel alone or abandoned ever again. But the humane society reminds everyone that there will always be dogs that desperately need a home. They encourage people looking for a new family member to check out the other dogs on their adoption page.

Featured Image: Facebook

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