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Guy Gave Up Dog When His Health Declined But Being Apart Made It Worse

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on January 11, 2024

Our pets are family and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in order to protect them. One loving dog-dad named Alex went through a tumultuous time. Everything was happy in his world. He had a good job, a nice home, a trusting group of friends, and a wonderful dog named Max. Sadly, however, one’s health isn’t set in stone. Despite having a seemingly good life, Alex fell into a deep depression. He could hardly function. He was no longer able to care for himself or his home. He was also unable to care for Max.


Max had a deep emotional connection with his dad and could sense that Alex was going through a trying time. He did his best to comfort him, but Alex needed medical intervention. The loving dog-dad took leave from work and isolated himself from everyone he knew. As Max looked to him for his needs, Alex painfully came to the conclusion that Max had to stay elsewhere. He had to give up his best friend in order for Max to be well-cared for. The realization broke Alex’s heart.

He brought Max to his best friend’s house and told his buddy to take good care of him. Max whimpered as Alex went back home. Alex thought this arrangement would be permanent. And he, too, cried and cried, already missing Max the moment he closed the door behind him. He was overwhelmed with guilt feeling as if he gave up on Max, but as we know, that wasn’t the truth.


The broken-hearted pup refused to eat and he no longer wanted to play. His puppy heart was torn in two. Thankfully, Alex’s good friend persisted and within a few weeks, Max came around. He still missed his dad, but he accepted his new surroundings and friendship with Alex’s friend.

Alex worked hard to get better, and while under a doctor’s care, he made tremendous progress. He felt up to visiting Max and when he did, the two reconnected as if they had never been apart. Max was so happy to be with his dad and it was then that Alex decided they were better off together. Now that Alex could properly care for Max again, he took his pup home. He knew he’d heal even faster with his best friend by his side.


As painful as it was, Alex made the right decision. Pets need us in order to survive, and if we cannot care for ourselves or them, it is always best to find alternative care until we get back on our feet again. Do you agree?

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