Andy Cohen Shares Emotional Update After Rehoming Rescue Dog

Every dog lover knows that adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment. Through all the ups and downs in life, it’s important to work with your dog and fix any possible problems. However, Andy Cohen was put in a difficult situation that made him wonder if he was doing the right thing by keeping his rescue dog, Wacha, near his 1-year-old son, Ben. The Watch What Happens Live host had adopted Wacha from a West Virginia rescue 7 years ago, and the pup had shown many random signs of aggression. However, when his beloved dog put Ben in danger, he had to make a tough decision.

Image: @bravoandy/Instagram

What Happened?

Over the years, Cohen knew that Wacha had serious behavioral problems. Even just watching the show, fans were able to pick up on this. However, Cohen was always convinced that he could find a way to make it better. He worked with dog trainer Brandon McMillan for years, but Wacha showed very few improvements.

Once Cohen welcomed his son Ben into the family, he knew that he could no longer brush off Wacha’s behaviors. At first, the baby and dog got along really well. Cohen posted a few adorable photos of the two together, but fans instantly became worried. Knowing Wacha’s history, they didn’t think it was safe to let him so close to Ben.

Image: @bravoandy/Instagram

Then, an incident occurred one day that put Ben in danger. Cohen refused to go into details, but it left him wondering how he could possibly make this better for both Ben and Wacha. He consulted many people in the animal rescue community, along with his dog trainer, and their response was unanimous. They thought he should find a safer home for Wacha. Otherwise, both Wacha and Ben would likely get hurt in the future.

“Brandon was like, ‘Andy, if something happens, you are going to have to put him down. How will you be able to live with yourself if you kept him in the home and then something happened with you and Ben and you had to put him down?'” Cohen said.

So, with a heavy heart, Cohen decided that rehoming Wacha was the best choice for everyone involved, despite the many outraged fans. Of course, he considered all options before making such a drastic decision.

Image: @bravoandy/Instagram

Wacha’s New Home

Rehoming his best friend of 7 years was one of the most difficult moments for Cohen. So, he knew he had to find a family that he trusted. He ended up giving Wacha to his “second family”. They were the people who cared for Wacha every time Cohen went out of town, so they already felt like the dog was part of their family.

Cohen has since visited the dog in his new home. He said that Wacha seems as happy as always. He described Wacha as an “in the moment dog”. The pup only cares about the present. So, when Cohen took him for a walk and spent some quality time with him, Wacha was overjoyed. However, he was just as happy to return to his new family.

Image: @bravoandy/Instagram

“He is thriving. We still see each other, but a piece of my heart is gone. I miss his weight on top of me first thing in the morning. I miss him waiting for me in front of the shower. And I miss the sound of his paws on the floor when I come home,” posted Cohen.

Wacha’s new family told Cohen that the dog has shown no signs of stress or depression in his new surroundings, even after Cohen came to visit. So, Cohen said that he will regularly visit Wacha for hour-long walks. He misses Wacha more than anything, but he’s grateful to know that the pup is happy and loved.

Wacha and Ben might not be able to be in the same home, but Wacha can still be in Cohen’s life. As heartbreaking as the whole situation is, Cohen feels that he made the right choice. Plus, Wacha and Ben both seem happy, which is what matters most.

Featured Image: @bravoandy/Instagram

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