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Are Pet Subscription Boxes Worth It?

I’m sick of it. Ad after ad about dog boxes. I can’t get on Facebook or Instagram without seeing one. How can there be so many? Bark this, or Paw that. It’s hard to figure out what is best for your dog. I mean, do these companies actually care about your dog’s needs or do they just want to sucker you into a long term commitment and enjoy your hard earned money? For me, it was all starting to feel like a giant scam.

The problem with all these boxes is that most people don’t have the resources to test them all out. By the time you realize your pup will never get quality products from a box, you’ve already sunk 3 months of money into it.

Well, luckily for you, I’ve had a chance to sit down and evaluate the boxes for months at a time. So you, our loyal audience, can STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! And guess what? I found what I consider to be the best box.


But first, a quick backstory. My dog Hank won’t stop chewing. Toys don’t last long around our house. I’ll come home after running an errand to find that somehow that brand new toy I got him is already destroyed… and I’m left to pick up the pieces and the bill on an overpriced toy.

It was getting bad. Hank was ripping through two toys a month and my budget. I kept seeing all these ads about boxes that were supposedly “packed” with treats and toys my dog would like. So I figured trying a few of the top brands I was seeing advertised would be worth it.

As the boxes came rolling in, I found them to be half full. The promised items were packed with snacks that my dog wouldn’t eat, or when he did eat them, it was only a one size sampler. And often the food products consisted of stuff that I wouldn’t feed to any living creature, because they were packed with all sorts of ingredients I can’t even begin pronounce.

As I was about to give up the search, I saw a post on Instagram for PetGiftBox. I had never heard of it before, but after some research I discovered that it was a company that had been around quite a while. The boxes were highly praised–and best of all–the least expensive on the market. My favorite part was that I could actually order just one box if I wanted to.

PetGiftBox Review

Upon getting my first box, I realized that my toy problem was solved. No matter if Hank could rip through toys quickly there are usually two to three toys per box. On top of that, so far Hank is a big fan of the treats they send. Which is nice, because they are usually large amounts and specially approved by PetGiftBox to the point they put their name on many of them.

I also really dig how each box is themed. For many that’s not a big deal, but I find it fun (admittedly, I’m easily entertained).

So, if you’d like to save some money and get some sweet stuff, give PetGiftBox a go!

Note: PetGiftBox reached out to us as a thank you for the shoutout. They are giving our readers who click this link a special discount. Also, note this is an affiliate link, but each box will help us in our quest to feed shelter dogs across America!


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Written by Jacob Huff
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