‘Skeleton’ Dog Found Locked Inside Cage At Abandoned Doggy Daycare Is So Glad To Be Safe

Local authorities are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a starving dog who was found locked inside a kennel at an abandoned doggy daycare center in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The staff at the British Columbia SPCA was shocked to see the nearly skeletal dog when he was brought into the shelter. His hair was so overgrown, and upon shaving his matted fur, they could see nearly every bone in his body.  It’s not clear how or why the dog, now named … Read more

6 Fruits & Veggies That Are Harmful To Dogs

Fresh produce is usually considered to be a healthy part of the diet, and the same can be true for our four-legged friends. We love sharing snacks with them, especially if we know that they’re wholesome, but it’s first important to know which foods to avoid giving to our pets. Aside from willingly treating our dogs to a “human food” snack, sometimes our pups help themselves to the trash or counter, and that’s when we start to worry: What did they … Read more

17 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike

Things dogs dislike

We love our pups so much that it hurts to think we could be doing something that our dogs dislike. Or that makes them uncomfortable, sad, or scared. They love us so much in return that sometimes, they don’t make it obvious when we’re doing something they hate. Since they can’t tell us, we’ve compiled a list of 17 things that humans do that dogs don’t actually like. But lucky for us, our favorite fuzzballs always find a way to forgive us–because that’s just who … Read more

Lucky Pup Survives Vicious Attack by Cowardly Bullies

Golden Retriever Bobby with sliced face

Trigger warning: a pup was harmed in this story. If you can’t stand the thought of a dog in pain, skip to the end of this story to see a thriving pooch. A Golden Retriever overcame the odds after sick pranksters sliced the puppy’s mouth to look like The Joker from the film Batman: The Dark Knight.  The six-month-old dog, named Bobby, was left in dire straits. Rescuers in South Korea found the dog with her mouth tied with rope and wounds … Read more

Dog Dad Treks Up Mountain To Give His Dying Best Friend An Amazing Last Hike

Every dog has his day — and for Monty the Labradoodle, this day was surely a magnificent one.  After an 18 month battle with Leukemia, Monty was very close to crossing the rainbow bridge when his dad, Carlos Fresco, decided to take him on one last journey up a mountain that the two had explored many times before.  Carlos and Monty traveled up to the peak of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, complete with the pooch riding … Read more

Little Girl Can’t Stop Crying Tears Of Joy When Her Lost Dog Is Finally Found

For almost two months, Max the dog couldn’t seem to find his way home.  He went missing in May in San Antonio, Texas and his family was afraid that they would never see him again. That was until Deputy Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a dog found wandering a local neighborhood.  Perez remembered a lost dog flyer that had been up at the substation looking for Max. When Perez arrived at the scene where … Read more

Lawyer’s Wife Loses Battle With Condo Complex To Keep Elevator “Dog-Free”

Now here’s something to chew on. Holly Geraci, the wife of well-known bankruptcy lawyer Peter Francis Geraci, filed a lawsuit against the condo association where they live after dogs were permitted in the building. The lawsuit, filed in March 2015, was against the Union Square Condominium Association, according to the Chicago Tribune. It stated that her fear of dogs classified as a disability, and she wished for them to be banned from the building’s elevator, where they intruded on her personal space. Lucky for … Read more

Hero Cops Smash Window To Rescue Mother Dog And Her Puppy From Hot Car

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a mother dog and her puppy from the back seat of a hot car earlier this month. Although the car was parked in an enclosed parking garage, the temperature outside was nearly 96 degrees. A kind guard noticed the dogs in distress and called the police right away.  The car was parked in a lot for the Wild Wild West Gambling Hall — and the … Read more

FACT or FICTION: Can Ice Harm Your Dog? The Truth Behind The Viral Story

Many of you may have been alarmed by the recent blogs and articles that have been circulating the web, as things that are alarming often do, that warns you to NEVER give your dog ice or ice water as it may cause serious injury even death. There are various accounts of the article, with different dogs and different outcomes, but the story is fairly similar with most of them saying their vet told them that dogs should NEVER have ice. … Read more

How To Spot – And Treat – Heat Stroke In Your Dog

As the days are warming up in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to start talking about heat stroke again. Do you know the signs of heat stroke in your dog? Do you know how to cool him down if he starts displaying symptoms of heat stroke? What are the best ways to prevent heat stroke in dogs? We want you to be prepared, so here are some ways to keep your dog safe this summer. What is heat stroke? Heat … Read more

Old Dog Survived On Rocks And Bones For 15 Days Waiting For Someone To Save Him

Despite being an old dog, Tony always seemed a little at odds with the world. He was afraid of grass. He walked as if on tip toes. He forgot things. Maybe that’s because Tony grew up in a world that he would sooner like to forget — a crumbling shelter in Israel, sharing a kennel with rocks and knee-deep mud.   But that all changed when a Canadian rescue group, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, decided to fly these ailing … Read more

Pregnant Dog Wanders Into Fire Station, Delivers Puppies, & Finds A Forever Home!

When a pregnant stray dog was ready to give birth, she seemed to know that the big-hearted folks at the Apopka Fire Department in Florida would be happy to help her! The dog, now named Lady, wandered up to the station, where the crew was happy to take her in. “And so I went outside and saw her, and she was pregnant,” said Lt. Renee Beasley in a story by Fox 6. “Even though she was pregnant with her belly, … Read more

6 Things That Make Your Dog Feel Unloved

You do everything you can to show your dog how much you love them. Would you be surprised if I said you might be doing things that make your dog feel unloved without even realizing it? We all know life just gets in the way sometimes, but with a little bit of effort, your dog will finally realize and appreciate the full extent of your love for them. Here are 6 things you might be doing that can make your … Read more

Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family

We told the shocking story of a puppy found buried alive on a Hawaiian beach earlier this year. Although the machete-wielding abuser has not been identified, this story has a very happy ending. We are thrilled to share that this spirited dog is living a happy and healthy life with the loving family who fostered her. Buried Alive by Machete-Wielding Abuser In case you missed the original story, a passerby on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii spotted a machete-wielding man burying … Read more

Popular Dog Sitting Website Linked To Disappearances, Deaths Of Pets

While going away as a pet parent, the first thing people research is how to find a reputable pet sitter. This search leads many to the pet sitting website Rover. But as of recent years, handfuls of pet parents are experiencing their worst nightmare while using the service.  Their pets have gone missing, or even more unimaginable, they get the news that their pet has passed away while in a pet sitter’s care.  This is the case of what happened … Read more

Breeder Surrenders Playful Dachshund With Five Legs To Shelter

HeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood.org to donate a portion of sales to their various charity efforts. Through the Rescue Bank program, thousands of shelter dogs and cats each year are able to have food, provided by Greater Good Charities. Thanks to the support of customers like you, happy endings like the one below are made possible. Cinco means five in Spanish — and that’s just how many legs this unique Dachshund pup has.  That also happens to be his name. … Read more

14 Dog Breeds Closely Related To Wolves (You Will Be Surprised!)

All dogs have descended from wolves or other wild canids and many still maintain their primitive looks and temperaments today. Although it’s been centuries since dogs became domesticated, recent DNA studies have brought to light which of the recognized breeds are the most closely related to wolves and their ancestors. The study included 414 dogs from 85 different breeds and the results might surprise you! You can read more about the study at National Geographic. #1 – Shih Tzu Although … Read more

The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

Obedience isn’t everything. These dogs might be lazy, some are playful, and some are independent, but the one trait they all share for sure? Stubbornness! All these breeds are completely loveable and have other traits that could still make them your perfect companion… if you don’t mind a training challenge! #1 – Beagle Lovingly independent, the Beagle will find amusement anywhere if left to their own devices. There will be trouble with an indifferent owner who doesn’t appreciate what the … Read more

This Sweet Three-Legged Dog Can Barely Contain Herself When Her Soldier Returns From Combat

Any dog owner has experienced the joy of being greeted at the front door after a day out of the house…or, if we’re being honest, after a 30-minute trip running errands, or even a quick jog around the block. No matter how much time actually passes, our fur babies love to excitedly remind us how much they’ve missed us, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. When the time spent apart is more significant, though, as it is for … Read more

11 Things Humans Do That Stress Our Dogs Out

Humans stressing dogs out

When we love our dogs like family, we sometimes forget that they don’t understand us quite like our human relatives. Sometimes we try to have full-on conversations with them or unknowingly send them body language signals that are interpreted differently in the animal kingdom. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a list of 11 common things that humans do that stress dogs out. If you’ve done any of these things, don’t worry–we all have! But by being more aware, we can … Read more

Nearly 90 Dogs Rescued From Vicious Interstate Dog Fighting Ring

The largest-ever dog fighting ring in Suffolk County, Long Island history has been busted this week — and now nearly 90 dogs will hopefully be going on to find the loving homes they deserve.  The interstate operation spanned throughout Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and involved 89 dogs. Detectives infiltrated the ring and worked from the inside to bring it down.  According to Suffolk County district attorney Tim Sini, the suspects involved talked about how they would … Read more

Dog Burnt With Chemicals And Thrown From Truck Is Now Living His Best Life

No one knows just where Beanz the Pit Bull mix came from — but it was clear he’d been through more than any dog ever should.  In June, the poor dog was brought to a veterinarian with road rash and chemical burns all across his back. He was doused with chemicals and then thrown from a truck, veterinarians and an eyewitness said.  “She said that a dog was brought to their facility, and it was in a bad shape, he … Read more

12 Weird Things We Do As Dog Owners That We Try To Keep Secret

Let’s face it–we’re absolutely crazy about our pups. So crazy, in fact, that sometimes we act a little weird around our canine companions. Whether it’s baking them special treats or talking to them like they’re wittle babies, you know that your non-dog crazy friends would totally tease you if they knew how you really treat your dog. But that’s okay, we understand. For every weird little way you show your dog love, there’s another person out there who does the same thing. Here are … Read more

Man Who Couldn’t Fit A Bed And His Dog In Apartment Gets Rid Of The Bed

Note: The names of the subject and his dog have been changed for confidentiality reasons. Marcus and his dog Pickles survived being homeless together. The pair had spent much of their lives on the notorious streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. About the only thing they couldn’t survive was being apart. So when Marcus finally found affordable housing in the area, he insisted on bringing his best friend, the dog he had met on the streets, with him. It didn’t matter … Read more

9 Reasons Why Male & Female Dogs Hump, Even If They’ve Been “Fixed”

For us humans, it’s not exactly socially acceptable to go up to an acquaintance — or even an old friend, for that matter — and start humping them. Nor is it appropriate to go to town on a toy or pillow with onlookers nearby. However, our canine companions don’t have these kinds of social inhibitions, but for us humans, our pups’ frisky behavior can be pretty embarrassing! Sometimes, a mount can even lead to an altercation between two dogs. So … Read more

Dog In A Wheelchair Travels All Over The Country With His Photographer Dad

Everyone, meet Mel–a dog in a wheelchair who travels across the country together with his photographer dad. Now who would’ve thought that a dog who could barely walk would end up traveling all over the country? Mel, an 8-year-old Pit Bull, was adopted from the Yonkers Animal Shelter by his dad, Tom Dilworth. Tom told The Dodo, “We went to the Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog when we noticed Mel. I had stopped for a moment when he … Read more

Man Threatens To Drown Puppies, But A Woman And Her Dog Gave Them A Home

Dr. Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary received something alarming in her e-mail. Someone informed her of a local man who didn’t want his Pit Bull puppies anymore and was threatening to drown the pups if no one comes forward to take them. There were nine Pit Bull puppies, and they were only around four weeks old. Together with another rescue organization, the Circle L. Ranch quickly rescued the puppies. The other rescue org took four … Read more

Ranger Saves Overheated Dog, Carrying Him Miles Down A Rocky Trail

The summer is really heating up! A group of hikers recently witnessed just how harmful the stifling temperatures can be for a dog. Thankfully, a strong and caring park ranger came to the rescue, carrying an overheated dog on his shoulders all the way down a mountain trail and saving his life. Group of Hiking Friends Came Upon a Struggling Dog and His Human Companion Lexie Daniel and a group of friends hit the trails on the hills in the … Read more

UPDATE: Deaf Pit Bull Cries When Her Best Buddy Gets Adopted

A shelter dog was found inconsolably crying after she was left alone when her best friend got adopted. Marshmallow, a deaf Pit Bull, have been best buddies with Scooby–a dog she shared a kennel with. The two were staying at the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas, and they were the best of friends for around a year. You can see in the photo below how they loved to play with each other! But Marshmallow was left alone in the kennel … Read more

Rescued From A Life Of Horror, This Dog Now Explores The World With Her Best Friend

As the Editor of iHeartDogs, I come across so many stories that make me feel something inside. Sometimes they are sweet, other times tragic, but when you find a story with a beautiful and happy ending that brings you to tears, it touches your soul. The story of Penni the dog is one of those stories. Penni is one of those dogs that you see in pictures and know that she is loved. But it wasn’t always this way for … Read more