Man Hurries To Pull Dog Out Of Cave Before Storm Hits But Fails

A man, named Joe Dunn, was walking through the woods when he suddenly heard a dog howling. He ran over and looked down into a 200-foot cave. He saw a dog trapped deep below. The pup must have fallen in and now it was a race to save her in time! As a storm rolled in, Joe hatched a plan. He placed a tall log inside the cavern and hoped the dog would climb out on her own. But his … Read more

Little Girl Trains Herself To Be A Good Big Sister To Tiny Puppy

Emmy is a very special little girl. She knew that in order to be a good big sister to a puppy, she had to “train” herself first. She worked hard to prove to her parents that she would be responsible and loving. She thought of a genius way to accomplish this– by using her stuffed dog as a surrogate pet! Once her parents saw Emmy walking the plush dog consistently, playing with it, and snuggling it, they knew Emmy was … Read more

Horse That Doesn’t Like His New Mom Develops Massive Crush On Her Boyfriend

Alesia is an avid animal lover who adopted a massive horse named Rudnik. The beautiful boy wasn’t completely comfortable with Alesia. She knew an untamed horse can take time to warm up to people. Oddly, Rudnik was tame and friendly, he just wasn’t ready to bond with his mom. Brander, Alesia’s boyfriend, had no experience being around horses until he met his girlfriend. Shockingly, Rudnik did not care. He instantly developed a “crush” on Brander. While Alesia’s happy that Rudnik … Read more

Man Picks Up Pained Stray That Ran For Days And She Melts In His Arms

A stray dog, that looked more like a polar bear than a pup, was seen wandering in the woods by a woman who desperately wanted to help her. But the dog was frightened and had no intention of getting caught. The woman, named Sarah, chased her for hours until the dog was too worn down to keep going. When she was finally cornered, Sarah called her husband over to pick her up. The poor girl had a hard time walking … Read more

Little Boy Terrified Of Dogs Is Adopted Into A Family That Already Has One

Holly adopted a beautiful little boy named Marcelo, who was terrified of dogs. He screamed if a dog came near him. The problem was: the family already included Mini, a senior Chihuahua. Mini was instantly interested in her new human brother (even during bath time!) Mini was determined to win Marcelo over and did so in the smartest way. She gave the boy space to trust her but never relented. She’d follow him around in a gentle pursuit and when … Read more

Rescue Puppy Comforts Grieving Mom After A Miscarriage

Millie is a 3-year-old rescue dog that’s completely obsessed with her human brother, Arlo. When Arlo was born, Millie adopted the little boy as her own. Arlo understood from a very young age that Millie is the gentlest pup. When Millie makes her way over to Arlo to give him kisses, the baby immediately understands that it’s time for a play session (and it’s the cutest thing ever!) Arlo also loves to feed Millie from his highchair. They’re just two … Read more

Dog Chose Woman With Cancer To Be Her Mom Except She Belonged To Someone Else

A neighborhood stray named Georgia kept sneaking into Laurette’s yard. The dog pushed her way in through the fence, walked over to Laurette, and wagged her tail. It was as if she had something to tell her. Laurette reached out to her neighbor to see if he knew the dog. He then explained that the street dog was staying with him temporarily until he could figure out a permanent solution. Even though it was obvious that Georgia was craving her … Read more

Woman’s Convinced Her Little Rescue Piggy Is Smarter Than Her Dog

Augustina, a tiny piglet, was found wandering around all by herself. She was thankfully saved by a rescue group in New Jersey. She was then transferred to Uncle Neil’s Home, a beautiful sanctuary that houses 75 farm animals. Quickly, a kind woman with Uncle Neil’s Home rescue became quite attached to Augustina. The piglet’s backstory is a total mystery. Piglets are rarely alone especially since they come from large litters. Maybe she was dumped there? It was strange indeed. Regardless, … Read more

Starved Pit Bull Chained To Tree Becomes The Prettiest Girl

A monster chained a starving Pit Bull to a tree outside an abandoned house and left her to die. But she wasn’t going down without a fight. She cried out, over and over again, until someone heard her and called for help. Her rescuer, an amazing man named Jason Flatt with Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, used bolt cutters to free her. The dog was so well-behaved. She happily walked alongside her human hero on a leash. She couldn’t … Read more

19-Year-Old Dog Dumped At Shelter Learns To Smile And Play Like A Puppy

A heartless family surrendered their 19-year-old dog Annie to the shelter. Initially, she could hardly walk. Annie’s human friends carted her from the shelter into their car to take her to her new foster home. Before their journey, the volunteers stopped and got Annie some burgers. Annie was so excited and ate them right up! Lauren, Annie’s foster mom, saw Annie’s photo online and knew instantly that she had to foster her. Annie didn’t know it yet, but she was … Read more

Pup Wraps Herself Around Man That Didn’t Like Dogs And Changes His Heart

A dog named Elsie was rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She was emaciated and pregnant. The California-based rescue group worked tirelessly to find Elsie the perfect forever home… and they did with Sandrine and her husband, but it wasn’t an easy feat. Sandrine wanted to adopt a dog for a long time but her husband wasn’t really rosy on the idea. He eventually gave in and met a few dogs his wife liked but didn’t feel a connection. … Read more

Loving Dad Turns Ignored Dog Into An Affection Addict

Nala came to her foster family after her parents split up. She was covered in mange causing her to lose half of her fur. She was in constant pain. Her paws were too soft for her age, which was a sign that she didn’t go outside much. It was as if she didn’t have a chance to be a real dog. The sweet pup quickly became attached to her foster parents. She had all this love to give and wanted … Read more

Mom Brings Home Baby And Her Dogs Adopt Him As Their Own

Maui and Ruby, the sweetest dogs, met baby Eric as soon as he came home from the hospital. The love they felt for him was instant, but their love grew even more as days went by. They quickly became Eric’s guardians. The dogs watched Eric as he slept to ensure he was safe. They snuggled with him whenever they could. They took in his scent and all the love he had in his precious baby heart. They knew Eric would … Read more

Dog That Barks At The Sky For Letting It Rain Finds A Mom Who Gets Him

Greta adopted Duncan after her dog suddenly passed away. Duncan desperately needed a home. He was placed in the animal control shelter in Chicago when his owner was involved in an altercation. Duncan’s mom explains in the video that he may just be the quirkiest dog ever. He eats rain and snow after barking at the sky for allowing it to fall (and it’s the cutest thing to witness). He’ll stand up and drink from a water fountain or go … Read more

Girls See “No Longer Available” On Dog’s Photo & Cry But Mom’s Up To Something

Toni and her daughters, MacKenna and Kerrigan, were looking at shelter dogs online. Toni’s youngest came across Rosie, a sweet girl who desperately needed an adoption commitment ASAP or she would be euthanized. The girls knew instantly that they needed to help Rosie before it was too late. They wanted to bring her home. Soon after the girls saw Rosie online, they went back to the shelter’s site. That’s when it said, across Rosie’s photo, that she was no longer … Read more

Man Captured Old Dog That Becomes Beautiful Puppy Once Scabs Fall Off

Rescuers saw what appeared to be an old dog running around the streets of Bali. It was obvious that the pup had severe mange that turned her skin to stone. The rescuers spent 30 minutes chasing the dog around, but thankfully they eventually captured her and named her Jimba. Once Jimba was at the vet’s office, the doctor revealed her real age. She was only a year old! They were completely floored! The vet put the puppy on medication, and … Read more

Pit Bull Whose Head Was Stuck In Jar Kisses His Mom Before Each Meal

Stacy and Marie found a Pit Bull with a jar stuck on his head. They were desperate to help him but the jar wouldn’t budge. One of the ladies called her husband and asked him to come quickly with sheers. When the Pit Bull was freed, he finally relaxed. The poor pup, now aptly named Jughead, hadn’t eaten or had water in at least a week. It was time to get this boy healthy! Marie brought him back to her … Read more

Dog Who Had Jar Stuck On Head Thinks Every Meal’s His Last

Stacy and Marie found a Pit Bull with a jar stuck on his head. They were desperate to help him but the jar wouldn’t budge. One of the ladies called her husband and asked him to come quickly with sheers. When the Pit Bull was freed, he finally relaxed. The poor pup, now aptly named Jughead, hadn’t eaten or had water in at least a week. It was time to get this boy healthy! Marie brought him back to her … Read more

Dog Finds Tiniest Abandoned Lamb And Decides She’s Her Baby

When a dog named Max laid eyes on a tiny lamb, all bets were off. The lamb was crying after her mama rejected her and needed someone like Max to fill that void. Max fell in love with the little lamb named Beau and decided to adopt her. She became the perfect surrogate mom. Beau was born a month late and from the start, her mom wasn’t interested in her. Max looked at her in the enclosure as she cried, … Read more

Dog Tells Dad To Sell Their House So He Can Be With His Best Friend

A Pit Bull named Dexter loved to play with a neighborhood stray. Dexter’s dad, Derrick, was hesitant at first. But the stray Pit Bull, Derrick later named Doakes, was the perfect buddy for Dexter when he went outside to play. Derrick hid Doakes in his garage one day when animal control came by. He didn’t want animal control to take him away. Although Doakes didn’t have a collar, Derrick was determined to figure out if Doakes actually had a home … Read more

Orphan Fawn Comes To Lady’s Door Every Morning But She Won’t Let Him In

A woman named Beth found an orphaned fawn on the side of the road. His mama was hit by a car and he was struggling to survive on his own. Beth knew if she didn’t help him, he wouldn’t make it. Beth brought the fawn home where she kept him outside. She fed him and gave him the love and affection he needed. He became so used to the kind woman that he even came running to her when she … Read more

Dog Spoons With Injured Foster Puppy And Knew He Wanted Her To Be His

When foster mom Brianna first laid eyes on Opal she knew instantly that this puppy belonged with her. The poor little Pit Bull had to have her jaw wired shut and wear a muzzle full-time because of her injury– yet she was so full of love and happiness. She wagged her tail like crazy when she and Brianna met for the first time. Opal went home with Brianna but had to stay segregated for her safety. Brianna’s dog Duke objected … Read more

Baby Beaver Swims Over To Man To Tell Him His Life Story

A wildlife rehabilitator named Brigette met JB after he was discovered by a pond. The poor baby beaver was on his own, without a parent in sight. Thankfully Brigette took JB into her care. Brigette knew that JB had to be in the bathtub as much as possible so he would get used to the water. But the baby beaver hated it! But Brigette, who understood what was best for JB, persisted, and eventually, JB became water-obsessed! As JB grew, … Read more

Stray Puppy Shows Up On Woman’s Doorstep And Begs To Be Rescued

A woman named Bethany was greeted outside her door by a stray puppy she had never seen before. He was skittish so Bethany set up a little home for him on the porch, where he seemed to feel most safe. The puppy was surely leery of Bethany and his new surroundings. A few nights later, Bethany’s son Carter was allowed to meet the puppy. The two bonded and this helped the dog, now named Ryder, to come out of his … Read more

Unlucky Dog Celebrates His Excitement When He Hears He Has A New Dad

A dog named Charlie was abandoned in California. He lived on the streets where his health quickly declined. By the time a woman rescued him, the poor boy was totally emaciated and his skin was a mess. Yet, Charlie beamed. The dog was surely grateful. Despite all Charlie had been through, he greeted his new human friends with tail wags and lots of kisses. Amazingly, Charlie remained unscathed by his past. He didn’t allow his former life define him. The … Read more

Teeny Puppy That Needed A Mama Snuggles Into Dog That Lost Her Babies

Raisin, a Pit Bull puppy, was dumped at a vet clinic because she was sick and needed surgery on her eye. A rescue group stepped in to help. Daya, another Pit Bull, was found at the same time as a stray by the same rescue group. It was like fate had stepped in. Raisin needed a mom and Daya needed a baby to care for after she had recently lost a pregnancy and went into a deep depression. The rescue … Read more

Hurt Dog In Blueberry Field That Gave Up Turns Into A Happy Wiggle Butt

A woman, who works for the Regional Animal Protection Society, was driving along a stretch of blueberry fields. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a black blob. She was unsure whether it was a garbage bag or an animal so she stopped to investigate. When she approached she saw a dog that was too weak to move. The Pit Bull just lay there, unresponsive to the woman’s voice. Once the woman got closer, the dog tried to … Read more

Boy Rushes Home From School To Be With Dog While Mom Merely Gets A “Hi”

Meet Boulder! A devoted big brother to his little human Harley. The little boy has spent his whole life by Boulder’s side. Their bond is so strong that his mom, Lucinda, admits that Harley gives the pup way more kisses than he gives to his mom or dad. The two are inseparable. They even wear matching pajamas. They both love to get dressed up for Halloween together. Their corresponding costumes are too darn cute! Harley hilariously greets Boulder more enthusiastically … Read more

Foster Dad Brings Senior Pit Bull Home & She’s Now Aging In Reverse

Zach, a man with a giant heart, heard about a senior Pit Bull in the local shelter. Zach went to the shelter to meet her. She was struggling and shook like a leaf. He actually said her body was vibrating. The poor dog was overwhelmed and desperately needed a foster home. The Pittie went home with Zach the same day and he named her Mrs. Gray. The dog spent her first night sleeping right beside his daughter Emmie’s crib. Zach … Read more