These 25 Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs Have Us Feeling Thankful

It’s time to count our blessings this Thanksgiving, and when writing out the list of special joys you’re thankful for, don’t forget to put your cats and dogs at the top of the list. Oh, who are we kidding! We know the puppers and kitties are the first entries on all our lists! As our best friends, our furry ones fill our lives with light and happiness. They’re there for us in the darkest times and the brightest. Whether it’s … Read more

Dog Romps With Ghostly Visitor In Spine-Tingling Video Footage

Security camera footage can show us some strange things. And sometimes, those grainy video captures play out into a spooky story. Sure, there’s usually a reasonable explanation for what you see, but what about when you can’t come up with a logical explanation? That’s where the real creep show begins, and here comes one out of the ghostly realms of Melbourne, Australia. Dog dad Jake DeMarco shared a chilling video captured from the CCTV system in his backyard. It shows … Read more

Recharge Your Day With 21 Cute & Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs

Today’s world is always on the go, but the 24/7 grind of society can leave a soul worn down. If you need to relax and recharge, do it with two of the best subjects that could ever grace social media feeds—cats and dogs! Luckily, there are posts aplenty to make you laugh or melt your heart. Either way, kitties and doggos have the healing magic we need when the batteries have worn down. So, if your focus has blown a … Read more

21 Hilarious Cat & Dog Posts To Help You Get Your Fill Of Laughter

Social media and animals go together like peanut butter and jelly. But lucky for us, funny cat and dog posts contain no calories; serving up only the laughter and good feels vital to a fantastic day. So, if you’re hungry for laughs, there’s always plenty to be found in the Facebook feeds. If Twitter is your main dish, the clowning hounds are plenty. And if Instagram is your jam, we’ve got cat loaves to go with it. Oh, but the … Read more

Baxter’s Belly Is Much Better Thanks To The Quality Food You Helped Fund

Most dogs who come through shelters can stomach pretty much all dog foods. But lots of pups with tummy issues need rescuing, too, just like good dog Baxter. He came to Protective Animal Welfare Society with digestive problems after existing on a diet of human food scraps. Feeding dogs like Baxter can be difficult for shelters and rescue as specialty foods are more expensive than regular foods. With tight budgets, finding the extra funds for these pricey foods can be … Read more

K9 Officer Is Met With A Hero’s Welcome After Surviving A Bullet To The Head

When Chicago police alerted the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office to the sighting of a murder suspect on the run at a Bristol, Illinois, gas station, Deputy Terry Tifft and partner K9 Riggs were two of the responding officers. The suspect was driving the homicide victim’s vehicle, and when officers approached, he fled the car, brandishing a gun. Riggs went after him, tackling him to the ground before he reached the highway. But the suspect fired on Riggs, shooting him once … Read more

Chilling Camera Footage Captures A “Ghost” Removing A Dog’s Collar

Ok, you’re reading this and probably thinking, a ghost took off a dog’s collar, whatever. Either you don’t believe in specters, or perhaps you feel there’s no way a ghost is going to mess around with a dog’s collar. But watch the video. It will change your mind. And once you see the end, you’ll be just as creeped out as the 10.5 million TikTok viewers who’ve already seen this chilling camera footage. As the video starts, the frame shows … Read more

The Ultimate 2021 iHeartDogs Holiday Gift Guide

The days are getting shorter, and the evenings hold a chill. That means Christmas can’t be far away! Have you started shopping yet? Whether you’re already halfway through your list or maybe you’re looking for great ideas, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gifts for dog lovers and their dogs with the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Check out this ultimate list of gift ideas that are perfect for family, friends and coworkers. And, don’t forget to put your … Read more

In Sweetest Meeting You’d Never Expect, Trusty Dog & Gentle Whale Shark Share A Kiss

Did you know whale sharks exist on a diet of plankton and small fish? With no teeth, these big fish are filter feeders and certainly not maneaters or dog eaters! As what National Geographic describes as a “docile fish,” whale sharks don’t even mind if a diver decides to hold on and catch a ride. Truly, any of us would be in good company if we ever got the chance to meet a whale shark. Listed as an endangered species, … Read more

Almost Euthanized, Emmie & Blaze Thank You For Your Help In Saving Their Lives

The ASPCA reports more than three million dogs enter U.S. shelters every year. Forty-eight percent of those dogs find forever homes through adoption. But for twenty percent of shelter dogs, there is no happy ending, only the sad reality of being euthanized. For some dogs, this is a humane ending to their suffering. For others, it comes down to overpopulation. But when we all work together, we can reduce the overcrowding in shelters and help adoptable dogs find happy lives … Read more

33 Hilarious Cat & Dog Tweets To Make You Laugh Your Paws Off

We love our cats and dogs for so many reasons. They’re adorable, intelligent, loyal, and always there when we need them. And best of all, our kitties and doggos are funny as all get out! Pawrents can always count on their furry ones to provide the most excellent comic relief. Even on the worst of days, like Mondays, we can look to our cats and dogs for laughs. And, thanks to social media, we can enjoy other people’s fur kids … Read more

Ivy Thanks You For All The Good Food That Helped Her Get Back On Her Big Paws

As one of the larger dog breeds, the Great Pyrenees needs a lot of food! That means Saving Pyrs in Need (SPIN) requires a ton of food to keep their big rescue pups happy and healthy. Thanks to you, SPIN keeps those food bowls filled and their rescued Pyrs on their way to their forever homes. All because you shop with a purpose! And shopping with a purpose means you can feel good about getting a little something extra for … Read more

Dying Puppy Shares One Last Day In The Sun With Her Beloved Family

One of young pup Raven’s favorite things to do was sunbathe with her furry family. A dog full of spunk, she loved frolicking with the foster dogs and cats who came to stay with her family. Even though she struggled with her own issues, Raven wanted to help other dogs find their happiness. Sadly though, this good girl’s life was cut tragically short. At only six months old, Raven’s body had grown tired from the congenital issues that made her … Read more

Sweet Senior Dog Thinks Family Adopted Kitten Just For Him

Guinness is a good boy. He loves his family, both the humans and his dog siblings. And judging by the frost on his handsome face, he’s been taking care of his fam for many, many years. So when his family recently grew by four little paws and a set of kitty whiskers, Guinness proved to be quite excited by the addition, thinking his family adopted a kitten just for him. Because he’s the best dog, it was no surprise Guinness … Read more

Lonely Kitten Chooses Loving Foster Dog As Her Mama

Martha may be a young kitten, but when she makes up her little mind, oh, it’s made! But don’t think this tabby kitten is a diva. Martha, also known by her nickname Marty, is actually one sweet girl. She loves snuggling with her foster family and her adoptive mom, who happens to be a dog. And Martha was the one to insist Mama Nood the dog be hers! So, how did this tiny tabby fluff come to claim a dog … Read more

Cat and Dog Duo Scoots Their Way Into Guinness World Records

There’s lots to talk about when it comes to Sashimi and Lollipop. First, Sashimi is a Bengal cat and her best friend is Lollipop the Boston Terrier. The pair certainly dispels the rumor that cats and dogs don’t get along. And not only do the two of them get along famously, playing and training with each other happily, Sashimi and Lollipop also love to ride a scooter together. They dig their scooter riding so much, the pair has not only … Read more

Squid Knows The Joy Of A Forever Home & A Full Belly Thanks To You!

You work hard every day. Take a break and treat yourself to something cute. Better yet, shop and treat your dog to something new and exciting. While enjoying some much earned shopping time, know you’re helping dogs in need with your purchase. Because you shop with us, you’re funding chances at forever! Every purchase you make donates money to rescues and shelters working hard to care for dogs and puppies in need, all thanks to a partnership between … Read more

5 Things To Look For When Purchasing A Custom Pet Portrait

Custom pet portraits have become all the rage recently and for good reason. They allow us to create a lasting memory of our fur babies and they also make for perfect birthday and Christmas gifts. But with so many pet portrait artists out there, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve done some digging to help you identify the top five things to look for when choosing the perfect portrait for your fur baby. What To Look For … Read more

RECALL: Two Separate Food Recalls Issued From Different Companies Over Aflatoxin & Plastic Pieces

Two recalls have been issued for dog and cat food products from two different companies. These recalls have been issued for separate reasons. First, Sunshine Mills, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of certain dog food products due to the potential for elevated levels of Aflatoxin, a naturally occurring by-product resulting from the growth of Aspergillus flavus, a corn mold which can be harmful to animals when consumed in significant quantities. Earlier this year, Sunshine Mills issued food recalls over … Read more

Miranda Lambert Loses 2nd Dog In Bonded Sibling Pair After Just 9 Months

Country music star and two-time Grammy winner Miranda Lambert has announced sad news. Her precious dog, Jessi, has passed away at 13 ½ years old. She shared the news on Instagram, writing, “Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet Jessi.” The loss comes just 9 months after the passing of Jessi’s littermate, Waylon. Lambert and her mother found Jessi and Waylon on an Oklahoma roadside in the middle of a sleet storm in 2008 when the pair was … Read more

Marlin The Cat Speaks Meow & Loves To Fish, But Still Thinks He’s A Dog

When you’re the youngest kid in a pack of four, you want to be just like your older siblings. But what if you’re a cat and your big brothers and sisters are dogs? Then your name might be Marlin, and you might love a good swim in the salty sea with the doggos! Marlin is the cutest white and orange tabby cat, but ever since coming home as a kitten, he’s studied everything dogs Buxton, Hattie, Shady, and Buoy have … Read more

Chrissy Teigen Welcomes New Puppy While Mourning Beloved Frenchie

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are chasing after a new-four-legged friend with floppy ears and big paws! The model and mom took to Instagram to introduce the arrival of the newest member of her family, a Basset Hound puppy named Pearl. All ears, paws, and whiskers, the newest little one is just too precious. The adorable puppy joins the family after the death of their cherished French Bulldog, Pippa. In mid-July 2021, Teigen announced 10-year-old Pippa’s passing on Instagram as … Read more

Police K9 Retires After 10 Yrs, Leaving New Department Pups With Big Paws To Fill

In Marshall County, Kentucky, the community is celebrating a good dog. Fox has been protecting and serving his community first with the Paducah Police Department since 2011. In January of 2018, he joined the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, continuing his hard work, but now it’s time for Fox to put his paws up in retirement. With the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office patrolling roughly 300 square miles and over 900 miles of roadways, Fox kept full days protecting the citizens of … Read more

Hit By A Car & Shot In The Head, She-Ra Is Truly The “Princess Of Power”

She-Ra, the pup, certainly lives up to her name and the title it comes with. Like the cartoon heroine she’s named after, this 11-month-old puppy earned the title of “Princess of Power” after surviving a horrific ordeal. Thought to be hit by a car and then shot in the head with a .22 caliber bullet, She-Ra was left for dead. Alone and in excruciating pain, she wandered until she found retired school teacher Steven Kanada. The kind Samaritan bundled her … Read more

Dog Saves Cat From Roasting Alive Inside Plastic Bag As Temps Rise To Triple Digits

When Koda the Husky dog went for his usual walk on a scorching Arizona day, she didn’t set to be a hero. But when she saved a cat in need, she certainly earned the title. As Koda and her mom were strolling down the Avenue of The Fountains in Fountain Hills, the curious dog caught the scent of something amiss outside Fearless Kitty Rescue. Tugging her mom along, Koda just had to sniff the plastic trash bag she discovered near … Read more

Blind Dog and His “Seeing-Eye Cat” Set Sights On New Forever Home

During a winter cold snap in Canada, the animal lovers of Saving Grace Animal Society in Alix, Alberta, were out delivering supplies to families needing assistance when a homeowner made the decision to surrender their blind dog and his bonded cat friend to the rescue. The family knew the pair needed care beyond their ability, and as Saving Grace shared on Facebook, “The family felt an indoor retirement home was best for this blind boy and his ‘seeing eye cat.’” … Read more

Survey Reveals Most Pet Parents Would Dump Their Date If The Dog Didn’t Approve

Pet parents are known to trust the instincts of their furry friends, and a recent online poll reveals how deep that trust goes. In a OnePoll survey conducted for ZestyPaws, 2,000 pet parents who are either single or dating answered questions regarding how their pets’ feelings figured into their relationship. The results might prove surprising to some, but not really when we think about how much we value our furry family’s opinion. As the responses captured, 2 out of every … Read more

Revolutionary New Way To Eliminate Dog Poop And Stop Porch Pirates

Do you have a problem with jerk porch pirates stealing your stuff? Are you at the end of your tape roll trying to figure out how to stop them? Well, Jason Harvey has a solution for you! When his Des Moines, Iowa home became a repeated target for porch pirates, Jason got tired of watching the brazen thieves steal his packages. As he was walking his dog, Jason came up with an innovative solution to deal with the thieves. The … Read more

Giant Great Dane Proves To Be Best Kitten Foster Dad Ever

To say Corbin is a big dog is an understatement. As a Great Dane, he’s 150 lbs. of legs and love and the better words to describe him are ‘gentle giant’. His mom, Karen, told the Dodo people will cross the road he’s so big, “yet they don’t know that he’s terrified of his own shadow.” You see, Corbin’s heart is bigger than he is, and its kittens that make this huge guy melt. Karen has been fostering kittens for … Read more

Thanks To You, Families Facing Hardships Can Stay Together With Their Cats And Dogs

When people can barely afford to feed themselves, how do they keep their cats and dogs fed? St Hubert’s Animal Welfare in Madison, NJ, aims to keep families from having to ask such a question thanks to cat and dog food donations from The Rescue Bank. They know times are tough and want to help families stay together. Just the other day, a woman walked into the lobby to surrender her cat. It’s not what she wanted to do, but … Read more