Blind Dog and His “Seeing-Eye Cat” Set Sights On New Forever Home

During a winter cold snap in Canada, the animal lovers of Saving Grace Animal Society in Alix, Alberta, were out delivering supplies to families needing assistance when a homeowner made the decision to surrender their blind dog and his bonded cat friend to the rescue. The family knew the pair needed care beyond their ability, and as Saving Grace shared on Facebook, “The family felt an indoor retirement home was best for this blind boy and his ‘seeing eye cat.’” … Read more

Survey Reveals Most Pet Parents Would Dump Their Date If The Dog Didn’t Approve

Pet parents are known to trust the instincts of their furry friends, and a recent online poll reveals how deep that trust goes. In a OnePoll survey conducted for ZestyPaws, 2,000 pet parents who are either single or dating answered questions regarding how their pets’ feelings figured into their relationship. The results might prove surprising to some, but not really when we think about how much we value our furry family’s opinion. As the responses captured, 2 out of every … Read more

Revolutionary New Way To Eliminate Dog Poop And Stop Porch Pirates

Do you have a problem with jerk porch pirates stealing your stuff? Are you at the end of your tape roll trying to figure out how to stop them? Well, Jason Harvey has a solution for you! When his Des Moines, Iowa home became a repeated target for porch pirates, Jason got tired of watching the brazen thieves steal his packages. As he was walking his dog, Jason came up with an innovative solution to deal with the thieves. The … Read more

Giant Great Dane Proves To Be Best Kitten Foster Dad Ever

To say Corbin is a big dog is an understatement. As a Great Dane, he’s 150 lbs. of legs and love and the better words to describe him are ‘gentle giant’. His mom, Karen, told the Dodo people will cross the road he’s so big, “yet they don’t know that he’s terrified of his own shadow.” You see, Corbin’s heart is bigger than he is, and its kittens that make this huge guy melt. Karen has been fostering kittens for … Read more

Thanks To You, Families Facing Hardships Can Stay Together With Their Cats And Dogs

When people can barely afford to feed themselves, how do they keep their cats and dogs fed? St Hubert’s Animal Welfare in Madison, NJ, aims to keep families from having to ask such a question thanks to cat and dog food donations from The Rescue Bank. They know times are tough and want to help families stay together. Just the other day, a woman walked into the lobby to surrender her cat. It’s not what she wanted to do, but … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part II: Supplies To Buy & Preps To Make

You’re getting a dog, and we are so excited for you! Your new family member is almost ready to come home, but before those four furry paws can step foot in the house, you’ll need to have everything prepared for the canine whirlwind that’s about to upend your life in the best way possible. In this second installment of our two-part guide to getting ready for a dog, we’ll cover the supplies you’ll need before bringing the new baby home. … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part I: What To Think About

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting adventures in life, so congratulations on the decision to grow your family by four furry paws! We love dogs and want to help you give your pooch the best life ever! There’s so much to think about before getting a dog, but don’t worry. This two-part guide is designed to help you on your journey to bringing a dog home. We aim to answer any questions you might have about adopting … Read more

Dog Diarrhea: Firm Up Your Knowledge On Runny Poop

It’s a real poop when a case of dog diarrhea strikes. Stinky poo puddles signal upset in your sweet dog’s tummy and that leaves a dog parent not only feeling sad, but worried. With so many causes for diarrhea in dogs, it’s hard not to feel concern. But, diarrhea in dogs is a common occurrence and most cases can be solved at home with some simple steps. So, bag-and-toss your worries when it comes to dog diarrhea; we’ve got piles … Read more

Homemade Dog Food: Get Cooking For Your Good Looking Hound

Dogs enjoy a good meal, and what better way to show your pup love than making him a big bowl of homemade dog food? Especially when it’s prepared by your hands and made in your very own kitchen. But be aware: making homemade dog food isn’t as simple as tossing a T-bone in your pup’s dish and calling it a night. Dogs require specific nutrients to maintain good health. And while store-bought dog food is easy and formulated for complete … Read more

These Cats Aren’t Really Liking These Dogs And It’s Pretty Funny

Okay, so it’s no secret cats and dogs aren’t always each other’s biggest fans. Like most siblings, the cats and dogs who call each other family don’t always get along. For example, if a cat is taking a nap, then she might not like it when her doggo brother comes bounding along and sticks a wet nose in her face. It makes kitty sister mad and probably results in a hiss, a paw swipe, and a dog yelp. But after … Read more

Sleepy Dogs And Cats Caught With Adorable Bedhead

Cats and dogs have a knack for sleeping. They’ve certainly been gifted with the ability to make naps look like the best thing ever. As we watch with envy, our furballs contort their bodies into positions of ultimate comfort and snore away in a slumbering peace humans can never hope to achieve! And when a cat or dog first wakes from the deepest of sleeps, they wear some of their funniest looks… Kitty cat cowlicks. Doggo pelt rumples. Flipped ears. … Read more

Crisscross Applesauce: 23 Adorable Dogs and Cats Crossing Their Paws For The Camera

Cats and dogs are too pure. We don’t deserve their preciousness! Our fur babies are always adorable, but sometimes, those sweet little angels are extra cute. Both cats and dogs have mastered certain moves, like the head tilt and rolling belly up, just to reduce us to mush at their unbelievable levels of dreaminess! And one of the cutest moves of all time, one that makes us want to give our critters anything and everything they want, is the crossing … Read more

Rescuers Shut Down Cat Meat Restaurant And Slaughterhouse Saving 19 Cats & 5 Dogs

Millions of cats and dogs are butchered across Southeast Asia every year, but animal welfare groups have been hard at work trying to stop the barbaric dog and cat meat trade. And groups like Four Paws are making progress at every turn. In 2019, Four Paws, an international organization working to save animals from cruelty, began an investigation into the cat and dog meat trade in Vietnam. Research showed that 5 million animals, 1 million of those being cats, are … Read more

Finding Free Peace of Mind Can Help You Save Your Dog’s Life

When your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing we should worry about is how we’re going to pay for our pet’s procedures. Having to choose between saving the one you love and going into crippling debt can be heartbreaking. Sadly, many pet parents are forced to make financial decisions when they should be concentrating on medical decisions. But with a solid pet insurance policy in place, worrying over vet care cost won’t be a gut-wrenching issue. As a … Read more

Fursure Gives You Free Pet Insurance Advice

When your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing we should worry about is how we’re going to pay for our pet’s procedures. Having to make a choice between saving the one you love and going into crippling debt can be heartbreaking. Sadly, many pet parents are forced to make financial decisions when they should be concentrating on medical decisions. But with a solid pet insurance policy in place, worrying over the cost of vet care won’t be a … Read more

Body Cam Shows Police Officer Risk House Fire To Save A Family And Their Dog

Heroes walk among us and when we need them the most, there they are, ready to jump in without any fear for their own safety. And when we hear the brave human risks his life to save an animal, we dog lovers are even more grateful for that hero. As a police officer for the Conway Police Department in Conway, AR, Officer Carson Howard protects and serves on a daily basis. But when a call about a house fire came … Read more

Love and Kittens Help To Heal Mama Dog’s Heartache

Milo the dog knows heartbreak. But like any soul who has experienced loss, she appreciates the joy that fills her life now. At a gas station near Arizona’s border to Mexico, Milo was scrounging out an existence, but she had no real home and often knew the pains of hunger. She was also pregnant when Sunshine Dog Rescue found her, yet she seemed in pretty good shape for being a rural stray dog. Things were looking good for Milo. She’d … Read more

11 Surprising Things Dogs Smell That Humans Can’t

What things can dogs smell that humans can’t? Those super snoopers pick up just about every scent there could possibly be as canine noses are built for superior sniffing. Especially when compared to human olfactory senses. We’re pretty much nose blind next to our dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, “Depending on the breed, dogs have up 100 million or more scent receptors in their noses. And those terrific trackers we know as Bloodhounds have 300 million!” That means … Read more

Foster Mama Dog Loves To Kiss Her Rescue Kittens

Tabby kittens Gilligan and Milli were found on the streets without their mother. But these little sweethearts have grown up strong and healthy thanks to the care of an unlikely foster mom who loved them with all her heart! At only three weeks old, kittens need constant care and the warmth and protection of their mother. Without it, kittens on the street often don’t get the chance to live the spoiled and happy life they deserve. But thanks to rescue … Read more

Hugh Jackman & Wife Don’t Mind The Chilly Rain While Walking Their Dogs

When the temps drop and the rain drizzles down, the dogs still need their walks. But Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness’s fur kids prove you can still be stylish in the chilly rain. Plus, Dali and Allegra also show us a parent’s celebrity status matters little to a dog. They don’t care much about movies and theater. What matters to them is time with mom and dad, which Hugh and Deborra are happy to give, even if the weather … Read more

Silly Dog Doodle Sneaks Into Her Food Container For Snack Shenanigans

Dogs can be the silliest clowns and it’s one of the millions of reasons we love them, but sometimes dogs do derpy things that leave us laughing and shaking our heads at the same time. And food seems to be the trigger for some of the goofiest moments! Ask Doodle the dog. She recently pulled off some snack shenanigans that cracked her mom up, but also left this funny dog with a new Doodle-proof food container! Brandy Stenzel/Facebook Where’s that … Read more

America’s Top Shelter Dog Makeover Prize Goes To Matted, Neglected Dog Named Scruffy

As dog lovers, we see the beauty in every dog. Sadly, there are sometimes we have to look a little harder when a dog has lived a life of maltreatment and cruelty. But even when those dogs are scabbed, matted, and starving, we see the magic that is the dog. With the love, patience, and devotion of animal rescue workers and volunteers, these dogs of lost beauty find their canine good looks again. And once they’ve been restored, these gorgeous … Read more

Adorable Ginger Kittens Steal Every Heart In Foster Family, Including The Dogs’

Ruby and Max are tiny ginger kittens who found themselves alone beneath a house. When their mom didn’t come back, their cries of distress alerted the homeowner. Thankfully, the person knew just where to turn, bringing the babies to Best Friends Animal Rescue of Northwest Arkansas. Best Friends turned to Paws of Oz for help fostering the small kittens as they needed a skilled foster who could help them grow strong for a forever home. Holly Brookhouser, head of Paws … Read more

From Alone To Hugs And Kisses, Chowder Is A Happy Puppy

Just a puppy of four months old, Chowder was left to fend for himself in the world. With puncture wounds dotting his face, one can imagine his short life had already known cruelty. As a baby, he should have been snuggled sweetly in a cozy bed in his forever home, but sadly this wasn’t the life he knew. But little did Chowder know, one rainy day while he curled up in a pile of trash snug beneath an old mattress, … Read more

16 Neglected Boston Terriers Suffering From Flea Infestations And Wounds Getting Back On Their Paws

Inside the walls of the place they should have called their happy home, 16 Boston Terriers lived a life of pain and neglect. With their owners being evicted from their house, the dogs were relinquished into the care of the Valley Oak SPCA and appeared to have suffered “horrid” conditions. According to Lydia House, executive director at Valley Oak, “Every dog suffered from extreme flea infestations. All were anemic due to the fleas. Many had flea allergies that caused hair … Read more

Look At These Puppy Bellies Happy And Healthy Thanks To Foster And Rescue

You know it and we know it. Puppies are cute. Everything about those tiny stinkers is so adorable its hard to decide what the cutest thing about a puppy might be! Could it be their tiny toes? Or maybe those little tails? It might be their button noses or the way they give us kisses. Oh, who can decide! Everything about baby dogs is perfection, including their puppy bellies! Since we can all agree that puppy tummies are just too … Read more

“Crappy Pet Portraits” A Smashing Success For Charity

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, as dog lovers, we’ve never seen a bad dog portrait! Even if the artist himself labels his art as “crappy pet portraits”, we think all animal pictures are masterpieces! Hercule Van Wolfwinkle never expected the amazing and charitable reactions a couple of silly posts on social media would create. In a self-penned article on Bored Panda, he shared his charity art project “all happened so organically without much thought or effort.” … Read more

Enjoy Some Hauntingly Good Fun With These Photos Of Pups And Pumpkins

Here at, we love looking at pictures of dogs and we know you do too! Really, we don’t need an excuse to look at dog photos, but when the holidays roll around, the feeds are just jammed with doggos ready to celebrate. And with Halloween fast approaching, we’re obsessed with pictures of dogs and their pumpkins! So, to celebrate spooky season, here are some of the cutest dogs ever chilling with pumpkins! Happy Halloween!  Pups and Pumpkins “Please enjoy … Read more

This Adorable Photoshoot Of Gramps And Granny Dogs Will Make You Giggle

It’s a heartbreaking fact, but it’s true that senior dogs have a harder time finding homes once they enter shelters. And it’s through no fault of their own. Most people have puppies in mind when adopting and the old souls are often overlooked. Plus, the issues of aging also mean older dogs usually need more care and this also finds them passed over in the shelter. But senior dogs still have so much love to give and want nothing more … Read more

21 Dramatic Dogs Caught Practicing Their Theatrics

Who’s a dramatic doggie? Every doggie, that’s who! And what can bring out the theatrics in our hounds? Just about everything! Pups will pout for food, over bath time, or because they think they’re cute and we aren’t paying attention! Truly, dogs will put on a show over just about anything. And we love every second of their canine shenanigans. Dogs are just too cute when practicing their melodramatics! Check out these 21 dogs being dramatic… Dramatic Dogs are Darling … Read more