Clever Dog Convinces Her People To Adopt Her “Twin”

In my opinion, one of the hardest things about being an animal person is stopping yourself from going out and rescuing a bunch more animals. When you have the ability to care for a dog or cat who needs it, that instinct can be really hard to resist. Bethany Coleman knows this all too well. Her puppy Rogue, originally rescued from Animal Rescue League of Boston, sneakily convinced Coleman to adopt a canine pal for her. Coleman told Bored Panda she … Read more

Suicidal Veteran Saved By His Pit Bull, Inspired To Help Thousands Others Find Pups Of Their Own

There’s really no doubt about it at this point: countless examples of service dogs transforming the lives of U.S. veterans demonstrate how valuable these incredible animals are. Having had such an experience with his own service dog, one veteran wanted to help others find the same life-changing support. David Sharpe is a veteran of the United States Air Force who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) He’s also founder of the organization Companions for Heroes which provides veterans and first … Read more

Pocket-Sized Shih Tzu Sleeps Anywhere, And In The Cutest Position Imaginable!

I’ve got the curse of being one of those people who can’t fall asleep unless they’re perfectly comfortable. Staying over on a friend’s couch? Not gonna happen. Sleeping bag on the floor? Don’t even think about it. I need to be in just the right spot, even in my bed. Luckily our canine friends don’t seem to have that issue when it comes to comfort. In fact, one little Shih-Tzu in the Philippines is now famous for her ability to get … Read more

Yvette Nicole Brown Just Adopted Her Canine Co-Star From The ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Remake

I’ve heard of people falling in love with someone they met at work. I’ve heard of actors falling in love with actors they met on set. Until today though, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an actor falling in love with her future dog on set. That’s exactly what happened on the set of Disney’s are remake of “Lady And The Tramp.” All of the canine actors in the movie are rescue dogs. Producer Brigham Taylor told People it was … Read more

UPDATE: “Unicorn” Rescue Puppy Born With A Tail On His Face

When you think of unicorn, you usually think of a mythical white horse with a horn, right? Well you’re not wrong, but the word “unicorn” is also used to represent something that’s beautiful and rare. A little rescue puppy named Narwhal is sort of a mix of both of those descriptions. A rescue in Jackson, Missouri picked up a tiny puppy with a slight foot injury off the freezing streets in early November. That’s when they discovered it had a … Read more

9-Year-Old Makes Soaps To Raise Money For An Iowa Animal Shelter

The last thing a shelter or rescue center existing to help homeless, injured, and abandoned animals should have to worry about is financing. Sadly, the costs of treating sick animals and even feeding the rest can be very high, and it’s a concern nationwide. Human kindness is what keeps these places afloat. Take for example The Animal Welfare Friends Shelter in Monticello, Iowa which has been saving animals for 3 years. All this time, shelter rep Cindy Bagge told ABC9 … Read more

Service Dog May Be First Ever To Take Good School Picture

I always hated school picture day. Almost as much as I hated seeing how the pictures turned out a few weeks later. Yes, that’s because I’m a proud member of the majority who exclusively took terrible school photographs through 12th grade. A good-looking service dog named Tosha from Gravette, Arkansas definitely has me beat there. Tosha took an outstanding school picture. So outstanding it went viral. She may be less of a student and more of a student’s helper, but … Read more

Seoul Has Been Declared Dog Slaughter-Free! Here’s What That Means.

When it comes to animal advocacy, fighting the good fight can be exhausting much of the time. No one ever said activism was easy, but when a fight for justice for the voiceless culminates in a victory, every step of the way becomes worth it. Passionate activists working to end the dog meat trade in South Korea are celebrating such a victory now. The country’s capital city has been officially declared dog slaughter-free as Seoul’s last three dog meat shops agreed … Read more

Man’s Dogs Have “Conversation” On What To Do After He Falls Over In Front Of Them

If you’re online as much as I am (I hope you aren’t, I am online too much) you’re probably familiar with the video trend of pretending to pass out in front of your pups. If you’re not, you’ve heard of it now! Basically, people have been filming themselves pretending to drop dead in front of their dogs in order to capture their bewildered (or even indifferent) reactions. Obviously the trend has yielded some pretty great results. One particularly hilarious video … Read more

After 28 Days Lost In The Woods, A Dog Was Spotted On A Trailhead Camera

Sometimes when you look over at your dog snoozing on a pile of blankets, its hard to imagine them ever surviving past your front yard. Even our adorable fluffy little pals can surprise us though. A dog lost in the Cascades nearly a month ago really proves it. On October 6th, 2019 Sierra Eberly and her 11-month-old dog Snow Beau were enjoying a run on the Mount Washington trail near Seattle. As they approached a section with steep rocks, Eberly took … Read more

Shelter Life Makes Former Stray Anxious And All He Wants Is A Way Out

Anxiety over new and frightening situations can make dogs act in certain ways they normally wouldn’t. This so-called naughty behavior sadly works against them, especially when it comes to getting adopted from shelters. A sweet adoptable Cattle Dog/Pit mix named Gino in Austin, Texas is an unfortunate victim of this phenomenon. In a touching Facebook post, volunteers at Austin Animal Center where Gino has been a longterm resident expressed hope for this little guy, despite his initial anxiety and fear … Read more

31 Pet-Friendly Cities Awarded “Better Cities For Pets” Certification

City living with a dog brings an entirely extra set of challenges: where to live, where to safely walk your pals, and more. Many cities are still not properly equipped to handle those challenges. The cities that are really built for dog families are being recognized, however. Mars Petcare created the Better Cities For Pets™ program in 2017 with the goal of making cities more pet-friendly. A city’s certification is based on many factors, including availability of pet-friendly housing, green … Read more

‘Star Wars’ Actors Mark Hamill And Adam Driver Helped Find A Lost Dog

Look, I’m not ashamed to admit I tear up just seeing a “Lost Dog” flyer on a street light. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to be the person who had to hang up the signs! Of course, those signs really can be a helpful tactic in locating missing animals. Another helpful tactic is sharing the pup’s information with millions of people online. ‘The Last Jedi‘ stars Mark Hamill (or “Luke Skywalker” as you might know … Read more

Lorde Delays Album Release Due To Dog’s Death

Losing a dog is a tough thing to cope with, both socially and professionally. When it comes to mourning for animals, we typically do so without formal ritual because we’re told this type of loss comes secondary. That makes it difficult to grieve publicly or take time off from work or social activities even though we’re heartbroken. The truth is, losing a dog is extremely difficult to endure, and it can be harder for some than others. There’s nothing wrong … Read more

Service Dog Trained In Prison Improves Both Inmate And Veteran’s Lives

Service dogs are heroes, and anyone who’s ever had one can tell you they’re capable of incredible things. They truly change the lives of the people they’re trained to help. In some cases, they also change the lives of the people who train them. Former U.S. Marine Al Moore suffers from PTSD and relies on a 3-year-old Labrador service dog named Kevin. Kevin came to him through an organization called America’s VetDogs. He wakes Moore up when he has nightmares, … Read more

Golden Retrievers Break Into Their Human Baby Sister’s Room To Enlist Her Help Finding Snacks

Does anyone remember those handful of days living with a dog before they’ve somehow learned how to open doors? I don’t really either. The point is, many breeds of dogs are quick to figure out our little human contraptions. The only thing they’re better at figuring out is how to find food. Two cunning Golden Retrievers in Phoenix have a pretty good handle on both of those skills, and it shows. The dogs’ people, a man named Chris Cardinal and his wife, … Read more

George HW Bush’s Service Dog Will Be Honored With His Own Statue

Service dogs are trained to do all sorts of amazing things, from detecting health issues to helping the physically disabled. Some are serving their country as assistants to military veterans. That’s the kind of work that should be recognized, and for one amazing service dog it will be. A 3-year-old Lab named Sully will soon have a statue erected in his honor for his work with former United States President George HW Bush. America’s VetDogs, a non-profit organization committed to helping the … Read more

You Helped An Injured Veteran And A Stray Turned Service Dog Find Each Other

If you didn’t already know, part of each sale on the store is donated to, which offers grants for charities and programs like Canines For Service. Customers like you are the reason heartwarming stories like this one are possible! Canines For Service’s Canines for Veterans initiative works with U.S. Veterans to help them regain stability in their lives following their service. Thanks to a grant from Greater Good, Veterans and former shelter dogs are matched through this program to improve both human and … Read more

Canine Football Fan Charms The Internet With His Concentration

It’s the worst sight in the world: that sad, droopy, “please don’t leave me” look your dog gives you when they see you’re going for the door. It’s basically the worst part of having a dog, knowing you can’t take them with you everywhere you go. That’s what makes the places that do allow dogs so important to us. Pollok Football Club on the Southside of Glasgow, Scotland is one of those blessed places that welcomes four-legged friends to all … Read more

Dog Riding Bus Alone Ready To Be Adopted After Photo Goes Viral

These days, virtually none of us can manage a simple commute without our phones out in our laps and headphones in our ears. Fortunately though, most phones have cameras, and you never know when that accessible feature is going to come in handy on the bus. Take for example the passengers riding the 620 First Bus in West Yorkshire, England. Phones or not, they couldn’t help but notice that when the bus stopped at Bierley Lane, a four-legged passenger got … Read more

Brazilian Priest Brings Stray Dogs To Mass To Get Them Adopted

First impressions are often wrong. That’s one reason so many people write off or stay away from strays and shelter dogs. In the wrong contexts like on the street or in a small crate, great dogs can come off mangy or fearful. A wonderfully kind priest in Gravatá, Brazil devised a brilliant way to make the stray and abandoned dogs of his city appear more adoptable. Every Sunday at the Paróquia de Sant’Ana Gravatá parishioners worship alongside stray dogs that Father … Read more

Senior Rescue Dog Picks Out The Perfect Toy To Make Her Feel Safe

As former children, surely all humans can relate to the feeling of holding on to a stuffed animal or beloved toy for support during stressful times. It’s comforting to have a best friend that goes everywhere with you. It turns out dogs use this same strategy too. Nicole Marie Wasieleski is a volunteer with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and already the proud mama to two rescue dogs. She really didn’t plan on adopting another, but Nicole told the Dodo … Read more

Beetl, The Backyard Robot, Is Designed To Pick Up All Your Dog’s Poop

When you have an enclosed yard, sometimes it can be pretty tempting to just let your dog run around and do his business out there instead of taking a longer walk. The consequences come later, when you ruin a shoe after forgetting where your pup went. Unfortunately, no one has been able to train a dog to pick up after itself, at least as far as I know. But here’s the good news: there’s now a robot designed specifically for … Read more

Sanitation Workers Found Dog With Broken Pelvis Abandoned In A Landfill

Any sanitation worker could tell you they find some pretty strange things in the trash. You’d be surprised to see the sorts of things people throw away. Or, as some sanitation workers in Phoenix were, you’d be horrified to see what some people throw away. On October 10th, workers attending to a service vehicle in the loading tunnel of a landfill noticed something moving in the trash. When they got closer, they were appalled at what they saw. It was an injured … Read more

After 2 And A Half Years Apart, A Cancer Survivor Reunited With Her “Stolen” Dog

To many, dogs are more than just best friends. They’re also healers. There are several ways a dog’s presence is beneficial to a human’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Kameroun Mares knew this as well as anyone when she adopted Semper Fidelis, a Husky named for the Latin phrase “always faithful.” Mares was undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013 when she met the pup and knew she wanted her. She hoped that Semper would help relieve her symptoms of … Read more

Neglect And Infection Caused This Senior Pup To Lose Both Eyes, But Her Dedicated Rescuers Say She’s Thriving

On September 11, 2019, authorities raided the home of a breeder/hoarder in Texas. Over 40 dogs were rescued from the home where they had been living in squalor. Unsanitary conditions left many of these rescues with eye infections and other untreated illnesses. Thanks to a group of volunteers who really care about animals, one unlucky dog rescued from that home finally had a much-needed stroke of luck. Joyrides Rescue, based in both Houston, Texas and Jersey City, New Jersey, is … Read more

Dogs Have Been Subjects Of Art For Over 2,000 Years

Dogs are gorgeous creatures. That’s why we fill our phones up with pictures of them from every angle doing anything imaginable (well.. at least I do.) It’s also why they’ve appeared in works of art since they first became man’s best friend. As our relationship with dogs has evolved over the course of human history, so have the ways they inspire our art. Here are some interesting impacts dogs have had on human artistic expression over the last several thousand … Read more

Woman Quit Her Job And Spent Her Life Savings To Save Stray Dogs

Virtually every major city has a stray dog problem. Some places have it far worse than others though. In cities with a severe stray problem, residents often consider these dogs a nuisance. Some, however, are the heroes these pups desperately need who think they deserve better. Dimitra Andrenou is one of those heroes. In order to help her husband Paul Kofteros’ business, Dimitra and her family moved from Leicester, England to Larnaca, Cyprus. Dimitra quit her job as an assistant … Read more

This Dog Dressed As A Mop For Halloween And It’s Perfect

We all know the feeling. The moment the calendar says October we begin our month-long search for the perfect Halloween costume for our dogs. Typically, regardless of their breeds and sizes, the costuming decisions are up to us. We also know though, that costuming a dog is an extremely difficult task. Hats, attachments, and props rarely stay put for more than 5 seconds at a time. Some clever pups are even able to tear their ways out of shirts and … Read more

Loyal Service Dog Refuses To Leave Mom’s Hospital Room After Saving Her Life

The concept of a service dog may be confusing to those who don’t have one. Sometimes you really need to see these working pups in action to fully understand how necessary and important they are. Take Ruby for example. Ruby is a gray and white Pit Bull/Staffy from Australia who’s also an outstanding service dog. She started training as a therapy dog in 2017, two years after her mom Shauna Darcy adopted her. Ruby’s initial duties were to help Darcy … Read more