Bachelorette Hannah Brown Welcomes New Puppy With Boyfriend Adam Woolard

From their matching jammies to their sweet candids, Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard are one cute couple. And now, they’ve grown into an adorable family with the addition of Wally, the couple’s brand-new puppy!

Australian labradoodle Wally has only been with The Bachelorette star and the Greg Lauren fashion sales director for a couple of days, but the proud pawrents are already totally taken with their blue-eyed, curly-coated cutie. In their joy, Hannah and Adam took to Instagram, both introducing their new pup and raving about what a good boy they’ve got in dual posts.


Wally Woo Is Too Cute

Hannah teased news of Wally’s adoption on Instagram, posting a video in which she said, “Tomorrow, things are about to change in this household.”

She also revealed girls’ night might be off the table for a while as she had a life change coming her way. The following day revealed the surprise with a cute clip of Hannah and Wally at the airport, taken just after he landed in his new parents’ arms.

As she held her new puppy, a brightly smiling Hannah announced, “I’m an official dog mom.”


Hannah also shared the family car ride home from the airport, and in the video, the excited pup parents gushed over all the new things they would do with sweet Wally. Squirming in Hannah’s arms and giving her kisses, Wally seemed to like the sound of all those big plans!

To officially introduce her fur baby to the world, Hannah posted a pic of her family with the caption, “Wally Meets World.”


Adam also posted about his new boy, writing, “Welcome home little buddy.”


In response to Adam’s post, Hannah commented, “So glad you’re my doggie’s daddy.” How cute!

Fur Baby’s First Day

After some time together, the excited dog parents updated fans on Wally’s first day at home.

“First day with Wally has been so much better than I even expected. He’s so awesome. … He’s been super tired today but also really fun. He’s fun to play with. … He’s calm but still playful,” said Hannah.


Woolard shared, “He’s just the best little dude. Best boy. … I know it’s the first day, but he’s checked off all the boxes. He pooped on his poop pad!” And Brown agreed, “First time. First poo on the poop pad. Now, we did chase him with it and maybe put it under there, but he did it.”

The next morning’s post revealed the first night was long, but went well even if Wally wasn’t a fan of his crate. But Hannah said, “We are going to keep trying!”


Without a doubt, there will be many more Wally posts coming by way of his parents’ Instagram accounts, but Hannah took a poll of her 2.5 million fans, asking if Wally needed a page of his own. We feel pretty sure poll numbers will result in a resounding yes, so keep an eye out for a possible Wally page on the way!

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