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Bark’s Dog-Friendly Office Is A Pup Parent’s Dream!

An office in Columbus, Ohio is catering to not only their employees, but their fur babies as well! With about 80 dogs that actively come into the office, this is quite possibly the definition of a dream job.

Bark is a company that is dedicated to providing subscription boxes of quality dog toys. A typical Bark Box includes an array of toys, tasty treats, and sometimes even a surprise for the pet parent. The team at Bark has some adorable inspiration available to them throughout their work day, so it’s no wonder they create such an amazing product.

The team that founded Bark are true dog lovers, and they wanted to cater to a team of workers that love dogs just as much as they do. With the ability to bring their dogs to the office, Bark has built an incredible team of hardworking, animal loving professionals!

“We can have 40 to 50 in the office on a day sometimes, which is why it was critical to design with dogs first.”- Emily Muhl, Bark’s vice president.

Since this office can host up to 50 dogs at a time, it had to be created with a pup in mind. Bark has gone above and beyond to make sure that its workplace is as dog friendly as possible.

There is an indoor play area, furniture that is lined with pet safe material, carpets that are made to be scratch resistant and individual cubbies that each employee can snuggle in with their pet while they work. These cubbies are built with large wall dividers, so they help to keep workers and fur babies focused during those busy work days.

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Even the desks have a tiny built in couch made for pups, so they can be by their owner’s side if they need to work at a desk for the day. Bark is quite possibly the most dog friendly office out there!

It’s possible that other employers will soon catch on to this unique trend. Studies show that the level of work improves when the staff are less stressed, and have cute distractions available to them throughout the day. If bringing your beloved companion to the office can boost productivity, then why not give it a try?!

Bark sounds like the office of a dog lover’s dream! Where do we sign up?

Take a look at the hashtag on Instagram, #barkboxoffice for a sneak peek into the “pawfice.”



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Written by Amber LaRock
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