4 Best Bully Stick Holders for Dogs (+1 Vital Warning)

| Published on June 1, 2023

As every dog owner knows, bully sticks can be a godsend for pet parents and their fur kids, offering a healthy, all-natural chewable that keeps those paws busy and sharp teeth occupied. They offer an excellent avenue for dogs to channel their chewing instincts, but as they get smaller, they can pose a significant choking hazard. Enter the innovative realm of bully stick holders, a recent addition to the pet supply market that ensures safety while your pet indulges in their favorite treat.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore some of the best bully stick holders available in 2023. With a keen focus on safety, convenience, durability, and of course, your furry friend’s approval, we aim to guide you through the variety of options and help you make the best choice for your dog’s needs and preferences.

#1 (Best Overall) – Bow Wow Labs Bow Wow Buddy Safety Device

The Bow Wow Buddy Safety Device is a handy tool for dog owners who want to ensure their pets are safe when enjoying bully sticks. The device is easy to use, secure and vetted by professionals, making it an ideal choice for pets weighing between 50-75lbs who enjoy bully sticks. To ensure optimal safety, the Bow Wow Buddy should be used in conjunction with Bow Wow Labs Safe Fit Bully Sticks.


#2 (Best Budget Option) Bully Grip Brand Bully Stick Holder

The Bully Stick Holder for Dogs is a small interactive dog toy made of durable natural rubber that fits most bully sticks and treat sticks from 1/2″ wide to just under 3/4″ wide. It serves as a multi-functional dog toy and safety device, preventing choking and stomach blockage in dogs when eating treat sticks. The product is inspected and packaged in the USA and easy to use by twisting the Bully Grip onto the treat stick.


#3 – GoSports Chew Champ Bully Stick Holder for Dogs

The GoSports Chew Champ Bully Stick Holder is designed to securely hold bully sticks and other treats to prevent choking in dogs. It is made from durable and food-safe nylon, and is easy to use by simply twisting to open and insert the treat. The holder is suitable for dogs under 30 lbs and provides peace of mind for pet owners.


#4 – BoniVet Bully Stick Holder for Dogs, Chew Holder

The BoniVet Bully Stick Holder is an adjustable chew holder designed to prevent dogs from choking on bully sticks or bones. It fits a variety of sizes and is easy to use, with an adjustable void that securely grips the treat. The holder comes with a 1-year warranty and the company has addressed issues with a broken screw in previous versions of the product.



⚠️ One Vital Warning

While a bully stick holder makes chewing substantially safer, you should never fully trust any bully stick holding device! Never leave your dog alone with one, especially in the beginning before you’ve had to chance to monitor how they interact with it. The device itself could become a target of chewing, and your dog may be able to remove parts of it.


Our pets’ safety and happiness are paramount to us, and incorporating bully stick holders into their treat time is a step towards assuring both. From compact designs to multi-functional models, the bully stick holders listed in this review tick all the boxes regarding safety, durability, and usability. While every dog’s needs and preferences may differ, these top picks set a high standard for what we should expect in our pet products. As we’ve explored, the best bully stick holders extend the life of your dog’s favorite treat, offer mental stimulation, and importantly, keep them safe. So, venture forth into the world of bully stick holders and let your furry friend savor their chew time with peace of mind for both of you. After all, our pets are not just pets—they’re family, and they deserve nothing but the best.

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