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10 Best Matching Dog And Owner Christmas Sweaters

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on September 27, 2023
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Matching dog and owner Christmas sweaters are a great way for dog parents to get in the holiday spirit. If your dog enjoys wearing clothes, then Christmas sweaters are perfect for helping your pup feel festive. There are plenty of products that can help the two of you match at seasonal events.

If you need help finding dog and owner matching Christmas sweaters, we’ve compiled a list to help you narrow down your search. These products can be difficult to find, but their adorable appearance is definitely worth it.

Dog wearing Christmas sweater

Buyer’s Guide: Matching Dog and Owner Christmas Sweaters

Before you find matching Christmas outfits for you and your dog, consider the following features.


First, you should make sure that the product you’re looking at has sizes for both you and your dog (and other family members if needed). If you’re unsure what sweater size your dog needs, check the sizing chart.


Sweaters are known for being comfortable, so make sure the product is made with a soft, high-quality material. You can check the comments to see what other customers thought of the fabric before you purchase it.


Make sure the sweater doesn’t have any loose pieces that could become choking hazards for your dog. Also, make sure the fabric is durable so your dog won’t be tempted to chew through it.

Care Instructions

If you want to find sweaters that are easy to clean, look for machine-washable clothing. Otherwise, follow the care instructions to find the best way to clean the clothing.


Finally, make sure the sweaters are a style that you love. Christmas sweaters come in a wide variety of patterns, so find one that looks great on both you and your canine companion.

Fluffy dog with sweater

Best Matching Christmas Sweaters for Dog and Owner

Good Thomas Dog Threads Matching Human and Dog Sweaters
  • Sells matching dog and human clothes (both kids and adults)
  • Several Christmas patterns to choose from
  • Dog sizes range from XS to XXL
  • Materials include cotton, acrylic, or polyester
  • Machine-wash cold, hang to dry

Good Thomas’ Dog Threads line includes lots of matching clothes for humans and dogs, and several of those products are Christmas sweaters. The sweaters include designs with Christmas trees, snowflakes, and moose. There’s even one sweater that says “Feliz Navi Dogs.” Most of the sweaters come in several sizes for pets, adults, and kids, allowing the whole family to have matching sweaters. However, there are more options for small dogs than larger dogs. Not all sweaters are made of the same materials, but most are a cotton-acrylic blend that can be machine-washed. If you want more matching outfits with your dog, you should check out this company’s shirts and pajamas too. Plus, every set sold helps homeless pups.

Famjamjams Matching Pet & Owner Sweaters
  • Matching Christmas sweaters have four designs
  • Comes in several sizes for dogs and adults (unisex)
  • Dog sizes are based on length
  • Made of a lightweight acrylic material
  • Machine-washable (should be hung to dry)

Famjamjams offers four adorable Christmas sweater designs, including ones with reindeer and snowmen. There are several sizes for dogs and humans (unisex style). The sweaters are made with a lightweight acrylic material that can be machine-washed but should be hung to dry. The dog sizes are by length, so make sure you measure your dog before buying one. With these sweaters, you and your furry friend will be able to take some of the cutest holiday photos possible.

Blueberry Pet Matching Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  • Several matching Christmas sweater styles
  • Made of 100% acrylic material
  • Machine-washable
  • Comes in several sizes for dogs, adults, and kids
  • Matching hats and scarfs are also available

Blueberry Pet offers several matching ugly Christmas sweater styles, but you need to buy the dog and human sweaters separately. Most of the patterns are classic Christmas designs, including red, green, and white along with images of snowflakes, trees, and reindeer. Both sweaters are made of a 100% acrylic material that can be machine-washed. The dog sweater comes in eight sizes that are based on your dog’s length. Then, the human sweater has seven adult unisex sizes and five child sizes. You can also choose a matching hat or scarf so you can still match with your dog even if you have to put a jacket over your sweater.

Frisco Plaid Moose Sweater Pajamas
  • Plaid moose matching sweaters
  • Made of soft, breathable materials
  • Dog sweater includes a leash hole for walks
  • Both are machine-washable
  • Six dog sizes and five human sizes

These two Frisco sweaters aren’t designed to be matching, but they work well together and they’re comfortable. The pet sweater has a plaid pattern with a moose in the center while the human option is black with a plaid moose in the center. The pet option is made with acrylic knit and comes in six sizes to cater to all dog breeds. It also has a leash hole so your pup can wear it on walks. Then, the human shirt is made of a breathable jersey material that comes in five unisex sizes. Even though the human sweater is technically a pajama top, that just means it’s extra cozy to wear while matching with your dog. Both can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle.

Spark Paws Fuzzy Matching Dog and Owner Sweatshirts
  • Four styles of fuzzy, blanket-like hoodies
  • Soft fleece interior hugs your dog
  • Dog sweater has leash hole
  • Seven dog sizes and one-size-fits-all for humans
  • Machine-washable (line dry)

Spark Paws is a company known for its matching dog and human sweatshirts. While they don’t have any Christmas patterns, their new line of Fluffdreams Hoodies is perfect for the holiday season. These are fuzzy, blanket-like hoodies that have four matching patterns for humans and dogs. If it gets cold for Christmas where you live, these adorable and cozy hoodies are a great way to keep you and your pup warm while also serving as great matching sweaters for photos. The fluffy, stretchy material has a soft fleece interior that makes you and your pup feel hugged while wearing it, helping relieve anxiety. The dog sweater comes with a hole on the back so you can walk them outside while the outfit keeps them warm. With seven dog sizes and a one-size-fits-all for humans, everyone can enjoy these cuddly holiday outfits.

Frisco and LookbookStore Matching Snowflake Pajamas
  • Two snowflake sweater designs
  • Seven dog sizes and five women sizes
  • Dog sweater has a leash hole
  • Hand wash only

Even though these sweaters aren’t made by the same company, they match each other well. Both sweaters are gray with a large white snowflake in the middle. The dog sweater is a pullover design with a leash hole to make it easy to walk your dog while wearing it. It comes in seven sizes so no dog breed has to feel left out. Then, the human sweater comes in five sizes, but it’s designed for women. Both of these holiday sweaters are hand wash only, so they might not be ideal for families with messy pups.

PajamaGram Matching Christmas PJs for Family
  • Sweater-like matching pajamas
  • The tops match the dog's sweater
  • Several sizes for pets, women, men, and kids
  • Made of stretchy, breathable cotton
  • Machine-washable

Even though these are Christmas pajamas instead of sweaters, they’re still a great option for matching Christmas outfits, especially if you want the kids involved. These PajamaGram Matching Christmas PJs have tops that resemble the design of a sweater, so you can wear them as comfortable tops that match your dog’s sweater if you’d like. There are several sizes for pets, women, men, and kids so every family member can have a cozy outfit. The clothes are made of stretchy, breathable cotton that’s machine-washable. If you’re looking for more festive pajamas, PajamaGram offers a variety of other styles too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothes?

    It depends on the dog. Some dogs find clothes cozy and calming while others are uncomfortable wearing clothes. If you know your dog hates wearing clothes, you shouldn’t force them to.

    How Do You Measure a Dog for a Sweater?

    To measure a dog for a sweater, first measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Then, measure around the widest part of their chest and around their neck. Use these measurements to select the appropriate size based on the sweater’s sizing chart.

    How Long Can Dogs Wear Sweaters for?

    Dogs can wear sweaters for extended periods, especially in cold conditions, but it’s important to monitor them for signs of discomfort or overheating. Sweaters should be removed if they become wet or dirty, or if the dog is in a warm environment. Always ensure the sweater fits well and doesn’t restrict movement or cause irritation.

    Do Dog Sweaters Come in All Sizes?

    Yes, dog sweaters are available in a range of sizes, from extra small for tiny breeds to extra large for bigger dogs. However, fit can vary by brand and design, so it’s crucial to check specific measurements and sizing charts before purchase.

    Why are Ugly Christmas Sweaters so Popular?

    Ugly Christmas sweaters have become popular because they embrace a mix of nostalgia, irony, and festive spirit. They provide a lighthearted and humorous way to celebrate the holiday season. Over time, themed parties and events have further amplified their cultural significance, making them a fun and widespread tradition.

    Dog with reindeer sweater

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re ready to get in the holiday spirit, any of the matching dog and owner Christmas outfits in this article can be great products for you and your furry friend. However, if your dog doesn’t like dressing up, it’s best to skip the sweaters. After all, your dog’s comfort matters more than some cute Christmas photos (plus, you can get cute photos even if your dog isn’t dressed up).

    iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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