Bindi Irwin Surprises Curious Dogs With The Cutest “National Pug Day” Treat!

Steve Irwin’s family has no shortage of adorable, heartwarming content to share. And just when you think they can’t top their last charming post, they release a special video for “National Pug Day” on October 15th.

Bindi Irwin has already shared plenty of photos of her daughter Grace cuddling with the family’s dogs, Piggy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Stella the Pug. But in this video, the family has everyone baking a dog-friendly cake together, including the baby and furry friends. It’s the sweetest moment you’ll ever see, especially when the dogs get to dig into their special Pug Day treat!

Bindi hugging Pug

A Special Family Event

The Australia Zoo shared this adorable family moment on their YouTube page. It featured the whole family, including Bindi, Robert Irwin, Terri Irwin, and Bindi’s husband, Chandler Powell. Of course, Stella, Piggy, and Grace were all there too, and they stole the show.

At the start of the video, Robert walks Stella the Pug around the zoo, letting her sniff different areas and look at various animals. Then, he carries her into the kitchen, where the rest of the family is eager to make her a dog-friendly cake for “National Pug Day.” The cake is an oat-based, gluten-free, vegan cake that’s safe for dogs and humans to enjoy.

The Irwin Family

“We are going to do something very exciting, a little treat for Stella and for Piggy because it’s only National Pug Day once every year,” Robert says to Grace.

Even though Robert seems excited to bake a cake, Bindi reveals that she already made the cake. So, she said the family would just be decorating it together. Robert decides he can’t get started without a taste test, so he takes a few bites out of the delicious treat first. Luckily, he leaves plenty of cake for the dogs.

Baby talking to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Dogs Enjoy Their Cake!

After frosting and layering the cake, the family heads outside to let Stella and Piggy enjoy it. Terri sets a piece in a bowl for Piggy, but Stella’s cake has to be on a plate instead since her face is so flat.

At the same time, Robert and Chandler hand the cake to the dogs, and their faces light up with joy. Piggy gently licks her piece while Stella gobbles hers as quickly as she can. Both of them are as cute as ever as they celebrate the unique holiday.

Robert with Stella and Piggy

“That was Grace’s first cake assembly and National Pug Day, so she’s excited,” Bindi says.

With so many negative things happening in the world, it’s great that the Irwins always bring joy to animal lovers. Piggy and Stella are two very lucky dogs!

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

Featured Image: Instagram

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