Black Labrador Left Frozen In His Tracks By ‘Frightening’ Halloween Felines

When the family of a black Labrador Retriever named Maverick decided to decorate their lawn with spooky cat cut-outs for Halloween, the loveable Lab had an unexpected reaction. 

In the viral video that’s now spreading smiles across the internet, the petrified pup was left completely catatonic upon viewing the fearsome felines. Sweet Maverick found himself so scared he was literally left frozen in his tracks. 


When the video begins, the person filming slowly approaches the beautiful black Lab as he’s already frozen in fear. Black cat cut-outs are arranged all around him in the grass as he blends in with the spooky scene. Maverick doesn’t move a muscle as the videographer slowly shows us multiple different angles of the silly scenario. Offscreen, you can even hear his name being called multiple times. But Maverick doesn’t dare to move just yet. 

The only indication that he’s even still alive is a slight twitch of his ear. Not only has he averted his eyes, but he stands so still that it’s almost like someone pressed his pause button. Giggling can be heard in the background as his family observes his hysterical behavior. Who knew that their silly sidekick would react this way?

Maverick stands as still as a statue for the length of the video until he finally starts wagging his tail. As the videographer approaches and then stands right next to him, he decides to make a move. As you would have guessed, the decor remains firmly planted in the ground as Maverick makes his hasty getaway.

But it’s obvious that more than just his family found his “frozen reaction” funny. More than a million likes and thousands of comments have been made below the video on Tiktok. Most of the comments are jokes, including comedic quips such as “he wins the mannequin challenge” and “I’m not convinced he’s not just another decoration.”


It’s extremely impressive how still he was able to stand while also eliciting many questions. I wonder what it is about the decorations that made Maverick react this way? Does he have a fear of all felines or just decorative ones? Has he ever done something like this before? Was this the way that his family discovered his ability to remain motionless for an extended period of time?

Whatever the reasons, we’re glad we were able to share this hilarious video with you.


Featured Image: TikTok

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