Leopard Goes Outside For The First Time After Being Declawed And Kept As A Pet

Some animals should never be kept as pets, and it’s safe to say that leopards are a perfect example. Leopards are large predators that need lots of space to roam, so being confined to a small house is not good for their health and development. Sadly, some people still try to keep these animals as pets anyway.

A black leopard named Bobo was bred in captivity and owned by a person in Latvia. He lived inside that person’s apartment for over a year, never getting to see what the outside world was like. But luckily, humans helped his depressing life as a pet come to an end.

Scared leopard in cage

Leopards Aren’t Pets

Sadly, Bobo’s owner treated him like a house cat despite him being a very different species. He lived his whole life confined to a small space where he grew obese because he couldn’t run around. Worst of all, his human declawed him, leaving him unable to hunt or defend himself properly if he was ever on his own.

Thankfully, authorities took Bobo from his owner once they learned about his situation. They fined the owner and brought Bobo to the nearby Riga Zoo for a temporary stay. But their goal was to eventually transport the big cat to AAP Primadomus in Spain, a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates wild animals.

Scared leopard being transported

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The drive between the zoo and wildlife rescue was about two days, but Robert from AAP was willing to make the long journey for Bobo’s sake. He crossed through several countries with Bobo in the back of his vehicle, only stopping to provide food and water to the feline.

Robert had to drive through snowstorms and other forms of bad weather to get Bobo to his new home. Bobo was terrified throughout the entire journey, but Robert knew the large cat would be grateful in the long run.

Leopard sees outside

A Chance at a Better Life

Once Bobo arrived at the rehabilitation center, he had to quarantine for 30 days to make sure he had no diseases and to ensure he was strong enough to go outside. Once that time was up, they opened the door to an outside area and allowed Bobo to explore it at his own pace.

At first, Bobo looked terrified. He had never seen grass or trees before, but he was very curious about it all. He seemed to know that outside is where he belongs.

Leopard exploring outside

Bobo will stay at AAP for as long as he needs, but then, the plan is to move him to a more permanent home that’s hopefully in the wild. The human who kept Bobo as a pet did a lot of damage to this poor feline, but his rescuers believe that he has the potential to live the life of a normal leopard one day.

Thank you to all the amazing people who are helping Bobo recover and get used to being outside. His transformation is already incredible!

See Bobo Explore Nature Here:

Featured Image: Facebook

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