Brilliant Border Collie & His Mom Win World Championship With Sinister Mirror Image Dance

Jessy the Border Collie and his human Elke Boxoen really have the moves. They’ve danced their way through the ranks and claimed titles from top-level dog dancing competitions. And while they’re professionals with a World Champion prize for Freestyle Dance on their record, you can still see they’re having so much fun cutting those rugs!

And once you watch this video of their 2019 FCI DogDancing World Championship, you’ll see why Jessy and Elke are some of the best in show! With the artistry of their mirror image performance, it’s no wonder they claimed first place. Entitled “Once Upon a Time,” Elke and Jessy present the tale of a little girl who’s sometimes good and sometimes naughty, and one day, she comes across a mirror image that seems so friendly…at first!


Light on Their Talented Feet

Using a mirror frame on wheels, the pair dances in total sync on either side, like perfect reflections. Elke’s devotion to training Jessy is evident, and like so many of his breed, Border Collie Jessy is just brilliant, his matched steps a testament to the hard work on both his and Elke’s part.


But then, the music shifts, and Jessy shatters the imaginary glass and pounces on top of Elke in time with the haunting music. A battle ensues, and Jessy pushes Elke into the mirror, trapping her inside while he prances in celebration! As the piece closes with sinister laughter, Jessy mimes the cackling in evil victory.

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It’s Not All Dancing For These Champs

When Elke isn’t dancing, she’s still training dogs. But it’s not all dance steps. At Dogz Devotion Academy, her training center in Belgium, she teaches pups obedience, sports skills, scent work, and more. And working with animals has been a lifelong passion for Elke. She grew up on a farm, learning to train horses and dogs. Now that love for animals shows in her dancing with her beloved pup Jessy.

But for all their hard work, Jessy and Elke know that sometimes you just have to take a break and enjoy the beach.


Though he knows some fancy steps and enjoys the spotlight, Jessy still enjoys getting wild and having fun with his canine siblings.


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To keep up with dancing world champions, follow Dogz Devotion Academy on Instagram and Facebook. Watch Elke and Jessy perform their entire routine below!

Feature Image: Dogz Devotion Academy/Instagram

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