Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall Takes Rescue Dog Beth To Visit The Charity She Came From

The Duchess Of Cornwall brought her dog Beth on a sort of homecoming trip on Feb. 2. Camilla visited The Battersea Brand Hatch Center in Ash, home of the organization from which the Duchess Of Cornwall rescued her two Jack Russell Terriers, Beth and Bluebell.

Battersea has three centres: one in London, one in Old Windsor in Berkshire, and the one the Duchess visited in Kent. Beth was adopted from Battersea in 2011, and Bluebell joined the Royal family a year later.


During the early 2022 visit, Camilla and Beth took on Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady and his dog Sausage in the “Temptation Alley” challenge. It’s a little test to see whether the dogs can ignore a line of toys and treats set up between themselves and their person.

Beth beat out Sausage, running right to Camilla when called. It’s no surprise that Beth would take on this challenge with ease. The terrier is an agility contest prize winner.


The Duchess of Cornwall also took a tour of the facility, visiting adoptable animals. It was a real throwback to when she fell in love with Beth as a Battersea rescue.

A source close to the family told Daily Mail back in 2011:

The duchess adores animals and is a great supporter of Battersea and the work they do. When they offered her Beth, she just couldn’t say no. Trust me, she will have a wonderful life.”


And a wonderful life Beth has certainly had in the last 11 years.

The Royal Family Supports Animal Charities

When you think of the royal family, odds are you picture the Queen’s famous Corgis. We’ve written about them a few times here on iHeartDogs if you want to know all about them.

That said, the other family members are also big animal lovers who support different charity organizations in the UK. The royal family has been supporters of the Battersea charity for years.


In 2020, Camilla and Beth unveiled a plaque designating the new Duchess of Cornwall kennels at Battersea in Old Windsor. A statement from the Royal Family’s social page noted:

The newly designed facilities aim to reduce stress and infection for mothers and their puppies. It even includes a special system, which will play different types of music throughout the day, to help keep dogs relaxed!”


The Duchess of Cornwall was actually named the official Royal Patron of Battersea in 2017. The organization has benefitted greatly from her support and the attention she brings to animal welfare causes.


Visit Battersea’s page for more information on the organization and the work they do.

H/T: People
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