Carrie Fisher Brings Her Frenchie For An On-Air Interview – And He Steals the Show!

When you’re famous, if you are going to be upstaged by someone during an on air interview, it should be a dog as cute as Gary the French Bulldog, owned by the iconic Carrie Fisher.


Fisher recently went on Good Morning America for an interview about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film that comes out December 17. She brought along Gary because (why else?) his tongue matches her sweater!



And you are about to get jealous of a dog. Why? Because Gary has seen the NEW Star Wars film. Apparently he loved it, but it may have been a bit too loud for his doggy ears.

Fisher says your tongue will be hanging out just like Gary’s after watching the new film.

Even the cameraman has a hard time staying on the actress, when her adorable pup is posing so nicely:


Gary doesn’t just upstage her in interviews, but one her Twitter feed as well:

And when they stop talking about him? Well…Gary does what any Diva would – he falls asleep!


Watch the full interview below:

Gary definitely steals the spotlight in this interview! Would your dog steal the spotlight if you were famous? Tell us in the comments!


(H/T: Good Morning America)

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