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Carrie Underwood Shares Video Of Her Dog’s Physical Therapy Treatment

Carrie Underwood loves to keep her beloved pooch, Ace, in the spotlight with her. You might remember him from the cover of Redbook Magazine if you’re the type to read it. She’s been really proud of Ace and his adorable self, but right before Christmas he injured himself resulting in a herniated disc. The doctor’s orders require physical therapy treatment and part of this is the use of an underwater treadmill.

Carrie shared the video on Instagram, where she wrote, “Right before Christmas, my little Ace suffered a herniated disk. He was completely paralyzed in his back end for a couple of days and, with rest, soon got mobility back in his right side…his left side is slowly getting better but we have a long way to go…he’s taking his physical therapy like a champ! And, of course, this is too adorable not to post!”

She’s totally right. Ace is doing an amazing job with his treatment and we hope that he’s back to perfect health soon! Keep it up, Ace. You’re doing a great job and we want to see you happy and healthy!

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Written by Katie Finlay
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