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Cat-Loving Boxer & Her Two Feline BFFs Team Up To Foster Kittens In Need


Suzie the Boxer loves kittens. In her 7 years of life, she has helped her mom, Kelly Hartman, foster dozens of the adorably helpless little furballs.

After years of lovingly nurturing the cats just to say goodbye a short time later, Kelly found herself – and Suzi – especially attached to a special gray kitten by the name of Kushi.

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When Kushi first arrived he was suffering from an untreated infection that had severely damaged his left eye. Eventually a friend helped Hartman get Kushi the care he needed – the eye ended up being surgically removed – and also advised her that this particular kitten had already found his forever home.

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Hartman and Suzi agreed, and about a year ago, Kushi became a permanent member of the family. He also began to share in the fostering duties alongside his best canine pal. Together Suzi and Kushi helped put the tiny foster kittens at ease and prepared them for later adoption into families with pets.

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Poor Kushi took it very hard whenever one of his foster friends moved on to a permanent home, so Hartman decided to add another feline to the family dynamic – a second one-eyed kitty by the name of Sunny Marz. Sunny happens to be completely blind. Suzi and Kushi are always around to lend a paw if needed, but Sunny is very independent.

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All three Hartman pets have their own roles to play when there are foster kitties in the home. Suzi is everybody’s best pal, helping the kittens learn about dogs.

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Sunny Marz is just a big ol’ kitten himself – happy to provide plenty of play time.

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And Kushi is the attentive caregiver, always grooming and caring for the kitties like an overprotective mother.

A photo posted by @suzie_and_kushi on

Want to see more of this adorable trio and their foster friends? Follow Suzi, Kushi and Sunny on Instagram to share in their adorable adventures!

H/T to The Dodo

Featured Image via Facebook/Kelly Hartman

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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