After 13 Beautiful Years, Ron Howard Says Goodbye To His Collie

Ron Howard's dog

Film director Ron Howard has always been incredibly close to his dogs. His Collie named Cooper was by his side for 13 years and his Great Pyrenees named Puddin is a newer addition to the family. He loved both of the pups very much, so he couldn’t even imagine life without them. But sadly, at the start of April 2021, he announced that Cooper had passed away. Cooper grew up to be an incredibly important family member for Howard. He … Read more

Michael J. Fox’s “Wonder Dog” Passes Away After 12 Years Of Love & Support

Michael J Fox Gus featured

Our dogs will stay by our sides no matter what. They might not live to see the end of our battles in life, but they will support us for as long as they can. Actor Michael J. Fox’s dog Gus was one of the most supportive canines you’d ever meet. He was there as the Back to the Future star battled Parkinson’s disease and all of life’s difficult and beautiful moments. Recently, Fox had to say goodbye to Gus. He … Read more

“Real Housewives” Alum Loses Final Chihuahua After 14 Beautiful Years

Danielle Staub and dog

Danielle Staub, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, has been known for her army of Chihuahuas. In 2010, it was reported that she had three furry friends that she treated like children. When her fluffy white Chihuahua named Precious passed away almost two years ago, she was left with only one. Her smooth-coated Chihuahua named Fendi was the last dog in her household. So, she cherished every moment with her. Recently, Staub announced that Fendi passed away, leaving her dog-less. … Read more

Taraji P. Henson “A Wreck” After Her Frenchie Passes

It was only a few days ago that Taraji P. Henson asked for prayers for her fur baby. On Instagram, the Hidden Figures actress shared that her beloved French Bulldog “K-Ball” was suffering complications from surgery. Sadly, Henson updated her anxious fans this week with the news that K-Ball didn’t make it. Born in October of 2017, the sweet French Bulldog was only 3 years old. Still, his health issues made life difficult for him, and in the end, Henson knew … Read more

Pink Adopts A New Puppy And Gives Him The Longest Name Possible

Pink new puppy

Popstar Pink adores rescue animals. Back in 2018, she mourned the loss of her dog Frangelica, who had been with her for 16 years. While the “So What” singer wasn’t ready to adopt a new dog right away, she continued to post about adoptable dogs on her social media, hoping fans would help dogs in need too. In 2019, Pink finally felt ready to open her heart to another dog. She adopted a rescue pup named Nash, short for Nashville. … Read more

Discover The Secret Meaning Behind Queen Elizabeth’s New Puppies’ Names

Well, it was under wraps for a little while, but the news is finally out. A few weeks ago I wrote about Queen Elizabeth receiving two new Corgis as a gift (despite her prior insistence she wouldn’t get another one following the loss of little Vulcan last year.) Buckingham Palace has been slow to release information about them, but now the Queen’s newest furry family members officially have names, and meaningful ones at that. Fergus, a “Dorgi” (Dachshund/Corgi mix), is … Read more

James Van Der Beek’s Family Welcomes Fifth Rescue Dog Into Their Pack

Actor and writer James Van Der Beek, who you may recognize from Dawson’s Creek or more recently Dancing with the Stars, and wife Kimberly are grateful for the opportunity to add another rescue pup to their family. Theo, their newest addition, is an adorable, three-year-old, purebred Siberian Husky who was found as a stray in Louisiana.  Six weeks ago, Theo was saved by two incredible foster parents on what was scheduled to be his last day on earth. Kimberly Van … Read more

Kristen Bell Adopts Adorable Three-Legged Rescue Pup

Kristen Bell Rescue Dog

Actress Kristen Bell has fostered many dogs over the years, but now she’s ready to make one a permanent family member. The Good Place star turned to social media to share the good news. She adopted a small, scruffy dog named Whiskey. Poor Whiskey only has three legs due to an accident with a truck, but he doesn’t need four legs to live his best life. The rescue pup is already getting along with Bell’s husband, kids, and other pets, … Read more

Kelly Ripa’s Family Can’t Agree On New Rescue Dog’s Name

Kelly Ripa new dog

Talk show host Kelly Ripa made an exciting announcement on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. She revealed to co-host Ryan Seacrest that she adopted a new dog. When Lena the Maltese/Shih Tzu mix was shown as an adoptable dog on the show, Ripa fell in love. After some initial introductions, Ripa’s family knew that Lena was perfect for them. The pup got along with their other dog Chewie from the start. But while Ripa loves the name … Read more

Jennifer Aniston Left Stunned By Artist’s Portrait Of Her Schnauzer Mix

An artist in Ireland recently caught the eye and captured the heart of Friends star, Jennifer Aniston after painting a jaw-dropping picture of her dog. Michelle Wilson worked as a civil servant before having to undergo many surgeries for a degenerative condition in her spine. The pain would often leave her bedridden, which was when she began to paint. Little did Wilson know that her portrait of Aniston’s Schnauzer mix, Clyde, would have the impact it did. Over the Christmas … Read more

Bobby Bones Plans to Include His Dogs In His Upcoming Wedding

Bobby Bones Dogs in Wedding

Over the past few years, radio star and TV personality Bobby Bones has seen his life improve in many ways. He went from living alone to getting engaged and adding two dogs to the family. Now, he’s happier than ever and making plans for his wedding with Caitlin Parker. Wedding planning is a lot of work and making decisions can be tricky. But the couple knows one thing for sure: their furry friends need to be included. Their dogs are … Read more

Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay Adopts Emaciated Senior Chihuahua

Dan Smyers and Senior Chihuahua

Dan Smyers of pop duo Dan + Shay is a huge animal advocate. His Instagram bio even says, “I sing songs + save dogs.” So, when he decided to take in a tiny foster dog in addition to his four other rescue dogs, fans weren’t surprised, but they were still overjoyed. Dan and his wife Abby just can’t rest until they help as many dogs as possible. Missy the 16-year-old Chihuahua only weighs two pounds, and she has a lot … Read more

Meghan Trainor’s Pooch Adorably Crashes New Baby’s Photoshoot

Meghan Trainor's Baby and Dog

Singer Meghan Trainor has long been a dedicated dog mom. But now, she has an adorable human baby to look after too. Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara welcomed baby Riley into this world on February 8th, 2021. And Riley is one lucky baby because he already has four small dogs for siblings: Biggie, Roo, Soca, and Lilo. Dogs can sometimes be a lot for a baby to handle, but Riley doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, recent photos of … Read more

UPDATE: Lady Gaga’s Dogwalker Recalls Events During Violent Dognapping

Lady Gaga Dogwalker

When Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen from her dogwalker at gunpoint, the dog lover community was in shock. No one could imagine losing their furry friends that way, and they were especially impressed by dogwalker Ryan Fischer’s heroic actions. Thanks to him, all three French Bulldogs are now safe and sound. But for the first time since the robbery, Fischer is speaking up. According to friends and family, he is expected to make a full recovery. He’s extremely grateful for … Read more

UPDATE: Lady Gaga’s Dogs Return Home Safe And Sound

Lady Gaga Dogs Found

It’s been a rough week for Lady Gaga, but finally, she received some great news! Last week, her dog walker was shot while walking her three French Bulldogs. The suspects stole Koji and Gustav while the third pup named Miss Asia got away and was found safely. For several days, there was no sign of the lost pups, leaving Gaga devastated. But after turning to Instagram for support, the singer finally saw hope. Lady Gaga’s pups have now returned home … Read more

Chris Evans Sews His Dog’s Favorite Toy As A Post-Surgery Surprise

There are already plenty of reasons to love Captain America star and Hollywood heartthrob Chris Evans. But did you know he’s also totally obsessed with his dog? If you follow the actor on Instagram, you definitely did. Lovestruck Evans frequently shares photos of Dodger, who he rescued back in 2015, on his page. In fact, he says it’s the reason he joined Instagram in the first place. Recently, the brave pup underwent hip replacement surgery. In anticipation of Dodger’s recovery, Evans decided … Read more

Lady Gaga Offers $500,000 Reward After Thieves Shoot Her Dogwalker And Snatch 2 Of Her Pups

Lady Gaga Dogs Stolen

Singer Lady Gaga has been separated from her beloved dogs while she works on a new movie in Rome. But at least she felt comfortable knowing they were looked after by people she trusts. Her friend and dogwalker Ryan Fischer has always been very kind and helpful with her trio of French Bulldogs. So, she never expected something to go wrong. But around 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday evening, Fischer was attacked and shot while walking the dogs. The suspects got … Read more

Miley Cyrus Says Late Pit Bull Blessed Her With Another Rescue Dog

Miley Cyrus Angel

Singer Miley Cyrus always has room in her heart for more animals in need. She finds so much joy in changing a dog’s life and showering them with love. But when she lost her rescue Pit Bull Mary Jane, she felt like a part of her was missing. Of all her rescue animals, Mary Jane was the one she felt closest to, and even though she knew that day was coming, she still wasn’t prepared. But Cyrus knew she couldn’t … Read more

New TV Show Is Changing The Lives Of Rescue Dogs And The Humans Who Love Them

Your new favorite TV show is on the air and you might not even know about it yet. You might recognize him from that late-night guilty pleasure you had in the early 2000s when you’d sit down on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and dive into the drama on an unrelenting episode of Cheaters. I know I wasn’t alone. Tommy Habeeb, the original host of Cheaters, is back and this time he’s showcasing even more incredible stories, … Read more

Tim Tebow’s Dog Trio Is Providing Meals For Rescue Dogs

Tim Tebow Rescue Dog Campaign

Former baseball/football player Tim Tebow might be known for his athletic skills and good looks, but animal lovers know him for something different. Tebow has three dogs he brought home all at once. He calls them “The Tebow Pack,” and they even have their own Instagram page. So, this celebrity knows how much living with a dog can change your life. And he wants to use that to help other dogs in need. Tebow partnered with holistic pet food brand “I … Read more

Actress/Rescue Advocate Kristen Bell Calls Dogs “Nature’s Antidepressants”

You probably recognize Kristen Bell from her many notable film and TV roles. Did you know the star of Disney’s Frozen and NBC’s The Good Place is also a huge advocate for dog rescue? She currently has two pups: 3-year-old Frank, a rescue from The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles, and 2-year-old Whiskey, a dog who lost one of his legs after a truck hit him. In a recent interview with USA Today, the actress described dogs as “nature’s antidepressants,” saying she loves the way … Read more

Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dogs Support Her During Personal Hardships

Meghan Markle Rescue Dogs

2020 was a difficult year for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Not only did the couple have to deal with the stress of COVID, but Markle also had a miscarriage. The pain she felt was unbearable, but she was lucky enough to have two special family members to look after her: her dogs! Rescue dogs Guy the Beagle and Pula the Labrador Retriever have been there to support Markle through every up and down in life. Now, the beautiful relationship … Read more

Actress Kim Basinger Urges Craigslist To Ban All Animal Posts

Kim Basinger Craigslist

If you use Craigslist, odds are you have come across countless posts advertising animals. Most of these are families trying to rehome pets, but it’s not as innocent as you’d think. Craigslist is a common site for animal abusers looking to commit horrendous acts. Whether it’s breeders selling from puppy mills or people buying for dog fights, Craigslist makes it easy for these purchases to take place. Despite laws against animal cruelty and Craigslist restrictions on pet sales, bad people … Read more

Mandy Moore Prepares For Baby With Life-Like Replica Of Late Dog

Mandy Moore Plush Joni

We can never replace the dogs we’ve lost, but we can always find ways to remember them. This is especially important for families who lose dogs unexpectedly and are having a hard time grieving. When pregnant actress Mandy Moore lost her beloved rescue dog in 2020, she was devastated. Not only did she miss her lifelong friend, but she was also heartbroken that her unborn baby would never get to meet the special canine. Thankfully, her husband thought of the … Read more

Miranda Hart Is Taking Time Off Work To Mourn Her Dog

Miranda Hart recently said goodbye to her beloved dog, Peggy and the world is in tears. If you aren’t familiar with Hart, let me catch you up to speed. Miranda Hart is an English comedian and actress. She wrote a book in 2016 called Miranda and Me. It was written from the perspective of Peggy, a Shih-Tzu Bischon Frise mix. Then in 2018, the roles were reversed, and out came Peggy and Me. It again chronicled the hilarious and heartwarming … Read more

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Adopt Two Puppies In One Week

Many families have chosen to adopt a dog amid the coronavirus pandemic, especially those working from home. But one celebrity couple decided that rescuing one dog wasn’t enough. Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey adopted two puppies within less than a week of each other. They know they’ll have their hands full, but they couldn’t resist helping some dogs in need. With three kids, two older rescue dogs, and a cat, their home is already busier than they … Read more

Jonah Hill Adopts Grateful Rescue Pit Bull Named Fig

Jonah Hill and Rescue Dog

Pit Bulls often wait the longest to find a loving family, and not all of them reach that happily ever after. So, whenever we see a story about a Pit Bull adoption, it warms our hearts. Fig the gray Pit Bull was one of the many lucky ones because she found the perfect dad for her. Actor Jonah Hill adopted Fig at the start of 2021. He proudly announced his choice to adopt a dog on Instagram. In fact, he … Read more

Miley Cyrus Mourns The Loss Of Her Pit Bull BFF With A Special Song

Miley Cyrus and Mary Jane

Singer Miley Cyrus recently said goodbye to her Pit Bull named Mary Jane, who had been fighting cancer for over a year. While Cyrus has several rescue dogs, Mary Jane has always held a special place in her heart. The two were inseparable, so the pain of losing the pup is unimaginable. To honor Mary Jane, Cyrus shared an emotional tribute on her Instagram story. She also shared a song she wrote about the dog with fans, which is even … Read more

Rachel Bilson Mourns The Loss Of Her “First Baby” Poodle Mix

Honestly, what a rough year it’s been, right up to the very end. Rachel Bilson, star of Hart Of Dixie and The OC, had some heartbreaking news to share with fans this week. On Instagram, the actress revealed that her Poodle mix Thurman Merman had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. On the bright side, Thurman lived a long, full life with her. He passed away at the ripe old doggie age of 15 years. The actress pretty notably adores her three dogs, and … Read more

What Gift Do You Give Bill Gates When You’re His Secret Santa?

People say “it’s better to give than to receive,” and I agree. Gifts are a favorite tradition during the holiday season. As children we love ripping the shiny paper off boxes and revealing toys we’re going to play with exactly once before we move along. And then as we get older we take the time to pick perfect gifts for friends and family. Some of us even love to give so much that we get involved in gifting to charities, … Read more