UK Woman Proposes Bill Banning Dog-Walking During Excessive Heat

We all know that it’s important to walk our dogs. They need exercise for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Also, their ancestors were wild animals, and today’s pups still retain some of that connection to the outside world. But walking a dog when it’s too hot outside is dangerous. Very dangerous. And in the UK, a woman has started a petition to make it a crime. The petition has already been signed more than 35,000 times. Taking Action With … Read more

Sisters Reunited With Dog Adopted By New Family Despite Being Microchipped

Byron Featured

Brianna and Savannah, two sisters from Texas, are overjoyed to finally be reunited with their beloved Maltipoo, Byron. After he mysteriously disappeared from their yard on New Year’s Eve 2020, they were devastated. Not only did they participate in his bottle feedings after their uncle’s dog had puppies, but he was welcomed into their family as an emotional support dog for Brianna. The pair did everything they could think of to try to bring him home.  They immediately noted him … Read more

Perfectly Healthy Dog Suffers Fatal Brain Damage Following Routine Vet Visit

On July 2nd, Chelsea Graham brought her three-year-old Italian Mastiff, Draco, to Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital in Georgia for a heartworm test and shots. That day, Draco arrived at the clinic “a perfectly healthy” dog. Graham knew her dog’s anxiety made him a little difficult at the vet. His size would also provide a bit of a challenge for vet techs trying to restrain him. She says she told vets Draco was a bit of a difficult dog, and he … Read more

Chef Sues Family After They Unknowingly Adopted His Lost Dog

Lost Pit Bull Rehomed

Nenella the Staffordshire Bull Terrier means the world to a chef named Walter Bocchetti. She’s been there for him through many ups and downs in life, including when his brother passed away. So, when she disappeared, he was heartbroken. He searched for 22 days, only to find out that she’d been found and rehomed to a new family. Bocchetti refused to let it end there. Now, he’s suing the new family for refusing to return his lost dog. After almost … Read more

Wolf Puppies Won’t Understand You Like Your Dog Can, Research Shows

Wolf and Dog Puppies

Some might argue that wolf puppies are just as cute as dog puppies. The two have very similar appearances, making us want to cuddle both of them. But just because they look alike doesn’t mean they’ll act the same. New research shows that wolf puppies will never “get” humans as dogs can. No matter how closely they’re raised to humans, they’ll always have a different understandings of people. Dogs and wolves are both incredibly smart, but dogs have evolved to … Read more

Shelter Euthanizes Dog Despite Nonprofit’s Efforts To Save Him

Euthanized German Shepherd

Animal shelters and rescues do so many incredible things for dogs in need. Yet, anyone can make a heartbreaking mistake. Jim Lamonte from the K9 PTSD Center strongly believes that the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) made a mistake that cost an innocent dog’s life. They euthanized a German Shepherd in their care due to aggressive behaviors, but Lamonte had offered space for the dog to get a second chance. Now, Lamonte plans to sue … Read more

Ohio Community Demands Justice For Pit Bull Who Died Months After Being Adopted

In late March, Bruno, the longest-term resident at Columbus Humane‘s partner facility was adopted — but now, the organization is investigating the mystery surrounding his death.  “Our investigation into Bruno’s death began on June 30th when we acquired Bruno’s remains for a necropsy evaluation,”  a spokesperson told NBC4. “We are still waiting on the results of the necropsy to be able to determine the cause of death.” Rumors are swirling on social media as to the circumstances of Bruno’s death, … Read more

Low-Noise Fireworks Exist, So Why Won’t We Use Them?

Fourth of July weekend is upon us, but for millions of Americans—both human and animal—it will be a time of terror, not celebration. The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) estimates there are more than 14,000 noisy fireworks displays across the country each year. With the pandemic having shut down many public festivities, we can also expect plenty of backyard booms. While we all admire the beauty of these colorful displays, as most dog parents can attest, they are a major nuisance … Read more

Woman Reports Dog Eating Off Plate At Restaurant To Health Department

A dog-friendly restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina has garnered attention from the local health department after a woman spotted a couple feeding their pooch off of their plates at the eatery.  Tikola McCree said she was at Foxcroft Wine Company in south Charlotte when she noticed two people feeding their dog off of the restaurant’s plates, utensils, and a cutting board. The dog was licking the plate, and McCree thought it was a health violation.  When she told employees she … Read more

Neighbor Leaves Poisoned Bone For Dog That “Barks Too Much”

If you live in a populous residential area, odds are you hear a dog barking from time to time. A rational and understanding person learns to tune out the noise. Apparently, though, some cruel neighbors will resort to threats of violence if they happen to be bothered by a dog’s barking. Cheri Blair, from a Sydney, Australia suburb, let her 7-month-old dog Jolene into the backyard one morning. When the Portuguese Podengo took a while to come back to the … Read more

New Dog Grooming Trend Excites Some & Outrages Others

A 25-year-old nail technician from California is causing quite the stir on social media. Maritza Rubalcava started her own reusable, press-on nail business in October of last year. She enjoys posting videos featuring them on TikTok. But after sharing multiple videos of her creating and applying “fake nails” to the paws of her five-year-old Chihuahua, Coco, she has received both backlash and a boom in business. Response on social media is divided between support and shock. Quite a few fans … Read more

Pile Of Kibble Laced With Metal Discovered In Popular Dog Walking Spot

Emma Pulford was out walking her two dogs on March 27 when one of her pups started pulling her toward a pile of dog food left on the side of the road. Pulford didn’t think anything of it — until she saw what was deliberately placed inside the pile of food.  A mix of screws and metal was scattered throughout the pile, horrifying Pulford, a dog lover and resident of Gateacre, England. If her rescue dog, Sooty, would have eaten … Read more

Outdated Breed Laws Leave Family With A Heartbreaking Choice: Their Dog Or Their Home

Last April, a distinctive black and white pooch named Lucy escaped her yard and found herself in the care of Leawood, Kansas Animal Control. This everyday incident set off a desperate legal battle that remains unresolved. Even though Lucy’s mom, Kristi Bond, rushed to pick her up the following day, a letter from the city of Leawood soon arrived. They had deemed Lucy a “dangerous animal” because she fit the “appearance and characteristics” of a Pit Bull. The Battle Begins … Read more

Police K-9 Separated From Partner After Video Surfaces Showing Abuse

WARNING: Pictures and video might be sensitive to some readers. The video is tough to watch for anyone with a heart, especially dog-lovers. A K-9 police officer in Salisbury, N.C., has been been “administratively separated” from his K-9 partner, Zuul, after a minute-long video surfaced of him yelling at the 4-year-old German Shepherd, choking him by his leash, then throwing the dog against a police vehicle before tossing him in the backseat and striking him with his hand. Police footage … Read more

Stock Market Vigilantes Help Desperate Man Pay For His Dog’s Surgery

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our dogs. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and again and again: dogs are family. We see all kinds of amazing stories that both warm our hearts and break them at the same time. Stories of people so desperate to give their dogs what they need that they’re willing to do things like sell their cars, give up their dream weddings, or even give up their homes. We love to see … Read more

Should Scientists Be Allowed To Have Their Support Dogs In Labs?

A trained service dog can really change the lives of people living with disabilities and other illnesses. The dogs help people get around, perform day-to-day tasks, and provide assistance during medical emergencies. These special animals make it so all people can live the lives they deserve, without being held back. For scientists, researchers, and lab technicians, bringing a service dog to work or school is not so simple. In 2012, Joey Ramp was surprised to learn she couldn’t bring her … Read more

UPDATE: Decision Made In Fate Of Fake “Service Dog” After Owner Flees Scene Of Bite On Toddler

Note: iHeartDogs believes that there’s no such thing as a bad breed – just negligent owners. For that reason, we have kept the name of the owner out of this post. Click here to skip down to updates. January 9, 2021, was supposed to be a nice day for the Waldroup family. Three-year-old Ronin, her parents, and a family friend visited a popular shopping district just outside Houston, Texas, for lunch. But then their day took a turn for the … Read more

Man Loses Wife To Cancer & Now Must Go To Court To Keep Her Service Dog

service dog battle cover

A grieving husband is not only feeling the pain of losing his wife, but her beloved service dog as well. His wife’s dying wish was that Tootsie would remain in their family after she passed, and Paul will do anything to make that wish a reality. Paul’s wife Britni struggled with a chronic and debilitating illness that made getting around extremely difficult. When researching ways to make her life a bit easier, she came across a wonderful solution; a service … Read more

Man Takes Battle To Court After Former Employer Demands Return Of Working Dog

When Barry Myrick began working for M & M Environmental, a pest-control company in Queens, New York he was assigned an unusual piece of equipment – a bedbug sniffing dog named Roxy. Over the past five years, Myrick and Roxy lived and worked together, forming a powerful bond of love and friendship. But in March something happened that changed everything. Myrick was laid off. A few months later he and his wife packed up Roxy and their other dog Robbie … Read more

Animal Control Wrongfully Euthanizes Beloved Pit Bull On Christmas Eve

Justice for Dada

December 28th was supposed to be a magical reunion for Monica Lopez and her Pit Bull mix Dada. Dada went missing not long before Christmas, and Lopez was grateful to hear that animal control had found him and kept him safe. They promised to return Dada when their office reopened after the holidays, so Lopez eagerly waited until then. But things quickly took a turn for the worse. Instead of seeing her furry friend again, she was told that he … Read more

Video Of Man Playing With Dog Causes Backlash From Girlfriend’s Followers

Boyfriend playing with dog

How our loved ones treat our furry friends is no joking matter. To some people, dogs are just animals, but to any true dog lover, they’re a part of the family. So, it’s important that our partners are on the same page in this regard. In fact, many dog lovers are quick to end relationships and friendships over someone disrespecting their dogs. So, when one girl posted a lighthearted video of her boyfriend playing with her dog on TikTok, her … Read more

Couple And Service Dog Recklessly Exit Moving Delta Flight

Service Dog escapes delta flight

Flights can be stressful, but it’s important for everyone to follow safety rules to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. It’s rare for passengers to misbehave on flights, so when they do, it’s a big deal. Especially when innocent passengers, including one brave service dog, get involved. After panicking about the small space of the plane, Antonio Murdock and his girlfriend Brianna Greco took matters into their own hands. While the plane was moving on the runway, they … Read more

Man Charged After Killing His Neighbor’s Runaway Rescue Dog

Rescue Husky shot

Kita the 5-year-old Siberian Husky was never the most well-behaved pup. She had a tendency to run off, and to her, it was all fun and games. However, her neighbor refused to put up with the pup’s antics. He grew so angry with her running loose that he took matters into his own hands. When given the opportunity, the cruel neighbor shot the rescue dog when she ran onto his property. Kita’s family was heartbroken when they found out the … Read more

Woman Dyes Her Dog Grinch Green In Ill-Advised “Prank”

Though a relatively new one, the “Elf on a Shelf” tradition is part of many families’ holidays. The original story came from a 2005 children’s book, and it describes how Santa will dispatch “scout elves” to spy on children before Christmas. The elves supposedly report back to Santa all the naughty and nice things they saw. Apparently, they also do some silly pranks around the house, definitively proving they are real. In a recent controversy, one parent may have taken … Read more

“Teen Mom 2” Star Accused Of Stealing Pregnant Pit Bull, But She Fights Back

Jenelle Evans Pit Bull

Ever since she starred on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans has been surrounded by drama. She always has loyal supporters, but of course, there are also haters trying to bring her down after every post she makes. Yet, when she posted videos of a pregnant Pit Bull that she claimed to have rescued, fans grew confused. The information she shared about the dog just didn’t add up. So, did she save the dog from an unfortunate situation? Or did the dog … Read more

New “Petfished” Campaign Warns About “Christmas Puppy” Scams

The holidays are all about bringing joy, and nothing brings more joy to a person than a dog. It’s the reason puppies make such a popular Christmas gift. Sadly, something as well-intentioned as getting someone you love a new dog can have negative consequences. As online searches for “adopt a puppy” rise during the gift-giving season, experts have an important warning. Sadly, some people out there see this only as a means for profit, at the expense of dogs’ well-being. … Read more

Pet Parents Fight To Ban Fireworks After Dog Is Literally Scared To Death

What was meant to be a joyous annual holiday turned tragic for a dog dad in East Kilbride, Scotland. The man, who is battling cancer, lost his beloved dog Mikka last week when she was frightened to death by fireworks on the UK’s Bonfire Night. The 7-year-old Whippet’s heart stopped after a series of particularly loud booms. Claire Nicholson, a friend of Mikka’s dad who also runs a local lost pet Facebook group, shared the heartbreaking news with the Scottish … Read more

Searches For Pet-Friendly Rental Properties Skyrocket During Covid

As someone who rents their apartment, I understand all too well how difficult it can be to find one that allows animals. When having a dog or cat doesn’t increase your monthly rent, it’s outright forbidden. Renters argue this is unfair, while landlords worry about covering damage costs. The debate rages on. Recently, I wrote about a bill proposed in the UK that would benefit renters with animals. The bill, called “The Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill,” pushes back against … Read more

Woman Seeks Justice After Beloved Dog Is Killed On Her Property

German Shepherd Loss

Accidents can happen, but this situation likely isn’t one of them. Belleann Maffessoli of Vernon, Connecticut, faced a terrible tragedy after her black German Shepherd named Karo vanished. She always let him out on her large property about the same time each day, but when he didn’t return or come when called, she knew something was wrong. Then, she heard a gunshot in the distance, and her heart froze. She spent several days searching for her missing pup, hoping that … Read more

Man Refuses To Pay Date Back After His Dog Destroys Her $1200 Shoes

Here’s the situation: a user who has since deleted his post recently took to Reddit, seeking confirmation that he made the right call. Apparently, his dog created a little bit of a situation between him and a Tinder date. When his date arrived at his house, the man asked her to remove her shoes, a pretty common in-home practice. “When she was leaving, we noticed one of her shoes was missing. We looked around and found my dog chewing on … Read more