The Super Simple DIY Towel Trick That Will Keep Your Hungry Pup Happy

We love spoiling our dogs with toys, but shopping for a picky dog can be hit-and-miss. Some toys sit unused at the bottom of the toy bin and others last only a few moments before they’re strewn around your house. Your pup needs the entertainment and exercise, but we don’t always want to rush out the moment they get bored or tear apart the toys they already have. This super cool, quick, simple, and safe DIY trick is proof that … Read more

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18 Adorable Dog-O-Lanterns To Inspire You This October

The leaves have changed colors and grocery stores have started putting bins full of pumpkins outside. That means it’s carving season! I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to move past the standard jack-o-lantern face look this year. This year it’s going to be about carving a dog-o-lantern. I found a bunch of really cool dog pumpkin carving designs from around the web. They range from simple to detailed, but one of these may just help you with … Read more

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Your Dog Will Thank You For These Amazing Homemade Chicken Jello Snacks

If you love cooking for your family members, your dog should be no exception. It’s easy to pick out cute treats near the checkout aisle at the pet store, but you can have more fun making fresh treats for your dog at home. We’ve got a recipe for homemade Chicken-Flavored Jello treats your dog will go nuts for, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. These doggie snacks can be made with just a few … Read more

5 Epic Ideas to Throw The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Pup

What’s the best way to show your dog how much you care? Of course, you can take them for long walks and give good scratches behind the ears, but one to way to celebrate your four-legged friend is to have a party in their honor. Whether it’s your dog’s birthday or the anniversary of her adoption, you can shower your pup with affection and treats on this day. Host the event like you would any other party: invite guests, offer … Read more

9 Best Homemade Dog Treats For Spoiling Your Pup

Nothing beats homemade treats, whether you’re talking about human treats or dog treats. You know exactly what ingredients are being used, you can customize recipes, and you add the one ingredient you won’t find baked into a store bought treat – love. We’ve scoured the internet and found the best homemade dog treat recipes you can use to spoil your pup. #1 – Glazed Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Biscuits Your pup will drool over these glazed biscuits and you’ll be … Read more

The Thoughtful, Personal Quick Gift Any Dog-Person Will Love!

There’s an unspoken adult rule about giving handmade gifts. After a certain age they just don’t wow like they once did. Unless you’re a professional artist, it’s best to leave the glittery macaroni necklaces, and glue-soaked popsicle stick frames to the kids and out of your office’s secret Santa exchange. Unless you really like hearing an underwhelmed “Oh… thanks.” Forget the rules, because there are occasions when a well-thought-out, handmade card can still really tug on the heartstrings. The crafty … Read more

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15 Money-Saving Tips For Dog Owners

According to CNBC, American dog owners spend upwards of $2,000 per year on routine care and maintenance for each of their pups. If there is a medical emergency, that figure can easily sore above $10,000. With these tips, you can give your furry family members the best of the best and save money in the process! 1. Make Your Own Products: DIY Dog Beds There was a time when pallets were tossed out like useless garbage. Now, there are countless … Read more

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21 Pallet Dog Bed Ideas

It’s easy to see why pet parents love pallet beds: they’re a fun DIY project, they’re cheap to make, and they look chic with any decor! Plus, they’re totally customizable to fit the unique personality of your beloved canine. If you know where to look, you can get pallets for free. They’re often used to load up products for shipment to stores, so if  you can get in touch with a local small business (perhaps there’s a pet shop you … Read more

5 DIY Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Will Go Crazy For

There are so many different dog treats available on the market, how can we be sure we’re choosing the right ones? While there are plenty of great choices, more and more companies are having their ingredients questioned. One way to be absolutely sure we’re feeding our dogs healthy, natural ingredients is to make our own treats! We’re often looking for some healthy and delicious homemade dog treats to make ourselves and today we were lucky enough to stumble across 5 … Read more

The Dog Treat Cookbook That’s Dishing Up Healthy Snacks For Your Pooch

Are you tired of seeing dog food and treat companies make the news for yet another recall? One week it’s salmonella contamination, the next week it’s listeria. And you’re left asking the question: “Are my dog’s treats safe?” Trust me, I know the feeling. Over the past few decades, I’ve watched a couple of my close family members’ dogs suffer from health issues as a direct result of commercial snacks. One time it was an intestinal blockage, another instance resulted … Read more

The Dos And Don’ts Of Making Delicious, Dog-Safe Cakes

It’s not a party without cake, and cakes for dogs can be tricky. Regular cakes are loaded with ingredients that can make a dog feel less like celebrating and more like a trip to the vet. More and more people are celebrating their dog’s birthdays or “gotcha” adoption days, and without a cake that your dog can enjoy, the day might feel like it’s missing something.   The humans at are sharing their cool, informative infographic that makes the … Read more

5 Ideas For Creating The Perfect Dog-Friendly Backyard

When your pup isn’t lounging on the couch or drooling on your bed pillows, they’re ready to have fun and be active. Indoor play means dodging end tables and hurdling over couches, but a dog’s backyard is their favorite place to blow off steam. You don’t need acres of outdoor space to create an area your dog will love. Even modestly-sized yards can meet all your dogs playtime requirements if you’re willing to get creative. Here are a few ideas … Read more

RECIPE: A Watermelon Cocktail For You & A Mocktail For Your Pooch!

You’re just two minutes away from a refreshing summer drink for both you and your pooch. Seriously, these watermelon mimosa cocktails and mocktails are simple to make and they’re perfect on a hot day! When I walked into the supermarket earlier this week, I saw a big pile of watermelons just calling my name. Don’t you just love watermelon season?! Well, since a lot of dogs also love the popular summer fruit, I figured, why not make a drink and … Read more

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Dog Owner Reconstructs Old TV To Make Upscale Dog Bed

Jonathan and his wife have done several DIY projects together, but their most recent one is a fan favorite. Originally planning on creating a fish tank, they purchased an old TV in the hopes to make a neat aquarium out of it. They never did get fish, so instead they created a chic dog bed for their two pooches – Sgt. Buckley and Cy. In an interview with Mashable, Jonathan said that the most difficult part was actually finding a … Read more

10 Dog Beds For Pampered Pups

According to, the average dog sleeps from 12-14 hours a day (possibly more if they’re puppies or seniors!). So, it’s only natural to want to give our canine companion a bed that’s fit for a king or queen. Whether you’re a crafty pup parent or prefer to buy things pre-made, these 10 beds are interesting, beautiful, and oh-so-cozy! 1. Fido’s Four-Posted Bed It’s actually an old side table, flipped upside down! Want to make one for your home? Get DIY instructions at … Read more

Proud Dog Mom Has Homemade Fresh Breath Dog Treats Your Pup Will Love!

Our friend Melissa with Proud Dog Mom has come up with a special recipe that your pups will go crazy for! And while we love our dogs little kisses, there’s nothing bad about helping your pup with fresh breath while giving them a satisfying treat. You don’t need to be a chef to whip up some tasty treats that your dog is sure to love–all you have to do is watch this video and you’ll be well on your way … Read more

Dogs Are Going Nuts Over These Pawlicious Gingerbread Treats

YUMMY! Check out these Gingerbread Paw treats for your pup! Just in time for the holidays! Imagine all the treats you come could up with for this baking tray! **Of course always check with your Vet before feeding your dog any homemade consumables** If you don’t already have a paw print shaped baking tray, this silicone tray is available in the iHeartDogs store. Hurry, though, as they are disappearing fast! (each purchase provides meals for 4 shelter dogs!) Better yet, … Read more

DIY Peanut Butter Apple Treats For Halloween

Around this time of year, everyone wants a special treat–including your dog! But since we all know that chocolate and candy are dangerous for canine consumption, we want to share this DIY Peanut Butter Apple Treat recipe so that Fido can (safely) join in with the festivities. This recipe comes from the Gone to the Snow Dogs blog. We just love how these Halloween treats turned out! Here are a few things to keep in mind: make sure that the apple pieces you use don’t … Read more

DIY Dog House Ideas For Crafty (And Not-So-Crafty) Dog Lovers

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you made something with your own two hands. And what better gift to give a person or pooch than something you painstakingly crafted, just for them? We’ve compiled a list of DIY dog houses, from simple to sophisticated, for all sorts of different dog personalities. Just remember, safety comes first (for both you and your canine companion), so if you’ve never picked up a power tool before, you should probably enlist some experienced help. 1. … Read more

DIY Delicious & Nutritious Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles

Icy treats are perfect to keep on hand for anytime you want to spoil your dog, but they are particularly nice during warm weather. Not sure how to make ones that are dog-friendly? Not to worry, these easy-to-make pupsicles by Chef Gus of are perfectly simple and are sure to have your dog drooling. Made with just a few ingredients, they don’t take long to whip up. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients 1/2 cup chopped strawberries 1/2 cup whole blueberries … Read more

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3 Simple DIY Pet Toys In Honor Of “Craft For Your Local Shelters” Day

Since 2012, pet lovers and crafters have come together to enrich the lives of shelter pets through National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day (July 21). On this day, people make beds, toys, clothes, “Adopt Me” bandannas, etc., to give to their local shelters. You don’t have to be a master crafter to help pets – the following three toys are sure to be a big hit at the shelter and are easy to make for a novice. Don’t worry if … Read more

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Simple DIY Fried PB & Nana Bites!

Dogs love chicken, cheese, and everything else that is savory in between. But sometimes maybe your pup could use something a little sweeter for a change! Banana and peanut butter can be a beneficial AND tasty treat. This quick DIY recipe will show you how to make some super simple fried nana-nut bites for your little buddy. Ingredients:  Gluten free flour Peanut Butter (NO xylitol) Banana Coconut Oil Bananas have a lot of good nutrients that can be tough for your dog to … Read more

Fun DIY Wax Paper Sock Toy For Pups!

Puppies can be a lot of work! It feels like you constantly need to offer them new, interesting toys to keep them out of trouble and destruction, like chewing on the furniture. Well, even though they may require lots of new things to keep them occupied, they also find pleasure in the simplest of toys–like the very quick DIY we have for you to try out today! What you’ll need: Wax Paper Sheet Old Long Sock Empty Water Bottle Tennis … Read more

Delicious Puppy Pot Pie DIY Recipe!

Want to get creative with your dog’s lunch, dinner or snacks? We have the most amazing recipe for you today! It is a super simple DIY Puppy Pot Pie. By combining a healthy dog-friendly dough, your pup’s favorite wet food, and some shredded carrots and love, you’ll be whipping up a wonderful tasty treat for your furry buddy! Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Chicken Broth 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 2 Eggs 2 Cups Flour 1 Cup Oats Wet Dog Food Of Choice … Read more

This Company Will Recycle Your Pet Food Bags

Our dogs eat a lot of food, which means a lot of empty bags. Ever wondered about the impact those bags have on our landfills? A company called TerraCycle is helping pet parents and their dogs be green by giving them a simple way to recycle and upcycle their dog food bags. Recycling Your Bags When you enroll in the FREE recycling programs, you download and print a free shipping label online through your TerraCycle account. Then you simply collect your … Read more

Snuffle Mats for Dogs: The Best One To Buy (or How to Make One Yourself)

The Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs Snuffle mats have become an incredibly popular enrichment toy for dogs. Pet parents have realized that dogs need more than balls and ropes to engage their senses. Unlike humans, dogs use their noses as one of the primary channels for experiencing the world. When a dog is able to search and find food using their nose, a dog’s confidence is increased, and their brain is activated in new ways. Here at iHeartDogs, we’re big … Read more

6 Easy Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Dogs have become such a big part of our lives, it’s only natural that we would want them to be a part of our big day. Have you decided how you want your dog to be involved? If you’re stumped for ideas, here are several from people whose canine best friend was front and center at their wedding, even if they couldn’t be there in “person”! 1. Engagement Photos & Save The Dates Kristy Boulos and her fiancé included their dogs … Read more

Puppy Pizza DIY Healthy Snack!

This treat is just so adorable! When you think of pizza for a pup, you may think, “There’s no way that can possibly be healthy for my dog.” But today we have whipped up a creative and healthy retake on pizza, but using fresh ingredients your dog can benefit from and will have them begging for another slice! Incorporating plain yogurt, beet juice for color, and banana slices, you will have a pawesome pizza fit for a puppy king! Here’s how … Read more

DIY Tennis Ball Teaser Treat Toy!

We’re all looking for fun ways to keep our pups busy when we are preoccupied with work and other things. We look for the fanciest toys with all the bells and whistles in hopes that it will be able to entertain our buddies… Although sometimes, the coolest and most appreciated toys are just plain and simple ones homemade with love. Take tennis balls and doggy treats, for instance! Two things that will never fail in making a pup happy, no matter what. … Read more

DIY Breath-Freshening Pup Stars!

While we all absolutely adore our four-legged friends, when they grow up, their “puppy breath” we grew to love quickly becomes a thing of the past. Licking up dirt, dog food and treats, and eating things they aren’t supposed to eat starts to take a toll on their mouth. Bad breath is the result of a build-up of odor producing bacteria in your dog’s mouth, lungs, or gut. Persistent bad breath that seems to get worse can indicate that your dog needs … Read more