Why Do They Do That? 5 Weird Dog Quirks Explained

Dogs are quirky. They have their own way of doing things that leave humans scratching their heads. When an owner thinks they have the behavior figured out, turns out it is nothing close to what they assumed. Some of their conduct comes from deeply ingrained genetic coding passed down from their wild ancestors. Listed below are five “quirks” and the reasoning behind them. Paws and scrapes the ground after elimination There is a vast difference between dogs and cats. Being … Read more

Dog Sports 101: Earthdog

Terriers have become popular pets for people in all places, and it’s really no wonder why. They are spunky, stubborn characters that bring tons of entertainment to our lives. Most terrier owners, and owners of other small hunting breeds such as Dachshunds, find themselves with a great natural pest control – their dogs! Many terriers have kept their desire and ability to hunt small vermin, just like they were originally bred to do years ago. There are many hunters out … Read more

Dog Sports 101: Flyball

Think about your dog. What does he dream about? What would she do if you just sat down and watched her on a huge open field? What toy would he bring on an island if he could only bring one? Of course the answers will vary, but the vast majority will probably have something to do with running and tennis balls. For people, there might be an app for that; but for dogs, there’s a sport. We call this sport … Read more

The 10 Dog Breeds Rising Fastest in Popularity

Statistical numbers come from the American Kennel Club (AKC) annual ranking of most popular breeds. #1 – French Bulldog The French Bulldog has jumped from number 54 in 2003 to number 11 in 2013. This is a huge surge in popularity for this compact canine. The Labrador (Who has held the number one spot in the AKC rankings for 20+ years) just may be knocked off its pedestal by the French Bulldog at this rate. #2 – English Bulldog The … Read more

You Might Be Surprised What These 10 Dog Breeds Were Originally Bred For

Humans and dogs have a long, colorful history together. Our species grew together, and as we bred dogs for jobs we helped shape who they are today (and vice versa!) Sometimes it can be hard to imagine your dog doing anything other than snoozing on the couch and snuggling up with you, but in another time and place, your pup may have been a fierce warrior or a keen hunter! In some cases you might have a hard time guessing … Read more

The 10 Dog Breeds That Bark The Most

Many are curious about what dog breeds bark the most. Barking itself is a very important communication tool between dogs and humans. With just a ruff or a yip your dog can tell you whether they are hungry, if there’s someone approaching the front door, or if it is time to go out to do some business. Some dogs hardly ever make a peep, but others have plenty to say – and you’ll hear all about it! These breeds are … Read more

The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

Dogs are so cute, they bring tears to our eyes. But some people’s eyes water for other reasons. It comes along with that tickle in your nose – and then here comes the sneezing! When you really love dogs, you don’t want anything – not even allergies – to stop you from getting a pet. All dogs will have some dander and lost fur. But some have coats that help them keep it to themselves, so it doesn’t go floating … Read more

6 Ways to Earn a Living as a Dog Lover

They say the key to being happy in your career is to do something you love. So if you love dogs, why not find a job that involves spending time with canines? There are several options, so whether you want to work indoors or outdoors, with one dog at a time or multiple, you’re likely to find something perfect for you! Ready for a career change? Consider one of these cool jobs where your clients are canine! 1. Dog Walker … Read more

The Amazing Story of Moscow Street Dogs


SHARE this amazing story! Believe it or not, there is a large population of homeless dogs living in Moscow that have developed their own ways and means of commuting, hunting and adapting to life on the streets. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of these dogs are abandoned house pets. Most of them are born on the street and taught to survive from birth! Study Andrei Poyarkov, an evolutionary biologist and wolf expert has been studying these dogs for over thirty … Read more

10 of the Hardest Breeds to Groom

It can be nice to have a dog curled up in your lap while your run a brush through his coat, but some dogs have fur that makes brushing a genuine chore! You can brush and brush and brush til your arm falls off and your dog may still not be fully brushed! These dogs have coats that need extra attention and extra time – but the love and companionship they give you will make it totally worth it. #1 … Read more

The 25 Newest Dog Breeds

New dog breeds are discovered and created every year, keeping canine organizations and kennel clubs updating their lists regularly. To keep you up to speed, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent breeds achieving recognition or updated statuses. You’ll notice many of these breeds have long lineages abroad, yet they’ve only recently arrived on American shores. Some of them have even more recently received full recognition from the American Kennel Club. From sweet lapdogs to hard-working hounds, check out … Read more

13 Great Dog Movies Everyone Needs To Watch

Favorite dog movies

It’s always tough to pick a good movie to watch at home, because there are so many great options! But if you love movies and dogs, chances are you’ll enjoy a good dog flick. Some dog movies are lighthearted and funny while others are sure to make you cry. Either way, it’s fun to watch films that have adorable four-legged family members in them. After all, dogs are such a big part of our lives. Below we’ve compiled a list … Read more

5 Tips For Taking Spectacular Photos Of Your Dog

Are you looking to get great shots of your dog? Photographing dogs can be a little tricky at first, but with these five tips you’ll soon be on your way to photographing like a pro. 1. Get Down on His Level That’s right – getting yourself down on your dog’s level will change the camera angle and bring out more realistic, detailed shots. Depending on the size of your dog, this may be easier said than done. If you have … Read more

Pooch-mmm-oothie? Have You Heard Of This For Your Pooch?

Show of hands: how many enjoy a great smoothie? Have you ever thought that your dog may enjoy a smoothie too? It is true, yes, your dog may have a challenge drinking a smoothie through a straw, however, your dog certainly will enjoy this delicious treat in a bowl.  While you are making some for your dog, be sure that you save some for you too.  Yes, this smoothie is great and healthy for you both! This recipe is loaded with … Read more