12 Most Kid-friendly Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a new best friend that your entire family can enjoy? Or maybe you don’t have kids now, but want a dog that will adapt when a baby comes along. Perhaps you are hoping to do therapy work at children’s hospitals. Whatever your reasoning for wanting a kid-friendly dog, here is a list of 12 dog breeds to look for when selecting your new buddy. Remember, however, all dogs are individuals and personalities vary. In addition, training … Read more

15 Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Train

While all dogs pose different challenges when it comes to training, personality as well as environmental factors playing a part. Still, some breeds are easy to train, whereas others have qualities that can make training more difficult. If you are a first-time dog owner or looking for your first performance dog, one of these breeds may be a good choice. Unlike most lists of “easy to train” dog breeds, you will not find one herding breed – Border Collie, Aussie, … Read more

10 Best Personal Protection Dog Breeds

While there are many dog breeds that were originally created to serve as personal protectors and guardian dogs, some are better at this job than others. Many breeds have changed over the years and the variety of breeds used as guard dogs has dwindled. Some people only need to have a dog that will bark and look intimidating, while others are looking for a dog that will bite should the scenario ever arise. Here we’ve listed the best of these … Read more

Is Your Dog a Genius or Simply Lovable? Test Their IQ!

All dogs are smart, in their own unique way. One dog may fly through an agility course after a single run through, another may plod their way around, sniffing flowers along the way. Is there a way to accurately determine a dog’s mental aptitude? Here are some fun games to determine whether your dog is a brainiac or simply lovable. Remember – these are just for fun! All dogs are winners, of course, because they’re dogs! Test #1—Problem/Solution The problem? … Read more

Nature vs. Nurture: Is Your Dog’s Personality Learned Or Genetic?

Have you ever been told that your dog is aggressive because his dad was, or the parents must have been “resource guarders” because your puppy is one, too? When picking out a puppy, professionals always tell people to meet the parents before taking a pup home, because it will help you know what the puppy’s temperament will be like. But will it? What about environmental experiences and how you treat her after you bring her home? It goes back to that age-old … Read more

5 Odd Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs are wonderful, funny, and highly entertaining. How many people have watched their dog, or a group of dogs and wondered why they act the way they do? Dogs seem to function on canine instinct, several of their “quirks” are genetic, a carryover from when their ancestors lived in the wild so, so long ago. Most of the habits designed for survival are purely for a human’s entertainment today. Lift Their Leg— A male who lifts his leg to urinate, … Read more