The Trendy New Kind of Dog Treat German Shepherds Go Nuts For

Let’s be honest. Half the reason we give our German Shepherds treats is the joy it gives us as owners. Am I right? 🙂 And after all, how could one resist such eyes… Let’s Be Honest. Most Dog Treats Are Junk Food for Dogs. Why is this? There are two main reasons: 1.  Just like humans, dogs like junk! Fat, salt, and sugar taste great and keep us coming back for more. 2. Grains, fat, and other fillers are cheaper for dog … Read more

The Trendy New Kind of Dog Treat Dachshunds Go Nuts For

Let’s be honest. Half the reason we give our dachshunds treats is the joy it gives us as owners. Am I right? 🙂 And after all, how could one resist such eyes… Let’s Be Honest. Most Dog Treats Are Junk Food for Dogs. Why is this? There are two main reasons: 1.  Just like humans, dogs like junk! Fat, salt, and sugar taste great and keep us coming back for more. 2. Grains, fat, and other fillers are cheaper for dog … Read more

4 Reason to Consider Switching to Freeze Dried Raw Treats

Why Are Freeze Dried Raw Treats Becoming So Popular? Raw freeze dried treats aren’t necessarily new (some brands like Stewarts Pro-Treat have been have been around for many years), but they’ve only recently begun gaining major traction among dog parents. About 6 months ago, we decided to look into why they are becoming so popular. Here’s 4 reasons we found: #1: The Freeze Drying Process Itself Preserves with No Chemicals First of all, lets define what exactly the freeze drying process is. … Read more

Why Are Freeze-Dried Raw Treats Becoming So Popular?

Ok admit it. The real reason we give our dogs treats is the dopamine rush we get ourselves. Am I right? There’s nothing quite like seeing my husky’s bright blue eyes light up, as she sits pretty and motionless, just waiting for her delectable morsel to be dispensed. So What’s The Big Deal with Freeze Dried, Raw Treats? First of all, lets define what exactly the freeze drying process is. When a food is freeze dried, first it’s flash frozen … Read more

3 Tips For Keeping Ants Away From Your Dog’s Food

When it comes to storing dog food there are several ways you can ensure freshness and longevity. However, short-term storing often brings about problems that we don’t expect… one of which is ants. If you’ve got a dog that leaves a little bit of kibble here and there or one that’s got a full bowl to visit as needed, you have probably had an ant problem at one time or another. Ants will take over a food bowl very quickly … Read more

Ask A Vet: Can What I Feed My Dog Make Him Calmer?

We struggle with where our focus should be when we select foods and supplements for our dogs. There are diets for almost everything and recently there are even diets and dietary additives that are designed to produce mental calming and aid in anxiety disorders. Research has shown that there are compounds in food that can help our brains manage anxiety or chemical imbalance. Studies show that certain compounds that are found in foods can act as mood stabilizers or even … Read more

3 Unhealthy Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Treats

When it comes to choosing the right dog treats, you might find yourself feeling lost looking down the aisle at your local pet supply store. Or maybe you’re browsing the web all day, looking for the perfect snack for your pup. Wherever you find yourself, you’re probably being bombarded with information regarding one important factor: ingredients. What goes into your dog’s body has a huge impact on their health and well-being, so looking at ingredients is something you should take … Read more

10 Signs You’re Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Food

You have a lot of choices when it comes to what you feed your dog. So, how do you know if you are feeding him the right food? Dave Ratner is the owner of Dave’s Pet Foods, based in Agawam, Massachusetts. Dave’s Pet Foods started out as an independently sold brand in Ratner’s own retail stores, but today it has grown to being sold in over 4,000 stores around the country, as well as through online retailers. We asked Ratner what … Read more

Delicious Puppy Pot Pie DIY Recipe!

Want to get creative with your dog’s lunch, dinner or snacks? We have the most amazing recipe for you today! It is a super simple DIY Puppy Pot Pie. By combining a healthy dog-friendly dough, your pup’s favorite wet food, and some shredded carrots and love, you’ll be whipping up a wonderful tasty treat for your furry buddy! Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Chicken Broth 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 2 Eggs 2 Cups Flour 1 Cup Oats Wet Dog Food Of Choice … Read more

DIY Super Refreshing Blueberry Bacon Ice Cream For Dogs!

Today we have a wonderful sweet & savory recipe for your pups! I think making special treats for our dogs is so much better than buying something at the store not knowing what could be in it. This is a sure way to make sure your wiggle butt gets a healthy, nutritious and safe treat to enjoy! This one is ideal for the hot days where we all could use something frosty to cool us down. Ingredients: One Ripe Chopped Banana … Read more

DIY Muzzle-Watering Bacon Cheddar Doggy Muffins!

If there is one thing on this earth that dogs love more than anything, it’s probably bacon. That salty, savory treat that has them licking their chops and wagging their tails at the slightest wiff. Now, imagine combining that adored snack with yet another favorite among the canine crowd, cheddar cheese! Yum! These simple DIY bacon cheddar bites will have your pups begging and barking while they’re still cooking in the oven! Ingredients: 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 2 Slices Crispy Bacon … Read more

10 Fresh Foods That Promote Health & Cure Common Ailments

With all the recalls and dangers about where your dog’s food is being made, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to home-cooked meals. Even if you feed kibble, you may be adding fresh foods to your dog’s meals to make sure they are getting the right nutrients or to help digestion. However, this can be daunting if you have never fed your dog anything but store-bought food – how do you what is safe and what is not? … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Buffalo’s False Advertising Settlement Awards $32 Million To Customers

Blue Buffalo has reached a class action settlement after being sued for false labeling. Testing of their food revealed that by-product meal was used in “a ‘substantial’ and ‘material’ portion of their pet food.” Even though Blue Buffalo’s advertising and marketing campaigns – including labels on their products – said they did not. “A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit claiming Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. (“Blue Buffalo”) pet foods (the “Products”) labeling was false and deceptive and that … Read more

What’s REALLY In Your Pet’s Food? Find Out How To Look Past The Marketing Ploys

We all know dogs and cats should have meat in their diet. Most of us also agree it should be the majority of their food (especially for cats, who are obligate carnivores). And, most of us know that food ingredient labels are written with the largest “portion” ingredient first, so we all assume that if the label says a meat protein first (i.e. chicken, turkey, beef, etc.), than that food should be good for our pets, right? Rodney Habib, Pet … Read more

What’s Really In A Dog Treat? How Do I Know What Is Safe?

These days, it can be pretty hard to know what to look for when it comes to buying dog consumables. What should and shouldn’t be in them? How do I know they are safe? It can be downright frustrating and sometimes even scary. After all, buying the wrong product can literally kill your pet. That’s what happened to Veronica Glynn. Her cat “Kitty” passed away of liver failure due to melamine in her food. That’s when Glynn decided to do … Read more

10 Ways Your Dog’s Food Can Affect Their Coat and Skin

We all know that what we feed our dog can affect their coat and skin. That’s why we often see dog food products that advertise “coat and skin health”. However, even the best commercial dog foods can’t provide the right balance of nutrients for every dog out there – especially for the ones with allergies or sensitive skin. Knowing how your dog’s food can affect their skin will help you identify problems and get it fixed faster with the help … Read more

Cranberry Is A SuperFood For Your Pup And These Products Have All You Need

Cranberries are a wonderful food with many health benefits including lowering risk of urinary tract infections, improved immune function, decreasing blood pressure and even helping prevent certain types of cancer. In addition, a half cup only contains 25 calories! Sounds great doesn’t it? So next time you are at your vet’s, ask if your dog would benefit from having a bit of cranberry added to their diet. They can tell you how much your dog should get a day. Here … Read more

Sorghum – Should It Be In Your Dog’s Food?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “sorghum” I think about old-fashioned recipes and The South, sorghum on pancakes and lazy Sunday afternoons. Which is why I was so surprised to see a whole booth just for “sorghum” at a recent pet industry trade show. Why would I want my dog (or cat) to eat a food with a sugary syrup in it? My curiosity was peaked. Sorghum – the grain It turns out, that sorghum … Read more

From The Vet: 6 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Dog’s Food

Nutrition is vitally important to the health, happiness and longevity of your pet. The old adage “You are what you eat” still applies whether human, dog, or cat. The impact of proper nutrition at all stages of life both in health and sickness has been proven by many studies. When choosing a pet food, be sure that you read the label. Any product that is not labeled “complete and balanced” for your pet’s life stage should surely be avoided. Labels … Read more

Bravo! Pet Food Co-Founder Explains The Pet Food Hierarchy

The “what should I feed my pet” conversation is one of the most heated in the pet industry. Doesn’t matter who you ask (even non pet owners!), they are going to have their own very strong opinion on the subject. We met Bette Schubert, Bravo! co-founder and senior vice president of sales, new product development and education at a trade show last month and were impressed – not just by her passion (all pet business owners have that) but by … Read more

5 Pet Owner Hacks That Will Add Years To Your Dog

If you’re a pet parent, the thought that your dog will live somewhere between 10 and 13 years is not something you like to think about. We don’t ever want to face life without our pups! But did you know your dog can have a longer, happy life simply by adjusting a few things in his lifestyle right now?   Your dog’s longevity depends (largely) on you and the decisions you make for him. Your dog loves you so much, … Read more

TRENDING: Are There Really “Wires” in This Popular Name Brand Dog Food?

More and more reports are coming in around the country as a photo from social media has brought something to the attention of pet owners across the country: There may be wire in Pedigree Dog Food. The images were posted on the Pedigree Facebook page, as well as to the Dog Food Advisor site, all showing what appear to be tiny wires (or in some cases, plastic tubing) sticking out of the pieces of kibble. For example, the following image … Read more

7 Tips For Buying Dog Treats Like a Smart Dog Owner

In today’s market we definitely have choices when it comes to dog treats. In fact, there may be too many choices – it can easily be overwhelming if you are wondering what treats to buy your dog that are safe, within budget and that he will like. Tommy Gay, president of Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats, provide us with the following tips on how to buy dog treats so you and your dog will both by happy. (NOTE: pictures shown … Read more

Your Dog Should Eat Crickets… Yes, Crickets – But It’s Not What You Think

When I first heard about the idea of making pet treats out of crickets, it caught my attention. I had visions of the smelly little creepy crawlers that my parents fished with when I was a girl. But then I remembered the attentiveness my childhood pets always showed to leftover crickets. They seemed to want those bugs, though I never considered actually offering them back then. But now that I am a pet expert, I am always thinking about natural … Read more

Share Thanksgiving Dinner With Your Dog (Recipes Included!)

It might seem a bit unconventional, but since most of us consider our dogs part of the family, why not make a meal they can enjoy right alongside you this holiday? Lisa Hennessy, Celebrity Pet Chef and the owner/creator of Your Pet Chef, which makes personalized dog food, has simple tips and recipes to help you create a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for you and your dog. “We don’t recommend sharing rolls, stuffing or other Thanksgiving menu items that contain grains or gluten with … Read more

7 Ingredients You NEVER Want to Find in Your Dog’s Food

Dog food ingredients to avoid

Think back to your last trip to your grocery store. Did you pick up an item, turn it around, and read the label? Now, think about your last trip to your pet store. Did you read that label? Are you able to identify the ingredients that are healthy and the ones that are not? It might surprise you how many popular kibble brands have dog food ingredients to avoid. Do you have your dog’s food label in front of you? … Read more