90% of Dog Owners Don’t Do This. And It Causes HUGE Problems.

According to a study done by Hill’s, only 10% of dog owners brush their dog’s teeth. We all brush our own teeth multiple times a day to make sure that they stay healthy and cavity-free, but did you know that you should actually be doing the same for your pet? Dogs are at risk for dental disease much the same way that humans are. Dental work, such as cleanings and tooth extractions, can be done through your veterinarian’s office, but … Read more

What To Do in a Pet Emergency

Do you know what to do if your cat or dog is seriously injured? Hopefully you will never face such a situation, but let’s take a look at how you should prepare for an emergency in case one ever arises. Know Your Resources Familiarize yourself with your veterinarian’s hours of operations. Ask your vet where the nearest emergency pet clinic is, and find out their hours. Get the contact information for both your pet and the emergency clinic and keep … Read more

The Healthy (and Delicious) Treat All the Dogs Are Barking About This Summer

Summer is here and she certainly isn’t being bashful about making her presence known.  Warmer temperatures often mean time for cool, refreshing treats; not just for you, for your dog too.  Dogs enjoy a cool or frozen treat as much as you during the dog days for summer.  Have you ever had frozen coconut yogurt for both you and your dog?  No need to go to the tropics to enjoy this tropical delight, this frozen dog treat can be made … Read more