Dog Tragically Dies At Home After Initially Surviving Rattlesnake Bite

It’s that time of year when days get longer and temperatures rise. Sadly, the warmer weather also brings out snakes, some of them venomous, along with the chance one may bite your dog. The death of Jersey, a three-year-old mixed breed dog in California, earlier this month is a reminder of how important it is to know what to do if a snake bites your dog. The Attack Jersey was playing on some rocks outside of her home in Pranther, … Read more

After Dog Dies, Man On A Mission To Require Warnings About Common But Deadly Plant

We do everything in our power to keep our dogs safe. But our first line of defense is knowledge. We cannot protect our dogs from dangers we know nothing about. One man learned this lesson the tragic and heartbreaking way. He let his dog Sofie into her own backyard and tragedy struck. Sofie lost her life because of a life-threatening toxic plant her human knew nothing about. It is a dog parent’s worst nightmare. Now that man is on a … Read more

Neglect Is Animal Abuse: Look Out For These Signs Of Neglect

Dog neglect

Animal abuse is heartbreaking. It’s impossible for dog lovers to believe that someone would purposely harm an innocent creature. But animal abuse isn’t always that obvious, especially when it involves neglect. Neglect is a form of animal abuse, and it’s much harder to spot. Some forms of neglect are intentional while others are more subtle. Either way, neglect is just as dangerous as abuse, if not more. Dogs suffering from neglect have to endure long, painful days, weeks, months, or … Read more

The 10 Most Common Items Dogs Choke On

Just like humans, dogs can choke on the things that they put in their mouths. But unlike humans, they’re more likely to gnaw on non-food items, or simply swallow things whole. If you’ve ever wondered why certain pet toys have weight or size suggestions on them, a big reason is to reduce the risk of that item becoming a choking hazard. Be sure to avoid the non-food and non-toy items on this list, and monitor your pooch closely with the others! #1 … Read more

WARNING: This Common Dog Toy Turned Deadly For Young Golden Retriever

Dogs absolutely love to play tug of war. The toy of choice for many dogs and people who love to play this game is a twisted rope toy. They come in all sizes and a variety of designs for all kinds of tugging and tossing fun. What you may not realize is that they can be fatally damaging to your dog when swallowed as one woman painfully discovered recently with her beloved Golden Retriever, Sam. Photo Vizla Dog Lovers/Facebook What … Read more

Heat Stroke In Dogs – What Does It Look Like And How To Handle It

People often look forward to the warm weather of summer, but dogs are not always excited about it. That’s because heat stroke in dogs is more common for them than it is for humans. Even with all the warnings about hot temperatures, many dog parents still don’t take extra precautions. Going for a long walk or playing in the yard could cause health problems for your dog if the sun is blazing down on them. So, it’s important to be … Read more

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Protecting Your Dog From Snake Bites

Most snakes prefer to avoid dogs. They are shy, cautious, and typically only aggressive when threatened. Still, according to a 2011 veterinary study, nearly 150,000 dogs and cats are bitten each year. That means these incidents tend to occur when curious pets initiate a confrontation or simply stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time. Of the world’s 3,000 snake species, only about 600 are venomous, and even fewer are considered a serious risk to pets or people. By … Read more

Flight Policy Changes After Two Dogs Die in Three Days

Duke was a large male boxer. He was cherished by his human, Australian Kay Newman. She watched in horror as her dog was left in a crate on the tarmac during a delay. Temperatures soared to over 102℉. Her sweet boy could not handle the heat, especially inside a kennel that radiated inside like an oven. Duke died and the airline thinks sympathy alone is enough.  Kay Informed Qantas that Duke’s Breed Was High Risk Kay and Duke were booked … Read more

RECALL: Black Hawk Dog Food Has Fears Of Mold Contamination

Dog food company MasterPet has issued a voluntary and immediate recall for 9 batches of their Black Hawk Dog Food because of possible mold contamination. This recall was for their food that was manufactured between August and November 2019. Their ongoing quality control process helped them discover that some products were developing mold, so they pulled those products right away. Which Products Are Affected? This voluntary recall covered a few different sizes and formulas of the Black Hawk Dog Food, … Read more

HELP: Make It Illegal To Leave Your Dog Out In The Cold!

Dogs are an important part of our families. They deserve to be loved and cared for just like any other family member. However, there are many people that don’t think like this. They will leave their dogs chained up outside, even in extreme weather! It’s common knowledge that dogs shouldn’t be left alone in a hot car, but what about the poor dogs that are cold during the winter? Dogs want to be inside with you, not shivering in the … Read more

Warning After Service Dog Tragically Killed In A Rollover Car Crash

When their final destination isn’t the vet, our dogs love riding in the car with us. And we love watching them stick their heads out the window to enjoy the sights and the breezes. Unfortunately, dogs don’t know how to protect themselves in the event of a car crash. On Thursday, October 3rd, a service dog was the unfortunate victim of a traffic accident. SAD UPDATE: A service dog who disappeared after a rollover crash in Gary, Indiana this morning … Read more

New Jersey Law Bans Predatory Pet Dealers From Tricking Buyers Into “Leasing” Pets

On July 27th, 2019, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill that prevents pet dealers from leasing out dogs and cats to individuals. This is to discourage a practice that is said to be predatory and tricks people out of their money. Many pet lovers ended up paying much more than they’d planned on their dog or cat due to pet leasing. This law was approved almost unanimously because the Senate passed it by 37-0 and the Assembly approved … Read more

“People don’t realize how deadly dog collars are. I hope my story changes their mind.”

One Dog Mom Shares A Harrowing Story About Collar Strangulation “Ever since Milo was a small puppy, Jesse our older dog would nuzzle Milo’s face, play growl, and bite Milo’s collar (I think he was trying to show him who’s the boss around here). The two of our dogs are inseparable playmates. Milo had just turned one this Spring, and I bought him a beautiful new teal dog collar from my local pet store for his birthday, adorable bow tie … Read more

RECALL ALERT: FDA Identifies More Pig Ears Contaminated With Salmonella

On July 26, 2019 Lennox International, Inc., issued a voluntary recall of their Natural Pig Ears for dogs because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. To date, the company is aware of two dogs that have become ill. The affected batches were shipped nationwide between May 1 and July 3, 2019. According to Dog Food Advisor, “these cases may be related to the ongoing FDA investigation of Salmonella illness associated with what appears to be a multiple source.” However, they … Read more

“Your dog almost died today” – Why I switched to a breakaway collar and will never go back.

One Dog Mom Shares A Harrowing Story About Collar Strangulation “Ever since Milo was a small puppy, Jesse our older dog would nuzzle Milo’s face, play growl, and bite Milo’s collar (I think he was trying to show him who’s the boss around here). The two of our dogs are inseparable playmates. Milo had just turned one this Spring, and I bought him a beautiful new teal dog collar from my local pet store for his birthday, adorable bow tie … Read more

Candles & Air Fresheners: The Smell of Danger for Your Dog

dog snout

What’s that smell?  If you’ve got a candle or incense burning or a plug-in permeating the air, you’re not alone. It’s estimated 75% of U.S. households use a product to scent their homes. A waft of lavender can be soothing, but candles and dogs are not a great combination. In fact, scented household items are potentially detrimental to your dog’s health. Don’t throw out your plug-ins and incense yet. First, learn about the danger and then figure out if you need to … Read more

Protect Your Pup from These Top 10 Most Common Household Poisons

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and its Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) have released the top list of common household toxins most frequently ingested by dogs, according to cases handled by the APCC. To help pet parents avoid more toxicity tragedies, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also released a new mobile app – APCC by ASPCA.  Featuring a searchable database of more than 275 toxins as well as helpful information for owners of dogs, cats, horses, and birds, the … Read more

Is It Safe To Microchip Your Dog?

There are countless stories of lost dogs reuniting with their owners thanks to their microchips. These devices are small, inexpensive, and easy to implant. If your pup came from a shelter or rescue organization, chances are he or she already has one. So why aren’t all pets required to have microchips as they are in the UK and some US cities? Is microchipping really necessary? And if so, is it safe to microchip your dog? What are pet microchips? The … Read more

RECALL: Woody’s Pet Food Deli Voluntarily Recalls Ground Turkey Raw Food For Salmonella Contamination

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is alerting consumers to a recall for Woody’s Pet Food Deli Raw food. Samples collected by the MDA tested positive for Salmonella contamination. Samples were collected after a human case of Salmonella contamination was identified in the state of Minnesota. Their pet was also found to have Salmonella, however not the same strain as the one found in their human. During an interview, the Minnesota Department of Health found that Woody’s Pet Food made with … Read more

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Human Medication

Dogs are curious animals that love to participate in everything we do. When it comes to medications, these traits sometimes put them in danger.  According to the Pet Poison Helpline, nearly 50% of all pet poisonings involve human drugs, with pain relievers, antidepressants and heart meds topping the list of common culprits. Do you know what to do if your dog eats human medication? Whether or not a case of accidental medication ingestion is a serious emergency depends on the type … Read more

Christmas Tree Holiday Hazards To Avoid For Your Pet’s Health

Decorated trees are a staple of the holiday season. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until a colorful, twinkling topiary adorns your living room. But did you know that your Christmas tree could pose a variety of hazards to your pets? From needles and tree water to ornaments and electrical cords, here’s everything you need to know to keep your canine companions and feline friends safe this holiday season. Pine & Fir Needles Live Christmas trees shed their needles, and … Read more

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Giving Your Dog Bones

With all the health and safety concerns surrounding commercial pet food, it’s no wonder many pawrents introduce real meat and bones into their dogs’ diets. Animal bones are a delicious treat and an excellent way for dogs to satisfy their desire to chew. However, they are not without risks. Read on to find out the do’s and don’t’s of giving your dog bones. Do: Choose high-quality raw bones. No matter your feelings on raw food diets, if you are going … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Dog’s Retractable Leash

Being a responsible pet owner involves choosing the right diet, providing regular veterinary care, and tending to your dog’s every physical and emotional need. Something as simple as choosing a leash should be the least of your worries…right? The truth is, retractable dog leashes are dangerous. Not only do they offer little control during walks, they are often directly linked to serious injuries in people and pets. Retractable dog leashes typically have a thin cord that extends 10 to 25 … Read more

Grieving Family Warns The Public After Dog Dies From Eating Chewing Gum

Canon was a gorgeous 3-year-old Husky that loved to eat, chase cats, and snuggle. His owner, Christy Figlio of Nashville, Tennessee, says he was perfectly healthy until Saturday night when he stopped eating and began drinking excessively. By Sunday afternoon, Canon was vomiting and unable to walk. Figlio rushed him to the local vet. “He started vomiting the water, and so, that kind of was the red flag that made us decide to take him to the hospital,” the dog … Read more

Vets Urge Awareness As Seasonal Dog Disease Reaches Peak Season In UK

Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) becomes a threat to UK pets between August and November of each year.Veterinarians are urging owners to keep an eye out for symptoms after seeing a few cases reported this year. First reports of the disease date back to 2009, and so far very little is known about it. Dogs affected by Seasonal Canine Illness will begin vomiting, usually 72 hours after a walk through a woodland area. It’s often accompanied by diarrhea and lethargy. Symptoms … Read more

Blue-Green Algae May Be Responsible For Liver Failure In Florida Dogs

Residents along the Florida coast have been dealing with some pretty awful algae this year. The problem has become especially bad near the St. Lucie river, where people say the dying algae “smells like death” and is causing respiratory issues, itchy eyes, runny noses, and nausea. The blue-green algae is so much of a nuisance that it has caused the closure of beaches and even local businesses. But humans aren’t the only ones who can be negatively affected by blue-green … Read more

The First 15 Seconds Of A Coyote Attack Are Critical – Here’s How To Protect Your Dog

Earlier this year, Toni Tesen let her dogs out for a late night potty break. Stanley, an 11-year-old Toy Poodle, suddenly saw movement in the bushes and sprang forward to investigate. Tesen had enough time to register the “fat tail” of a coyote before the animal took off through a nearby field with poor Stanley in its jaws. It happened so quickly, the seven pound rescue dog never had a chance. “Stanley was there one minute and the coyote was there … Read more

This Is What Hot Pavement Can Do To Your Pup’s Paws

Warning: Medical image of burned paw pads below. June 21 is the first official day of summer, and with the U.S. already reporting record high temperatures, it looks like we are in for a hot one! Along with the risks of heatstroke and the dangers of hot vehicles, there is yet another hazard dogs face during the hotter months – scorched paw pads. On each paw, dogs have four digital pads (one for each toe), one large, heart-shaped metacarpal pad, … Read more

Does Your Dog Hate Car Rides? Try These Tips

For many dogs, the jingling of car keys signifies excitement and adventure. But for others, the same sound inspires pure dread. Travel anxiety and car sickness often go hand-in-hand, making even the shortest trip a potential nightmare. Luckily, there are several ways you can help your pup relax and enjoy the ride! Motion sickness is most likely to affect puppies and younger dogs because the structures within the ear that control balance do not fully develop until adulthood. If your dog’s … Read more

Coyote Attacks On Dogs Are Rising In The U.S. — Here’s How To Keep Your Pet Safe

Heartbroken pet parents around the country are warning others to be alert. Several coyote attacks on dogs, mostly small breeds, have already been documented just this year. If you weren’t aware, you may be surprised at how widespread and healthy the coyote population in the U.S. is. Coyotes can be found in all 48 contiguous states and Alaska, and the population appears to be rising – and so is the number of attacks on pets. Though some people may get a … Read more