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Dog Family Tree Reveals How Canine Breeds Came To Be

After 20 years of collecting DNA samples from dogs all over the world, geneticists at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland finally have enough data to determine how the more than 350 modern breeds emerged around the world. The r...

6 Dogs That Shaped History Through Mythology

While dogs are an integral part of our lives today, they’ve also had a big impact on history, which is evident through the mythology of various historical people all around the world. Here are 6 dogs in myths that show the importance of dogs throughout histo...

Talking To Your Pets Isn’t Crazy, It’s A Sign Of Social Intelligence

I admit it: I talk to my pets. I even have a different voice for each one. My non-animal friends th...

Sly Stallone Posts Tribute To His Beloved Dog 41 Years After “Rocky”

The 1976 Oscar winning film Rocky launched its unknown leading man and screenwriter, Sylvester St...

9/11 Miracle Dog Is 17 & Going Strong

The Paganos of Convent Station, New Jersey were already considering adding a dog to their family wh...

6 Historical Dogs Who Influenced Life As We Know It

Any dog owner knows that a good dog will completely change your life–by making it much, much ...


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