8 Ways To Make Your Rescue Dog As Comfortable As Ever

The word “comfort” conjures images of a big, cozy bed on a late Sunday morning. Feeling relaxed in your environment, however, is about more than fluffy pillows and a fleece blanket. It’s the feeling of both safety and confidence. It’s knowing that wherever you are and whomever you’re with, you’re secure, satisfied, and feeling happily at home. Rescue dogs—regardless of their background—deserve homes where their comfort is a priority. After life in a shelter and overcoming whatever past experience earned … Read more

3 Strategies For Safely Catching A Loose Dog

Whether it’s your dog that slipped their leash or a stray running through traffic, catching a loose dog is never as easy as it sounds. Your first instinct is to give chase, but that rush of energy is rarely the right move. Dogs that are afraid, skittish, or simply overly excited will do everything they can to elude your grasp—even when that means putting themselves in danger. If you want to bring your flighty pup back home safely, you’ll have … Read more

A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Bucket List For Your Aging Senior Dog

Facing the mortality of our senior dogs is a heartbreaking reality that inspires many loving paw-rents to create bucket lists on their behalf. While embarking on a final journey with your gray-muzzled best friend is a beautiful sentiment, be careful not to confuse the experiences you want to give your dog with the experiences your dog wants to have with you. When planning the perfect doggy bucket list, it’s normal to imagine grand adventures and wish for limitless possibilities, but … Read more

How To Help Your Newly Adopted Rescue Dog Settle In

The day a rescue dog gets adopted is the day they say “goodbye” to life in the shelter. They say “hello” to people who love them and want to share their comfortable home, and many would assume that it’s the best day of the dog’s life. It’s a day that will change their life forever, but for some pups, the feeling of being overwhelmed may cloud everything else. Whether you know your new dog’s history or not, there’s no doubt … Read more

10 Clever Canine Enrichment Ideas You Can Easily Do At Home

Mental stimulation is essential whether your dog is a high-energy puppy or laid-back older dog. It doesn’t matter if they pick up on training quickly or need a little extra practice to learn new skills. New experiences and learning opportunities will always benefit their well-being. The best part is, canine enrichment doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to organize. Dog owners have put their minds together to come up with clever ways to keep their pups happy, healthy, and … Read more

10 Tips All First-Time Dog Owners Need To Read

You’ve searched the shelters, done your homework, and now it’s finally time to bring your newest family member home for the first time. The car ride is full of excitement, and you’ll spend the first few hours playing with your new dog, but it’s time to ask yourself the important question of, “What’s next?” Being a good pet parent isn’t all belly rubs and tasty treats. It’s your responsibility to ensure your new dog is healthy, happy, and well taken … Read more

A Room-By-Room Guide To Dog-Proofing Your House

Many pup parents learn through experience that having a dog is a lot like having small children. They’re cute and fun to play with, but they also manage to get themselves into messy and potentially dangerous situations. Puppies are especially known for their mischievous ways, but dogs of all ages can have a talent for getting into trouble. Sometimes it’s your favorite pair of shoes that’s at stake, but your dog’s curious nature can also put their health at risk. … Read more

6 Must-Have Items To Put In Your Dog’s Easter Basket

One of the best parts of celebrating Easter with our furry family is putting together the basket! We love giving our pets gifts, and Easter is just one more excuse to spoil our dogs. Even if they can’t eat candy, we can still share the fun of a great Easter basket with our pets! It’s important to remember not to include chocolate or other snacks high in sugar and fat in your dog’s basket – but there are “cheats” and … Read more

Dog Showers: The Latest Home Trend Every Pup Parent Needs

We’ve all been there. You get caught in the rain while walking your pup or take a particularly messy romp on the beach. It’s all fun and games until it comes time to bring your muddy, stinky pooch back into the house. Luckily there is a stylish solution to this very problem. According to a recent New York Times report, dog showers are the latest home decor trend among pet parents. Ken Malian, co-owner of GreenRose Fine Homes & Design in … Read more

Is Your Dog An Escape Artist? Try These Tips To Keep Them Home Safe

Between all the digging, jumping, climbing, and lock picking, your clever pup makes even Houdini look like an amateur escape artist. While some dogs are content to stay in one place, there are others that are determined to find new and mysterious ways to break the confines of their territory. A part of you can’t help but be impressed with your dogs ingenuity at getting free, but frequently escaping the safe borders of the yard puts them in serious danger. … Read more

The 9 Best Ways To Spoil Your Dog When You’re On A Budget

You want to spoil your furry friend as much as possible, but sometimes money is tight and you can’t just pull out all the stops to make your dog feel special. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can spoil your dog that are relatively cheap – or even free! All it takes is a little bit of your time and maybe some creativity to make your pup feel like he’s the king of the world. Here are the 9 best … Read more

Grieving Dog Mom Warns Others Of Household Suffocation Risk

Doting dog mom Christina Young found out the hard way that an everyday kitchen item can become deadly in the paws of a curious pooch. Her beloved pup, Petey suffocated last week when his head became stuck in a potato chip bag. Young hopes to raise awareness to this hazard and protect other dog lovers from experiencing the same horror and heartbreak. She took to Instagram and Facebook to share her story, writing: “One week ago I kissed my baby … Read more

How To Ensure Your Pets Are Cared For Should You Pass Away

No matter your age and health status, it is important to think about what will become of your family – including the furry members – should you become incapacitated or pass away. Shelters take in far too many orphaned dogs and cats because prior arrangements were not made on their behalf. As heartbreaking as it is to consider, taking the time to plan for the worst may be the kindest choice you ever make for your pets. Prepare for an Emergency … Read more

How To Make Peace In “Blended Families” Where Dogs Don’t Get Along

When you adopt a new dog into your family, you always have the ability to have your current pooch meet the potential newcomer to make sure they can be compatible co-canines. But what happens when two people move in together — whether as roommates or a couple — and their pups simply don’t get along? It can be a heartbreaking situation: both parties (understandably) unwilling to surrender their furry friends, or worse, one caving and giving their innocent dog up. … Read more

8 Essential Products To Include In Your Doggy Disaster Preparedness Kit

It seems like every other news story involves some kind of disaster. From wildfires to hurricanes and “bomb cyclones”, no place is safe from the power of nature. Your family may be primed to face any scenario with a detailed preparedness plan and emergency evac-kit, but don’t forget your dog needs evacuation supplies, too! Creating a doggy disaster preparedness kit helps ensure that your pooch remains safely by your side throughout any emergency. The following 8 essential products will prepare … Read more

Need Help Paying For Your Pet’s Vet Bills? These Programs Can Help

No matter their personal or financial status, all pet parents share a common trait: deep, unconditional love for their animal companions. When disaster strikes and you find yourself unable to provide your fur friend with the veterinary care she desperately needs, there are grant programs out there that may be able to help. Please note that the organizations below are unique in the services and funding options they offer. Each has their own set of rules and guidelines to determine … Read more

Scientifically Proven Ways To Show Your Dogs How Much You Love Them

Scientific research has helped us understand the complex thoughts and emotions our beloved dogs are capable of. They may feel, interpret and express love differently than humans, but they definitely understand the sentiment. Dr. Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University and founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center. When asked by People Pets whether dogs realize how much we love them, he answered: “Yes, your dog knows how much you love him! Dogs and … Read more

13 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy When You’re Stuck Indoors

Winter is rapidly approaching. In fact, for some areas of the world, it’s already here! Whether you are snowed in, housebound due to chilly rain, or simply feeling under the weather, these 13 activities will keep your pooch entertained when heading outside isn’t an option. 1. Play nosework games. Nosework is a wonderful bonding exercise and a fun alternative to basic fetch – plus your dog gets delicious snacks as a reward! If your pooch is new to nosework, you’ll … Read more

5 Common Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

When the introduction is over, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty parts of raising your new puppy. You’ll smile at the sound of puppy paws scampering through the house and your heart will burst with joy the first time they crawl into your lap for a snuggle, but the reality of owning a puppy isn’t always so sweet. It’s a big job, and new puppy owners aren’t expected to get everything right on the first try. Doing what’s … Read more

5 Ideas For Creating The Perfect Dog-Friendly Backyard

When your pup isn’t lounging on the couch or drooling on your bed pillows, they’re ready to have fun and be active. Indoor play means dodging end tables and hurdling over couches, but a dog’s backyard is their favorite place to blow off steam. You don’t need acres of outdoor space to create an area your dog will love. Even modestly-sized yards can meet all your dogs playtime requirements if you’re willing to get creative. Here are a few ideas … Read more

7 Common Mistakes People Make When Storing Their Dog’s Food

How you store your dog’s carefully-chosen pet food may be just as important as what the diet contains. Improper storage techniques can lead to bacterial infection, contamination and infestation. The following 7 mistakes are made by even the most informed and well-meaning pet owners. Breaking these habits will help ensure that your pup gets the freshest, healthiest food every meal time! 1. Dumping kibble into containers. Storage containers are excellent for keeping your dog’s food fresher longer. The mistake that … Read more

6 Crucial Things To Do If Your Dog Runs Away

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare—your pup slips his leash and starts sprinting after the neighbor’s cat. Or maybe you go outside to find that someone forgot to close the gate, and your dog is nowhere to be found. No matter how it happened, losing a dog is always devastating. You’ll be filled with panic, heartbreak, and the instinctive urge to do something—even if you don’t know what that something is. Your chances of bringing your dog home safely will … Read more

How To Conquer Car Sickness When Transporting Your Pup

An estimated one in six dogs suffer from car sickness during travel, but driving with your dog is necessary for maintaining their health and enjoying new adventures together. After all, vet visits are a must and outings to the beach just aren’t the same without the family pup. So how do you help your dog manage this unpleasant problem? The nausea, drooling, shaking and anxiety seen during car travel may be caused by the balance mechanism within the ear or … Read more

Why Your Dog Won’t Stop Snacking From The Litter Box And What To Do About It

You’ve seen your dog dine on things you’d never think about putting near your mouth, but the “snacks” he pulls out of the cat’s litter box are by far the worst. Eating cat poop is an unfortunately common problem for dogs, and it’s a bad habit all dog owners hope to break. His muzzle gets coated with those chunks of litter, his bad breath reaches a new level of awful, and he seems to always choose the minutes after his … Read more

Why Dogs Kick Grass After Going To The Bathroom & How To Save Your Yard

Both male and female dogs have been known to do it, the kicking grass after using the restroom routine. Dogs kick grass after going to the bathroom, and when they’re done, your yard is left with some not-so-appealing reminders. It happens after dogs pee and poop, and dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments have been known to do it. Your dog may look silly acting like a cat in a litter box, but it’s actually a natural canine behavior … Read more

5 Ways To Help Your Dog Snore Less

You’re about to fall asleep with your pup curled up by your side, but all of a sudden, a huff, wheeze, and snore scares away those much-needed Z’s. Listening to your sleepy pup let out soft little snores is cute at first, but it soon loses its appeal when it starts to keep you up at night. As with humans, there are a number of reasons why dogs snore. Snub-nose dog breeds like Pugs, Boston Terriers, and Bulldogs are more … Read more

10 Tips To Minimize Dog Hair In Your Life

Shedding is one of the few downsides to having a pet. Although all dogs shed to some degree, certain breeds – like Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and Lhasa Apsos – lose a very minimal amount of hair compared to others. Regular brushing and frequent vacuuming are the two best ways to manage excess dog hair in your home, car, and on your clothes, but what about those stubborn tumbleweeds? Follow these 10 tips and tricks for a hair-free (or at … Read more

7 Tips & Tricks For Managing That Funky Dog Smell

There are several reasons that a dog might be particularly odiferous. Skin conditions, ear infections, lack of grooming, and dental issues are among the most common causes. If your pup has gotten a clean bill of health from the vet and a thorough spa treatment from the groomer, but still smells funky, you may just be particularly sensitive to your dog’s natural aroma.   Dogs do not sweat like humans, but they do perspire. The light perspiration released through their paw … Read more

5 Tips To Get The Perfect Picture Of Your Pet

With those big, sweet eyes, perky ears, and goofy grin, it’s no wonder that your dog’s face is the only thing on your camera roll. Dogs make something as simple as snoozing on the couch a picture-worthy moment, but getting them to look their best isn’t always easy. The lighting is never right, they refuse to look at the camera, and getting them to stay still long enough to get a decent pose is usually impossible. Here are a few … Read more

5 Tips For Finding The Right Pet Sitter

We wish we could take our pets everywhere with us. Unfortunately, there are times and places where they can’t accompany us and we’re forced to leave them behind. If you’re lucky, you have friends and family who are willing and able to take in your fur kids when they can’t come with you. Sometimes, though, we’re forced to leave them with strangers. You want the best for your pet, even while you’re away, so picking a pet sitter shouldn’t be … Read more