Trail Etiquette All Dog Owners Should Follow

Hiking with our dogs is a great way to get exercise as well as stimulate your dog’s mind by giving him new environments to explore. However, as dog owners we have a responsibility to others who use the trail – remember not everyone is a dog lover! It is our job to ensure our canine friends continue to be welcomed on trials by being good stewards. Elyse Horvath, owner of Natural Paws, an all-natural dog spa product company, is an … Read more

DIY Heart-Shaped Valentine Cookies Just For Dogs!

These cookies are a recipe my husband (a vet tech) and I developed to give our own dogs a special Valentine’s Day treat! They are made with all the things dogs love, like peanut butter and pumpkin, and even have pink icing that is naturally colored with beet juice! They are a snap to make and we are sure your dogs will love them! I’m taking a bunch to my classmates in agility class as Valentines – they are a … Read more

Watch Out For These Winter Toxins!

As the temperature continues to drop, we begin to take precautions to prepare. Throw on more layers, turn up the thermostat, salt the driveway and add antifreeze to your car’s radiator. Although these all may seem like smart safety precautions, some of our winter preparedness items can be harmful for our dogs. Dr. Denise Petryk, on-staff veterinarian at Trupanion pet medical insurance, gave us the following toxins commonly used in winter that all pet parents should watch out for. #1 – Antifreeze Antifreeze … Read more

8 Ways To Prevent Dog Theft

There is nothing scarier than the realization that someone has stolen your dog. The first thought that crosses is your mind is “Why? What are they doing to him?” Rarely do you assume that you dog is being well-loved by the thieves, and you would be right. Dogs are stolen for ransoms, resale, medical research, breeding, fighting, torture, and for use as bait dogs to name a few horrifying facts. Here are a few ways you can help prevent your dog … Read more

Essential Travel Gear Checklist For Your Dog

Getting ready to pack up and hit the road? I bet you are all packed up – but what about the dog? Did you forget? Or maybe you packed everything – the end result being your dog has more luggage than you. To help you sort out what your dog really needs on your trip, here is a list of essential travel gear – just print it out and mark off when you have everything packed. The rest? Well, you … Read more

7 Tips To Help Your Senior Dog Through The Winter

As your dog gets older, winter months get harder for them to handle. Cold, wet weather can make every day a little more painful for your senior dog, and can even be hazardous to his health. The following tips can help you make sure your senior dog stays comfortable all winter long. #1 –  Add glucosamine and chondroitin to their diet Talk to your vet about adding these to your senior dog’s diet. They help lubricate their joints, which get … Read more

Simple DIY Fleece Dog Stocking

The best thing about this stocking is how EASY it is! In no time you will have a great dog stocking for your own pup or a friend’s. They are great way to give a dog-themed hostess gift – skip the basket that nobody wants and tuck their prezzies in this cute dog stocking instead. Materials Roughly 8.5×14 fleece in whatever color you wish Scrap piece of fleece in coordinating color Stocking Pattern – print on 8.5 x 14 paper … Read more

Top 10 Tips for Home Cooking Dog Diets

If you have thought about cooking for your dog, now’s the time! November 1 is National Cook For Your Pets Day and what could be better than a starting a home cooked diet? Dr. Oscar E Chavez BVetMed MRCVS MBA is a licensed veterinarian and Chief Medical Officer for JustFoodForDogs, a company that makes cooking for your dog easy with premade meals and kits that are veterinarian approved. Below are his top 10 tips to cooking for your dog. #1 … Read more

What To Do Before Bringing Home A Senior Dog

If you have made the decision to give a senior dog a home, good for you! While it may seem daunting, bringing home a senior dog doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you plan ahead and have your house all nice and ready for move-in day. In fact, many people find senior dogs much easier than puppies! Dr. Judy Morgan DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT is the medical director and board member for the “Monkey’s House – sanctuary and hospice … Read more

Super Simple DIY Pumpkin Pie For Your Dog

You don’t have to be a pro baker to make this tasty treat for your dog to celebrate with you on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t take very long to create, and the great thing about making homemade dog treats is you can change the recipe if needed for dogs with allergies or dietary restrictions. This dog treat recipe is so quick, easy and yummy, you’ll be tempted to try it yourself! Ingredients 16 oz. canned pumpkin (plain – not pie filling!) … Read more

Preparing Your Home for The Holidays – Tips on Cleaning with Dogs

The holiday season is practically here! This means parties and company visiting. Is your home and pet prepared for the upcoming season of entertaining? With so much decorating, shopping and coordinating plans, the holiday tasks seem endless! Although we adore our beloved pets, they often make our home a little more messy and smelly than we care to admit. Before hosting a gathering, be sure to follow these cleaning tips from “The Pet Lady” Dana Humphrey that will help keep … Read more

10 Things About Dogs Every Child NEEDS to Know

While the dog often gets the blame, there are two sides to every story when it comes to bite cases. Many children are not taught how to properly interact with a dog. Instead, the dog is expected to just “take” whatever treatment the child is giving, including tail pulls, hard pats and strangling hugs. Leah Hatley and Justine Schuurmans, owners of The Family Dog, are trying to change all that. Their company offers an online program geared toward families with children and … Read more

What Children Need To Know About Service Dogs

Service dogs are becoming more and more common, as we learn just how much dogs have to offer us in terms of helping us with day to day living. With all these service dogs appearing in every place imaginable, from planes to Disneyland, it means you and your children are going to be encountering them more frequently – do you know the proper things to do and not do? It is especially important to teach kids the proper “do’s and … Read more

9 Things You Should Do Immediately If Your Dog Goes Missing

  The first 24 hours is a critical time when it comes to finding your pet. After that, the chance of you finding your dog drops dramatically. Give yourself the best possible chance by doing these things as soon as you realize your dog is missing. #1 – Form a plan Take a moment to organize whoever is readily available to immediately start searching for your pet. It helps to be organized and ensures you don’t miss something. Keeping a … Read more

7 Tips For A Pleasant Walk With Your Dog

Now that the weather is cooling off, it’s a great time to get out and go on more walks with your faithful four-legged friends. In Honor of National Walk Your Dog Week (Oct 4-11), we have a few tips to make sure you have a safe and pleasant walk with your dog. Looking for new places to hike and now sure what’s dog friendly? Check out #1 – Use the right equipment Make sure your dog’s harness or collar … Read more

Easy Stuffed Apple Treats To Make For Your Dog This Fall

Carmel apples are delicious, but not for dogs. Trying telling that to my dogs though – they love apple! They literally drool when they smell an apple or apple juice. This made me decide to create a treat made with apple that they could enjoy this fall. The great thing about homemade treats is you can modify the recipe to fit your dog’s tastes, allergies, diet, etc. There’s no reason why Fido shouldn’t be able to join in on the … Read more

Tips To Keep Tricks and Toxic Treats Away From Pets This Halloween

It’s October (already?!) and the stores, as well as our homes, are already full of Halloween décor and treats. While all of these things are fun, they can be dangerous for the four-legged members of your family. Not only can they make your dog sick, but you could end up with a very large vet bill. Costumes We all know it’s fun to dress up our fur kids for Halloween – some of the costumes out there are just priceless! … Read more

Tips For Basic Dog Grooming At Home

For many dog parents, grooming is something that can cost a lot of money during the lifetime of their pet. To save money, some think about doing touch-ups or even full grooms themselves. But even this can be costly. Beginners often waste money on the wrong tools, ruin them by not taking care of them properly, and ending up having to pay a groomer to fix the bad job they did. To help you avoid costly mistakes, Brent Lotz, a … Read more

What’s The TRUE Cost Of Owning a Dog? (And How To Cut Costs Without Cutting Care)

If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, one of the things you may be thinking about is the expense. A lot of the times people just think about the initial, how much does it cost me to adopt the dog, and maybe get those first few supplies. But after that, they don’t stop to think about ongoing care – which can add up fast. (the Airbnb for pets) analyzed the costs of getting a new … Read more

Simple Tips For Cool Weather Camping With Your Dog

As fall approaches, many of us think about getting in a few more camping trips before the rain and snow. Fall can actually have some of the best weather for camping – warm enough to be comfortable outside, but not too hot. Though it can be cooler at night, it’s easy to enjoy this time of year outdoors if you follow some simple tips. Jenn Gehr, Thousand Trails and Encore spokesperson has provided us with the following tips for enjoying … Read more

6 Important Fall Dog Walking Safety Tips

The days are already getting shorter (can you believe it?!) but that doesn’t mean the dog doesn’t still need to be walked! Walking your dog in the fall presents all sorts of hazards for both of you. Whether you walk in the morning or evening, it’s now dark. There can be fog, rain, wind, and even hail, which limits sight distances for you as well as traffic. The roads are often slippery with water or even ice and snow. To … Read more

MUST READ: 5 Everyday Items That Can Pose A Serious Suffocation Risk To Your Dog

It’s something you may not think about until it’s too late – but your dog can suffocate, just like a child. And, they can do it with ordinary, everyday items you have lying around the house. It also happens within minutes, according to the Prevent Pet Suffocation, a group started by Bonnie Harlan. Learning about these dangers first-hand, she tragically lost her dog, Blue, when he suffocated inside a Cheetos bag on December 15, 2011. There are images of almost 200 dogs on her … Read more

8 Creative Ideas For Getting Your Dog To Take Their Medicine

If you have ever had to give a dog meds, you know how difficult it can be. Whether it’s a pill or liquid, some dogs are masters at not taking their medicine. My own puppy actually started running when he saw the peanut butter because he knew what I hid inside it. Seriously?! For dogs like this, you have to be stealthy. Here are a few tips to getting your dogs to take their medicine, no spoonful of sugar needed. … Read more

5 Things That Will Help Your New Dog Adjust

Bringing home a new dog is exciting for everyone. For the dog, it can also be scary and stressful; it’s a new place, new people, and maybe even new animals. Every dog is different, so the length of time it takes for him (and you!) to adjust to the new situation is going to vary – a shy dog is going to take longer than a naturally outgoing “everybody’s my friend” type dog. Regardless of what your dog’s personality is … Read more

10 Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make

There’s more than a few mistakes dog owners make. It happens. We’re human, and it’s hard to keep rules in place when your new pup looks at you. But inconsistency can cause problems that you may have to deal with your dog’s whole life if you don’t correct them. Hindsight is 20/20, but new dogs owners may be struggling, and learning as they do! Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you are a first-time dog owner or starting … Read more

15 Tips To Make Traveling With Your Dog As Stress-Free As Possible

Are you finally going on a vacation that the dog can go on, too? If so, you may be starting to panic on what exactly you need to do before and during your trip to have it go smoothly. Veronica Grey, recipient of the 2015 Special Humanitarian Award, has traveled extensively with her service dog Flash Gordon Delirium, including over half of the United States and Costa Rica. Here are her 15 tips for traveling with your dog. #1 – Don’t feed … Read more