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From a Puppy Farm To a Real Home

“I was living at a puppy farm where I was born. I can’t remember my mummy as I was taken from her very early. Then the men there found that I was very small for my breed (I am a Shih Tzu) and had a bent front leg, so I was separated from all the other ...

See Why People Keep Sharing This Heartbreaking Comic About A Dog’s Love

If there’s one thing every dog owner can agree on, it’s that dogs give themselves entirely to their people. Dogs are forever giving without asking anything in return. They are dependent on us for everything, but ask for nothing more than our love ...

My First Memories Were In a Shelter. But Now I’m Living the Good Life!

I’m Necco. I used to be called Gizmo. I don’t remember much about being a puppy. My firs...


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