Kind-Hearted Woman Goes Above And Beyond To Support Grieving Pet Parents

Stella's Angels Organization

Alexandra Bonfiglio was devastated when her Golden Retriever named Stella died unexpectedly. It was one of the saddest moments of her life, and she realized that many other pet parents around the world go through similar situations every day. After creating a beautiful memorial for her beloved dog, she wondered if she could help make a difference for other grieving dog lovers too. So, Bonfiglio created a non-profit called Stella’s Angels, where she creates personalized memorial stones to gift to … Read more

Family Demands Justice After Helpless Dog Breaks Neck At Groomer

Dog breaks neck at groomer

There are many responsible and qualified dog groomers out there, but unfortunately, not all groomers are required to go through professional training or earn certifications. Without that special knowledge about dog care, it’s much easier for accidents to happen. One family is devastated after a horrific grooming experience, so they’re begging for the grooming laws to be less lenient. The Dion family dropped their dog Piper off at Bow Wow Boutique in Fort Myers, Florida. Only ten minutes later, their … Read more

Man & The Dog Who Saved His Life In The Strangest Way Die Just Months Apart

Dog and Man Die Months Apart

In 2010, a small dog named Kiko saved his dad’s life, but at the moment, it didn’t seem like it. Jerry Douthett screamed for his wife Rosee to come help him one night. When she entered the room, she saw that Jerry’s toe was gone and Kiko’s mouth had blood in it. It might sound like a horror story, but if Kiko hadn’t done it, Jerry would’ve died. Kiko’s quick thinking gave Jerry over ten more years of life. But … Read more

Dying Puppy Shares One Last Day In The Sun With Her Beloved Family

One of young pup Raven’s favorite things to do was sunbathe with her furry family. A dog full of spunk, she loved frolicking with the foster dogs and cats who came to stay with her family. Even though she struggled with her own issues, Raven wanted to help other dogs find their happiness. Sadly though, this good girl’s life was cut tragically short. At only six months old, Raven’s body had grown tired from the congenital issues that made her … Read more

Animal Hospital Offers Dogs Chocolate “Goodbye Kisses” In Their Final Moments

Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is never easy. Still, the staff at Smiths Station Animal Hospital go above and beyond to ensure their patients and clients have every creature-comfort in these heartbreaking moments. Recently, the Lee County, Alabama vet clinic posted a photo to Facebook, and its bittersweet meaning is hitting viewers right in the feels. The image shows a clear jar filled to the brim with Hershey’s Kisses. Written on the side, with hearts for O’s, are the … Read more

Grief Stricken Dog Mom Calls For Pet Bereavement Changes In The UK

When Wendy O’Grady’s beloved Chocolate Labrador, Zac, passed away from cancer last month, she was stricken with grief.  She had the sweet dog for nearly 12 years, and without him, she wasn’t sure how to move forward. Zac had been a gift from her husband, Mike after O’Grady suffered miscarriage after miscarriage — and in his own special way, Zac helped O’Grady heal from the pain of dealing with fertility issues.  In the time following Zac’s death, O’Grady took two … Read more

Sweetest Music-Loving Dog Maple Has Passed Away

From the moment Maple the rescue dog met her dad, musician Trench, they’ve been inseparable. Through every guitar chord and song, Maple has been her dad’s biggest fan every step of the way. But now, after over 12 years, they’ve played their final song together.  Maple passed away on June 16 at the heartbreak of her dad and her many online fans. Regularly featured in her dad’s music videos on YouTube and Instagram, Maple rose to stardom with her sweet accompaniments … Read more

Pastor Gives His Pug A Proper Send Off At Emotional Funeral

Pug Funeral Service

People often overlook pet deaths. But anyone who has lost a dog knows that it’s one of the hardest things to experience. So, pastor Tim Beville Jr. from Pennsylvania decided to show the world that pet loss shouldn’t be taken lightly. He created the biggest, most beautiful funeral for his late Pug named Dexter. It included an open casket, an assortment of flowers, and an obituary. To Beville’s surprise, people all over the world were moved by it. He knew … Read more

Retired Sheriff And His Record-Breaking K9 Die On Same Day

When you think of police dogs, you might imagine large, strong dogs like a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. An 8-pound runt of the litter is probably the opposite of what you’d expect. But Midge the Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest police K9 ever, and she was proud of it. Even though she didn’t look like a police dog, she always took her job very seriously. But sadly, all journeys have to come … Read more

Update: World’s Oldest Golden Retriever Passes Away Peacefully

UPDATE 4/13/2021: Sadly, on March 31st, 2021, dog mom Jennifer Hetterscheidt announced that Augie, the world’s oldest Golden Retriever, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Augie was 20 years and 11 months old, making her likely the 19th oldest dog ever as well as the oldest Golden. In dog years, Augie would’ve surpassed 100 years old almost 5 years ago! “It is with profound sadness that I tell you Miss Augie passed away. Augie, in her own way told me her … Read more

Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Say Goodbye To Rescued Police K9

Champ K9 Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Many police K9s train for their roles since birth, but not Champ. Champ the German Shepherd, Pit Bull, and Boxer mix broke barriers when he started his role. As a rescue dog, he proved that any dog can change the world if given a chance. And he likely opened doors for many other rescue pups after him. But after a long, fulfilling career full of excitement, Champ decided it was time to say goodbye. This brave dog passed away amid … Read more

Freddy The World’s Tallest Dog Passes Away At 8 ½ Years Old

Tallest Dog Dies

Freddy the Great Dane went viral for his tall stature. He towered over his mom and even his Great Dane sister. So, he was proud when he earned the title of “World’s Tallest Dog” in 2016. Not long after, he was also suspected to be one of the oldest living Great Danes. He loved all the fans he made during his rise to fame, but sadly, he fell on hard times at the beginning of 2021. Freddy passed away at … Read more

Kaley Cuoco Says Goodbye To Rescue Dog After 14 Wonderful Years

Kaley Cuoco Norman Loss

Actress Kaley Cuoco always has enough room in her heart for more rescue animals. Even though caring for several dogs often means heartbreak, in the end, she knows it’s worth it because she gets to make their lives special. But after Norman, her rescue Pit Bull of 14 years, passed away, it was harder than she ever imagined. Norman was always there through every milestone in her life, so being without him was difficult to even imagine. But at least … Read more

“Loved Dog” Poster Reminds Us To Cherish Every Moment With Our Pets

Whenever I come across a lost pet poster, my heart aches in solidarity. As a lifelong dog lover, I’ve had my share of close calls. My childhood dog was once spooked by 4th of July fireworks and ended up going missing for three very long days and even longer nights. Megan Clemens, dog mom to a Pomeranian named Stanley, is also sensitive to the plight of pet parents in distress. On a recent walk with Stanley in Nashville, TN, she … Read more

Moose The Therapy Dog With Doctorate Degree Loses Battle With Cancer

Moose Tribute

Moose the Yellow Lab accomplished more in his life than most humans do. Not only was he one of four dedicated therapy dogs at Virginia Tech, but he also had an honorary doctorate degree in veterinary medicine. He helped many students cope with anxiety and other mental health problems. Moose was always there to support them and let them know that it’s okay to ask for help. This sweet therapy dog spent years making lives better at Virginia Tech. But … Read more

Strictly’s Star Bill Bailey Says Heartfelt Goodbye To Rescue Dog, Banjar

banjar passing cover

Animal loving comedian, Bill Bailey, is the mourning the death of his beloved rescue dog. With Banjar being one of the main lights in his life, he is feeling the impact of this heartbreaking loss. Bill Bailey recently took to Twitter to share news of the passing of his rescue dog, Banjar. His 3.3 million followers flooded his page with heartwarming support as he sent a farewell message to his old friend. “Today we said goodbye to our lovely rescue … Read more

Queen Elizabeth Says Heartbreaking Goodbye To One Of Her Two “Dorgis”

Queen Elizabeth Vulcan

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love for dogs, specifically Corgis. Over the years, she’s had over 30 different Corgis in her family, many of which were descendants of Susan, the Corgi she got for her 18th birthday. In 2015, she decided to stop breeding Corgis because she didn’t want any of her dogs to outlive her. In 2018, her last two Corgis died, but she still had two Dachshund/Corgi mixes with her. She called the adorable mixed breeds … Read more

Kaley Cuoco’s Senior Dog Passes Away Only Months After Adoption

Actress Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook are both huge animal lovers. They keep welcoming new rescue animals into their home, and they always have room for more dogs in need. After adopting their senior foster dog Dumpy and two piglets, they adopted Petunia the senior Pit Bull in early fall 2020. The couple instantly fell in love with Petunia and she became a part of the family. But sadly, Cuoco and Cook found themselves saying goodbye to the rescue … Read more

Mandy Moore’s Rescue Dog Passes Away Before Meeting Her Human Brother

Mandy Moore Rescue Dog

Actress Mandy Moore is currently pregnant with her first child. But she’s no stranger to being a mom. Aside from playing a devoted mother on This Is Us, she has also been a caring dog mom for years. She has had her rescue dogs, Joni and Jackson, by her side for years, along with a few cats too. So, she’s very familiar with unconditional love, and she’s excited to welcome a human child into the family. However, Moore thought that … Read more

Carla Abellana’s Rescue Dog Dies Only Hours After She Saves Another Dog

Carla Abellana dogs

Actress and animal welfare advocate Carla Abellana has dedicated her life to helping animals in need. Whenever she can save a dog’s life, she doesn’t hesitate. But the most difficult part of her efforts is when she can’t save a dog. There will always be some scenarios where she can’t make a difference, and those are the hardest on her. Recently, Abellana faced the most heartbreaking news of her life. While she was out saving other dogs, her own furry … Read more

Prince William And Kate Middleton Mourn The Loss Of Family Dog

Royal family dog

Everyone grieves pet loss differently, and for many, the loss of a dog is comparable to the loss of a human. Those who don’t have animals might not understand, but the pain of saying goodbye to your furry friend is unimaginable. So, when Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, announced that their family dog Lupo had passed away, followers were quick to comfort them. Lupo the black Cocker Spaniel was with the family for 9 years. The … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s Rescue Dog With Difficult Past Dies At 13

Miranda Lambert Waylon as puppy

Country singer Miranda Lambert is always surrounded by dogs. She’s passionate about encouraging others to adopt, and she uses her fame to help dogs in need. Of course, she loves all her dogs equally, but Golden Retriever siblings Waylon and Jessi will always hold special places in her heart. Their lives started out rough, with Waylon almost passing away from malnourishment. But then, Lambert took them in and helped show them how beautiful life can be. Now, she’s saying goodbye … Read more

Reese Witherspoon Loses Her Beloved French Bulldog To Cancer

Reese Witherspoon's Dog Pepper

Actress Reese Witherspoon is a loyal dog mom to several furry friends, each with their own quirky personalities. Even after short periods of time, Witherspoon and her family closely bond to their dogs, so saying goodbye is heartbreaking. Pepper the French Bulldog had an aggressive cancer in her later months. For a little while, Witherspoon thought the pup was getting better, but it quickly took a turn for the worst. Before she could process what was happening, Witherspoon had to … Read more

Real Housewives Of Dallas Star, D’Andra Simmons, Mourns Loss Of Beloved Dog, Dixie

One of the most painful experiences one can endure is the loss of their fur baby. While hard, it is often comforting to be able to spend your fur child’s last moments with them – being there for them as they were always there for you. Unfortunately, we aren’t always that lucky. Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons is experiencing this firsthand. The reality star and businesswoman lost her baby of 12 years, and the most heartbreaking part about … Read more

Beloved Labrador and Social Media Sensation Given Months to Live

Countless hearts in St. Augustine and beyond are heavy today. A beloved Yellow Labrador named Guenevere has been the town mascot of sorts for the last five years. Photos of her taking walks through the city with her human companion, Gary Williams have continually caused a social media sensation. She is lovingly called Queen Guen and her smile has been stealing hearts for years. Now, those same hearts are breaking. Guenevere has terminal lung cancer with only months left to … Read more

Woman Shares Heartfelt Obituary For Late Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Obituary

Sallie Gregory Hammett and Charlie the Golden Retriever were inseparable. They even found ways to go to work and run errands together. Hammett said that he was her “right-hand man” and “just the happiest dog.” But sadly, Charlie’s life ended far too soon. He passed away at 7 years old after a 5-month battle with lymphoma. Hammett was devastated, but she knew Charlie would want her to stay positive. So, she took the time to write him a heartwarming obituary. … Read more

HGTV’s Nicole Curtis Has Constant Tears After Rescue Dog’s Death

Nicole Curtis and Lucy

Dogs are like our furry children. HGTV star Nicole Curtis knows that better than anybody. Whenever she loses a furry family member, it breaks her heart, but she eventually chooses to adopt again. However, the recent death of her beloved Brussels Griffon mix Lucy nearly broke her. While the details of Lucy’s death aren’t specified, it’s clear that the poor pup was gone too soon. Curtis turned to Instagram to share a long, emotional tribute to her late dog. It’s … Read more

Man Comforted By Angel In Disguise After His Dog Died

Man Grieving Dog Featured

Having a dog in our lives is a rewarding experience. We get to feel so much love and comfort with our furry friends by our sides. But that also means lots of heartbreak when we finally have to say goodbye. For J.P. Groeninger from Pearland, Texas, the goodbye was too much to handle. His black Lab named Gracie had been his rock through many difficult times. So, when he knew it was time to let her go, he couldn’t contain … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown Mourns The Loss Of Her Mastiff With Emotional Video

Millie Bobby Brown and Dolly

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has been around dogs her whole life. Her family had three Mastiffs named Dolly, Ronnie, and Reggie, along with a Poodle named Winnie. All the dogs were clearly a huge part of Brown’s life. Unfortunately, the 16-year-old Stranger Things star recently said goodbye to Dolly, who had been with their family for 9 years. Most of Brown’s life had been spent with the loyal pup by her side. So, she found the perfect and most emotional way … Read more

Real Housewives Star Says Goodbye To Her Dog Of Almost 18 Years

Losing a dog is one of the hardest things a human can endure. At any age, for any reason, the death of a companion is devastating. Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Gretchen Rossi, had to say goodbye to her best friend and companion of nearly 18 years this week. And she is heartbroken. Vito was with Her for Nearly Half Her Life Gretchen Rossi is 41 years old. Her beloved dog Vito was about to turn 18 years old … Read more