Grieving Woman Gets Sign That Late Dog Is Watching Over Her

Some things in life are a mystery, but Instagram influencer Lucy Ledgeway knows exactly what she saw after her dog passed away. Sunny, her family’s beloved Parson Russell Terrier, had died only hours earlier. Ledgeway was devastated and didn’t know how to handle her sadness. But then, as she was going for a drive, she spotted something incredible. Out her window, she was given a beautiful reminder that Sunny will forever be in her heart. That’s because she saw the … Read more

Chloe, Former WWE Star Dog, Dies At 17

Longtime WWE fans probably already know all about Torrie Wilson’s relationship with her little white dog Chloe. The Hall Of Fame former wrestler and fitness model more than fawned over that pup. In essence, they were co-stars. Chloe has been a major part of every aspect of Wilson’s life for the past 17 years. The dog appeared in the ring with her frequently, and could often be found tucked under her arm (usually in costume.) Since then, we’ve seen her … Read more

U.S. Coast Guard Says Goodbye To Comfort Dog Of 12 Years

When Onyx the black Labrador was just a puppy, she was homeless. She sought shelter when the weather was bad, and she ended up on the U.S. Coast Guard’s boat. The members on board received a mayday call, so they jumped into action with Onyx still on board. As it turned out, Onyx was the perfect companion for their missions. She ended up joining the team and serving 12 years as their comfort dog. She became such an important part … Read more

Actress Maisie Smith Posts Emotional Video Tribute After Dog Passes Away

EastEnders star Maisie Smith has been acting since she was 7 years old. Now, the soap opera actress is 18, and throughout her entire journey, one important family member was always there for her: her Jack Russell Terrier, Benny. The little dog was always by her side to cuddle with her and support her. However, after nearly 13 years together, Benny passed away. He died peacefully, but Smith was still heartbroken about it. So, she shared her feelings about losing … Read more

Hope Solo Says Emotional Goodbye To Dog Who Was Shot

Hope Solo, former soccer goalie, and her husband purchased 6 acres of land so their 5 Doberman Pinschers would have plenty of space to run. They thought it would be a fun, safe environment for the dogs. However, they never anticipated that one of their furry friends would get hurt in the process. Their dog Conan loved exploring the property. He always came back to the house happier than ever. But one day, he wandered a bit too far, which … Read more

Monty Don Posts Tribute After His Dog Passes

Monty Don, the presenter from BBC Two’s Gardener’s World, has recently suffered a tragic loss. Sadly, the dog lover had to say goodbye to his best friend Nigel out of the blue. Nigel was a beautiful Golden Retriever who often made appearances on the show, along with his two dog siblings, Nellie and Patti. Nigel’s death was very sudden, but Don said the sweet dog went peacefully. Since Nigel was one of the best parts of the show, fans were devastated … Read more

UPDATE: Raina, Canine Companion Of Ruuxa The Cheetah, Passes Away

Zoos and animal sanctuaries often pair cheetahs and dogs together. These two animals might seem like unusual friends, but many animal caretakers found that they can actually form very beneficial relationships. When a cheetah cub is rescued, dogs can be a great friend as they grow up. Dogs can help rescued cheetahs thrive and teach them to be calm and happy. While not all dog and cheetah friends are together for life, Raina and Ruuxa were. This famous dog and … Read more

Dr. Travis Gets Emotional During Tribute To His Senior Rescue Dog

Thinking about losing your dog is something that can easily make any dog parent sad. Even if you know your dog doesn’t have much time left, it’s still difficult to talk about their death without tearing up. People without dogs might not understand, but Dr. Travis Stork from the show The Doctors understands more than anyone. He had his rescue dog, Nala, for 17 years! So, losing her broke his heart every time he thought about it. Then, when his co-workers … Read more

Actress Heart Evangelista Heartbroken After Death Of Foster Puppy

As a former foster parent, I can tell you fostering an animal is a wonderful thing to do. It gives homeless animals better chances at adoption and it takes them out of shelters and puts them into loving homes, even for a bit. However, there are times when fostering can be terribly hard too. Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero, otherwise known in the Philippine entertainment industry as Heart Evangelista, spilled some sad truth about a fostering experience in her recent vlog. Through tears, … Read more

‘Young And The Restless’ Star Lauralee Bell Says Goodbye To Beloved Pup

No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for it, saying goodbye to your dog is excruciating. For this reason, a post from actress Lauralee Bell really resonated with thousands of dog parents this week. She revealed on Instagram that she recently said goodbye to her beloved dog Couver. The star, not unlike any of us would be, is devastated by her loss. Bell plays Christine Blair Williams on long-running soap opera The Young And The Restless. She took to her … Read more

Game Of Thrones “Direwolf” Passes Away From Cancer

direwolf cover

Game of Thrones fans everywhere are mourning the loss of the beloved “direwolf” named Odin. Playing a role in the hit series alongside the famous cast, Odin gained recognition around the world for his stunning appearance and tie to the show. Odin lost his battle to cancer after aggressively fighting the disease for the last 4 months. Odin was diagnosed with the deadly disease back in November of 2019, and Game of Thrones fans around the world raised nearly $12,000 … Read more

UPDATE: Scout The Super Bowl Star Has Passed Away

Scout is a lucky Golden Retriever that first had his moment in the spotlight during his dad’s WeatherTech Super Bowl Ad in 2019. He and his dad, David MacNeil, had a special bond, and MacNeil often referred to Scout as his “spokescanine.” It was all fun and games until Scout was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, given only a 1% chance of survival. But MacNeil knew he couldn’t give up on his best friend. In the summer of … Read more

Dog Who Plays Stella On Modern Family Has Passed Away

I’ve always been a huge fan of the writers who put dogs into their movies and TV shows. Well, provided they’re not just props in a horror movie (you know what I mean.) ABC’s Modern Family featured a French Bulldog named Stella, but just like anyone else on the show that dog was just an actor named Beatrice. A skilled animal actor, Beatrice booked tons of gigs. Some of her other appearances include roles on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Workaholics, and ads for Dunkin’ … Read more

Marnie The Instagram Star Peacefully Passes Away At 18

Marnie the Shih Tzu became famous thanks to her heartwarming rescue story and adorable expressions. Dog lovers all over the world fell in love with her and felt like they knew her personally. It was all thanks to her adorable photos and videos on social media. It was clear that her health was declining, but no one was prepared to lose her. Sadly, on March 5th, 2020, Marnie the beloved Instagram star passed away at 18 years old. Marnie’s Rise … Read more

Rescue Dog’s Death Inspires Woman To Write Children’s Book

Death often happens when we least expect it. We don’t go around thinking that we’re going to lose our loved ones, but then it happens and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. This is especially true for losing dogs since they live such short lives. Even though we know they won’t live forever, we still don’t know how to cope with it when we finally do lose them. However, author Amy Kite decided to use the loss of … Read more

K9 Killed in the Line of Duty Honored With Custom Casket

Hondo was a  7-year-old Belgian Malinois who joined Herriman City Police Department in 2015. Hondo was assisting US Marshals with an operation to apprehend a dangerous fugitive in Utah. He was shot and killed in the line of duty. His fellow officers asked a local auto body and paint to shop, Rawtin Garage to help honor Hondo and his service with a customized casket.  Chief of Police Chokes Back Tears as He Shares the News of Hondo’s Death The Herriman City Chief … Read more

Marine Dog With Cancer Gets Emotional Farewell

Losing a dog is one of the hardest things a person can go through. After all, dogs are there for us through every step of the way, so they deserve to be honored. This is exactly how Marine Corporal Jeff DeYoung felt when he learned that his beloved dog, Cena, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Not only had Cena been his loyal companion, but they had also served 3 tours overseas together. Cena and DeYoung’s Bond Cena and DeYoung … Read more

“Miracle” Hospice Dog Passes Away – But Her Family Is Turning Heartache Into Hope For Another Dog In Need

It takes an extraordinary soul to open their home to a dog, knowing that at any moment they’ll have to say goodbye. Hospice fosters live for the experience. Where many of us turn away because the heartbreak is too much, some people open their homes and their hearts to dogs who need love in their last days over and over and over. Two years ago I had the pleasure of making Kay Jones’ acquaintance. Kay came to iHeartDogs’ attention when … Read more

K9 Harlej Has Beautiful Memorial After Losing His Life While On Duty

K9 Harlej the Belgian Malinois was 5 years old when his career with the Fishers Police Department ended. He was one of many heroic dogs that worked hard to make a difference. He made the ultimate sacrifice by risking his life to save others. His handler, Officer Jarred Koopman, was devastated by the loss of his furry friend. Jarred’s family, friends, and co-workers all came to celebrate the life of this wonderful pooch. Harlej’s Last Mission On the day Harlej … Read more

Grieving Dad Takes Senior Dog With Cancer On One Last Walk To Vet

No one ever wants to have to say goodbye forever to their best friend. But when given the chance, many would prefer to let their beloved dogs go peacefully instead of painfully succumbing to disease. That dreaded moment of acceptance is one that sticks with you for a long time. On Twitter, Toronto resident Dale Thompson shared a glimpse of his own heartbreaking farewell moment with his 14-year-old dog Murphy. Murphy had been battling cancer for a while now. “This … Read more

Dog-Shaped Cloud Proves That All Dogs Go to Heaven

Losing a dog is a heartbreaking situation that only a true dog lover can understand. Dogs are a part of our family, and they are like our own furry children. All they want to do is show you how much they love you, which is the purest, most beautiful thing in the world. So, of course, many dog lovers believe that dogs go to heaven or that they watch over us. Luckily, a beautiful photo of a cloud confirms that … Read more

Fox Personality Dana Perino Shares What Helped Her After Her Dog’s Passing

No, our dogs don’t live as long as we do. And yes, we all know and understand this when we become dog parents. But it doesn’t make losing a dog at any age any easier. Saying goodbye to our babies is always tough. Fox News personality Dana Perino received some uplifting words on the topic after her dog Henry died in 2012. The person who provided the words of comfort was Charles Krauthammer, as she told his son Daniel Krauthammer … Read more

Tim Tebow Bids A Tearful Farewell To His Senior Dog Bronco

Athlete, Tim Tebow has had several ups and downs since beginning his NFL career in 2010. Through it all, his beloved dog, Bronco has been by his side. On Thursday, Tebow posted a heart-wrenching update to his Instagram account. After nine years together, Bronco has passed away. View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Tim Tebow (@timtebow) on Nov 20, 2019 at 4:33pm PST In a short video of the pair’s final goodbye, Tebow holds back tears … Read more

Kind-Hearted Restaurant Staff Pays For Sick Dog’s Final Supper

Elaine Potter is the mother of 10 adorable Maltese Terriers in West Sussex. Of course, they all mean the world to her and she couldn’t imagine the thought of losing them. However, 14-year-old Phoebe had been battling cancer for 8 months, and Potter couldn’t bear to see her suffer anymore. She knew it was time to say goodbye to her beautiful dog, but she wanted to give Phoebe one last exciting day first. Phoebe had a cancerous lump, and she … Read more

Lorde Delays Album Release Due To Dog’s Death

Losing a dog is a tough thing to cope with, both socially and professionally. When it comes to mourning for animals, we typically do so without formal ritual because we’re told this type of loss comes secondary. That makes it difficult to grieve publicly or take time off from work or social activities even though we’re heartbroken. The truth is, losing a dog is extremely difficult to endure, and it can be harder for some than others. There’s nothing wrong … Read more

Jennifer Aniston Wears Special Necklace to Honor Her Late Rescue Dog

In July, Jennifer Aniston lost her beloved White Shepherd named Dolly. She had rescued Dolly almost 14 years ago, so it was heartbreaking to finally have to say goodbye. So, to honor Dolly, she wore a special necklace with a pendant that had a picture of Dolly’s face. The photo is surrounded by diamonds, and she wore it on the Morning Show as a tribute to her beloved dog. Dolly was like a child to Aniston, so she will be … Read more

Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Mourn The Loss Of Their Two Cavaliers

Anyone who’s a fan of dancer/actress Julianne Hough or just high-profile dogs in general has surely heard of her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Lexi and Harley. These pretty ladies have been on TV, in magazines, and all over Instagram. Plus, they are beyond cute. Hough once gushed to Us Weekly about her beloved fur daughters. “My girls have very strong, distinct personalities. Lexi’s the active, social one while Harley likes to chill. We always say Lexi is human because … Read more

30 Strangers Help Dog Mom Say Goodbye To Her Senior Shih Tzu With One Last Walk

Alison French was heartbroken when she found out that her Shih Tzu named Looby was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. When she was first diagnosed, the vets expected she would only live a few more weeks, but luckily, they were wrong. French ended up getting three more years with Looby, but now, she is getting ready to say goodbye. It’s just as hard as it would’ve been three years ago. Looby’s Last Walk Before saying goodbye to Looby, French wanted to … Read more

UPDATE: Man Arrested for Death of Zorra the Special Needs Dog

Last week, a disabled Husky mix named Zorra was left in the backseat of a car that was stolen. After news spread about her disappearance, everyone prayed that Zorra was safe. Unfortunately, the stolen vehicle was found with Zorra deceased in the back seat. This discovery was heartbreaking for her mother, Wanda Ferrari, but luckily, the person responsible has finally been located. Ferrari had left Zorra in a rental car with the AC running for just a few minutes, and … Read more

Warning After Service Dog Tragically Killed In A Rollover Car Crash

When their final destination isn’t the vet, our dogs love riding in the car with us. And we love watching them stick their heads out the window to enjoy the sights and the breezes. Unfortunately, dogs don’t know how to protect themselves in the event of a car crash. On Thursday, October 3rd, a service dog was the unfortunate victim of a traffic accident. SAD UPDATE: A service dog who disappeared after a rollover crash in Gary, Indiana this morning … Read more