Dog Who Was Tortured And Mutilated Lays Down & Cries With His Rescuer

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The following post contains mentions of torture, abuse, and graphic images of injuries. Poor Nelson is a good dog who was done incredibly wrong by human hands. But for the abuse and cruelty dealt this three-year-old darling, he still loves people and has won every heart at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA). Nelson’s rescue began when a dog lover spotted him wandering lost and confused along a Jackson County, GA, roadside and recognized right away … Read more

Hopelessly Romantic Golden Retriever Falls In Love With The Girl Next Door

When a Golden Retriever and a Rodeshian Ridgeback in neighboring houses fell in love, not even a fence could keep them apart. The pair of pups visited each other every single day, and even shared and exchanged toys across the divide. So after this went on for a while, their families finally decided to arrange some “fence-free” playdates, and their friendship is simply the sweetest to see. How It All Started Pax’s parents started to notice a pattern. Every time … Read more

Devastated Dog Ended Up In LA River After His Human Passed Away

Many people assume their friends or family will take care of their pets if they pass away, but sadly, that’s not always the case. When a man near Los Angeles died suddenly, his dog named Nico had no one to look out for him. The dog was abandoned, and he ended up fighting for his life in the LA River. Nico’s family members wouldn’t step up to take him, but there were plenty of strangers that were happy to become … Read more

2 Year Old Waves To Deaf Puppy In Man’s Backpack, Hoping He’ll Choose Her

Moz, described as a “hairless mess,” was found as a stray. The deaf puppy was so exhausted from being on the streets that when he was rescued, he slept for 36 hours straight. The poor thing had such a rough start in life, but that was all about to change! Thom, the kind man who saved his life, gave him a warm bed to sleep in and a much-needed bath when he woke up. Thom fosters dogs and will never … Read more

Woman’s Without Words As Pit Bull Goes Nose To Nose With Baby Bird

A Pit Bull named Hugo was abandoned in a public restroom. The poor boy had been left, along with his siblings, by a cruel owner. While Hugo’s litter mates were healthy, Hugo was not. When he was found, his legs were so badly bent that they had to be taped together in order for him to slither around. After his rescue, Hugo went to live with a medical foster who promised she’d do her best to care for him. A … Read more

Man’s Incarceration Leads To Unwanted Puppy Who Prays For New Home

A man adopted a puppy he named Arnold, and was arrested soon after. His arrest turned into a lengthy incarceration, leaving the puppy without a home. A neighbor took Arnold in but soon realized he couldn’t care for him. The neighbor reached out to The Asher House for help. Lee raced over to meet Arnold. The moment Lee set eyes on Arnold, he knew that the little guy would be an excellent candidate for a new family. His squishy little … Read more

Military Dog Forced To Retire Flies Cross Country To Meet Up With Chap

Heartwarming stories are soup for the soul. And there’s nothing more heartwarming than a reunion story. Especially one that involves a hardworking dog that has served his country. Meet Bakk! A handsome boy whose days serving as a “doggy soldier” were over due to a critical injury– and it was time to give this pup a deserving thank-you gift. Bakk was flown back to the United States, thanks to American Humane’s Service Dogs for Veterans. Little did he know he … Read more

Woman Takes In Tiny Terror That Has No Regard For Her Lack Of Experience

A woman, named Ciara, wasn’t rosy on fostering a dog. Nevertheless, her husband begged her to foster a puppy and she gave in. Little did she know she was about to get into a predicament that left her a bit in over her head. Okay, more than a bit. Ciara opened her home to Louie, a puppy who required a lot of work! He needed tons of love and tons of training! The foster dog, although adorable, is a mischief-maker … Read more

Sneaky Fox Tries To Frame Dog After Trashing Family’s Home

Fox on counter

When people hear sounds in the middle of the night, they either choose to ignore them or assume the worst. Some people just think it’s their family member coming home, while others are quick to imagine it’s someone breaking into their house. However, very few people would ever guess that a random sound in their home came from a fox. And not many people would believe that story if they heard it. Luckily, Emma Slade has video proof that a … Read more

Seemingly Sweet Dog Flunks Behavior Evaluation, Nearly Bites Off Lady’s Hand

A little dog, named Duel Duel, came to Danielle after failing a shelter’s behavior evaluation. The loving woman is the founder of Unleashed Pet Rescue. The dog, although small in stature, packed quite the punch. He wanted nothing to do with anyone and lashed out accordingly. But Danielle was determined to save his life. The tiny pup was at the top of the euthanasia list at a kill shelter. If Danielle didn’t take him in, they’d have no other choice … Read more

Devoted In Life & Death, Man & His Loyal Dog Pass Away Within Hours Of Each Other

In life, Daniel Hove and his dog, Gunner, were inseparable best friends. In death, their bond remained unbroken as the two passed away within hours of each other, both unable to bear a world without the other. Now, they’ll be forever together in the great beyond that awaits us all. And while Daniel and Gunner’s tale may bring sorrow and tears, it also swells the heart with the wonder only true love can inspire. Though we mourn their loss, those … Read more

“Vegetarian Dog” Chooses Between Meat And Veggies On Live TV

Chooses meat

It’s no secret that our beloved dogs are the descendants of wolves. But with their friendly, cuddly behavior, and close companionship, we can forget that they’re not so distant from wild animals. So when a woman named Lucy adamantly claimed that her Husky, named Storm, actually preferred eating a variety of vegetables over a bowl filled with meat, hosts of British talk show “This Morning” decided to put it to the test.  It was right after a heat wave had … Read more

Heavy-Hearted Dog In ‘Baking Sun,’ Gazed With Hope As Sound Closed In

In the “baking hot” temperatures of South Africa, a dog lay by her lonesome in a heap of garbage inside a well. A concerned caller phoned Sidewalk Specials after witnessing the cruel reality of why the dog was there: she had been dumped by a callous owner that no longer wanted her. Sidewalk Specials raced over knowing the temperatures would continue to soar and the dog could not help herself. The poor girl was trapped and desperately needed a helping … Read more

With Trauma Too Deep To Cope, She Wedged Herself Between The Walls

A dog, named Kita, was found on a large piece of property. When she was rescued, she was confused and afraid. She couldn’t comprehend that these humans wanted to give her proper food and shelter, and above all, a second chance at life. Kita was too overwhelmed to handle it so she did what she had to in order to cope… she shut down completely. Her rescue journey began with her suffering and it was completely heartbreaking. Once Kita was … Read more

Golden Retriever Refuses To Let His Human Pet Another Dog

Jealous Golden Retriever

It’s no secret that most dogs love attention. Of all the humans in the world, they usually love their human’s affection above anyone else’s. So, when they see another dog trying to steal their person’s attention away from them, they need to act fast! One Golden Retriever named Bailey is extra passionate about making sure he’s his human’s favorite pet. So, whenever he sees his dad petting one of his four-legged siblings, he intervenes. Bailey’s dad posted a hilarious video … Read more

Man Plays ‘Hard To Get’ To Help Show His Rescue Llama That Humans Can Be Trustworthy


Since he was a child, Lee Asher dreamed of founding an animal sanctuary. And now that he finally has, he’s had the immense pleasure of befriending all kinds of incredible animals.  When a llama named Franky made his way to his sanctuary, Lee tried all kinds of tactics to show him that he was trustworthy. But it wasn’t until he played “hard to get” that Franky was willing to give him a chance. Franky the Llama was found by a friend … Read more

Plane Carrying 53 Rescue Dogs Executes Emergency Crash Landing

Pewaukee plane crash

It’s common for rescue dogs to travel from southern states to the Midwest to increase their chances of adoption, but those large-scale transports are no easy task. Yet, no matter the complications, animal rescuers always work hard to make sure the dogs arrive safely. A plane transporting dogs from Louisiana to Wisconsin had to crash land only a few miles from its destination. Luckily, the three humans and 53 dogs on board all survived, but there were some minor injuries … Read more

Woman Clutches Unloved Puppy That Wraps His Paws Around Her And Won’t Let Go

A rescuer with Love Furry Friends made her way down a quiet road on the outskirts of Ukraine. There, lying in the middle of a field, she found Misha. He was so tiny and all by himself. Many people don’t spay their pets in that region so strays are abundant. Puppies are frequently dumped outside of villages. Because they cannot care for themselves and most are too young to find proper resources, they succumb to the elements or starvation. Misha … Read more

Dolphin Pod Saves Humpback Mama & Calf From Aggressive Male Whales

Because you love dogs, you already know the animal kingdom is a place of instinct and wonder. Whether they’re furry or finned, some animals just sense when another is in need of help and come to their aid no matter the difference in their species. In an amazing incident off the coast of Australia, a pod of dolphins put this into action, lending their aid to a mother Humpback whale and her young calf in distress. As they were cruising … Read more

Staffy’s Adorable Sign Helps Break Breed Stereotypes

Pit Bull sign

When people walk past dogs in their yards, they often gush at how adorable they are. But sadly, breeds labeled as Pit Bulls, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, get mixed reactions when they play outside. Many dog lovers adore them, but some people look at them in fear or disgust because of hurtful breed stereotypes. Tubs the Staffy is one of many Pit Bull type dogs trying to show the world that all dog breeds can be loving and sweet. … Read more

Pit Bull Overlooked In Shelter With “Broken Heart,” Doesn’t Have Long To Live

An unwanted Pit Bull named Ava was stuck in a shelter and didn’t have long to live. Her heart was “defective” because it didn’t pump properly. A woman thankfully saw Ava’s photo online. The kind lady couldn’t fathom leaving Ava in that situation and contemplated going to get her. This loving notion was about to change the Pittie’s life forever. Before Ava arrived at the rescue, she was found as a stray down south and no one knew her back … Read more

Rescuer Promises Lonely Ram, “I’m Going To Get You Out Of There”

Visitors to the petting zoo where Huxley spent the first 10 years of his life referred to him as “The Depressed Ram.” He was completely alone and miserable with no other animal friends for company. Confined to a pen with no shelter, Huxley had utterly given up on life. The lonely ram came to the attention of Ryan at Uncle Neil’s Home, a sanctuary in New Jersey for rescued farm animals. She visited him frequently, watching through the fence as … Read more

Mom Awoke To New Dog Lookin’ Extra Comfy In Patio Chair Lounging By Pool

Amy Haden woke up early one morning and came downstairs after getting dressed. Her daughter ran over to Amy and claimed there was a dog outside their window. Amy made her way over and sure enough, a dog was lounging on the patio furniture by the pool — like he owned the joint. Well, this dog’s appearance was more efficient than a giant cup of coffee because now both ladies were wide awake! Amy told her daughter that she had … Read more

Rottweiler Gets Annoying Puppy, Holds Her Down So She Stops Wiggling

Puppies are adorable critters, especially when they’re playful and sassy. However, one Rottweiler, named Dozer, did not agree with this sentiment. When Mom came home with the sweetest little Frenchie, Dozer was not thrilled one bit. He didn’t understand what in the world this little creature could be. All he knew was that it kept moving about and bothering him, which pretty much freaked him out. The puppy, named Daisy, is the queen of playful energy. She didn’t give up … Read more

After Years Of Trauma, Lab Brothers Freeze In The Presence Of Rescuers

After being rescued from a hoarding situation, Buddy and Hobbs were both so scared that they would freeze in fear, and be unable to move. Their foster mom would have to scoop them up and carry them outside to do their business.  But after living in an environment where they were shown lots of love, and patience, their personalities are peeking through, and they’ve become playful pups. These sweet souls are so fearful because of being forced to spend the … Read more

Sick Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk Gets Her 1st Plushy, Stands Up & Runs After It

A Pit Bull named Daenerys had been cruelly left behind by her original owner. He moved out of his apartment and took all his belongings, which were more valuable to him than his own dog. Daenerys sat there, day after day, without food or water.  Her body deteriorated from starvation. Every bone showed through her skin. Daenerys would have starved to death if it weren’t for a miracle. A handyman went to the apartment to change the lock for new … Read more

Volunteer Group Cooks Thanksgiving Feast For 16 Shelter Animals & 30 Feral Cats

Everyone loves a good meal on Thanksgiving, and the dogs and cats at one rescue shelter in Springfield, GA, are no exception. In fact, these furry darlings may appreciate that meal more than we will ever know. Because when you’re searching for your forever home or living in the wild, such fine meals from kind-hearted animal lovers can be few and far between. And with that thought in mind, the Guardians of Effingham Animal Rescue got busy in the kitchen … Read more

Man Holds Down “Stone” Dog With Bottle, Snarls & Snaps Unaware Of His Intent

Homeless animals face hardships every day. Searching for essentials such as food, shelter, and water is challenging enough. These precious souls also battle untreated infections that can be life-threatening. A stray dog, later named Crumb, had succumbed to mange that was so severe, it turned his skin to stone. Rescue workers with Sidewalk Specials wanted nothing more than to help Crumb but he refused to be caught. In fact, he led the volunteers on an eight-month rescue mission. Finally, a … Read more

With Eyes Swollen Shut, Baby Fox Is Too Weak To Fight When Strangers Approach

Fox with mange

Wild animals don’t have humans looking out for them the same way pets do. So, if they get sick, recovery can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there are many kind people out there who spend time rescuing, rehabilitating, and then releasing wild animals so these critters can get a second chance at life. One example of this is a young fox who was found with a severe case of mange. She had several infections and she couldn’t open her eyes, making … Read more

Couple Refuses To Give Up On Golden Retriever Born With Backward Legs

At only six weeks old, Rexi’s owners were baffled when they noticed that their Golden Retriever pup wouldn’t use her legs to walk like the other puppies. Upon further inspection, they realized that Rexi’s legs had actually begun growing backward.   Source and Image Screenshot: Inside Edition via YouTube   Her pet parents never gave up on her, even when things looked bleak. They started a GoFundMe to help raise money for treatment, and luckily it reached its goal. The … Read more