Dying Puppy Shares One Last Day In The Sun With Her Beloved Family

One of young pup Raven’s favorite things to do was sunbathe with her furry family. A dog full of spunk, she loved frolicking with the foster dogs and cats who came to stay with her family. Even though she struggled with her own issues, Raven wanted to help other dogs find their happiness. Sadly though, this good girl’s life was cut tragically short. At only six months old, Raven’s body had grown tired from the congenital issues that made her … Read more

3 Rescues Work Together To Bring Lost Dog 150 Miles Back Home

Dogs are capable of crossing remarkably long distances on foot by themselves. It’s unfortunate we must re-learn this lesson every time a missing dog turns up over a hundred miles away from home. On September 25th, 2021, hikers found a 5-year-old German Shepherd mix named Teddy Bear lost in Wenatchee National Forest in Washington. They brought him out of the woods and into the care of the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County. The first thing the shelter did … Read more

Scroll Through The Stunning Photos Of A Pink Nosed Pup Befriending Butterflies

Milo garden

Meet Milo, the pink-nosed pup who befriends butterflies and has become a social media sensation. Once you get a good look at this photo gallery, it will be easy to see why. Milo’s mom, Jen, captures stunning photos of handsome, happy Milo interacting with the butterflies that live in their garden. One scroll through these feel-good photos is sure to leave you smiling for the duration of your day.  In many ways, Milo is like most dogs. He loves long … Read more

Several “Genius Dogs” Learn Names Of New Toys In Record Times

Genius Dog Challenge Results

In 2020, Genius Dog Challenge gathered a group of six exceptional dogs who could learn the names of over 28 toys. Some even knew over 100 toy names before joining the competition. Through live videos, researchers tested how quickly dogs could remember the names of new toys. At first, each dog learned the name of six new toys in one week. Then, they learned 12 new toys in a single week! After months passed, the dogs still remembered the majority … Read more

Firefighters Save Two Dogs Trapped On A Waterfall In Jaw-Dropping Rescue Mission

waterfall rescue

A Good Samaritan placed a call to 911 after stumbling across two pups in a desperate situation. While walking the path near Shequagua Falls, she heard the barks of two furry friends that managed to escape their owners. Not only were they on the run, but they somehow found themselves on a tiny ledge above the slippery waterfall. Unable to go anywhere but down, these pups were facing imminent danger without the help of some brave rescuers. The Montour Falls … Read more

Engineer Builds A Ski-Wheelchair So His Disabled Corgi Can Enjoy The Snow

We all know dogs age much faster than humans do, but that doesn’t make it easier for dog parents to watch. When my late pup turned 11 and lost his eyesight, I remember honestly wishing I could donate my own eyes to him just so he could see again. Two dog parents from Nebraska clearly relate to that feeling of wanting to do everything to make their older dog feel better. Ash, an 11-year-old Corgi, has been a member of … Read more

Research Confirms It: Adopting More Pets Improves Happiness!

Pets Cause Happiness Study

If you have a pet, you know that being around them brings you joy. So, it makes sense that pet parents would be much happier than pet-less individuals. Now, a new study proves that people with animals in their families are noticeably happier than those without pets. People with dogs in the study were also happier than those living with cats. This research answered a lot of important questions, including ‘what animals make people the happiest?,’ ‘do more pets mean … Read more

Bubbles Survives Hurricane Ida Trapped Under Collapsed Shed

hurricane rescue

A Good Samaritan was assessing the damage from Hurricane Ida when he stumbled across a heartbreaking sight. Underneath a collapsed shed was a terrified Pit Bull named Bubbles, desperate to be freed from his traumatizing reality. Hurricane Ida left devastating destruction in her path when it made landfall in Louisiana. 130 mph winds ripped through the area with a fury, damaging thousands of homes in the process. It is impossible for most dog lovers to understand, but many undeserving animals … Read more

Dedicated Pup Alerts His Sleeping Owner Of Blazing Fire In His Home

fire rescue

An American Bully named Rello is a two-time hero to his beloved fur dad. When a vicious fire began to rip through their home in the middle of the night, Rello knew he had to jump into action. Coy Freeman is the proud fur dad of a crew of American Bully pups. Ranging from 8-week-old puppies to 6-year-old Rello, Coy Freeman had a home filled with canine love. Coy Freeman is now visually impaired, so he often relies on Rello … Read more

Instanbul Street Dog Navigates Public Transportation Like A Pro

Public transportation can be tricky to navigate at first. After you’ve been switching trains and memorizing stops for a while though, it becomes second nature. That’s what happened with Boji, a street dog in Instanbul. The Anatolian Shepherd mix takes the public transportation in his city every day, visiting all corners of Instanbul. In Turkish, Boji refers to the middle part of the train, which is where the pup prefers to ride. Boji has even become famous for his street … Read more

Dog Stolen With Car Reunited With Her Family 9 Months Later

It’s every car owner’s nightmare that their vehicle will be stolen. But imagine how nightmarish it would be if someone stole your car and your dog. One of those is not replaceable. Sergi and Valeria Karat, a couple from New York, took a drive to Connecticut with their dog Cindy in February. Their car was stolen from a rest area in Fairfield while they stopped to pump gas. Most devastating of all was the fact that Cindy was inside the car … Read more

Italian Greyhound’s Glamorous Wardrobe Will Make Supermodels Jealous

Tika the Iggy

Tika is an Italian Greyhound who’s known for her wardrobe of over 300 outfits! While it might seem a bit excessive for a dog, these outfits have given the pup social media fame. Since Italian Greyhounds can’t tolerate cold weather well, Tika’s human always dresses her up to feel cozier. Yet, it didn’t take long for those casual dog sweaters to become runway-worthy looks. Now, Tika has over a million Instagram followers, and people are always excited to see what … Read more

Dog In “Fospice” Aims To Conquer Bucket List In Her Final Days

Fospice dog bucket list

Not all shelter pets get the happily ever after they deserve. If dogs age or grow ill in the shelter, they might not live long enough to find their forever families. That’s why many shelters and rescues have implemented fospice programs. A “fospice family” provides a loving home for a terminally ill shelter dog so they will have a great end to their life. Lala is a fospice resident at the Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. To make … Read more

Hockey Team’s New Service Dog In Training Will Melt Your Heart!

Washington Capitals New Puppy

In 2019, the Washington Capitals added a furry team member: a puppy named Captain! Captain stayed with the team as he trained to become a service dog for a veteran. Saying goodbye to Captain was bittersweet, but the team was so happy to be a part of his journey. So, they decided to go on a similar adventure all over again. The hockey team recently introduced fans to 9-week-old Biscuit, who is a Chocolate Labrador puppy. Biscuit will hang out … Read more

Formerly Homeless Veteran & His Rescue Dog Walk Across The UK Raising Money For Charity

When Christopher Lewis completed his service in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, he found adjusting to civilian life and being a single parent immensely challenging. At one point, Lewis and his daughter faced homelessness, and he worried he might lose her because of their circumstances. Fortunately, SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, helped Lewis and his daughter get through this. After the organization helped him during his lowest moments, he decided to give back while also finding a new purpose. For … Read more

Sweet Senior Dog Thinks Family Adopted Kitten Just For Him

Guinness is a good boy. He loves his family, both the humans and his dog siblings. And judging by the frost on his handsome face, he’s been taking care of his fam for many, many years. So when his family recently grew by four little paws and a set of kitty whiskers, Guinness proved to be quite excited by the addition, thinking his family adopted a kitten just for him. Because he’s the best dog, it was no surprise Guinness … Read more

Man Reunites With 150-Pound Dog Thanks To Help From The Community

Lost 150-Pound Mastiff

Zeus, the 150-pound Cane Corso, gains attention no matter where he is. It’s impossible not to stare at the giant canine in awe. But when Zeus went missing, he suddenly wasn’t so easy to find. Ryan Camaioni lost the 6-year-old dog after moving to a new home in New Milford, Connecticut. The dog grew very skittish while out on his own and sped off after every sighting. With the help of many locals, Camaioni searched non-stop for days, trying everything … Read more

Tulsa Detective Rescues Pit Bull & Her 8 Puppies From Trash Dump

dump rescue

A Tulsa Police Detective was shocked to discover a skinny Pit Bull and her eight newborn puppies living in a trash pile. Being a devoted dog lover, she knew she had to take action to save their lives. Marnie Waller of the Tulsa Police Department spotted a skinny pup wandering the area near her husband’s work. Unable to get this furry friend off her mind, she decided to investigate. After a bit of searching, Marnie and her husband discovered that … Read more

Dog Hit By Car & Left Untreated For Months Learns To Thrive Despite Paralysis

Nothing inspires quite like the resilience of a dog. They can overcome abuse and still love people, thrive through disability, and most of all, they never complain. Two whole months after a Pit-mix was hit by a car, injuring his back, he was surrendered to a shelter. The pup had never been treated for his injuries in all that time, and he essentially had no use of his back legs by the time he was surrendered. Seeing the extent of … Read more

Couple Saves Dog From Tracks Just 30 Minutes Before Train Comes

Dog tied to train tracks

Dan Winkelman knew something was wrong the moment he heard a dog barking in the distance. The barking sounded frantic, and as he got closer, he realized it wasn’t coming from someone’s yard. Instead, the sound came from the forest. The barking led Dan to the train tracks, where a dog was sitting in the middle. The dog’s leash was caught on the tracks, but it was no accident. As Dan examined the leash, he realized that it seemed to … Read more

Retired First Responder Finds His Lost Dogs During News Interview

Stolen Pit Bulls Reunited Featured

Kevin Johnson, a retired firefighter from Calaveras County, California, loves his two Pit Bulls more than anything. One is even in training to become an emotional support dog to help him deal with the trauma of more than 30 years on the job. Johnson lives on a quiet street, so he never expected his dogs to be in danger. But one day, they disappeared, and he heard a vehicle speeding away, likely with the dogs inside. He feared he might … Read more

Meet People Magazine’s Cutest Rescue Dogs Of 2021!

2021 People Cutest Rescue Dog Finalist

Last year, Lamb Chop, the puppy mill survivor, won People Magazine’s World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest. But who will win this year? People Magazine announced the top ten rescued cuties of 2021 at the beginning of September, and they recently narrowed it down to the top three finalists. All the finalists are adorable and worthy of the top spot, but only one can be crowned the winner. So, let’s take a look at all the dogs that made it into … Read more

Hero Dog Saves Feathered Friends From An Alligator Attack

Beauty, the black Labrador Retriever, is slowly recovering after saving her ducky siblings from an alligator attack. Since they were tiny ducklings, Beauty has looked after Crest, Downy, and Dot and treated them with love and care. She was even once thought to be “missing” when the ducks wandered off and got stuck in a thornbush. Beauty stayed by their sides and laid next to the bush until her parents came to find them. So, when an even bigger and … Read more

Woman Shares Emotional Reunion With Yorkie Lost Before Cross-Country Move

Woman and Yorkie Reunited

Time and distance can’t break the bond between a human and their dog. Kenyetta Tyler’s Yorkie named Coco went missing seven months ago, and she has moved across the country since then. Tyler feared she might never see Coco again. But the second someone found the Yorkie, Tyler traveled to pick her up as quickly as possible. Tyler and Coco had the most heartwarming reunion ever because neither of them could contain their excitement. Their story is a great reminder … Read more

Utah Ice Center Gives Dying Dog The Gift Of One Last Roll In The Snow

Maggie was a big, hardy pooch who loved going on outdoor adventures with her parents and many canine pals. Her life was filled with joy and excitement as she explored the beautiful state of Utah with those she cherished most. When Maggie’s journey reached its final days due to terminal cancer, her humans wanted to give her one final gift. They posted to Facebook and reached out to the Salt Lake County Ice Center with an unusual request: a mound … Read more

Dog Chosen As Mayor Of Small California Community

A community in California has chosen a dog to be their mayor! And who can blame them? Dogs are trustworthy, loyal, and protective. Who wouldn’t want those qualities in a mayor? Well, Copper, the five-year-old Golden Retriever is definitely all of that and more. Copper officially became the honorary mayor of Copperopolis on September sixth, after 1,800 people cast their votes for him to be the mayor of their unincorporated town. (This means the title is purely ceremonial.) The tiny … Read more

Amber Abroad: Part 8: A Day In The Life Of Caring For Over 200 Dogs In Thailand

amber abroad cover

My overseas adventures brought me to an incredible dog rescue on the island of Phuket! Amber Abroad: Part 7 introduced you to the tireless work performed within these shelter walls, and a few of the special pups that call the Bodhi Rescue home. Now that you have a better idea of how the Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter began, I’d like to take you through a typical day in the life of caring for the 200 plus dogs that live … Read more

3 Legged Dog Wins Animal Foundation’s 2021 “Best In Show”

When you think of dog shows, maybe you imagine the purebred-focused events you see on TV on Thanksgiving. The Animal Foundation’s annual “Best in Show” actually features adoptable rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes. “Best in Show” is the Animal Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and it’s been going on for 18 years now. The money raised goes to several important causes, like their foster program and their kitten nursery. The 2021 Event For the first time in … Read more

8-Year-Old Donates All Of His Birthday Presents To Animal Shelter

Pulaski County, Kentucky, is home to about 65,000 residents. Of those 65,000 people, there is one with an exceptionally large heart. Jacob Maggard may only be 8-years-old, but he has enough kindness and compassion within him to last several lifetimes! Jacob’s neighbor, Cheryl Sears, passed away on May 22nd. Rather than flowers, Cheryl’s family asked for donations to be made to the Pulaski County Animal Shelter, where her daughter, Kim, is the Assistant Director. Jacob was so inspired by this … Read more

Homeless Boy Adopts Puppy And Names Him After Lost Brother

Rommel and Badji

Rommel Quemenales was only 11-years-old when a documentary was released about his life on the streets. His dad left him at an early age and his mom showed little interest in her many children. So, Rommel began begging and finding money in his own ways. But he wasn’t doing it alone. During his time on the streets, he met a homeless puppy, who quickly became his best friend. Rommel named his dog Badji after his brother Adji who disappeared many … Read more