Dog Alerts Sleeping Dad In Time For Both To Escape Burning Home

If your dog starts frantically barking at you at three in the morning, you may want to resist the urge to tell them to cut it out. Ask one very lucky Orange County resident, who’s extremely grateful his dog Maggie woke him up at twilight one day this week. When Maggie barked frantically at her dad Joel Rosa while he slept, she likely saved his life. It turned out she was trying to alert him to the flames spreading throughout … Read more

Brave Golden Retriever Makes The Best Lifeguard: “I Would Trust Him With My Life”

Swimmers at beaches across Lazio and Sicily don’t have to fear — for Baloo is here! Baloo is a 4-year-old Golden Retriever who has been trained to retrieve something very special: swimmers in danger. Just like a human lifeguard, Baloo is trained to patrol the beaches and rescue people who are in need of saving.  Baloo’s dad, Simone Filesi, decided to start training Baloo as a puppy due to his love for the sea. Now, he regularly patrols the beach … Read more

Protective Golden Retriever Chases Away Home Intruder

In addition to being wonderful, loving companions, dogs can make our lives better in a myriad of ways. One amazing trait many of our canine friends possess is an inherent interest in protecting us from harm. Recently, in the Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowner Martin Jacobs suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. He and his Golden Retriever Gus had been sleeping in the kitchen while their home was being renovated. Jacobs described that moment to WCNC … Read more

Italian Lifeguard Dogs Leap From Helicopters To Save People

Rescuing people struggling to stay afloat at sea is very challenging and potentially dangerous work. Sometimes, lifeguards or Coast Guardsmen need to use speedboats, hydraulic winches, and even helicopters to pull people from the water. When it comes to something as important as saving lives, there’s no shame in getting a little help from man’s best friend. A special school in Italy specifically trains skilled dogs to perform incredible water rescues. Because of this program, even the Italian Coast Guard … Read more

Cattle Dog Championship Goes On Despite Series Of Disasters

A village in New South Wales isn’t letting any natural disaster—or series of disasters—put a damper on their championship dog competition. Rappville is located in the northern area of New South Wales, Australia, and with a population of 169 in 2016, it’s a tiny town with a lot of resilience. COVID-19 restrictions remained in place as new cases surged. However, that didn’t stop the village from hosting the NSW Working Cattle Dog Trial Championships earlier this month. The best working … Read more

11 Must-Follow Instagram Dogs That Will Inspire You To Get Outdoors

There’s nothing like getting to explore somewhere new with your dog. The world is full of so many things to be sniffed and chewed – why should we keep our pups cooped up at home? Their world could be so much bigger than the backyard – or the quick walkie they take around the block. The dogs here have the right idea. These pups are climbing mountains, swimming seas, and inspiring us to get out and do the same with … Read more

Tiny Yorkie Fights Off Coyote To Keep Her 10-Year-Old Human Sister Safe

Macy the Yorkie may be little — but she sure is fierce.  The little dog proved just that last week when she and her 10-year-old human sister, Lily Kwan, were out on a walk in their Ontario, Canada neighborhood and came face-to-face with a coyote. The coyote was chasing the pair down the sidewalk when Macy jumped into action, barking and lunging at the other canine.  Lily ran to a neighbor’s house screaming for help as the coyote grabbed Macy … Read more

Hit By A Car & Shot In The Head, She-Ra Is Truly The “Princess Of Power”

She-Ra, the pup, certainly lives up to her name and the title it comes with. Like the cartoon heroine she’s named after, this 11-month-old puppy earned the title of “Princess of Power” after surviving a horrific ordeal. Thought to be hit by a car and then shot in the head with a .22 caliber bullet, She-Ra was left for dead. Alone and in excruciating pain, she wandered until she found retired school teacher Steven Kanada. The kind Samaritan bundled her … Read more

Courageous 11-Year-Old Leaps Into Pool To Save His Dog From Drowning

pool rescue cover

A child’s love for his dog was made obvious after his quick action in a desperate moment. The family dog named Nitro slipped and fell into the backyard pool, leading to an impressive rescue from a young hero. An 11-year-old named Matheus Felipe was relaxing in his home when he heard splashing coming from the backyard. Unsure of what this commotion could be, the boy looked out the window for any sign of trouble. What happened next was caught on … Read more

“Guardian Angel” Helps Save Tiny Puppy Stuck In Drain

drain rescue cover

A traffic director in Motherwell, South Africa, helped to facilitate an impressive rescue that saved a tiny puppy’s life. After hearing of a furry friend stuck in a nearby drain, Eric Tiso knew he had to do something. Eric Tiso is not only the deputy director of the NMBM Traffic Department, but he is also a diehard animal lover. His soft spot for furry friends led a friend of Tiso’s to reach out to him with a desperate plea, as … Read more

NY Police Rescue Dog & The Owner Who Jumped Into Hudson River To Save Him

It makes you shudder to think about it, but have you ever wondered what you would do if your dog was in danger? Would you put yourself at risk to save them? Or, would you wait for professional help to arrive and risk something happening to your pup in the meantime? One dog owner opted to act fast when his pup accidentally fell into the Hudson River in New York this month. The 28-year-old jumped into the Hudson at 43rd … Read more

Dogs Who Collapsed From Exhaustion On Hot Hikes Rescued

Naturally, many of us want to take our dogs with us wherever we go, and they’re usually pretty eager to tag along as well. Now, if only our dogs could tell us when they’re ready to call it quits. Frustratingly, they need their people to know the signs of exhaustion and look out for them. After multiple incidents, a Colorado mountain rescue team asked dog parents to plan ahead when taking their dogs hiking. Even the most active dogs can … Read more

Meet TV’s “Top Dog,” Police K-9 Capone And His Handler

Personally, I’ve always believed there should be more TV shows about dogs. If that’s how you feel too, you might already know all about the show “America’s Top Dog” on the A & E network. The reality competition show features talented dogs and their handlers competing on an obstacle course designed to test their speed, agility, teamwork, and trust. In the recent third episode of the current second season, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois named Capone and his handler, Senior Police … Read more

Brave Young Boys Rescue Their Family Dog From The Grips Of A Boa Constrictor

snake rescue

Warning: Images and video footage may be disturbing to some readers. A heart-pounding video of an incredible rescue mission is making rounds across the internet. A large boa constrictor closed its grips around the body of a beloved family dog, but his dedicated humans would not let this be the end. A shocking recording out of Cambodia found its way to the dog-loving community of YouTube and TikTok. The video shows three children as they fight off a large boa … Read more

Sheriff’s Bloodhound Locates Missing 12-Year-Old During Tropical Storm

It was just a few days ago that we brought you the story of Fred, a Tennessee police K-9 who helped authorities locate a 6-year-old girl who had been kidnapped by her father. Now, we have another tale of an awesome bloodhound coming to the rescue of a young girl who went missing during a tropical storm. Into The Storm Tropical storm Elsa recently passed over Florida and during the middle of the wind and rain, a 12-year-old girl suddenly … Read more

Kayakers Rescue Senior Dog Missing Since July 4 Fireworks

Lost dog kayak ride

A group of kayakers enjoyed a ride down the Chariton River in Centerville, Iowa. Their trip took several hours to complete, but they made a new friend along the way. They found a senior dog named Ethyl trapped along the shores. So, they offered her a kayak ride, which led her home to her family four hours later. If the kayakers hadn’t been in the right place at the right time, the lost dog might’ve never found her way back … Read more

Amazing Man Drives Across State To Help Stranger Find Missing Dog

If you’ve ever lost your dog for even a few minutes, you know how excruciating the ordeal is. So we’re always happy to be able to report on heartwarming stories of dogs and their owners being reunited. One of the most amazing we’ve heard recently is that of Mike Beuerle, his dog, Charley, and an anonymous stranger who spent his own money and time, driving nearly 200 miles roundtrip to help make it happen. “A Tough Year” The story begins … Read more

Pilot Flies 1,600 Miles To Reunite Dog Who Went Missing 10 Years Ago With Family

It’s been a long journey — but Razzle the dog is finally home.  Nearly 10 years ago, Razzle went missing from his family in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Earlier this month, he was found 1,600 miles away in French Camp, California.  According to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, Razzle was found by an animal control officer recently. They scanned him for a microchip — and luckily, Razzle had one. They were then able to locate his original owners.  Clearly, the … Read more

Police K-9 Locates 6-Year-Old Girl & Her Kidnapper In Tennessee Wilderness

We report on a lot of very, very good dogs here at But one of the best of the best we’ve seen lately is Tenneessee K-9 Fred, a Bloodhound who helped local authorities find a 6-year-old girl abducted by her father. The pair subsequently disappeared into some of the state’s more remote areas of wilderness. But with Fred’s nose on the job, it was only a matter of time until the case was solved. And once he locked in on his … Read more

Dog Surrendered With 15 Pound Tumor Now Lives A Happy Life

Sadly, owner-surrenders are very common at shelters everywhere. People return or surrender their dogs for many reasons, ranging from children’s allergies to financial distress to housing that won’t allow pets to pure callousness. Despite this commonly occurring situation, a Dallas area rescue was shocked when a pup named Hattie was surrendered. Hattie’s owners brought her to a local shelter in 2018, and at the time, she had a massive tumor growing on her left side. (Warning: some may consider the … Read more

Dog Saves Cat From Roasting Alive Inside Plastic Bag As Temps Rise To Triple Digits

When Koda the Husky dog went for his usual walk on a scorching Arizona day, she didn’t set to be a hero. But when she saved a cat in need, she certainly earned the title. As Koda and her mom were strolling down the Avenue of The Fountains in Fountain Hills, the curious dog caught the scent of something amiss outside Fearless Kitty Rescue. Tugging her mom along, Koda just had to sniff the plastic trash bag she discovered near … Read more

Dog Mom Discovers That Her Baby Has The Same Birthmark As Her Late Dog

reno birthmark cover

A pair of grieving pet parents were working through the loss of their beloved Samoyed when they were met with life-changing news. After losing their dog Reno just hours earlier, the couple discovered that they were expecting a baby. The new mother from China had 12 years of beautiful memories with her beloved Samoyed pup. He was at her side during so many pivotal moments in her life, making it no surprise that he found a way to be at … Read more

Senior Dog Found In Michigan Turns Out To Be Florida Pooch Missing For 7 Years

A 13-year-old Yorkie mix named Sgt. Pepper has been reunited with his rightful owner after seven years, multiple caretakers, and more than 1,000 miles. Pepper was six when he went missing from Laurie Davies’ Florida yard back in 2014. This past Monday, he was discovered wandering down a rainy street in Charlotte, Michigan. The soggy pooch was taken in by Eaton County Animal Control, where he was routinely scanned for a microchip. This led straight to Davies, who rushed to … Read more

Finally Ready To Adopt, Woman Finds The Dog She Lost Years Ago

Dog lost for two years

Sadly, many lost dogs never find their way home. And the longer they’re missing, the harder it is to stay positive. So, when Aisha Nieves had a chance encounter with her long-lost dog, she was shocked. She assumed she would never see him again, so it was like fate. Kovu, a Pit Bull/Rottweiler mix, escaped his yard two years ago after a vehicle ran into the home’s fence. He was soon adopted out to a different family, so Nieves was … Read more

Dog Lost For 2 Weeks Discovered Tired But Alive In New Jersey Swamp

Chunk missing dog

If you’ve ever had your dog escape a pen or run out the front door for even just a second, you know the sinking feeling that hits your gut when you realize your best friend might be lost. So when Jim and Marie Zangara’s Golden Retriever, Chunk, went missing for two whole weeks, those 14 days and nights were excruciating. Chunk Hits The Road Chunk ran away on June 6 while enjoying some beachy fun with his folks in the … Read more

Teen Dives Into Lake To Rescue Stranger’s Shih Tzu From Drowning

It was a normal trip to Penllergare Valley Woods in Wales for Jane Warner and her pup, Charlie — until things took a near-tragic turn.  While relaxing by the lake, Charlie noticed some ducks and decided to chase them. This led him right into the lake, and there was one major problem: Charlie isn’t the best swimmer.  When he made his way into the deep lake, the Shih Tzu started to get caught up in the reeds. Warner began to … Read more

Lost Dog Rings Her Own Doorbell At 3am After Crazy Adventure

Dog rings doorbell

Dogs are often smarter than we think, and they sometimes surprise us in ways we don’t expect. When Rajah the 18-month-old pup was spooked by fireworks, she ran as far from home as possible. Her family worried about her for over seven hours, fearing that they’d never find her. Yet, Rajah surprised her family with a human-like action. After a day of crazy adventures, Rajah knew it was time to return home. She rang the doorbell of her own home, … Read more

Chinese Monk Gives Over 8,000 Strays A Safe Haven

A Chinese Monk named Zhi Xiang has built his life around rescuing the animals of his community. Saving animals is a part of his spiritual journey, one to which he has vowed to dedicate himself for the rest of his life. Zhi’s journey in animal rescue started in the 1990s when he began treating injured street cats in his neighborhood. The once-small stray animal population in his community has since grown to astonishing numbers over the last 30 years, leading … Read more

Missing Puppy Returns To Her Family 11 Years Later As A Gray-Faced Senior

Even with useful microchipping technology, finding lost dogs can be a huge challenge. A scared dog’s instinct is to run, and a plethora of new smells can overwhelm them and lead them astray. There’s also the possibility of a lost dog being stolen or even taken in as a perceived act of charity. Crumpet, a Jack Russell Terrier, was just a puppy when she vanished from her own garden in Dorset. Her mom, Sarah Covell, went to check on the … Read more

Psychic’s Vision Helps Woman Steal Her Dog Back From Thieves

Stolen dog found by psychic

Eco the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has one of the craziest stories to share. She was stolen in the middle of the night when her human’s back was turned, but her mom was able to steal the dog back after a month of searching. Oddly enough, a psychic predicted exactly where Eco was located. The whole situation was incredibly bizarre for everyone involved. Now, Eco’s family is raising awareness about dog thefts to ensure that this never happens to anyone else. … Read more