Mighty Zoo Lion Proves He’s Still King Of The Jungle With Epic, Earth-Shaking Roar

Lion Roar

It’s no secret that lions are at the top of the food chain on the African savanna. Between their majestic manes and mighty roars, it’s clear that they possess incredible power and ferocity. In fact, one particular lion at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago has a particularly impressive roar that he loves to show off to visitors.  But zoo guests aren’t the only ones impressed with his epic roar. Multiple times per day, a proud, mighty lion climbs atop a … Read more

Puppy Left To Die 30 Years Ago Is Now The Oldest Living Dog EVER!

New Oldest Dog Ever

The title for “oldest living dog” has changed several times throughout the past year. Every time one is announced, someone else realizes that their dog is older. But the most recent winner surpassed all the other senior dogs by a long shot. Not only is he the oldest living dog, but he’s also the oldest dog ever! As of February 1st, 2023, Bobi broke the record at 30 years and 266 days old. Bobi is a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, … Read more

Dog With A Cold Was Going To Be Put Down If He Didn’t Find A Home

Sarah tells a beautiful story about her dog Ranger. Ranger was found after his callous owners moved away and left him behind. He was taken to the animal control shelter where he was about to be put down because he had a contagious “doggy cold.” A volunteer named Kelsey stepped in and saved the dog just in time. Kelsey, who became Ranger’s foster mom, made a page for Ranger on Instagram to aid in his adoption. Sarah who follows rescue … Read more

Brothers Separated After Rescue Get A Familiar Whiff At Park

Rachel with Sidewalk Specials encountered two dogs chained to a log. Although they were unable to harm Rachel, they were so aggressive that she didn’t completely trust the situation. However, she soon realized their behavior was strictly stemming from fear. The rescuer cautiously approached the dogs to give them food. They lunged at her but it was purely from starvation. They couldn’t devour the food fast enough! Poor babies! Once they were fed, both dogs calmed down a bit. Their … Read more

Puppy Won’t Stop Barking At Outlet Until Family Realizes They’re In Danger

Puppy warns family of fire

A 10-month-old Great Pyrenees has always been loyal and protective around her family. She’s always by their sides, and she loves cuddling with them. However, her humans never anticipated that she would one day save their lives. Willow always greets her humans at the door, so when Caitlyn Radel-Paaby didn’t see her puppy when she entered the home, she grew worried. She checked on her boyfriend and infant son, but Willow wasn’t in the room with them either. Eventually, she … Read more

Rescued Doberman Grabs Baby Sister & Slings Her Away From Deadly Snake

Doberman Pinscher Khan was rescued from a bad situation in which he’d been cruelly abused. But one family took a chance on this sweet boy, even knowing that some formerly abused dogs may become aggressive due to their traumas. And when Khan grabbed his 17-month-old sister by the diaper and slung her over his shoulder, Atherton, Australia mom Catherine Svillicic was stunned. But it’s not what you think. Khan wasn’t attacking the girl. He was saving her life from the … Read more

Animals Flee Burning Barn But One Horse Remains Trapped, Frozen In Fear

Fires are scary! They’re extremely hot, it’s hard to see, and it’s hard to breathe. So it should come as no surprise that a horse, an animal that’s naturally nervous, would be terrified. The barn that was ablaze was completely destroyed, but not a single horse was injured. Though, it was a close call for 22-year-old Phoebe, who was stuck in her stall.  Luckily, two brave policemen didn’t hesitate to run straight inside. It was almost 11:00 am when officers … Read more

Territorial Dog Won’t Let Anyone Into His Yard Until Dog Trainer Steps In

Cesar Millan with German Shepherd

Dealing with an aggressive or territorial dog can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. The longer behavior issues are ignored, the more work it’ll take to fix the problem. So, that’s why trainers like Cesar Millan specialize in helping aggressive dogs. There’s a lot of need for it. In an episode of one of Millan’s shows, Cesar 911, he works with an aggressive German Shepherd named Ovechkin. Ovechkin is severely territorial of his home and his human … Read more

Dog Chose Woman With Cancer To Be Her Mom Except She Belonged To Someone Else

A neighborhood stray named Georgia kept sneaking into Laurette’s yard. The dog pushed her way in through the fence, walked over to Laurette, and wagged her tail. It was as if she had something to tell her. Laurette reached out to her neighbor to see if he knew the dog. He then explained that the street dog was staying with him temporarily until he could figure out a permanent solution. Even though it was obvious that Georgia was craving her … Read more

Lost Puppy Heads To His Vet’s Office In Brilliant Effort To Find His Way Home

When a five-month-old puppy wandered away from his Bang Pu, Thailand home and couldn’t find the way back, this brilliant dog sought help at a place he recognized—his veterinary clinic! As dogs will sometimes do, the Thai Ridgeback puppy slipped out onto the streets alone and got lost. And though he couldn’t find his home again, when the pup spotted the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic, he knew he’d found somewhere familiar that could help him reunite with his mom. While most … Read more

Your Pet Can Help Pay The Bills If They Become PetSmart’s Chief Toy Tester!

PetSmart toy tester

Pets seem to sigh heavily quite often for individuals who don’t have to pay bills or do chores. Yet, we still pamper them no matter how lazy they are. But what if they could maintain their laidback lives while earning a little money off it? PetSmart recently announced a dream job for dogs and cats alike, and their humans will be pleased with the benefits. The popular pet supply company is looking for two “chief toy testers,” one dog and … Read more

Biker And Her Pup Are Supporting Young Women By Riding Around The World

Moxie and Mom

People love to travel with their pets. You can jet away on an airplane with your dog, strap them into the backseat of your car, and even pull them behind you in a trailer while you pedal your bicycle. But it’s not every day that you see a 75-pound German Shepherd sharing the seat of a motorcycle with their mom.   Almost everyone who passes them does a double-take.  Jess Stone, a content creator and businesswoman originally from Canada, is riding … Read more

Footage Shows Doberman Fake Death To Survive Brutal Mountain Lion Attack

California is no stranger to the happenings of wildlife. With a vast array of landscapes and sprawling neighborhoods taking over much of the area, Tujunga, California sits within the borders of Los Angeles. Despite the bustling city life, wildlife still calls the city it’s home. Unfortunately, that spells trouble for many four-legged family members. One family learned this lesson the hard way when their Doberman was recently the victim of a brutal attack. A Sneak Attack Just Before Dawn The … Read more

Stray Puppy Shows Up On Woman’s Doorstep And Begs To Be Rescued

A woman named Bethany was greeted outside her door by a stray puppy she had never seen before. He was skittish so Bethany set up a little home for him on the porch, where he seemed to feel most safe. The puppy was surely leery of Bethany and his new surroundings. A few nights later, Bethany’s son Carter was allowed to meet the puppy. The two bonded and this helped the dog, now named Ryder, to come out of his … Read more

Deer Rescues Bunny From Hawk In “True Bambi And Thumper Story”

Ah, nature. It’s a place of beauty but also one of peril that spawns tale after tale. From the fictional wonders wilderness inspires to the true-life stories of wildlife doing the incredible, the wild world never disappoints. And this video from a security camera in Wisconsin’s Nordic Mountain County Park brings us another unbelievable moment that reminds us that while nature is vicious in its instincts, those same instincts can also be used to protect defenseless prey caught in the … Read more

Cancer Survivor May Be The Oldest Living Dog After Her Recent Birthday

Oldest dog has birthday

A tiny dog named Lady Bug may be the new oldest living dog in the world. Despite being a rescue, she has some records from her past life. Her human, Mary Jo Hughes, says the dog recently turned 23 or 24 years old. Lady Bug got a special birthday celebration with a birthday hat and a cake bearing her photo. Now that she has reached such an impressive age, her vets are looking into her files to see if they … Read more

Mama Deer Panics And Runs Off When Her Tiny Fawn Gets Trapped In Net

A tiny fawn, merely a few days old, was exploring the neighborhood with his mom when he became tangled up in a soccer net. The frightened baby cried out while his mother paced around him, unsure of what to do. Thankfully, the homeowner heard the little fella crying and came outside. The woman called her husband, who was out for the day, to come home and help free the baby. Her hubby raced over and went to work immediately. He … Read more

Brave Dog Mom Saves Pomeranian From Clutches Of Eleven-Foot Python 

This tale is not one for the squeamish, so if you fear snakes, beware. But also know this story comes with a happy ending despite involving an eleven-foot coastal carpet python and a tiny victim. Ferrari the Pomeranian was enjoying a walk with his mom and two dog siblings at the Noosa Woods dog beach in Queensland, Australia when the python snapped its jaws shut on his little head. The snake quickly wound around Ferrari’s body and began to suffocate … Read more

One-Eyed Deaf Dog Was Given Up On When Owner Gets A New Girlfriend

Aster’s owner marched the cute puppy into the vet’s office and demanded she be euthanized. The reason: Aster is blind and deaf. The vet refused. He understood that blind and deaf dogs could still have quality of life, and make wonderful additions to the right family. The veterinarian reached out to several local rescues to help Aster and she was taken in. The rescue’s next step was to find her a forever home. A wonderful woman named Krysten stepped up … Read more

Devoted Dog Leads Search Party 2 Miles Across Unforgiving Desert To Find His Lost Dad

El Palomo

The love and loyalty of our canine companions is absolutely unwavering. Combine that with an amazing sense of smell, and you have the perfect combination for finding a lost loved one.  So when one doggy dad had been lost in the Sonoran Desert for almost a week, and search parties were unable to find him, they turned to his furry best friend for help.  On November 27th, Gregorio Romero left his home in Moctezuma, Mexico to take a long, leisurely … Read more

Her Brother Whispered “If You’re Too Sick To Get Up, I’ll Lay Here With You”

An emaciated Pit Bull was saved from the shelter and taken in by an amazing foster family. She was so thin that she couldn’t walk on her own. Her fosters named her Khaleesi. They knew that had to feed her as often as possible. Thankfully the food motivated her to walk. She was, after all, starving! “Bribing” Khaleesi with food worked miracles. She was eventually able to climb stairs and even keep up with her brother, Sonny. The sibling’s blossoming … Read more

Brilliant Border Collie & His Mom Win World Championship With Sinister Mirror Image Dance

Jessy the Border Collie and his human Elke Boxoen really have the moves. They’ve danced their way through the ranks and claimed titles from top-level dog dancing competitions. And while they’re professionals with a World Champion prize for Freestyle Dance on their record, you can still see they’re having so much fun cutting those rugs! And once you watch this video of their 2019 FCI DogDancing World Championship, you’ll see why Jessy and Elke are some of the best in … Read more

Stray Dog Spots Lost Toddler And Vows To Protect Him

Lost boy and stray dog

Many dogs have a protective instinct over humans, especially children. So, when a stray Pit Bull saw a toddler wandering around by himself, wearing only his pajamas, the dog knew he couldn’t leave the kid alone. The stray dog followed the boy around and instantly formed a special bond with him. The Pit Bull didn’t leave the boy’s side even when help arrived. He stayed there to support the toddler until the boy was placed back in his dad’s arms. … Read more

Heartwarming Video Shows Unexpected Animals Asking Humans For Help

Animals ask for help

It can be hard to ask for help, but between humans, it’s easy to understand what someone else needs by talking about it. However, animals aren’t able to ask for help as directly, no matter how much they want to. When an animal seeks assistance from humans, it’s a heartwarming experience, but it takes some time to understand what that creature is trying to say. In an adorable video from Inside Edition, five animals ask for help in unique ways. … Read more

After Eight Years Among Wild Mustangs, Beloved Horse Returns Home

Here at iHeartDogs, we love sharing touching stories from all corners of the animal kingdom with you. Today, we bring you the tale of a horse who came home to his family after spending eight years among wild mustangs. Such a story proves animals have more heart than so many give them credit for. And we’re so lucky the furry and four-legged want to be our friends. Mongo, a quarter and half-Percheron-bred horse, is happy to be home with horse … Read more

Fighting Dogs Told To Stay And Be Gentle As Tiny Kitten’s Placed Between Them

Two Pit Bull brothers, named Keiko and Niko, were being sold as ‘fighting dogs.’ A kindhearted woman named Tawny saw their post online and knew she had to help. She only had room for one puppy so she adopted Keiko. But then two months later, Niko was still waiting for a home. Tawny couldn’t fathom where he might end up, so she went and picked him up immediately. The brothers’ reunion was incredible. They snuggled up to one another, relieved … Read more

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