Woman Jumps In Front Of Giant Alligator To Save Her Dog

Woman saves dog from gator

Unprovoked alligator attacks are rare in Florida, but when they occur, it’s a big deal. New Florida residents are often unaware of the risks associated with walking near water, so they might not be as careful as they should be. One woman and her dog found that out the hard way. An alligator pounced at the woman’s dog, but the woman used her body as a shield to protect her furry friend. Now, the dog is safe, but the woman … Read more

Man Rescued Dying Stray Husky And ‘Transformed Her’ Into The ‘Most Gorgeous Dog’

On his way home from work, Rico Soegiarto encountered a Siberian Husky half-buried in the road in Denpasar, Bali. She was severely malnourished, had numerous scars all over her body, and was completely bald. This poor dog was a Siberian Husky, but she appeared so awful that you couldn’t tell. Rico made up his mind to save her on the spot.     Image/Story Source Credit: Rico Soegiarto (Thank you for sharing your story!)     Rico already had four … Read more

6-Years After Raising Wild Gorilla He Introduced His Wife & Despite Warnings, She Got Too Close

Damian Aspinall’s work with gorillas started when he and his family founded the Aspinall Foundation in 1992. The Aspinall Foundation worked to increase gorilla numbers by releasing zoo-raised gorillas into their natural habitats.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Aspinall Foundation / YouTube


In a surprising turn of events, Damian and his wife, Victoria, recently met up with two reticent gorillas in the wild that they’d released years ago.


The two gorillas, named Djalta and Ima, were raised by Damian when they were just. . . WOW! Click here to read more >>

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Stray With Paralysis ‘Slithered’ To Food When Woman Saw Him Suffering Alone

Homeless animals have enough to contend with. Finding adequate shelter, food, and clean water is challenging enough. Doing so is dangerous for healthy strays but imagine what it would be like for a dog that is paralyzed! It would be impossible. Yet a dog, later named Kuya Bon, fought to stay alive despite his disability. He was left all by himself when his owner deemed him useless after a car had hit him.


Image Story/Source Credit: YouTube Video


Kuya Bon’s callous owner couldn’t be bothered with a dog that needed so much care. He kicked him out of the only home he had ever known. By the time he was spotted by a kind individual, he had been on the streets for a very long time. He had to deal with so many rainy days, especially during the monsoon season. It’s a miracle he survived this long.


Image Story/Source Credit: YouTube Video


A kind woman saw the dog from afar and got a bowl of food for Kuya Bon. She went over to him and put the bowl down. She wanted to see how bad his legs were. Despite his struggles, Kuya Bon slithered to the bowl of food and ate happily. The woman knew he needed urgent veterinary care. She would spend her own money to help him.


Image Story/Source Credit: YouTube Video


While waiting for Kuya Bon to have x-rays done, the woman called a local rescuer. She begged for his help knowing she couldn’t keep Kuya Bon and he did not belong back out on the streets. The rescuer agreed. Kuya Bon is recovering as we speak at the vet clinic. It’s uncertain where he will end up but what IS FOR SURE is that he will never be back out on the streets again! To see Kuya Bon’s rescue, please scroll down. We are so thankful that he is now safe.

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Gut-Wrenching Video Shows Yorkie Escape Bald Eagle’s Talons

Bald eagle grabbing Yorkie

When most people hear horror stories of wild animals hunting pets, they often assume it’ll never happen to them. The chances are so rare that it’s not even a worry in most pet parents’ minds. Yet, those who have experienced these horrific situations always wish they would’ve been careful sooner. A family recently witnessed a bald eagle scoop up their beloved Yorkie puppy. But to their surprise, the puppy returned home instead of becoming the bird’s lunch. People are calling … Read more

Service Dog ‘Calms’ Veteran With Survivor Guilt Before He Can Have A ‘Panic’ Attack

For Erick Scott, reintegrating into civilian life was extremely difficult. His experiences in the military had left him both mentally and physically bruised. To make matters worse, his soul was absolutely consumed by an intense quantity of survivor’s guilt after many of his friends in combat.   Image/Story Source Credit: USA Today via YouTube Video     Erick was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after, but the mix of medications he took did little to help. He would awaken from his nightmares … Read more

Orphaned Elephant Didn’t Have A Single Friend, Then A Dog Climbed On Her Head

Bubbles was an orphaned Elephant that was discovered by some animal lovers and rescuers who were working in Africa when she was a young calf. Her vicious poachers killed her parents, making her survival all the more difficult — especially because elephants can only survive on social interaction.   Image/Story Source Credit: Bouju1 via YouTube Video     Poaching has devastated elephant populations around the world, and there are simply not enough rehabilitation facilities to save all of them. However, … Read more

Wild Leopard Attacks Tiny Puppy On Security Cam, Mom Comes To The Rescue

In an incredible video of a fearless rescue, a female momma dog defended her pups from a Leopard on the India estate. The leopard was after the mother’s helpless puppy.   That same leopard didn’t realize that this mama dog wasn’t going to let her pup go without a fight.   Image/Story Source Credit: Patrick S via YouTube Video     In the mountains of India, a variety of wildlife roams the landscape, including lions, tigers, and leopards. Sometimes, they … Read more

Woman Adopts Puppy That Kept Getting Sent Back To Shelter, Learned She’s No Ordinary Dog

Dogs go through a lot of energy in the early phases of their lives. When this energy is not redirected, dogs can become destructive or begin to ‘misbehave.’   Image/Story Source Credit: Penny Loggins on IG and YouTube Video     Penny was one of the countless dogs who were dumped in a shelter as strays at ten weeks old. She moved from family to family as she received re-surrendered to the shelter due to her destructive nature.     Image/Story … Read more

Bait Puppy Collapses In Front Of Stranger’s House And Homeowner Rushes To Save His Life

Sweet Jax is a Pit Bull puppy who defied what many believe are impossible odds to survive. He’s a five-month-old Pit Bull pup with injuries so bad that many people and dogs would have died without immediate medical care. His face and neck were slashed, his eyes were closed shut, and he was breathing heavily.   Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video     His tail was the only indication that he was alive. The vet informed me that his condition … Read more

Man Breaks Down Neighbor’s Door To Rescue Dog From Burning Home

Neighbor saves dog from fire

Some neighbors are kind enough to let you borrow their tools when you need them, but others are willing to risk their lives to save your dog. The latter is true dedication! A neighbor that kind seems like something out of a fiction story, but Mike Richter recently proved that selfless people like that exist. Richter knew how important his neighbors’ dog was to them, so when their home went up in flames with their dog still inside, he did … Read more

Ewing Police Detective Rescues Petrified Pup Trapped In A Blazing House Fire

Every once in a while, a hero comes along whose bravery and selflessness are simply unmatched. And when that hero involves themselves in the welfare of animals, an entire society of pet-lovers worldwide gathers to rally. One such hero is Detective Julia Caldwell of the Ewing, NJ, police department. Caldwell made headlines earlier this month when she saved the life of a beautiful shepherd mix caught in the throes of a house fire. At nine in the morning on June … Read more

Dog Escapes Pet Hotel And Travels 2 Miles To Ring His Own Doorbell

Dog runs home from hotel

Choosing a safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation is crucial. However, even the most secure facilities can’t hold back some determined dogs. As soon as Jeremy and Sarah Henson left their dog, Dexter, at a Kansas pet hotel in February, the pup began planning his escape. After Jeremy and Sarah left their home, they got a notification from their Ring doorbell. They were shocked to see that somehow, their dog was outside their home, despite … Read more

Stolen Puppy’s Miraculous Return Home Made Possible Thanks To Social Media

Yorkie thrown into puddle

Korben the Yorkie puppy is only six months old, but he has already been through a lot. He receives plenty of love at home, but he recently met someone who wasn’t so kind to him. One morning, Brandi Major’s daughter let the pup out into the yard instead of taking him on a morning walk. It seemed harmless at the time, but he vanished when her back was turned. When Major arrived home later, Korben was nowhere to be seen. … Read more

Mom Turned Back To Get ‘1 Last Look’ At Her Babies And Wished Them A “Happy Life”

People still pass by the stray dogs without noticing them, but some people are trying to help. One woman returned for more water not long after finding two of the most stunning pups, setting off a chain reaction she never thought possible.   Mama dog had grown up on the streets her entire life. Sure, she fought back, but she had no desire to alter her lot in life. She took excellent care of her pups and guided them to … Read more

Dog Groomer Opened Shop In ‘Middle Of Night’ To Give Stray Dog Haircut & Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

A couple was driving down a highway in Florida’s Oviedo region when they came upon something that stopped them in their tracks. They noticed a dog walking along the side of the road and nearly colliding with traffic, and they did not know where he was going. They abruptly pulled over to see if everything was alright with the animal.   Meet Lucky, THIS is his INCREDIBLE story and you’ll LOVE the happy ending below! 😍   Image/Story Source Credit: … Read more

Dog Hops Into An Austin Animal Services Vehicle And Makes Himself Comfortable

After a recent flooding in Texas, Austin Animal Services drove to the affected area to see if any dog parents needed assistance. WA2S Films rode along for this adventure to get this outreach mission on video. They weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but they sure didn’t plan on having a furry passenger join them. As they were driving, a dog hopped in the vehicle, making himself very comfortable. In fact, he was so comfortable that he refused to leave! … Read more

Dad Builds Very ‘Special Solution’ For His Rescue Dog Overwhelmed By Anxiety

We all love our dogs and many of us will do anything to make them more comfortable at home. Meet Sean Farrell who took it to another level for his best friend Sgt. Buster. This is their story!   Sean is a die-hard dog lover, and once you see what he’s done for his family at home, you’ll understand how much that affection runs deep. When Sean met Sgt. Buster, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was just his foster dad. … Read more

Lab Charges At Coyote When He Hears His Dog Friend Scream In Pain

Coyote picks up Boston Terrier

We often believe our furry friends are safe in their yards, but that’s not always the case, even if it’s fenced in. A family in Huntington Beach, California, almost lost one of their small dogs after a coyote scaled the fence looking for trouble. The coyote tried to pick up the pup and carry her away. But luckily, the family’s bigger dog refused to let that happen. He charged toward the wild animal and scared it. Luckily, everyone survived the … Read more

Husky’s Collar Saves Her From Fatal Gunshot Wounds

It’s amazing how one tiny detail can change the outcome of an entire situation. For a Husky named Coconut, it was the fact that she wore a collar. Coconut and her Husky siblings often get into trouble, but this one mischievous plan led to her getting shot. If she hadn’t been wearing a sturdy GPS collar, the shots would’ve been fatal. Of course, the collar isn’t designed to be bulletproof, but it was an incredible coincidence. Now, Coconut is safe … Read more

UPDATE: Dog Who Lost Leg While Saving Lives In Afghanistan Passes Away

UPDATE 7/21/2021 – After 14 wonderful years on this planet, Lucca the German Shepherd passed away of old age. She received a full military burial at the Michigan War Dog Memorial. The brave pup deserves this honor after leading 400 patrols and losing her leg on the job. Marine Master Sergeant Chris Willingham carried the canine hero’s ashes to the burial site as many friends and colleagues paid their respects. During the ceremony, fellow dogs of war walked in a … Read more

Adults Cringed At Kitty Too “Terrifying” To Look At So Little Girl Stepped Up

A tiny kitten was abandoned on the cruel streets of Istanbul. She eked out a living in an Istanbul alleyway, where she tried to survive as best as she could. Although other strays were able to benefit from passers-by, this kitten was completely neglected. The reason for this: She looked too awful to look at. The kitten was born with facial abnormalities and one ear as a result of no fault of her own. She was malnourished and infested with … Read more

Woman And Dog Fight To Survive For 18 Hours In Treacherous Canal

Woman and dog trapped in canal

When people jump into fast-moving water to save dogs, it puts them in danger too. However, in the moment, you don’t have time to think. So, dog lovers often jump in after their struggling canines because they love them so much. There are many stories of humans and their dogs being rescued from the water as quickly as possible. But a woman and her dog in Arizona didn’t have that luxury. When the woman jumped into a canal after her … Read more

Firefighters Save Dog Trapped In Submerged Vehicle For 20 Minutes

Dog in submerged car

Thanks to an incredible team of volunteer firefighters, a small dog survived in a submerged vehicle. After a car fell in the water, seemingly caused by a crash, the driver made it out safely, but their furry friend was still trapped inside. Luckily, the pup found an air pocket to hide in, which helped him survive for longer than expected. The firefighters arrived just in time to save the little canine’s life. These heroes deserve so much recognition for their … Read more

Hero Cops Smash Window To Rescue Mother Dog And Her Puppy From Hot Car

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a mother dog and her puppy from the back seat of a hot car earlier this month. Although the car was parked in an enclosed parking garage, the temperature outside was nearly 96 degrees. A kind guard noticed the dogs in distress and called the police right away.  The car was parked in a lot for the Wild Wild West Gambling Hall — and the … Read more

Dog Is Put Into Inmate’s Jail Cell, Inmate Sees The Dog And ‘Swiftly’ Grabs Him

A dog’s unwavering devotion and unselfish love might be one of humanity’s most purifying forces.


This makes perfect sense when we consider the power of mixing dogs and prisoners. Since 1939, “Leader Dogs for the Blind” has utilized canines to assist in jail rehabilitation, according to this inspiring concept. And it certainly appears to be a win-win situation!


Image Source/Story Credit:   Leader Dogs For The Blind Channel via YouTube Video

Inmate volunteers are helping to expand the program, which is funded by numerous generous contributions. Prisoners learn how to become service dogs while also producing hundreds of puppies each year.

This not only offers the inmates a sense of purpose, but it also lowers their chances of recidivism upon release. What stands out most, though, is the strong emotional bond that has developed between them and the pups!

Image Source/Story Credit:   Leader Dogs For The Blind Channel via YouTube Video

This program, which is sponsored by a variety of generous contributors, allows inmates to breed hundreds of puppies every year while also teaching them how to become service dogs. This not only gives the criminals a sense of purpose, but also reduces their risk of recidivism when they return home. The strong emotional bond that has developed between the prisoners and the pups stands out most!

Image Source/Story Credit:   Leader Dogs For The Blind Channel via YouTube Video

This remarkable initiative tries to restore offenders into society as assets, rather than perceiving them as a despised liability. The inmates are never alone while learning how to train dogs for the real world since they will never feel alienated from society.

This is rehabilitation in its most fundamental form, and it has helped millions of people across the world — both inside and outside jail facilities!

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Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family

We told the shocking story of a puppy found buried alive on a Hawaiian beach earlier this year. Although the machete-wielding abuser has not been identified, this story has a very happy ending. We are thrilled to share that this spirited dog is living a happy and healthy life with the loving family who fostered her. Buried Alive by Machete-Wielding Abuser In case you missed the original story, a passerby on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii spotted a machete-wielding man burying … Read more

Cuddly Family Pup Is So Ginormous People Don’t Believe He’s Real 

It’s not surprising that the photos of an enormous dog and his two younger sisters have recently gone viral. The gentle giant towers over his family in the images, which have already amassed thousands of likes.  For some, the photos are quite comical. To others, they’re completely unbelievable. Some people are even speculating whether or not he’s actually a dog or if something so large and loveable could even be real! Meet Barney The Boerboel While it may be hard … Read more

Woman Rescues ‘Dying’ Chained Up Dog And Dog Grabs Her Hand To Say “Thank-You”

A woman on a lonely stretch of road saw several dogs chained to a pole, each on 2-foot chains, in the sweltering heat. The canines appeared unhappy, but she assumed their owner would be close by. It occurred to her that the dogs may have been abandoned later that night, preventing her from getting any rest throughout the remainder of the night.     Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Viral Hog Viral   On the following day, she returned … Read more

Man Takes Dog Out Of Stroller And Bends Down To Him Thinking That No One Is Watching Him

A Houston resident snapped a photo of a man and his dog at Discovery Green, and people wanted to know more. The truth behind the man, dog, and stroller was spellbinding to hundreds of thousands of individuals.



Doug Delony posted to Facebook saying: “Most afternoons I take a run through Discovery Green, and most afternoons I see this guy with a stroller but no baby. He brings this beautiful… what appears to be… disabled pup to the park. He lets it sit in the grass and take in the smell and the sound. Here he is giving it water out of a small cup he brings with him. An adorable dog and a nice guy- God bless ’em.”




The man’s devotion to and care for his blind dog has restored my faith in humanity.







“He’s part of our family,” said Edie Mayo of 16-year-old Max. “He’s my best friend. He’s taught me life lessons that I will never forget.”



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