Pit Bull Breaks Breed Stereotypes By Saving Human’s Life

Astro the Hero Pit Bull

Astro might not look like a hero, but his family knows he is. Like many Pit Bull mixes, people are quick to look at Astro and judge him or fear him. Yet, the loyal rescue dog has done everything he can to prove that he’s just a sweetheart. But his loyalty stretches far beyond his ability to cuddle and give kisses. As it turns out, he also has some quick-thinking abilities. When Astro’s human was in trouble, the pup knew … Read more

Police Dog Stabbed In The Line Of Duty Is Making A Full Recovery

argo police k9 cover

A Fresno Police Dog named Argo was fighting for his life after a run-in with a violent criminal. After being stabbed by a suspect and attacked by another dog, the Fresno Police Department feared they would lose one of their own. Officer Sturgeon and K9 Argo responded to a call involving a man holding a woman against her will. After discovering the suspect in question already had warrants out for his arrest, the duo drove to the scene in an … Read more

Lost Dog Returns Home After Five Years & 823 Miles

If only dogs could talk to us. Then, we could find out what they are thinking or what their pasts were like. But most importantly, lost dogs could tell us all about their adventures. Sam the lost Lab and Husky mix, traveled 823 miles for nearly 5 years before finding his way home. He got lost in Georgia and somehow ended up all the way in Ohio! When his dad heard that the pup was found, he couldn’t believe it. … Read more

Missing Terrier Trapped Under Fallen Rocks Found After 3 Days

Search and rescue volunteers with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) risk it all to save others’ lives at sea. Sometimes, they even get to prove their commitment to rescuing all those in need by saving distressed animals. In April 2021, a man and his dog were reported missing near Skinningrove in North Yorkshire, England. Incredibly, just as temperatures dipped below freezing, the Redcar RNLI lifeboat located the missing man (alive!) on April 9th using thermal imaging. However, they did … Read more

Shelter Staff Is Shocked To Find A Bullet In Rescue Dog’s Abdomen

sarge rescue cover

A 5-year-old Lab Mix named Sarge offered an unexpected discovery during his routine neuter procedure. His uncertain past was made clear while on the surgical table, revealing a previous injury that no one saw coming. Sarge was placed in the care of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay earlier this year. In transferring from a rescue in Northern Florida, the shelter staff did not have much information about his past. Sarge’s wagging tail and lovable personality won over each caretaker … Read more

Dog Saves Family From Fire, Then Disappears For Two Months

Boxer lost after fire

About two months ago, the Bice family’s home caught fire while they were sleeping. But thanks to their furry friend, they made it out alive. Tank the Boxer barked and acted crazy to alert his family of the flames. But after the fire, Tank was still scared and confused. So, he took off, hoping to find the damaged home in one piece again. But Tank’s adventure caused him to get lost for almost two months! His family spent that time … Read more

“Hero” Dog Who Helped 5 Others Escape From Hoarding Finds The Perfect Home

Animal hoarding is a very serious form of cruelty. Sadly, an estimated 250,000 animals fall victim to this phenomenon every year. Animals in hoarding situations suffer without proper sanitation, veterinary care, or nutrition. They often suffer silently too, without their neighbors even knowing what they’re going through. Serendipitously, Tonie Quinlin was outside her Colombus home on November 13, 2020, when she saw a dog hanging out of a window across the street. The 1 ½-year-old black Retriever mix had broken … Read more

Tinder Date Ends With Woman Jumping In River To Save Date’s Dog

Blind dates are already hard enough. The awkwardness of the whole thing has kept more than a few of us single. So we really feel for Lizzy Johnson of Surrey, England, who recently jumped into a river to save her Tinder date’s dog from drowning. The Dog Is All In The pooch, a Boxer-like pup from Lizzy’s description, had apparently never been around water. As the Tinder-connected pair took a stroll along the River Mole in Walton-on-Thames, the fearless boy … Read more

This Special Needs Puppy Has A Custom Helmet With Adorable Cat Ears

tilly cover

Tilly’s journey began at the Westchester SPCA in Virginia. Her mother was brought to the shelter as a very pregnant street pup, and soon gave birth to 11 puppies in early January. Having so many puppies made it challenging for Tilly’s mother to care for each of her babies properly. It soon became clear that Tilly would require a bit of extra care, which was just too much for the new mom. Tilly’s head was much larger than the rest … Read more

Tiny Dog Stranded on Icy River For 4 Days Gets Adopted by His Rescuer

For four days, Miracle the dog was trapped in the icy Detroit River, clinging to life.  After having been chased out onto the ice by a coyote, the little fluffy dog was stranded with no way of escaping. He dodged birds of prey and even fell into the icy water at some point.  That was until Jude Mead of an Ontario marine construction company heard about him and decided that the dog was not going to spend another second out … Read more

Dog Digs 20 Foot Tunnel To Protect Her Puppies From Freezing

Thousands and thousands of years after they were first domesticated, dogs still have incredible survival instincts. They can endure harsh conditions through both skill and intuition. In Hockley County Texas, an abandoned mama dog named Cedar proved this with the remarkable efforts she took to keep her newborn puppies safe and warm. Cedar gave birth to her litter in mid-February, 2021 before a polar vortex hit. To protect her babies from the cold and predators at the same time, she tunneled … Read more

Hero Dog Fights Off Knife-Wielding Intruder to Protect Her Family

It was every parent’s nightmare.  On the evening of March 25, Wylie, Texas couple Amber and Taylor Newsom were getting their daughters ready for bed when they heard their dog, Marley, barking. When they went to go check to see what was going on, they were met with a strange man wielding a knife inside their home.  But Marley wasn’t going to let the man hurt her family. The black Labrador Retriever jumped into action — lunging and biting at … Read more

Adventure Group Bands Together To Rescue Dog From Steep Rock

If you’re an outdoorsy person, odds are you have an outdoorsy dog who loves accompanying you on your adventures. Hiking, swimming, exploring, and camping with our dogs can be fun ways to exercise and enjoy some fresh air together. That’s why Utah-based pup siblings Summer and Winter often accompany their parents on ATV trips. On one of their routine explorations of the backcountry, Summer took a misstep and ended up sliding dangerously down the rock. Luckily, she’s an obedient dog … Read more

Fire Crew Saves Deaf And Visually Impaired Dog From Drainage Pipe

Dog in drain pipe

It’s common for dogs to get themselves into tricky situations. Getting them out is the hard part. One dog in Florida got stuck in a drainage pipe and couldn’t find his way out. On top of everything, he was deaf and visually impaired. But despite the many challenges involved, fire crews rushed to save the day. The St. Johns County Fire Rescue and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office teamed up to complete the rescue mission. It took a total … Read more

Dog Stops Traffic To Save Her Human During A Seizure

Dog saves human from seizure

Dogs can make us feel so much safer. Even if they’re not specially trained to protect us, their unconditional love conquers all. And when an emergency occurs, most dogs are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones safe. Clover the Maremma mix recently made headlines for her nurturing instincts. When her human collapsed on a walk due to a seizure, Clover acted fast. She stopped traffic and found help, all without taking her eyes off her … Read more

Hiccup May Only Have Three Paws, But He Was Born To Shine!

hiccup story cover

A tiny puppy in rural Gambia found himself in a desperate situation when he injured his front paw. Due to the lack of veterinary care in this part of the country, his family had nowhere to turn for support. Unbeknownst to them, a team of animal caretakers were already on their way. The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust arranges pop-up clinics around the country to help serve animals in their community. The puppy’s family knew this was his only shot … Read more

These Amazing Dogs Spend Their Nights Protecting Penguins From Extinction

Dogs have been working important jobs since their relationship with humans first began. Their unique abilities paired with their willingness to learn and desire to please enable them to perform a wide variety of tasks, from health care to law enforcement and conservation. Maremmas, for example, a breed of Australian herding dogs, use their special skills to protect a species of penguins from extinction. These amazing dogs, known as “The Middle Island Maremmas,” were specifically enlisted by the local government … Read more

Texas Dad-Dog & His Two Furry Sons Reunite By Chance In NYC

While shelters in many southern states remain overcrowded, some adopters in the Northeast have had trouble finding the perfect pooch amid the pandemic. Adoption numbers are way up, leading many southern rescues—like Dr. Dolittle’s Rescue Ranch in Texas—to send their pups to families as far north as New Hampshire. Three New York City families recently discovered they not only adopted from the same rescue, but their pups happen to be blood relatives! Marvin and Leo Sniff Each Other Out Mattie … Read more

Community Comes Together To Capture Missing Foster Puppy

missing bernese cover

A family was heartbroken when their foster pup made a run for it on a cold winter day in Canada. After managing to escape from his home, a community came together to reunite him with his foster family. Rod is a 10-month-old Bernese Mountain dog with a shy temperament. Rod struggled so much in socializing with others he was placed in a foster home with a couple named Miriam and Hugh Campbell. The two have skills in helping furry friends … Read more

Stolen Dog Returns After 2 Years In Need Of Costly Surgery

Lost Pit Bull Found

Camille the Pit Bull disappeared in January 2019 after someone stole her from Emily Dansey’s property. Dansey had some guesses as to where the pup was, but she had no real evidence. So, for two whole years, the dog mom was heartbroken as she begged for the lost dog’s return. Now, in early 2021, Camille has returned home. But it isn’t exactly the beautiful reunion Dansey was expecting. Camille sustained a lot of injuries and health problems during her time … Read more

Pit Bull Dives Into Treacherous River, Saves Boy From Drowning

Pit Bull lifeguard

When dogs are heroes, they have no idea. They just do as they’re told or do what’s right, and that’s that. But whether they know it or not, dogs who save lives deserve all the recognition in the world. And a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bulldog mix named Max is now one of those heroic canines. While dogs like Max are often criticized for being a “Bully breed,” this sweet pup showed the world how sweet Pit Bulls can be by saving … Read more

Kind Strangers Save 160-Pound Dog After Tragic Hit-And-Run

Irish Wolfhound hit-and-run

Not all heroes wear capes. While some families might turn away at the sight of tragedy, one couple turned toward it and saved the day. Merlin, the 160-pound Irish Wolfhound, was the victim of a hit-and-run in South Carolina. His dad, Zachary Corrado, sat beside him and cried out for someone to help. Drew Kreiling and his wife Sharon Chuduakowski-Kreiling happened to be in the right place at the right time. They saw the dog get struck by a vehicle, … Read more

Missing Emotional Support Frenchie Found Over 500 Miles Away From Home

When Brody the French Bulldog wandered out of his home in the Bay Area of California on February 3rd, his family worried they might never find him again. Brody acts as an emotional support animal for Debbie Campbell, and he’s very important to her. So the family performed an exhaustive search for the missing Frenchie, posting his photos everywhere. In the moment, this may feel like a futile gesture, but social media and the internet have really changed the way … Read more

UPDATE: Malnourished Dog Doubles His Weight And Reunites With His 11-Year-Old Rescuer

Malnourished rescue dog update

Just over a month ago, a rescue dog named Ethan was on the brink of death. A family found him alone in a parking lot, weighing less than half of what he should. At first, shelter staff were unsure if he’d make it, but they kept fighting for him. It turns out that all their hard work paid off. Ethan is now looking healthier than ever after reaching his goal of 80 pounds. To celebrate this achievement, shelter staff reunited … Read more

Video Captures Heroic Dog Mom Rescuing Pit Bull From Frozen Pool

What lengths would you go to to save your dog’s life? One Tennessee woman didn’t even have to think twice when faced with that question. Jennie Tatum put all her fears and discomforts aside when her dog was at risk of death. Tatum’s Pit Bull named Sid fell through the ice of a frozen pool, and Tatum rushed into action. She jumped in, broke the ice, and pulled Sid to safety. If she hadn’t acted fast, poor Sid might not … Read more

Severely Burned Dog Becomes First To Receive Revolutionary Treatment

Warning: Some people may find the images in this post disturbing. Because of their fur, dogs can’t receive skin grafts like humans can. That makes veterinary treatment for severe burns a much greater challenge. Thanks to a team of caring people and medical experts, one injured dog is the first of her kind to receive a live-saving burn treatment. When a heat lamp meant to keep her warm caused hay in her kennel to catch fire, poor Sadie suffered burns on … Read more

Heartbroken Pup Cuddles With Pillow That Has The Face Of His Deceased Best Friend

Spencer and Rocky were two peas in a pod for nearly 10 years. The two pups spent every moment at each other’s side, forming a beautiful friendship that has touched so many hearts. Beth Fisher always loved the fact that her two fur babies were such dear friends.  Their time spent together was always filled with so much love, making what came next so heartbreaking. “Rocky and Spencer slept in the same bed, ate from the same bowl and always … Read more

Multiple Dogs Rescued From Deadly Pileup In Fort Worth, Texas

Since many of us rely on cars for daily transportation, it’s easy to forget that driving always poses a potential risk. Cars are heavy machinery, and accidents can happen to anyone. Fortunately, fire departments and emergency crews are prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives in the event of a crash. On the morning of February 11th, 2021, a major pileup occurred outside of Fort Worth Texas. Close to 100 vehicles were involved in the crash, resulting in wreckage … Read more

Border Collie Inherits $5 Million After Her Human’s Death

Lulu the Border Collie is now a millionaire, but she doesn’t like to brag about it. After her loving human died, he left $5 million in her name. Lulu can buy endless supplies of dog food or even her own personal bodyguard, but that’s not the life for her. Instead, she’s just going to keep living her normal life, but maybe with some extra treats along the way. This canine’s fortune is meant to be used to cover all her … Read more

Man Who Survived Deadly Explosion Reunites With Dog After 4 Months In A Coma

You may remember that an explosion rocked several Baltimore homes back in October. Several people tragically lost their lives in the blast. Among the many victims were a man and his dog, Barak, who narrowly escaped death. The man, who remains unidentified, was rushed to the hospital suffering from severe burns across much of his body. As EMTs loaded him onto the stretcher and proceeded to transport him to the hospital, there was only one thing on his mind: Barak. … Read more