Dog Romps With Ghostly Visitor In Spine-Tingling Video Footage

Security camera footage can show us some strange things. And sometimes, those grainy video captures play out into a spooky story. Sure, there’s usually a reasonable explanation for what you see, but what about when you can’t come up with a logical explanation? That’s where the real creep show begins, and here comes one out of the ghostly realms of Melbourne, Australia. Dog dad Jake DeMarco shared a chilling video captured from the CCTV system in his backyard. It shows … Read more

74-Year-Old Jumps On Top Of Alligator To Save Golden Retriever

Suzan Marciano, 74, didn’t have time to think when she saw an alligator approaching her Golden Retriever mix. They had walked at that Florida park hundreds of times with no issues, but this day was different. As the alligator grabbed the dog named Nalu, Marciano jumped forward to push the alligator away from the 11-year-old canine. It was the ultimate act of love and bravery, and Nalu is alive and well because of it. Marciano and Nalu are still recovering … Read more

Dog Sprints Two Miles To Search For Vacationing Mom At Her Job

Dog runs to work

When Liza Thayer went out of town to attend a wedding, she left her dog back in Connecticut with her parents. Yet, the furry friend didn’t seem to get the message. The pup, whose name is Indy, thought her mom had left her behind by mistake. So, she quickly came up with a plan to sneak out and find her human again. In the meantime, Indy also ensured that she wouldn’t be late for work. She often came to work … Read more

This Rehab Center Offers Dogs Deemed “Unadoptable” A Second Chance

aspca rehab center

The ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center has made it its mission to give traumatized dogs a second chance at life. Their skilled training not only saves these terrified pups from euthanasia due to behavioral struggles, but it helps them learn how to truly love their lives. This impressive rehabilitation center is changing the lives of terrified and abused pups around the country. Their operation began around 2010 when they rescued dozens of dogs from a hoarding situation in Western Tennessee, only … Read more

Dad Of “Smallest Dog” In The World’ Was Willing To Do ‘Anything’ To Protect Her

When Hope was born in Quebec, Canada, she was just 2 ounces, less than two pounds. When the veterinarians told Rodney Mclean that Hope had dwarfism and wouldn’t live more than 48 hours, he was devastated.   Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video     However, what began as a terrible scenario has turned into one incredible little survivor! Not only has she managed to overcome her fragile health in the beginning, but she’s also begun to mature. After one year, … Read more

Pit Bull Runs Toward Screaming Kid And Ended Up Saving Child From A Deadly Snake

Pit Bulls are frequently seen as aggressive dogs. However, this Pit Bull is a hero at heart, risking his life to save a little girl’s life.   Images/Story Source Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters   A woman posted a Facebook post about her brother’s Pit Bull that went viral. She wrote: “My brother was walking his pit bull lab mix, Hurley, in our neighborhood field around 10 pm. He walks him this late so he can let him off his leash … Read more

Rescue Dog Goes from Living On The Streets To Starring In New Movie, ‘Prey’

Prey Featured

Two months before filming a new sci-fi action film, a family working in the entertainment industry adopted a dog from an animal shelter, hoping to cast her for a part.  Despite her high energy and lack of formal training, they saw potential in Coco. The former stray was about to become a film star and a fan favorite! When Coco was first found wandering the streets, she was taken in by a local community member who did everything they could … Read more

Tiny Dog Charges At Attacking Bear To Save His Human’s Life

Terrier scares black bear

Heroes come in all sizes. Yes, that even includes tiny lap dogs. 61-year-old Susan Lee was walking her Jack Russell Terrier and Labradoodle in the town of Strafford, Vermont, when a black bear charged at her and attacked her. Lee thought those would be her final moments alive. But it was her little Jack Russell Terrier who saved the day. If that dog hadn’t stood up to the vicious predator, Lee wouldn’t have escaped in one piece. In moments of … Read more

Dog Reaches Her “Peak” And Gets Carried Down Mountain On A Stretcher

Typically when you see a rescue team carrying someone on a stretcher down the mountain, it means something pretty bad has gone down. When the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team climbed back down carrying a hiker on a stretcher on August 15th, 2022, the reason was fortunately just sore paws. While on the Ben path on Lochaber Mountain in Scotland, a 77-pound (35 kg) dog named Maggie suddenly reached her limit and refused to continue. It took two men and a … Read more

Strays Found Guarding Blind Elderly Woman Asleep By River

Dogs don’t need words to show when they care about people. They convey this with their bodies. For example, you might have recognized your dog guarding you. They might lie against you or stand over you. They may even growl at any movement that might be a threat. This is a primal behavior tracing back to dogs’ wolf ancestors. Still, it really clearly shows which people a dog cares about. On March 3rd, Facebook user Ake Srisuan shared photos of two stray … Read more

Heroic Barking Dog Leads Passing Biker To Abandoned Newborn

The “Lassie” story of a dog saving someone by alerting another person sounds sensational, but this really does happen. Dogs can sense when someone is injured, either through smell, sound, or human facial cues. They also know that barking gets people’s attention. In Sibonga, southern Cebu, an intuitive dog saved the life of an abandoned baby by seeking out help. Around 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve, 2020, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was driving his motorcycle near a dumpsite when the dog … Read more

Did Humans Put This Drowning Puppy At Risk For The Sake Of A Viral Video?

Puppy drowning in pond

“We don’t deserve dogs” isn’t just something humans say; fellow dogs might be thinking it too. One puppy named Soh was especially grateful when his canine brother named Hand saved him from drowning. Video footage shows Soh struggling to pull himself out of a fish pond while Hand runs over to save the day. It’s heartwarming to see two canine siblings supporting each other, but not everyone was moved by the video. Some people are questioning how the video was … Read more

Black Lab Stuns Spectators As He Catches A Wave And Surfs To Shore

Surfing Dog

Our canine companions are capable of learning all kinds of commands. This includes everything from those that help out their humans to learning tons of tricks. But one incredibly talented black Labrador from England surprised an entire shoreline when he showed off his unexpected surfing skills.  A video of him catching a wave was shared to Facebook and already has thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Fistral Beach visitors were treated to more than just the picturesque views of … Read more

Obese Retriever Loses Half His Weight In Inspirational Health Journey

A dog can become overweight for a variety of reasons. It could be that they only have access to poor nutrition, are given too many treats and “people foods,” or have an underlying medical condition. Whatever the reason, obesity can be harmful to a dog’s health just like it can a human’s. In February of 2019, Phil the Retriever weighed just under 150 pounds. Phil’s adoptive mom made it her mission to help her baby lose weight for his health … Read more

Family Dog Tackles Deadly Puma As It Chases 2 Terrified Little Girls

For some, adopting a dog is about companionship and the love and friendship that they can provide. Others seek more of a working dog that can help them complete a job or offer protection for their family.  A dog named Morocho took his role as protector so seriously that he didn’t hesitate to spring into action to fight off a fearsome Puma. The wildcat was chasing his human sister and her friend as they picked figs from a tree on … Read more

Woman Finds Her Dog’s 2 Siblings At Shelters Years Apart

Three related rescue dogs

In 2013, Jennifer Butler adopted a 6-week-old puppy named Benjamin (or Bennie for short). Butler works at a veterinary practice, and someone brought Bennie into the business for an exam. The woman with Bennie said that she found him as a stray and wanted to help him, but she couldn’t adopt him herself. So, Butler decided to adopt Bennie. After five happy years together, Butler stumbled across an adoptable dog that looked exactly like Bennie. A few years later, it … Read more

Lost Dog With California Tags Mysteriously Winds Up In Germany

California dog found in Germany

It’s a mystery how so many lost dogs end up hundreds of miles away by the time they’re found. But those distances don’t compare to a dog who was found across the ocean from his home country. A dog that looks like a Golden Retriever mix was found in a Germany village, but his tags said he was from Gilroy, California. When someone found the dog in Germany, they had no idea how to approach the situation. So, they contacted … Read more

Missing Dog Clings To Life In Pitch-Black Cave Until Rescuers Find Her

Explorers save lost dog from cave

A group of cave explorers in Missouri set out to maneuver their way through the incredible formations. They had to squeeze through tight spaces and climb on slippery rocks. The journey was difficult for experienced spelunkers, so they were shocked when they saw that a dog had gone on a similar adventure. However, the pup wasn’t doing well. The explorers said the dog was in rough shape, so they worked together to carry her out of the cave and to … Read more

Stolen Dog Found 600 Miles From Home After 5 Years Is Back To The Good Life

Despite their security camera capturing it all, a family’s German Shepherd named Sheba was stolen right out of their backyard. At the time, they did everything they could to find her. Since this happened five years ago, they never thought they’d see their sweet girl again. But now, Sheba has been found — a shocking 600 miles from home.  Five years ago, Sheba was one of five dogs in a string of dognappings who was stolen straight out of a … Read more

Teenage Hero Risks Her Life To Save Dog From Certain Death During Flash Flood

One brave Kentucky teenager made headlines this month by risking her own safety to save her dog. The heroic duo’s story is a brilliant tale of selflessness and bravery. Their dedication to one another proves that nothing, not even a flood, is strong enough to break the bond we share with our fur babies. Chloe Adams, the hero of today’s story, is just seventeen years old. But despite her age, Adams clearly understands the true meaning of selfless love. When … Read more

Trusting Dog Lured Into Woods Mysteriously Returns After One Month And 45 Miles

When Zane Brunette brought his 6-year-old dog Luigi along to Boundary Waters in Minnesota, he thought they were going to have a fun camping trip together. That was nearly a month ago, in June of 2022. The trip turned out to be a nightmare for the devastated dog dad. Luigi disappeared into the woods, and it remains a mystery what happened to him and why. Lured Away? At one point, Brunette and Luigi had a sketchy interaction with another group … Read more

Family Dogs Nearly Sacrifice Their Lives Guarding 2 Toddlers From Poisonous Snake

Dogs may be the most selfless beings on Earth, and this story proves that they’d take a bullet for the ones that they love – or in this case, a snake bite. Pups Slayer and Paco, who belong to Melissa Butt, were in their Florida backyard with Butt’s two grandkids, ages four and one. The dogs suddenly became fixated on something in the grass, and refused to come when called, which is uncharacteristic, according to Butt.   As it turned … Read more

Stolen German Shepherd Returns Home After 4 Years And 600 Miles

Stolen German Shepherd

In January 2018, a German Shepherd puppy was stolen outside her home in Baytown, Texas. She loved everyone she met, so she didn’t resist when strangers welcomed her into their vehicle. The stolen pup’s family searched for weeks with no sightings and slowly gave up hope. But the weeks turned into months, and then years. It got to the point where the family thought they’d never see their dog again. But then, they got a phone call that changed everything. … Read more

Determined Dog Refuses To Back Down When Defending Family From Mountain Lion

While mountain lions may be a common sight near the foothills in Utah, a dog deciding to defend her family and refusing to back down during an encounter certainly isn’t.  But that’s exactly what Ella, a hunting dog and family guardian, decided to do. Risking life and limb to do it, nothing was going to hurt her humans while she was on watch. The scorching summer afternoon started out the same as any other, with the kids playing in their … Read more

Wheelchair-Bound Pup Spends Over A Year Looking For A Family With Not One Application

Bebe the German Shepherd/Husky Mix was just three months old when she was abandoned. An unknown person left her on the doorstep of a small veterinary hospital. She was just a baby – small and alone in a big, scary world. Bebe then spent the next three months in a tiny, cramped cage at the hospital, unable to run and play as a normal dog would. She had neither a home nor a family to come to her rescue.  Due … Read more

Olympian’s Fearless Puppy Survives Plane Crash That Nearly Killed Her Entire Family

Earlier this week, four-time Lebanese Olympian Chirine Njeim and her family survived a near-fatal plane crash. The incident, which occurred in Macomb County, Michigan, was terrifying. And their survival? An absolute miracle. Passengers of the plane included Njeim, her husband, Ronny Kamal (who was piloting the plane), and their niece. A six-month-old Golden Retriever puppy named Charlie was onboard as well. Their survival was against all odds, an event many proclaim an absolute miracle. A Tragic Accident The Njeim family … Read more

Footage Shows Doberman Fake Death To Survive Brutal Mountain Lion Attack

California is no stranger to the happenings of wildlife. With a vast array of landscapes and sprawling neighborhoods taking over much of the area, Tujunga, California sits within the borders of Los Angeles. Despite the bustling city life, wildlife still calls the city it’s home. Unfortunately, that spells trouble for many four-legged family members. One family learned this lesson the hard way when their Doberman was recently the victim of a brutal attack. A Sneak Attack Just Before Dawn The … Read more

Dog And Friends Enact Revenge On Cruel Driver’s Car

Life on the streets can be rough for a dog with nowhere to live and no humans to feed and love them. Still, they can sometimes find comfort in other homeless animals. Dogs did evolve from the wolf, after all, which is a pack animal. They like company, and they can benefit from it in many ways. A driver kicked a stray dog in a Shijiazhuang, China parking lot to shoo her away from a space. At the time, the … Read more

Dedicated Dog Found Guarding Family’s Home After It Was Destroyed By The Camp Fire

When the Camp Fire approached Bill and Andrea Gaylord’s 80-acre ranch they had only minutes to evacuate. They attempted to bring their two Anatolian Shepherd dogs, Miguel and Madison, to safety but both dogs ran off to protect the property, and they were forced to leave without them. The Camp Fire burned over 153,000 acres, destroying buildings and tearing apart families. Many people, like the Gaylords, were forced to leave their pets and were uncertain about their fate. However, organizations … Read more

DNA Reunites Long-Lost Littermates Abandoned On Highway 12 Years Ago

Alisha Vianello is the Executive Director of Gateway Pet Guardians in East St. Louis. A life-long animal lover, she was heartbroken to learn of a tiny puppy abandoned on the highway in Jefferson County, Missouri. At just four weeks old, there was no way the helpless baby could be a runaway. Luckily, a good samaritan found him and delivered the little ball of fluff to the local humane society where Alisha was currently working. “I saw the cutest puppy sitting … Read more