UPDATE: Abandoned Dog Who Went On To Save 100 Koalas From Bushfires Honored

Remember Bear, the rescue dog who saved 100 koalas during the Australian “Black Summer” bushfires of 2019? Bear is a dog surrendered by his family because of his obsessive compulsive tendencies and high energy. The Border Collie/Koolie mix went on to use his drive and special detection skills to save animals at risk of perishing in the devastating fires. At the House of Lords this week, Bear earned a special medal from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). As … Read more

Firefighters Save Terrified Dog Trapped In Narrow Drain Pipe

Dog saved from storm drain

A Hound mix named Hubie was at Millenium Park in Boston, Massachusetts, with his dog walker when something spooked him. He escaped and found shelter in the safest place possible. Unfortunately, his hiding spot ended up being a 16-inch drain pipe, which was just barely rounder than him. He could squeeze into the pipe, but there was no going back. Several agencies arrived to rescue Hubie, but it ended up being a bit more difficult than anticipated. It took over … Read more

3 Rescues Work Together To Bring Lost Dog 150 Miles Back Home

Dogs are capable of crossing remarkably long distances on foot by themselves. It’s unfortunate we must re-learn this lesson every time a missing dog turns up over a hundred miles away from home. On September 25th, 2021, hikers found a 5-year-old German Shepherd mix named Teddy Bear lost in Wenatchee National Forest in Washington. They brought him out of the woods and into the care of the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County. The first thing the shelter did … Read more

Several “Genius Dogs” Learn Names Of New Toys In Record Times

Genius Dog Challenge Results

In 2020, Genius Dog Challenge gathered a group of six exceptional dogs who could learn the names of over 28 toys. Some even knew over 100 toy names before joining the competition. Through live videos, researchers tested how quickly dogs could remember the names of new toys. At first, each dog learned the name of six new toys in one week. Then, they learned 12 new toys in a single week! After months passed, the dogs still remembered the majority … Read more

Firefighters Save Two Dogs Trapped On A Waterfall In Jaw-Dropping Rescue Mission

waterfall rescue

A Good Samaritan placed a call to 911 after stumbling across two pups in a desperate situation. While walking the path near Shequagua Falls, she heard the barks of two furry friends that managed to escape their owners. Not only were they on the run, but they somehow found themselves on a tiny ledge above the slippery waterfall. Unable to go anywhere but down, these pups were facing imminent danger without the help of some brave rescuers. The Montour Falls … Read more

Bubbles Survives Hurricane Ida Trapped Under Collapsed Shed

hurricane rescue

A Good Samaritan was assessing the damage from Hurricane Ida when he stumbled across a heartbreaking sight. Underneath a collapsed shed was a terrified Pit Bull named Bubbles, desperate to be freed from his traumatizing reality. Hurricane Ida left devastating destruction in her path when it made landfall in Louisiana. 130 mph winds ripped through the area with a fury, damaging thousands of homes in the process. It is impossible for most dog lovers to understand, but many undeserving animals … Read more

Dedicated Pup Alerts His Sleeping Owner Of Blazing Fire In His Home

fire rescue

An American Bully named Rello is a two-time hero to his beloved fur dad. When a vicious fire began to rip through their home in the middle of the night, Rello knew he had to jump into action. Coy Freeman is the proud fur dad of a crew of American Bully pups. Ranging from 8-week-old puppies to 6-year-old Rello, Coy Freeman had a home filled with canine love. Coy Freeman is now visually impaired, so he often relies on Rello … Read more

Istanbul Street Dog Navigates Public Transportation Like A Pro

Public transportation can be tricky to navigate at first. After you’ve been switching trains and memorizing stops for a while though, it becomes second nature. That’s what happened with Boji, a street dog in Istanbul. The Anatolian Shepherd mix takes the public transportation in his city every day, visiting all corners of Istanbul. In Turkish, Boji refers to the middle part of the train, which is where the pup prefers to ride. Boji has even become famous for his street … Read more

Dog Stolen With Car Reunited With Her Family 9 Months Later

It’s every car owner’s nightmare that their vehicle will be stolen. But imagine how nightmarish it would be if someone stole your car and your dog. One of those is not replaceable. Sergi and Valeria Karat, a couple from New York, took a drive to Connecticut with their dog Cindy in February. Their car was stolen from a rest area in Fairfield while they stopped to pump gas. Most devastating of all was the fact that Cindy was inside the car … Read more

Man Reunites With 150-Pound Dog Thanks To Help From The Community

Lost 150-Pound Mastiff

Zeus, the 150-pound Cane Corso, gains attention no matter where he is. It’s impossible not to stare at the giant canine in awe. But when Zeus went missing, he suddenly wasn’t so easy to find. Ryan Camaioni lost the 6-year-old dog after moving to a new home in New Milford, Connecticut. The dog grew very skittish while out on his own and sped off after every sighting. With the help of many locals, Camaioni searched non-stop for days, trying everything … Read more

Tulsa Detective Rescues Pit Bull & Her 8 Puppies From Trash Dump

dump rescue

A Tulsa Police Detective was shocked to discover a skinny Pit Bull and her eight newborn puppies living in a trash pile. Being a devoted dog lover, she knew she had to take action to save their lives. Marnie Waller of the Tulsa Police Department spotted a skinny pup wandering the area near her husband’s work. Unable to get this furry friend off her mind, she decided to investigate. After a bit of searching, Marnie and her husband discovered that … Read more

Couple Saves Dog From Tracks Just 30 Minutes Before Train Comes

Dog tied to train tracks

Dan Winkelman knew something was wrong the moment he heard a dog barking in the distance. The barking sounded frantic, and as he got closer, he realized it wasn’t coming from someone’s yard. Instead, the sound came from the forest. The barking led Dan to the train tracks, where a dog was sitting in the middle. The dog’s leash was caught on the tracks, but it was no accident. As Dan examined the leash, he realized that it seemed to … Read more

Retired First Responder Finds His Lost Dogs During News Interview

Stolen Pit Bulls Reunited Featured

Kevin Johnson, a retired firefighter from Calaveras County, California, loves his two Pit Bulls more than anything. One is even in training to become an emotional support dog to help him deal with the trauma of more than 30 years on the job. Johnson lives on a quiet street, so he never expected his dogs to be in danger. But one day, they disappeared, and he heard a vehicle speeding away, likely with the dogs inside. He feared he might … Read more

Quick-Thinking Canine Has Life-Saving Reaction To Her Dad’s Stroke

German Shepherd saves human from stroke

In the moment, 68-year-old Lothar Weimann claimed he was fine. Yet, his German Shepherd named Ellie sensed otherwise. Somehow, she knew he was having a stroke before he did. Judging by the bump on his head afterward, Weimann had fallen, so Ellie jumped into action and got the neighbor involved. Thanks to Ellie’s quick thinking, Weimann’s life was saved. It’s unclear how the dog knew to look for help, but she certainly did the right thing. This situation further proves … Read more

Tiny Dog Breaks World Record For Speedy Home Run

Terrier runs bases record

When it comes to fast dogs, you might picture large dogs with long legs. But Macho the Russell Terrier proves that looks can be deceiving. This talented pup recently broke a unique Guinness World Record, making him the fastest dog to run the bases at a baseball stadium. It takes a lot of effort and focus for a dog to even make it to all four bases in a row. So, Macho is one special pup, and he’s proud of … Read more

Annual Dog Surfing Competition Gives “SurFURs” A Chance To Show Off

Did you know that dog surfing competitions are a thing? If not, I’m happy to be the one to tell you all about them. I’m even more delighted to share photos of the cutest water sport you’ll ever see! Surf City Surf Dog is an annual competition that takes place in Huntington Beach, California. At the end of September, fearless dogs with incredible balance take on the waves and are judged on their surfing skills. After taking a hiatus during … Read more

Alaska Man & His Dog Walk The Equivalent Of A Full Lap Around The Earth

In 2013, Mike Mitchell of Anchorage, Alaska, was a very different man. At 230 pounds, he was overweight and battling multiple health problems after contracting Hepatitis C during surgery years before. He was sick, tired, and barely getting by. Today, Mitchell hardly resembles the person he was back then, and he says he owes it all to a little dog named Chance. Together, the pair have walked more than 24,900 miles around their community—the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference! It … Read more

74-Year-Old Jumps On Top Of Alligator To Save Golden Retriever

Suzan Marciano, 74, didn’t have time to think when she saw an alligator approaching her Golden Retriever mix. They had walked at that Florida park hundreds of times with no issues, but this day was different. As the alligator grabbed the dog named Nalu, Marciano jumped forward to push the alligator away from the 11-year-old canine. It was the ultimate act of love and bravery, and Nalu is alive and well because of it. Marciano and Nalu are still recovering … Read more

Rescue Pulls A “Stray” From A Kill Shelter Unaware He’d Been Missing For A Year

You’ve probably heard the story before of a dog escaping through an open gate and disappearing. This version of that story has a pretty positive and incredible ending, though. It’s about a dog named Sparky from Palm Beach Florida who was missing for an entire year. Sparky’s slip through the gate and subsequent disappearance happened in October of 2020. The dog was already in his senior years at 15-years-old, and his devastated family assumed after a certain point that they’d … Read more

Hound’s Long, Floppy Ears Earn Her A Guinness World Record

Dog with longest ears

A three-year-old Coonhound named Lou has always thought that she was special, but now, she has proof! Lou has the most distinct ears you’ll ever see on a dog. They droop well past her neck, giving her a memorable and adorable appearance. In 2020, Lou was confirmed to have the longest ears of any living canine. She will be featured in the Guinness World Records 2022 book, along with many other record-breakers, such as a cat and dog duo on … Read more

Mischievous Monkey Holds Puppy Hostage In Trees For Three Days

Much like we are used to seeing squirrels scampering about in our everyday environment, residents in Malaysia are accustomed to having monkeys prowling around. And while they may indeed be absolutely adorable, the macaques can be quite mischievous. They are even well known for stealing food from inside resident’s houses. But one particular macaque opted to snatch something surprising—a two-week-old black and white puppy named Saru. Locals spotted the primate wrap the puppy up in its arms and then scamper … Read more

Pint-Sized Pup Beats Out The Big Dogs At Rescue’s Annual Surf Competition

surf dog cover

A Westie named Petey took the crown in the 16th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. Not only did this pup take home an impressive win, but he helped raise funds for the many programs at the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC). Each year the HWAC hosts a surfing competition on a dog-friendly beach in Del Mar, California. Fur parents and water-loving pups get to show off their surfing skills for a great cause. The competition helps support the shelter’s various missions, … Read more

Cat and Dog Duo Scoots Their Way Into Guinness World Records

There’s lots to talk about when it comes to Sashimi and Lollipop. First, Sashimi is a Bengal cat and her best friend is Lollipop the Boston Terrier. The pair certainly dispels the rumor that cats and dogs don’t get along. And not only do the two of them get along famously, playing and training with each other happily, Sashimi and Lollipop also love to ride a scooter together. They dig their scooter riding so much, the pair has not only … Read more

Pit Bull Risks Her Life To Save Puppy From Venomous Snake

Pit Bull bit by snake

Rescue dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet. Most of them will risk their lives to save the loving members of their family. One brave Pit Bull didn’t think twice when her puppy brother was in danger. When a venomous snake approached the 5-month-old Pit Bull, the older sister jumped in the way and took the damage for him. Milly the Pit Bull is now in critical condition, but her brother Tonka got away without a scratch. She’s … Read more

Senior Mixed Breed Underdog Becomes Champ Of AKC’s Agility Competition

Never judge a dog by her size or her genes. Katie, a 10-pound mixed breed senior dog, is the first in her home state of Colorado to win the American Kennel Club grand championship in agility. The 13-year-old mixed breed stunned at a competition typically known for featuring purebred dogs. The American Kennel Club only began to allow mixed breed dogs to compete a few years ago. Now, all dogs that are not eligible for AKC Purebred Registration can join … Read more

South Korea’s First Honorary Rescue Dog Saved A Missing 90-Year-Old

Baekgu, a 4-year-old pup from South Korea, is a shining example of why we call dogs man’s best friend. The little dog received an official hero title from South Korean authorities after he saved the life of his 90-year-old owner, who suffers from dementia. Baekgu’s tale of loyalty and bravery reminds us why it’s always a good idea to have a dog by your side. If it hadn’t been for his protective efforts and dedication, the woman might not have … Read more

Puppy With Upside Down Paws Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery

Puppy with Upside Down Paws

A tiny Rat Terrier named Siggi had a rough start to life. The puppy was born with upside-down front paws, which forced her to walk around on her elbows. While her imperfections are beautiful, her paws likely made her incredibly uncomfortable and would only get worse as she aged. Luckily, OklahomaState University offered a miracle to Siggi. They were able to provide her with a life-changing surgery that could correct her painful paws. The surgery required a 3-month-long recovery process, … Read more

Barking Dog Leads Man To Beached Baby Dolphin

Though they can’t speak our language, dogs learned pretty early on that their barks can get our attention. A Spaniel named Leia once used her voice to lead her person to another animal in danger. A video uploaded to YouTube shows the moment Leia’s person sees what she’s barking about. The two were spending the day on a beach near Criccieth in Wales when Leia made this discovery and, in turn, helped save a life. Leia “Discovers Something” Apparently, Leia … Read more

Adopted Pup Inspired An Award-Winning Agility Show Featuring All Rescue Dogs

Jump the Ultimate Dog Show

Lou Mack started “Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show” over 35 years ago. It’s a traveling agility dog show that features several enthusiastic rescue dogs. Every show, Mack promotes dog adoption while showing off the cool tricks the dogs have learned. However, before Mack began this crazy adventure, his life was far different from what it is now. One lovable Australian Shepherd named Scooter quickly sent his life in a new direction. Now, he couldn’t be happier about his dog-oriented life. … Read more

Florida Woman Drives 17 Hours To Reclaim Her Long-Lost Dog

If you’ve ever hesitated for even a moment about microchipping your dog, this story may make you change your tune. This month, the information on a dog’s chip scanned in Fort Wayne, Indiana, led a surrendered pup home to his rightful person… 1000 miles away. Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control took in Capone after his current owners surrendered him. They had recently relocated to Indiana from Florida. Fortunately for Capone, the shelter always checks their intakes for microchips. Holly … Read more