Viral Parrot Says “I Love You” To Her New Puppy Sibling

Bird petting dog

Unlikely animal friendships are the cutest! But Sweet Pea the parrot takes it to a whole new level. The beautiful white cockatoo went viral after her human shared a photo of her interacting with her new puppy sibling for the first time. It only took Sweet Pea a few moments to learn how to shower a puppy with love. Sweet Pea’s video has already gained over 63,000 views on TikTok alone. Plus, it’s been shared all over the internet by … Read more

Insurance Company Helps “Jake From State Farm” The Dog Get Adopted

When adoptable animals have a hard time finding homes, shelters often find a creative name can get them some attention. That’s what helped one sweet dog overcome his past to find his new forever home. That name the shelter gave him? “Jake From State Farm.” Yes, that helpful insurance agent on the other end of the phone in the popular commercials inspired this sweet boy’s name. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can view the original … Read more

Meet Mork Skywalker, The Rescued Bulldog Puppy Who Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

The force was strong with this one. When dog rescuer Nikki Carvey first laid eyes on the tiny puppy, she couldn’t help but want to bring him home forever.  Rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade back in October, the little bulldog-mix puppy was very sickly. He had no hair, was skinny, and had intestinal issues. But that didn’t stop Carvey, who is the founder of the nonprofit rescue shelter Road Dogs which specializes in rescuing bulldogs.  His rescuers decided … Read more

Wobbly Rescue Pup Will Hop His Way Into Your Heart

If you’ve never seen Morty the special needs Chihuahua before, your heart is about to melt. This tiny, one-eyed rescue pup has been through a lot in his life. But nothing will ever slow him down! And now, Morty has taken the internet by storm after sharing his adorable walk. He loves to strut his stuff like no one is watching. Some dogs might be frustrated with a wobbly walk and only one eye, but Morty embraces it! He wants … Read more

Meet Gen The Corgi: The Most Expressive Dog In The World

Gen the Corgi

A Corgi from Japan left his mark on the world in a very unique and adorable way. His name is Gen, and he was clearly the most expressive dog in the world. Scrolling through his adorable Instagram page, you will instantly find hundreds of silly faces that will melt your heart. Sadly, Gen suffered from a long list of health concerns and recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But his legacy will live on thanks to his enthusiastic expressions and lovable … Read more

Sleepy Puppy Bowl Star Chunky Monkey Stole The Show & Our Hearts

Chunky Monkey Puppy Bowl

Was there a Super Bowl game this year? It’s hard to remember after seeing the adorable lineup for the 2021 Puppy Bowl. As always, the show was adorable and heartwarming, but one rescue pup stole the most hearts. A black and white fluff ball named Chunky Monkey is trending all over Twitter. While her team didn’t win and while she wasn’t the official MVP, she quickly gained as much support as any human football player. Chunky Monkey’s success proves that … Read more

Sleepy Dogs And Cats Caught With Adorable Bedhead

Cats and dogs have a knack for sleeping. They’ve certainly been gifted with the ability to make naps look like the best thing ever. As we watch with envy, our furballs contort their bodies into positions of ultimate comfort and snore away in a slumbering peace humans can never hope to achieve! And when a cat or dog first wakes from the deepest of sleeps, they wear some of their funniest looks… Kitty cat cowlicks. Doggo pelt rumples. Flipped ears. … Read more

16 Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart One Fire At A Time

We love dogs. We love firefighters. Most importantly, we love fire department dogs… or dogs that just want to pretend to be firefighters. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your new firefighter calendar, we have just what the doctor ordered. These 16 hometown hero-hounds are sure to get your heart pumping! 1. Only a seasoned professional knows the importance of a good mask seal and a stoic pose. And to never eat more than your mask will hold. 2. One little … Read more

Crisscross Applesauce: 23 Adorable Dogs and Cats Crossing Their Paws For The Camera

Cats and dogs are too pure. We don’t deserve their preciousness! Our fur babies are always adorable, but sometimes, those sweet little angels are extra cute. Both cats and dogs have mastered certain moves, like the head tilt and rolling belly up, just to reduce us to mush at their unbelievable levels of dreaminess! And one of the cutest moves of all time, one that makes us want to give our critters anything and everything they want, is the crossing … Read more

Bob The Comfort Dog Calms Anxious Patients At The Dentist’s Office

When it comes time to visit the dentist, many people experience anxiety. Central Illinois Smiles in Decatur, Illinois, has a perfect way to help their patients out with that. That solution is Bob the comfort dog. Bob’s job at the office is to make nervous patients feel at ease, and he’s very good at it. He trains with PawPrint Ministries, a central Illinois comfort dog training facility. His predecessor Hazel, who passed just a few weeks ago at 10 years … Read more

Man Who “Doesn’t Like Small Dogs” Falls In Love With Chihuahua Puppy

We all have the perfect dog in mind. Some people adore active dogs so they can have a running buddy, while others prefer fluffy dogs to cuddle with. But any true dog lover knows that a dog shouldn’t be judged solely by their size or appearance. A dog’s personality is what should matter most when choosing a furry friend. When Sheridan Oliver Martin asked her husband Sinclair for a Chihuahua, he instantly told her he didn’t like little dogs. But … Read more

Blind And Deaf Dog Smells Dad, Dances Right To Him

People often try to argue that a dog who can’t see or hear has no real quality of life. But as someone who lived with a blind dog who was also hard of hearing, I can tell you those people speak without experience. These amazing dogs quickly learn to cope with their circumstances. They live their lives moment by moment, for sniffs and food and love. 3-year-old Lyla was born blind and deaf, but that doesn’t seem to bring her … Read more

Bonded Shelter Pit Bulls Have Sleepover With Matching Pajamas!

Shelter Pit Bull Sleepover
All Niles and Frasier want for Christmas this year is a forever home. The 5-year-old Pit Bulls quickly bonded at the City Dogs Cleveland animal shelter, so they'd like to stay together when adopted. The shelter knows two 50-pound dogs is a lot for a new family to take on, but they're confident that these sweet boys will find their perfect place soon. To help promote these adoptable pups, the shelter staff decided to give them a special night. They ... Read more

Grieving Pit Bull Finds Happiness In Rescue Kitten

Sometimes, all you need is a good friend to get you through difficult times. But best friends aren’t always the ones we expect. When a Pit Bull named Dude was grieving the loss of his Pit Bull sister Harley Jane, his mom knew he needed a new best friend. Unfortunately, they weren’t in a place to adopt another dog just yet. So, Julie Burroughs decided that a more unique companion might be the answer to Dude’s loneliness. When she met … Read more

Police Dog Forms Unbreakable Bond With Two Dolphins

Police Dog and Dolphin Friends

Mako the police dog puts on a brave face whenever he’s fighting crime. He’s skilled at what he does and he’s an incredible team member. But, like all good heroes, he also has a soft side. When he’s not catching bad guys, Mako is all about making friends. He loves meeting humans and other dogs, but recently, he befriended some rather unusual creatures too. Mako’s two new best friends are dolphins, and he doesn’t mind that they’re a little different. … Read more

Senior Dog Has “Bark Mitzvah” For His 13th Birthday

Bark Mitzvah

In a Jewish family, when a boy turns 13 years old, he celebrates with a bar mitzvah ceremony. So, it only seems fair that those families’ dogs should experience a similar celebration. After all, many dogs don’t even reach 13, so it’s definitely a milestone worth commemorating. A Florida family happily followed those traditions when their Labradoodle named Brody turned 13. They completed all the bar mitzvah traditions, only in a dog-friendly way. Best of all, Brody even became social … Read more

Shelter Dogs Learn Ballet To Find Forever Families

dog dancers featured

Rescue dogs will often do anything they can to find their perfect family. That’s why the dogs at Stray Rescue of St. Louis have turned to the professionals for help. Yet, instead of turning to dog trainers or groomers like most rescues, this group sought help from ballet dancers. After all, what’s more appealing than a dog who knows how to dance? Dancers with the St. Louis Ballet teamed up with the rescue for the third year in a row. … Read more

This Pup Is Branded The Most Stylish Dog In The World!

stylish dog cover

A Shiba Inu named Bodhi is taking the world by storm with his incredible fashion sense. With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, this stylish pup is paving the way for canine models everywhere. Bodhi is an 11-year-old doggo that transformed from a humble family pup to the world’s most stylish dog. With his fur mom, Yena, being a previous designer for Ralph Lauren, he grew up with an eye for fashion! Bodhi’s start in the modeling world began on a … Read more

Dog Refuses To Get Out Of Bed, But Agrees To Share With Toddler

I personally can’t imagine living in a household that bans dogs from the furniture. I love having my dog sleep in bed with me, and he loves it too. The only real trouble lies in the allocation of bed space. Dogs tend to take up more space than polite society typically allows. An adorable Husky named Millie loves sleeping in a bed, whether people are in it or not. A video posted to Reddit shows the dog all cozied up … Read more

First Ever Dog Christmas Song Is Making Canines Feel Festive

Dog Dancing with Human

Every year, humans get to enjoy festive music for the holidays. But one dog food company thought dogs might like to get in on the fun as well. So, created what they claim to be the first ever Christmas song made for dogs! The song might sound strange to us, but it’s made of a compilation of sounds that dogs love. Dogs around the world have been getting excited every time they hear it. It’s adorable to see so … Read more

Busch Gardens Variety Show Stars Clever Rescue Animals

During these times of social isolation, we’ve largely had to resort to experiencing virtual versions of things. Museums have released virtual tours, artists now teach classes on the web, and actors perform digitally while they can’t be on stage. So, while we may not be able to just flock to crowded theme parks like we used to, we can still get glimpses of their non-ride offerings online. One particular park, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, has a show we’d all … Read more

Foster Mama Dog Loves To Kiss Her Rescue Kittens

Tabby kittens Gilligan and Milli were found on the streets without their mother. But these little sweethearts have grown up strong and healthy thanks to the care of an unlikely foster mom who loved them with all her heart! At only three weeks old, kittens need constant care and the warmth and protection of their mother. Without it, kittens on the street often don’t get the chance to live the spoiled and happy life they deserve. But thanks to rescue … Read more

Dogs Vs. Cats: Pokemon So Cute You’ll Wish They Were Real!

Dog Pokemon

Whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not, it’s hard to resist the cute designs of these creatures. Many people are familiar with classic Pokemon like Pikachu and Charmander, but there are also plenty that look like real life dogs and cats! Here are 6 adorable dog-like Pokemon and 6 of the cutest cat-like ones. If they were real animals, dog and cat lovers would be lining up to adopt them. But now, it’s time for the ultimate decision: are cat-like … Read more

Little Corgi Offers Hugs To Every Dog He Passes

Remember hugs? Remember showing warmth and affection by wrapping your arms around a friend? These days, hugging is much less of a common occurrence. But luckily for all of us, doggies can still safely hug other doggies. In fact, hugging other dogs just so happens to be a favorite activity of a little 1-year-old Corgi named Wallace. He likes to stop and give a squeeze to any willing dog he passes on his daily walks. Wallace is nothing but gentle, … Read more

Dutiful Mama Dog Brings Crying Babies Her Favorite Toys

In Zhengzhou, China, a Golden Retriever named Yami gave birth to three beautiful puppies. As many do, the dogs’ human placed a security camera in their pen to keep an eye on them. Furbo cameras also allow you to interact with your pups virtually and throw them treats. What a brilliant idea that camera placement turned out to be. Evidently, dogs do some of the cutest things even when we’re not around to see them! On Douyin, the Chinese version … Read more

Look At These Puppy Bellies Happy And Healthy Thanks To Foster And Rescue

You know it and we know it. Puppies are cute. Everything about those tiny stinkers is so adorable its hard to decide what the cutest thing about a puppy might be! Could it be their tiny toes? Or maybe those little tails? It might be their button noses or the way they give us kisses. Oh, who can decide! Everything about baby dogs is perfection, including their puppy bellies! Since we can all agree that puppy tummies are just too … Read more

Pup Hates Bathing So He Comforts His Mom When She’s In The Bath

For some lucky dog parents, bath time is just a simple, routine event. But plenty of others know that as soon as your pup even hears the word “bath” or the sound of a rushing faucet, they’ll sprint in the opposite direction. Diego, a black Pug, is one of those bath-hating dogs. Diego’s mom, Raphi Muñoz told The Dodo he makes that fact very clear when the time comes. She explained: “He screams like he’s being murdered when he gets a bath. He’s … Read more

Enjoy Some Hauntingly Good Fun With These Photos Of Pups And Pumpkins

Here at, we love looking at pictures of dogs and we know you do too! Really, we don’t need an excuse to look at dog photos, but when the holidays roll around, the feeds are just jammed with doggos ready to celebrate. And with Halloween fast approaching, we’re obsessed with pictures of dogs and their pumpkins! So, to celebrate spooky season, here are some of the cutest dogs ever chilling with pumpkins! Happy Halloween!  Pups and Pumpkins “Please enjoy … Read more

This Adorable Photoshoot Of Gramps And Granny Dogs Will Make You Giggle

It’s a heartbreaking fact, but it’s true that senior dogs have a harder time finding homes once they enter shelters. And it’s through no fault of their own. Most people have puppies in mind when adopting and the old souls are often overlooked. Plus, the issues of aging also mean older dogs usually need more care and this also finds them passed over in the shelter. But senior dogs still have so much love to give and want nothing more … Read more

Rescue Dog Carries Adventurous Cat Sibling During Hiking Trips

Henry and Baloo

In most cases, cats are easier to care for than dogs. They spend all their time indoors and primarily keep to themselves. But if that’s the case, then Baloo certainly isn’t a cat. He might look like a fuzzy feline, but he acts more like his dog brother named Henry. Henry and Baloo are unlikely friends who love hiking. Every time their parents head outside on an adventure, the dog and cat duo are right behind them. They climb mountains, … Read more