2 Year Old Waves To Deaf Puppy In Man’s Backpack, Hoping He’ll Choose Her

Moz, described as a “hairless mess,” was found as a stray. The deaf puppy was so exhausted from being on the streets that when he was rescued, he slept for 36 hours straight. The poor thing had such a rough start in life, but that was all about to change! Thom, the kind man who saved his life, gave him a warm bed to sleep in and a much-needed bath when he woke up. Thom fosters dogs and will never … Read more

Rottweiler Gets Annoying Puppy, Holds Her Down So She Stops Wiggling

Puppies are adorable critters, especially when they’re playful and sassy. However, one Rottweiler, named Dozer, did not agree with this sentiment. When Mom came home with the sweetest little Frenchie, Dozer was not thrilled one bit. He didn’t understand what in the world this little creature could be. All he knew was that it kept moving about and bothering him, which pretty much freaked him out. The puppy, named Daisy, is the queen of playful energy. She didn’t give up … Read more

Panicked Dog Looks On As Dad Performs Emergency Surgery On His Best Friend

Leo the Goldendoodle is a very spoiled pup. If you don’t believe me, just take a peek at the Instagram page he shares with his two dog siblings, Rowan and Otis. Despite his charmed life of treats, toys, and furry companions, Leo has one special friend he regards above all others. It’s a brown stuffed animal of some sort. Since Leo has chewed its ears off, it’s hard to tell whether the toy began life as a stuffed dog, horse, … Read more

Adorable Lab Has The Best Manners When Offered A Cheeseburger

Dog gets cheeseburger

For most people, going through the fast food drive-thru with their dog will result in chaos. Most dogs will lunge at the opportunity to gobble up your chicken nuggets, even if you didn’t offer them any. While most people would expect a dog to inhale a McDonald’s cheeseburger in one bite (including the wrapper), not every dog is this food-obsessed. Lander the Labrador Retriever loves getting special snacks at drive-thrus, but he earns his treats. Instead of tearing apart the … Read more

Loyal Dog Won’t Let His Brother Suffer Time-Out Alone

There’s no smile we all have like the one when someone asks you to reflect back on your childhood dogs. Children and dogs have the purest most loving relationships. It’s hard to explain quite why they go so well together, but science has shown that growing up with a dog provides many benefits to kids. Children who grow up with dogs often develop stronger immune systems and better emotional intelligence. Dash, still under a year old, is the Smith family’s … Read more

1-Minute Animal Compilation of ‘Unlikely’ Friends Coming Together, Humans Should Take Notes

Why fit in when you can stand out? When unlikely animal friends come together, magic happens. Android’s commercial video features this magical formula with totally adorable, oh-so-swoon-worthy footage of out-of-the-ordinary animal pals.   Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Dog With Blog Channel via YouTube Video   Hearts immediately melt with the first image of an orangutan and his hound. How can you look away? Answer: You can’t because a flurry of furbabies is about to take hold of your emotions. … Read more

Mama Dog Schools Her Troublemaking Pups For Fighting Dirty & ‘Talking Back’ At Her

Dogs mirror humans in more ways than one–including parenting. They not only give their puppies the same amount of love we give our children, but they discipline them when necessary. Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Lucy & Milo Channel via YouTube Video   As we see in this video, the 2 puppy siblings are in the middle of some aggressive rough play. When one of them bites the other, the other hits back with even more ferocious snarls. Soon, it … Read more

Mischievous Baby Goat Finds A Trampoline, And Had The ‘Time Of His Life’

There is no end to the fun when it’s time for play. When you can find pleasure in the little things, life is full of joy, as this tiny kid goat demonstrates.   Image/Story Source Credit: iiteotwawki via YouTube Video     On a trampoline one day, this kid goat was born. As inquisitive as goats are, he began testing the trampoline and quickly discovered that he could bounce himself up and down on it. It was time to have … Read more

Dog Mom Goes All Out To Throw Her Pup A Minion-Themed Birthday Bash

Ivor with cake

When the time of year rolls around that our furry family members were born or rescued from the shelter, some pet parents really want to go all out to celebrate.  After all, what would life be like without the furry loves of our lives? Recently, one doggie mama threw a Minion-themed birthday bash for her baby boy, and the video she posted is going viral. It’s obvious by the recent video clip posted by Tik Tok user @Hannahwantsdj that she … Read more

Border Collie Hears The Ice Cream Man And Gets In Position For Their Routine

We all love a good ice cream treat, including our furry friends. A delicious frozen treat is a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day and bring us all together.   Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit:  I am Luna Bordercollie via Facebook Video     Luna the Border Collie is the perfect example of this. In the video below, you’ll see her when she hears the ice cream man coming down the road. The dog’s ears perk … Read more

Golden Retriever Puppy Completely ‘Loses-It’ When He Meets A Baby Goat

Love, at first sight, is a real thing–as the video below of a Golden Retriever puppy and newborn goat illustrates. It seems as if some things are just meant to be when two individuals become friends after meeting each other.


Image/Story Source Credit: King 5 via Facebook Video



This dynamic pair has always been the best of pals while producing. The four-day-old tiny goat is brought inside to meet the four-month-old Golden Retriever puppy, who is resting on a fluffy towel in his mother’s arms. Sean Cadden films as the pup cautiously examine this strange creature for a second before bumping noses and then it’s off to the races!


Image/Story Source Credit: King 5 via Facebook Video


Click the video below to watch this dynamic duo have a blast! 🥰

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Mom Only Lets One Of Her Dogs Eat The Ice Cream, While The Other Dog Looks On

When a woman pulled up to the drive-up window of a popular snack venue with her two dogs, Daisy and Cooper, they knew exactly what was happening — doggie ice cream! The eyes of the dog’s glimmer as their mother delivers them their favorite ice cream cone, but what follows is absolutely hilarious. 😍   Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Coopers Dogpatch via YouTube Video   As both dogs approach the tasty-looking dessert, Mom quickly shoos away Cooper and instead … Read more

Golden Retriever Plays The Wind Chimes Every-Day And ‘Sings Along’ To Them

Bleu is a lovely golden retriever who loves to sing. She discovered her love for music as a young pup after her mother Ana Brown hung up a set of wind chimes in the yard. When she heard the peaceful sound of the wind chimes, she was entranced.   Image/Story Source Credit: Bleu the Golden Retriever – Via Facebook Watch   Bleu, who had inadvertently head-butted the low-hanging chimes, was inspired to join in after hearing their strange melody. Brown … Read more

Cat Refuses To Be Left Behind During Dog’s Daily Walks

Cat walks with dog

Meadow and Willow were two inseparable canine companions. The two pups would play together, go on walks together, and snuggle together. So, when Willow passed away unexpectedly in 2020, Meadow became lonely and heartbroken. To fill the hole in Meadow’s heart, the pup’s family decided to adopt a new friend for her, but this new addition was very different from Willow. Meadow’s family adopted a kitten named Twig. Even though Meadow and Twig are two very different creatures, the two … Read more

People’s 2022 Cutest Rescue Dog Finalists Are Waiting For Your Vote

People's Cutest Rescue Dogs 2022

Every year, People Magazine hosts the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest to encourage dog adoption. The two previous winners were Heaven, the smiling dog, and Lamb Chop, the puppy mill survivor. Now, in 2022, People is searching for a new winner, and thousands of dogs want to snag the top spot. People has narrowed down the contestants to ten adorable rescue dogs, and now they want the public to help them choose the top three. From there, a panel of … Read more

Big Birthday Bully Stares Longingly At His Pupcake While His Family Sings

Excited Ace

The footage of an adorable American Bulldog desperately desiring his birthday song to end so he can chow down on his birthday pupcake has been delighting millions across the internet. And it’s easy to see why. The way the beaming birthday boy reluctantly refrains from jumping onto the table while practically pacing and making such overly excited facial expressions is almost too much cuteness to bear. Ace, the American Bully, is officially two years old. And, to mark the occasion, … Read more

Melt At This Video Of Man Introducing His Dog To A Neighborhood Cat

Yes, we all know that popular saying about cats and dogs: they’re both cute in different ways! No, I’m kidding. I know the saying is about cats and dogs inherently not getting along. But – have we ever considered that in many of these affirming cases, the dog and cat hadn’t been properly introduced? Cheyenne, a TikTok user from the UK, caught one such proper cat/dog introduction out her window. She filmed the adorable interaction between a man, his dog, … Read more

“Burrito Day” At This Shelter Means Much More To The Dogs Than Just A Tasty Snack

Animal shelters provide temporary refuge for dogs and cats in need. Unfortunately, some pets spend months or even years in these facilities before finding suitable homes. All this time spent in drab, noisy kennels can take its toll. That’s why the Michigan Animal Rescue League puts a heavy focus on enrichment. According to their website: “The goal of enrichment is to minimize stress levels by adding different kinds of stimulation and activities to each animal’s daily routine. In a typical … Read more

This Forlorn Pup Can’t Bear His Toy Separation Anxiety

If you have a dog (or more than one) at home, odds are you’ve witnessed some of the seemingly bizarre tactics they employ to get back misplaced toys. For example, my childhood dog once insisted I let him outside just so he could retrieve a rawhide he left by the door the day before. Claire Cummings from Basingstoke, England happened upon such a situation while driving. First, she noticed a lone stuffed pig on the sidewalk. Then she saw a … Read more

A Great Dane And His Adorable Pouting Face Is Melting The Hearts Of Millions

Kernie and his mom

Can you imagine meeting a giant dog who has no idea just how huge they are and thinks they’re a lap dog? Well, that’s exactly how Kernel the Great Dane lives his life.  This big, sweet boy is 175 pounds of pure love, and his adorable pouting face is melting the hearts of millions across the internet. It’s easy to see why; this big beautiful boy is incredibly endearing to watch.  This six-year-old stud lives with his mom in Boston, … Read more

Baby Squirrel Claims Motherly Pit Bull As Her Own

Pit Bulls know how to care for others unlike any other dog. Despite their bad reputation, they are often the most loving and considerate dogs out there. This became even more clear when a Pit Bull and squirrel friendship soon became popular on Reddit and Instagram. Everly is a rescue Pit Bull with such a kind heart. Her mom, Morgan Joy Groves, says that the sweet dog befriends nearly everyone, even other animals. Recently, a baby squirrel started hanging out … Read more

Delivery Driver Cautiously Approaches Porch Where Pit Bull Is Watching & Waiting

To a dog comfortably resting on his own porch in his own domain, the approaching delivery person can seem like a threat. That’s why there is some truth to the concept of dogs hating mailmen. It’s a tough thing to avoid, which is why delivery drivers often have to be very cautious approaching homes where dogs are outside. Recently, a Ring camera captured an interaction between a delivery driver and a dog at the home he was delivering to. That … Read more

Dog Driving Tiny Car Gets Pulled Over By Police

Many dogs love the thrill of going for car rides and sticking their heads out the window. However, for a little dog named Buddy, he controls his own car rides. Buddy was seen driving around on the sidewalk in a tiny black Mercedes that looks like it was made just for him. Police officers spotted this unusual sight in Heidelberg West, Australia and knew they should investigate. So, the pup had his first run-in with the police! The Victoria Police … Read more

Woman Makes A Decoy “Body Double” For Her Heart-Sick Dog

There’s nothing dogs with separation anxiety hate more than when their humans go to work. Left alone at home, they may cry, pace, and even destroy furniture. In July of 2022, Debbie Morley’s neighbor informed her that her dog had been howling constantly while she was gone. Not only did Morley feel guilty about the noise, but it also hurt to know her poor dog Shannow spent the whole day pining for her. How To Leave Home Without Really Leaving … Read more

Pomeranian With A Constant Smile Will Brighten Your Day!

Pomeranian smiling

All dogs are cute, but nothing is more heartwarming than a dog that’s cute and happy. Chevy, the 9-year-old Pomeranian, fits that description perfectly. He’s a sweet little black-and-white dog who always looks like he’s smiling. But Chevy’s smile is for more than just show. His family says he’s also one of the happiest dogs around, so his appearance is fitting. He has gained a decent Instagram following over the years, and many people check out his page just to lift their … Read more

15-Year-Old Dog With Hip Dysplasia Has His Own Elevator

Just like with aging humans, senior dogs who suffer from joint pain or muscle issues can find living in a home with stairs difficult. In many cases, a dog may just stay on the ground floor because going upstairs is too much for them. One family in South Carolina couldn’t bear to leave their 15-year-old dog Jackson downstairs all the time due to his hip dysplasia. So, they made a pretty significant investment: an elevator. The Things We Do For … Read more

Senior Dog Becomes Proud Dad Of 15 Orphaned Ducklings

Senior dog adopts ducklings

A 15-year-old Labrador Retriever named Fred has had a nurturing nature his whole life, even toward animals that some dogs might see as prey. He has a soft spot for ducklings and has experience caring for ducklings who have lost their mothers. This year, Fred “adopted” his third brood of ducklings after their mother went missing. He might not look like the parent you’d expect for a group of birds, but he takes his role very seriously. If the mother … Read more

Grandma Teaches Dog To Dance And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Doggy Dance

For some of our puppy pals, it’s nearly impossible to teach them a new trick. But for others, a single afternoon and some meaty treats are all the motivation they need.  One TikTok user was seriously impressed with the new trick her grandmother managed to teach her aunt’s dog in such a short time. You won’t want to miss these moves. The video is both amusing and extremely adorable. Something that is incredibly impressive while also making you laugh is … Read more

Australian Shepherd Pup Can’t Help Falling In Love With Orphaned Kittens

Nathan, a dog dad from Canada, originally created the Tik Tok account “Tales of Arlo” (@TalesOfArlo) to share videos of his Australian Shepherd puppy Arlo. While Arlo’s still the main focus, the account also features some of the kittens Nathan fosters. Several litters of foster kittens have come through this household at various times, but one video shows how Arlo really stepped up to look after a litter of orphaned cats. Little did he or his dad know, Arlo would … Read more

Mom And Dog Take A Car Ride, Break Into Song When Michael Jackson Plays On The Radio

When the music is added, everything becomes better. It’s the greatest method to convey affection because it stimulates emotions that are so powerful they can take over your soul and give you inspiration for life. And when you witness an animal react strongly to music, you know that this piece will be around for a long time!   Image/Story Source Credit: Melissa Mourelatos via YouTube Video     Honey, Melissa’s rescue dog, enjoys singing a nice song. When they were … Read more