Marlin The Cat Speaks Meow & Loves To Fish, But Still Thinks He’s A Dog

When you’re the youngest kid in a pack of four, you want to be just like your older siblings. But what if you’re a cat and your big brothers and sisters are dogs? Then your name might be Marlin, and you might love a good swim in the salty sea with the doggos! Marlin is the cutest white and orange tabby cat, but ever since coming home as a kitten, he’s studied everything dogs Buxton, Hattie, Shady, and Buoy have … Read more

Dog Helps Her Little Lamb Friend Cross A Flooded Creek In Cutest Video

Abla the dog works hard to protect her flock. As an Anatolian Shepherd, it’s her job to keep the sheep of the Calliss family farm rounded up and safe. But there are definitely some furry little perks in her work. And one of those perks is a sweet lamb known as June. Now, the world is taking notice of the adorable dog and her lamb buddy thanks to the sweetest video posted to Twitter by their mom, Jo Calliss. The … Read more

Moose The Beekeeping Dog Has His Own Custom Bee Suit

Even though it’s one of their best traits, sometimes our dogs wanting to be wherever we are and do whatever we’re doing can prove challenging. Most times, it’s harmless, like the pup sitting directly on your laptop while you’re trying to work. For one dog in Edmonton named Moose, the risks of loyalty are a little higher. The 1-year-old Yellow Lab’s parents have an urban bee colony in their backyard that lets them produce honey. A person who knows what … Read more

Police K9 Retires After 10 Yrs, Leaving New Department Pups With Big Paws To Fill

In Marshall County, Kentucky, the community is celebrating a good dog. Fox has been protecting and serving his community first with the Paducah Police Department since 2011. In January of 2018, he joined the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, continuing his hard work, but now it’s time for Fox to put his paws up in retirement. With the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office patrolling roughly 300 square miles and over 900 miles of roadways, Fox kept full days protecting the citizens of … Read more

Guilty-Looking Pit Bull Makes Mess Of House In Adorably Hilarious Video

The whole house was in shambles. But how could you be mad at such a sweet face? After Saba the pit bull was left home alone, her mom came home to find quite the mess. Saba upturned the garbage can and tossed garbage everywhere around the kitchen and dining room.  Scraps of paper and food items were strewn across the house — and Saba did indeed look guilty as she peered out from behind a chair. Her mom started filming … Read more

Watch How This Pup Responds When Her Mom Calls Her “Beautiful”

Don’t tell us that dogs don’t understand what their humans say to them. Just look into their eyes, and you know they get it. One of our favorite recent examples is Honey, and her mom, Sarah Lawther, who shared a heartwarming TikTok video of her adorable, somewhat bashful pup. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet Honey. TikTok user @SarahLawther recently uploaded a video of her telling Honey, her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, how beautiful she is. And Honey’s reaction is … Read more

Chihuahua Star From Cruella Shares Shocking Acting Secret

Cruella Wink

Cruella, Disney’s latest live-action film, seems like it would be all about the Dalmatians. After all, the movie is an origin story for Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Plus, one of the starring Dalmatians in the modern adaptation is a rescue dog! However, the Dalmatians weren’t the only fan-favorites in this new film. Instead, a Chihuahua character named Wink stole the spotlight. Wink wears a tiny eyepatch and helps his humans with elaborate plans, so filming wasn’t easy. Behind-the-scenes staff … Read more

Adorable Singing Chihuahua Gets Standing Ovation From “America’s Got Talent” Judges

You’ve surely heard a dog howl — but nothing quite like this.  On the June 22 episode of America’s Got Talent, Casper the Chihuahua made his television debut singing his own version of “All By Myself” by Celine Dion with his mom, Pam. The judges were starstruck by the adorable performance, giving the dog raving reviews and passing him onto the next round of the hit TV show.  Dressed in a red harness and yellow bow tie, Casper entered the … Read more

Marketing Goes To The Dogs With Sniffable Mini Billboards

Tiny dog billboard

You’ll often see advertisements aimed toward children, making them thrilled to buy new toys, but what if your dog could be influenced by ads too? With a new billboard campaign, they might be! Tiny billboards are appearing at busy parks, catered specifically toward furry friends. Not only are they dog-sized, but they have unique features to attract your dog toward them. Finally, after all these years, your dog will be able to do their own window shopping and show you … Read more

Meet The Rescue Dalmatian Starring In Disney’s ‘Cruella’

With each new year it seems comes at least one new live-action Disney remake. As animals often star in these films, that means work opportunities for talented animal actors. Parker the Dalmatian is one of those lucky stars. Parker appears in the latest Disney movie, a live-action telling of the story of Cruella de Vil from the 1961 animated classic 101 Dalmatians. He plays one of three Dalmatians owned by Emma Thompson’s character the Baroness von Hellman.  According to his … Read more

Water-Loving Golden Gives His New Woodchuck Pal A Ride To Shore

Wally the Golden Retriever befriends everyone he meets. Yet, he recently proved that his kindness goes beyond humans and dogs. During a swim one day, Wally met a woodchuck, who he graciously offered a ride. Even though the woodchuck only rode on Wally’s back for a short amount of time, they instantly became best friends. They even shared a heartwarming moment at the end. Wally’s humans captured the adorable event on video, and now the pup’s kindness is going viral. … Read more

Sweet Dog Cares For 9-Day-Old Orphaned Foal

Tye the baby horse had a rough go of it from the very start. At only 9 days old, Tye became an orphan. His mother, a 22-year-old mare named Sandy, experienced sudden detrimental health issues. Sadly, she eventually needed to be euthanized. Zip, a 5-year-old rescue dog, lives among these horses in Fayette, Alabama. The Australian Cattle Dog has known many horses, young and old, but he especially connected with the orphaned Tye. Karla Swindle, who cares for both of … Read more

Golden Retriever Adopts Orphaned Lamb As Her Own Curly Puppy

Dog adopts lamb

Benny the Lamb, also known as Bennedict CurlyPatch, thinks he’s a puppy. That’s because his birth mother rejected him, so a Golden Retriever named Lily stepped up to adopt him. They might look like an unusual pair, but they are incredibly happy together. Videos of Benny and Lily’s relationship have gone viral. She helped the little sheep get over the rejection from his own kind, which is a heartwarming and beautiful thing. Followers hope that this mother and son duo … Read more

Birthday Pups Are Being Spoiled With “Barkuterie” Boards

Dog barkuterie boards

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, charcuterie boards were trending. With so much extra time at home, what better way to spend the day than creating an aesthetically pleasing plate of food? But now, “barkuterie” boards are the new trend. Barkuterie boards are adorable treat arrangements for dogs, making the perfect gifts for birthdays. Of course, the appearance is more for the humans, but your dog won’t complain about having extra treats. And one thing’s for sure: they make the cutest photo … Read more

Tuckered Out Pittie Pup Has A Cozy Car Nap With His Fave

Pittie nap cover

Nino is a lovable 8-month-old Pittie that takes advantage of every nap opportunity he gets. After a long day spent at the beach with his favorite humans, he couldn’t help but pass out in an adorable way. Kamilla Ferreira adopted Nino when he was just 4 months old. He quickly became the talk of the neighborhood due to his friendly personality, greeting everyone he meets with an eager tail wag and a kiss. “People sometimes get scared of his tough … Read more

“World’s Happiest Dog” Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

Shortcake happy Pit Bull

Lady Shortcake the 6-year-old Pit Bull has the most beautiful smile. It was one of the reasons her human fell in love with her, and now that she’s adopted, she smiles even more! Sometimes it’s when she’s excited, but other times it’s when she’s trying to get herself out of trouble. But either way, her unique expression is one-of-a-kind. Dog lovers all over the world are in love with this charming rescue pup. Her social media posts always brighten people’s … Read more

Everyone Is Falling In Love With This Mickey Mouse Look-Alike Pup

Disney dog cover

Almost everyone is aware of the beloved Disney Character Mickey Mouse. With his jolly personality and signature look, there is only one thing cuter than Mickey Mouse himself… a canine Mickey Mouse look-alike! An adorable pup named Goma has captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world. Her fluffy gray ears stand tall and proud, bearing a striking resemblance to the well-known mouse cartoon. Not only are her round ears an incredible sight to see, but she has the … Read more

Viral Parrot Says “I Love You” To Her New Puppy Sibling

Bird petting dog

Unlikely animal friendships are the cutest! But Sweet Pea the parrot takes it to a whole new level. The beautiful white cockatoo went viral after her human shared a photo of her interacting with her new puppy sibling for the first time. It only took Sweet Pea a few moments to learn how to shower a puppy with love. Sweet Pea’s video has already gained over 63,000 views on TikTok alone. Plus, it’s been shared all over the internet by … Read more

Insurance Company Helps “Jake From State Farm” The Dog Get Adopted

When adoptable animals have a hard time finding homes, shelters often find a creative name can get them some attention. That’s what helped one sweet dog overcome his past to find his new forever home. That name the shelter gave him? “Jake From State Farm.” Yes, that helpful insurance agent on the other end of the phone in the popular commercials inspired this sweet boy’s name. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can view the original … Read more

Meet Mork Skywalker, The Rescued Bulldog Puppy Who Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

The force was strong with this one. When dog rescuer Nikki Carvey first laid eyes on the tiny puppy, she couldn’t help but want to bring him home forever.  Rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade back in October, the little bulldog-mix puppy was very sickly. He had no hair, was skinny, and had intestinal issues. But that didn’t stop Carvey, who is the founder of the nonprofit rescue shelter Road Dogs which specializes in rescuing bulldogs.  His rescuers decided … Read more

Wobbly Rescue Pup Will Hop His Way Into Your Heart

If you’ve never seen Morty the special needs Chihuahua before, your heart is about to melt. This tiny, one-eyed rescue pup has been through a lot in his life. But nothing will ever slow him down! And now, Morty has taken the internet by storm after sharing his adorable walk. He loves to strut his stuff like no one is watching. Some dogs might be frustrated with a wobbly walk and only one eye, but Morty embraces it! He wants … Read more

Meet Gen The Corgi: The Most Expressive Dog In The World

Gen the Corgi

A Corgi from Japan left his mark on the world in a very unique and adorable way. His name is Gen, and he was clearly the most expressive dog in the world. Scrolling through his adorable Instagram page, you will instantly find hundreds of silly faces that will melt your heart. Sadly, Gen suffered from a long list of health concerns and recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But his legacy will live on thanks to his enthusiastic expressions and lovable … Read more

Sleepy Puppy Bowl Star Chunky Monkey Stole The Show & Our Hearts

Chunky Monkey Puppy Bowl

Was there a Super Bowl game this year? It’s hard to remember after seeing the adorable lineup for the 2021 Puppy Bowl. As always, the show was adorable and heartwarming, but one rescue pup stole the most hearts. A black and white fluff ball named Chunky Monkey is trending all over Twitter. While her team didn’t win and while she wasn’t the official MVP, she quickly gained as much support as any human football player. Chunky Monkey’s success proves that … Read more

Sleepy Dogs And Cats Caught With Adorable Bedhead

Cats and dogs have a knack for sleeping. They’ve certainly been gifted with the ability to make naps look like the best thing ever. As we watch with envy, our furballs contort their bodies into positions of ultimate comfort and snore away in a slumbering peace humans can never hope to achieve! And when a cat or dog first wakes from the deepest of sleeps, they wear some of their funniest looks… Kitty cat cowlicks. Doggo pelt rumples. Flipped ears. … Read more

16 Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart One Fire At A Time

We love dogs. We love firefighters. Most importantly, we love fire department dogs… or dogs that just want to pretend to be firefighters. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your new firefighter calendar, we have just what the doctor ordered. These 16 hometown hero-hounds are sure to get your heart pumping! 1. Only a seasoned professional knows the importance of a good mask seal and a stoic pose. And to never eat more than your mask will hold. 2. One little … Read more

Crisscross Applesauce: 23 Adorable Dogs and Cats Crossing Their Paws For The Camera

Cats and dogs are too pure. We don’t deserve their preciousness! Our fur babies are always adorable, but sometimes, those sweet little angels are extra cute. Both cats and dogs have mastered certain moves, like the head tilt and rolling belly up, just to reduce us to mush at their unbelievable levels of dreaminess! And one of the cutest moves of all time, one that makes us want to give our critters anything and everything they want, is the crossing … Read more

Bob The Comfort Dog Calms Anxious Patients At The Dentist’s Office

When it comes time to visit the dentist, many people experience anxiety. Central Illinois Smiles in Decatur, Illinois, has a perfect way to help their patients out with that. That solution is Bob the comfort dog. Bob’s job at the office is to make nervous patients feel at ease, and he’s very good at it. He trains with PawPrint Ministries, a central Illinois comfort dog training facility. His predecessor Hazel, who passed just a few weeks ago at 10 years … Read more

Man Who “Doesn’t Like Small Dogs” Falls In Love With Chihuahua Puppy

We all have the perfect dog in mind. Some people adore active dogs so they can have a running buddy, while others prefer fluffy dogs to cuddle with. But any true dog lover knows that a dog shouldn’t be judged solely by their size or appearance. A dog’s personality is what should matter most when choosing a furry friend. When Sheridan Oliver Martin asked her husband Sinclair for a Chihuahua, he instantly told her he didn’t like little dogs. But … Read more

Blind And Deaf Dog Smells Dad, Dances Right To Him

People often try to argue that a dog who can’t see or hear has no real quality of life. But as someone who lived with a blind dog who was also hard of hearing, I can tell you those people speak without experience. These amazing dogs quickly learn to cope with their circumstances. They live their lives moment by moment, for sniffs and food and love. 3-year-old Lyla was born blind and deaf, but that doesn’t seem to bring her … Read more

Bonded Shelter Pit Bulls Have Sleepover With Matching Pajamas!

Shelter Pit Bull Sleepover
All Niles and Frasier want for Christmas this year is a forever home. The 5-year-old Pit Bulls quickly bonded at the City Dogs Cleveland animal shelter, so they'd like to stay together when adopted. The shelter knows two 50-pound dogs is a lot for a new family to take on, but they're confident that these sweet boys will find their perfect place soon. To help promote these adoptable pups, the shelter staff decided to give them a special night. They ... Read more