Senior Dog Becomes Proud Dad Of 15 Orphaned Ducklings

Senior dog adopts ducklings

A 15-year-old Labrador Retriever named Fred has had a nurturing nature his whole life, even toward animals that some dogs might see as prey. He has a soft spot for ducklings and has experience caring for ducklings who have lost their mothers. This year, Fred “adopted” his third brood of ducklings after their mother went missing. He might not look like the parent you’d expect for a group of birds, but he takes his role very seriously. If the mother … Read more

Grandma Teaches Dog To Dance And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Doggy Dance

For some of our puppy pals, it’s nearly impossible to teach them a new trick. But for others, a single afternoon and some meaty treats are all the motivation they need.  One TikTok user was seriously impressed with the new trick her grandmother managed to teach her aunt’s dog in such a short time. You won’t want to miss these moves. The video is both amusing and extremely adorable. Something that is incredibly impressive while also making you laugh is … Read more

Australian Shepherd Pup Can’t Help Falling In Love With Orphaned Kittens

Nathan, a dog dad from Canada, originally created the Tik Tok account “Tales of Arlo” (@TalesOfArlo) to share videos of his Australian Shepherd puppy Arlo. While Arlo’s still the main focus, the account also features some of the kittens Nathan fosters. Several litters of foster kittens have come through this household at various times, but one video shows how Arlo really stepped up to look after a litter of orphaned cats. Little did he or his dad know, Arlo would … Read more

Mom And Dog Take A Car Ride, Break Into Song When Michael Jackson Plays On The Radio

When the music is added, everything becomes better. It’s the greatest method to convey affection because it stimulates emotions that are so powerful they can take over your soul and give you inspiration for life. And when you witness an animal react strongly to music, you know that this piece will be around for a long time!   Image/Story Source Credit: Melissa Mourelatos via YouTube Video     Honey, Melissa’s rescue dog, enjoys singing a nice song. When they were … Read more

Rescue Puppy Falls In Love With Her Cheetah Cub Companion

Cheetah cub with puppy

Most female cheetahs give birth to three or four cubs. But sadly, if they only have one cub, they don’t produce enough milk for the young feline to survive. So, zoos and animal sanctuaries will often raise these baby cheetahs to give them a chance at life. Yet, cheetah cubs are normally very shy, so they need lots of support to grow up strong and confident. Some zoos adopt puppies to raise with the cheetahs and be companions for them. … Read more

Vocal Pit Bull Throws Adorable Tantrum At The Vet

Carl is not a fan of the vet, and he’s making sure that his human parents know it. As responsible owners, we know we sometimes have to do things our dogs don’t like. Brushing teeth, baths, taking pills – things that are for the best for our dogs, even if they don’t understand it. That doesn’t mean they have to take it lying down, though, and they often don’t! After an injury to his leg, Carl’s dutiful parents took him … Read more

Dog And Baby ‘Engage’ In A Game Of Chase That Left Mom With No Choice But To Record Them Both

There’s nothing quite like the friendship between a young child and their dog. It’s always an excellent match in terms of companionship and curiosity. There are so many activities to do, and so much enjoyment to be had, that no one will leave anything on the table with a kid and their dog! Even this 11-month-old crawler has found a way to participate in a game of chase with his canine companion. ❤️   Image/Story Source Credit: Caters Clips via … Read more

Dog’s Favorite Song Comes On And Mom Decided To Join-In For A “Duet Performance”

Lola and Annie are as close as it is possible for a mother and her puppy to be. They enjoy doing everything together, such as going to the park and playing, relaxing and cuddling, and traveling on road trips. The entertainment is Lola’s and Annie’s favorite part of those travels! The center of attention is occupied by Lola and Annie! 😊   Image/Story Source Credit: Annie Aul via YouTube Video   Lola’s musical talent is undeniable, and she’s enthusiastic about … Read more

Golden Retriever Who’s Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One Of His Own

Pork is a delightful Golden Retriever, and Pork certainly lives up to his reputation. But there was always something lacking. Pork adores other pooches and longed for a brother or sister of his own.   Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video     The new puppy, Teddy Sugar, was brought home by its owners, and they made sure to film Pork’s and Teddy Sugar’s initial encounter. The small but not afraid of him Teddy Sugar leans in toward him to get … Read more

Musical Hound Joins His Dad’s Band Onstage For A Howling Good Encore

Photographer and bluegrass musician Brennan Gilmore remembers his dog Jack with a bittersweet fondness. The rescued hound dog was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 but lived well beyond his six-month prognosis, passing away peacefully in the fall of 2020. During their time together, Gilmore and Jack traveled the world, learned about life, and developed a mutual love for bluegrass music. Gilmore, who goes by the Reddit handle MrJackDog, recently shared a video of Jack jamming with his band, Walker’s Run, … Read more

German Shepherd Mama Hatches A ‘Clever Game’ To Tire Out Her Hyperactive Puppies

The intelligence and vivacious energy of German Shepherds have made them very popular among dog lovers. The pups of this breed, on the other hand, are known to be hyperactive and extremely playful, with some referring to them as “rowdy.” These sweeties are always on the go and don’t mind rough play at all!     Image/Story Credit Source: The German Shepherd Dog Community/Facebook     In this video below, we see a mother dog attempting to discipline her growing … Read more

Blind Husky Has The Cutest Reaction When She Senses Snow

Blind Husky Loves the Snow

A Husky named Mackenzie arrived at her forever home when she was 10-weeks-old. At the time, her vision wasn’t perfect, but she seemed healthy otherwise. Yet, as she grew up, she developed glaucoma in one eye, and then the other. Despite Mandy Leung’s efforts to keep her puppy’s eyes healthy, the condition worsened. Leung eventually decided that the best thing to do for Mackenzie was to have her eyes removed to eliminate the pain. It seems like a tough transition, … Read more

Golden Retriever Loses His Mind When He Opens Adorable Amazon Package

Getting a package in the mail is always exciting. No matter how thrilling or uneventful the items are, deliveries always feel like Christmas presents to yourself. However, a Golden Retriever’s first Amazon package put everyone else’s deliveries to shame. Walker the Goldie received a package from his humans. He knew it smelled interesting right away, but he couldn’t quite figure out what was inside. Yet, when the box opened, Walker couldn’t contain his excitement! The gift was what he least … Read more

Protective Dog “Saves” Little Girl From Drowning After Wave Pulls Her Under

Some dogs are natural-born heroes, and a big, fluffy pooch named Matyas is definitely one of them! This very good boy was playing with his dad’s granddaughter by the seashore in Gouville-sur-Mer, France, when a wave crashed over her. The little girl was sitting in the shallows, happily splashing among the breakers, and did not seem the slightest bit distressed by the momentary dip below the surface. Matyas, on the other hand, reacted like a nervous parent. Seeing his playmate … Read more

Bulldog Puppy Throws Hilarious ‘Temper-Tantrum’, Rebels Against His Cool Mama Dog

We absolutely love videos of mama and baby pups together. But, this one is a little different. You’re going to see a ‘Temper Tantrum” like no other below!   Patches is a Mama Bulldog who is extremely vigilant of her only pup, Elvis. Because Elvis was born with a cleft lip, Patches goes above and beyond to ensure that he grows up happily.   Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video     In this cute video, Patches nudge Elvis forward. Whether … Read more

Woman Leaves Dog With Her Dad, Receives The ‘Best Texts’ From Him During The Day

Meghan Specksgoor from Midlothian, Virginia, decided to have her father babysit her dog as she was getting ready to take a trip to New York. Her father, Larry was most definitely the proud grandfather of his 4  year old German Shephard grandson named Chance. Meghan decided to post her texts on Twitter of these two and their adventure. These have since gone viral with well over than 55k retweets.    In dad’s first text, Larry wrote: “Grandpa wants to know … Read more

Chatty Dog Asks Mom “Where Are You Going?” In Near-Perfect English

Alaskan Malamute Talks

Many humans and dogs can understand each other through actions alone. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if your dog could talk to you? One TikTok user has a dog who seems to be able to do that. In a viral video, Hugo the Alaskan Malamute comes up to his human and makes the silliest sound. When you listen closely, it sounds like he’s saying, “where are you going?” Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, or maybe Hugo is smarter … Read more

The World’s Cutest Squatter Made Himself At Home On This Family’s Back Porch

Unannounced early morning visitors are rare these days, so imagine Amy’s surprise when she woke up at her usual early hour and was greeted with the face of an unexpected furry guest. Luckily for her and her family, the surprise squatter chilling on their back porch was incredibly friendly! It was early morning when Amy’s daughter came to tell her that someone, or more accurately, someone’s pup, was hanging out on their back porch. When Amy ran to the window, … Read more

Lab Wins Dog Surfing Contest After Shark Sighting Complicates Things

Dog surfing competition

After nine years of the East Coast Dog Surfing Championships, sharks had never been an issue. The competing canines had always been able to peacefully surf without having to worry about what lurked beneath the water. But for the 10th annual competition in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there were many complications when a shark sighting occurred. Of course, the safety of the dogs is a priority during this event. So, the people in charge postponed the competition until the coast was … Read more

UPDATE: Two-Legged Rescue Puppy Will Walk Right Into Your Heart On His New Prosthetic Legs

Life did not get off to a promising start for Cupid. The adorable fluffy puppy was found sealed in a trash bag in a Toronto dumpster this January. He was just 7-weeks-old, born without front limbs, and tossed out like garbage to die in the frigid weather. Now, not only has Cupid stolen the hearts of his Facebook fans, he has also been fitted with new prosthetic legs!   Cupid was named for his little heart-shaped nose and sweet personality … Read more

The 2022 “Cadbury Bunny” Is A Nursing Home Therapy Dog Named Annie Rose

Cadbury is of course famous for its candy, Cadbury Creme Eggs, that regularly appear in Easter baskets across the country. For the past several years, however, the brand is also known for its annual “Cadbury Bunny Tryouts” which highlight beloved pets and working animals across the country. The Cadbury Bunny competition invites people to submit photos of their animals wearing bunny ears. A judging panel then determines 20 finalists for the public to vote on, and one of those lucky … Read more

Dog Gets A New Home And ‘Freaked Out’ When She Saw What’s In Her Backyard

When this Westie discovered her new home, we all know she became ecstatic – leaping and shrieking and wagging her tail. You may bet that this dog is grateful to go anywhere it feels appreciated. Because her pet parents recorded the video of the first time she sees her new forever Florida house on Facebook, we can assure you she is delighted.   Image Source Credit: YouTube Video   Christy and her dad have moved into a new home in … Read more

Dog Painters Auction Off Their Masterpieces For 3-Legged Animals

German Shepherd paints

Dogs can do anything they set their minds to, and for some dogs, that means becoming an artist. Several dogs have mastered the skill of creating gorgeous abstract art. At first glance, you may even mistake it for the work of a human painter. To make their talents even more meaningful, a group of canine artists is auctioning off their masterpieces for a good cause. In an annual event, several dogs sell their artwork to raise money for three-legged animals. … Read more

Watch This Chihuahua Crush A Performance Of “Swan Lake” At Crufts

Organized by The Kennel Club UK, the annual Crufts Dog Show brings thousands of dogs and their people together to participate in a variety of competitions. The dogs take on agility courses, perform routines set to music, demonstrate their obedience skills, and more. One particular performance from the 2022 event has people really talking: A Chihuahua from Switzerland danced the most elegant duet with his handler set to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” in the Heelwork to Music competition. A Swan Lake … Read more

Golden Retriever Who’s Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One Of His Own

Pork is a delightful Golden Retriever, and Pork certainly lives up to his reputation. But there was always something lacking. Pork adores other pooches and longed for a brother or sister of his own.   Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video     The new puppy, Teddy Sugar, was brought home by its owners, and they made sure to film Pork’s and Teddy Sugar’s initial encounter. The small but not afraid of him Teddy Sugar leans in toward him to get … Read more

White German Shepherd Adopts Pygmy Baby Goat And Cuddles Her Like Her Own Puppy

Shadow the white German Shepherd’s pulse quickens whenever she sees a “tiny creature.” When her family adopted a young Pygmy goat baby, Shadow was immediately captivated by the adorable kid. To claim that she had taken in the little one, she immediately took up residence under the tiny animal’s wing.   Image/Story Credit Source: YouTube Video     In this video, we see Shadow treating her goat daughter as if she were one of her own pups! On the carpet, … Read more

Blind Dog Loses It When She Catches Her Dad’s Scent

Blindness may be inconvenient, but it’s not a death sentence for a dog. Our pups are extremely adaptable creatures, and they can adjust to poor vision with the help of their high-powered noses and strong hearing. Most importantly, losing their vision doesn’t impact a dog’s ability to live life in the moment and enjoy what they do have. A sweet video of Chapter, a blind 15-year old Cocker Spaniel, proves that happiness has nothing to do with your eyesight and … Read more

Tails Wag Uncontrollably As Mama Dog Reunites With Her Rescued Babies

Aria and Grace Keilbach moved from Pueblo, Colorado to the island of Saipan in 2018 and 2020, respectively. The Pacific island, which played a role in World War II, has been home to a unique breed of dog ever since: “Boonie” dogs. These dogs descended from combat dogs left behind after the war. They’re, according to the Keilbachs, “a jumbled mix of bloodhounds, Rottweilers, Labradors, Dobermans, and German Shepherds.” The sisters founded Boonie Babies Rescue to combat the island’s rising homeless … Read more

Puppy Bowl XVIII Featured The Most Special Needs Rescue Dogs Ever

To many Americans, “the big game” refers to the Super Bowl played between the year’s winningest football teams. For a lot of us though, the real event is the one that precedes it on TV: The Puppy Bowl! On Sunday, Feb. 13, Puppy Bowl XVIII kicked off on Animal Planet and Discovery+. As usual, Team Ruff took on Team Fluff. Per another important tradition, all the doggie players came from shelters. About Puppy Bowl XVIII The way the game is … Read more

This Ice Skating Dog Who Raises Money For Charity Deserves A Medal

Benny, the Labrador Retriever, may not be eligible for the Winter Olympics, but he could probably give some of the athletes a run for their money on the ice. This dog can really skate, and that’s why he’s known as “Benny the Ice Skating Dog.” The 8-year-old Lab wears custom-fitted skates on his front two paws. He can slide and leap over cones with ease, often while holding a hockey stick between his teeth. Benny’s moves on the ice are … Read more