Only Dog Brother Knows Where His Cat Buddy Hides & It’s The Coziest Spot

When Chip the cat wanted to slip away from the world for a bit of peace and quiet, he found a hiding spot so purrfect, his mom had to ask dog bro Theodore if he knew where to find Chip. Theodore outed the clever kitty in a hurry, and you won’t believe where Chip was hiding. Let’s just say Theodore had a big part in helping the wily tabby hide! Mom Melanie Shields posted the silly moment to TikTok, and … Read more

Bulldogs Completely Commit To “Playing Dead” To Prevent Punishment After Making Mess

Our canine companions can be extremely comforting and also the source of copious comedic entertainment. But they can get into their fair share of mischief, as well. Sometimes, as in the case of Bulldogs Sophia and Oliver, the two go hand in hand.  The pair of pups decided to have a puppy party while their parents weren’t around, and that resulted in some damage. So they decided to “play dead” to procrastinate or even prevent their punishment. Sophia and Oliver … Read more

Clever Dog Buys Himself Daily Treats Using Leaves As Cash

At the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia, you’ll find Black Lab Negro padding across campus as he keeps an eye out for trouble while stopping to visit with students and faculty. This good boy acts as unofficial security and hound-in-residence for the school in exchange for food, a safe spot to sleep, and all the attention he could ever want! And while on his campus rounds, Negro gets a chance to observe humans as they go … Read more

‘Good Boy’ Gone Wild: Unleashes His Wild Side When He’s Left Alone At Home

Killer the Bichon Frise may look like a harmless, cuddly bundle of joy, but he’s got some serious warrior spirit! He always behaves so well when his humans are around. But that all changes once they leave and he knows it – the home security camera catches him letting loose with plenty of wild energy every time!😆 Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble Viral – YouTube   When Killer confirms that his family has left, he grabs his favorite plush toy and … Read more

Big Floofy Dog Wanders Into Live Weather Broadcast And Steals The Spotlight

Dog on set featured

When you work as a weatherman, it’s your job to “predict” what lies ahead. But one New England weatherman certainly didn’t foresee a big, fluffy dog making an appearance during his early morning weekend weather broadcast. As you may have guessed, the playful pooch stole the spotlight and gave everyone a great laugh.  And while the weatherman was initially caught off guard, he was quick to recover and even included her in the segment. Josh Judge was live on camera … Read more

Police K9 Doesn’t Take His Swearing-In Ceremony Seriously, But At Least He’s Cute!

K9 swearing-in ceremony

Swearing-in ceremonies are a big deal for new police K9s. At least, they should be. All the humans who attend these events think it’s a serious occasion, but for the dog that’s being recognized, it’s just a normal day off work. For K9 Ghost at the Glynn County Police Department in Georgia, his swearing-in ceremony was all fun and games for him. Instead of closely listening to everything he agreed to, he just wanted to play! A viral video of … Read more

Dog That Barks At The Sky For Letting It Rain Finds A Mom Who Gets Him

Greta adopted Duncan after her dog suddenly passed away. Duncan desperately needed a home. He was placed in the animal control shelter in Chicago when his owner was involved in an altercation. Duncan’s mom explains in the video that he may just be the quirkiest dog ever. He eats rain and snow after barking at the sky for allowing it to fall (and it’s the cutest thing to witness). He’ll stand up and drink from a water fountain or go … Read more

Puppy May Look Sweet And Innocent But He’s A Master Kleptomaniac

Lloyd, the cutest Frenchie puppy, is a professional kleptomaniac. Lloyd’s mom Laura is constantly floored by how sneaky the little pup is. The family will place their stuff out of reach but somehow he figures out a way to get what he wants and take off with it. If Lloyd is unsuccessful, he will steal things Laura’s using at that moment. When she wraps gifts, he will snatch the bow. If she’s putting on her sneakers, Lloyd will sneak over, … Read more

Think Vets Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor? Check-Out These 13 Signs

The vet can be a nerve-wracking place for both people and pooches. Our dogs anxiously whimper and pace, smelling the stress of other pup patients. Our cats dodge their carriers, dreading the thought of a car ride, let alone a shot. And we do our best to calm our pets down, sometimes nervous, ourselves, at the prospect of some diagnosis or even an unexpected vet bill! That’s why we appreciate these veterinary offices that lighten the mood with their hilarious signs. … Read more

Laughing Parrot Leaves Grooming Staff Cracked Up And Crying

Did you know the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot has an average vocabulary of one hundred words? With so many words and phrases for these parrots to pick up, there’s no telling what one of the feathered jewels might say. And even though they’re used to parrots and their antics, staff at Petland Norwin in Philadelphia couldn’t help cracking up when a parrot’s chatter turned into peals of laughter. Lucky for us, they captured the funny moment on camera and shared it … Read more

Husky Walks 6 Miles Through The Snow To Shoplift Herself An Early Holiday Treat

Shoplifting Dog

The countdown to Christmas can be excruciating. Especially if you have a very specific request from Santa. So when a Siberian Husky simply couldn’t wait another minute for her annual Christmas Bone, she decided to procure one herself.  So she slipped out of her yard, walked six miles both ways, and shoplifted the same bone she usually gets in her stocking.  This is the type of story that you have to see to believe, because it sounds more like something … Read more

Wife Sneaks In Dog While Husband’s At Work, Sends A Text “Look What I Did!”

A dog named Espy came from a hoarding situation. Her original owner was trying to breed them but couldn’t take care of them properly. Espy, along with 21 other dogs, was taken to Austin Animal Center, frightened out of their doggy minds. Morgan, a kind human, soon walked into the shelter and saw Espy. Despite Espy being fearful, Morgan felt an instant connection, especially when Espy came right to her and gave her a few kisses. Morgan’s next move is … Read more

Turkeys Hold The Line To Referee When Two Little Dogs Go At It

A kind-hearted gal named Mia runs Seggond Chance Farm, a chicken and turkey sanctuary in Pennsylvania. She decided to adopt a small dog to add to her clan. She had no idea what she was in for! How much chaos can one little dog cause? After Mia made her decision, she drove to her local Humane Society and fell in love with Henry who was considered a hard-to-place case. The little dog didn’t do well around men. Mia was happy … Read more

Pack Of Wolves Surrounds Horse Which Lays Down In The Snow Belly Up

Horses and wolves in the snow

When a pack of wolves approaches another animal, that’s usually not a good sign for the animal in question. However, wolves aren’t always as intimidating as movies make them out to be. In a video, a group of bystanders filmed a pack of wolves approaching a horse. At first, the witnesses feared the worst for the poor horse, but the horse ended up showing no fear. Instead of running from the wolves, the horse seemed unbothered by their presence, which … Read more

Wily Wiener Dog’s Brilliant Escape Plan Busted By Camera

Do you have a dog that’s too smart for their own good? One who often commits acts of mischievous brilliance that leave you scratching your head? Then you can relate to the Warwick family’s woes when it comes to containing wily wiener dog Darcie! The trouble with Darcie began when her mom, Mary, would come home from work to find Darcie waiting in the window to greet her. A cute welcome for sure, but Darcie was supposed to be in … Read more

Chubby Chihuahua Gives Mom The Sad Face When She Shames Him

A Chihuahua named Kevin is quite unique. His mom describes him as a furry football with short legs. Kevin likes to annoy his sister, who’s much larger than him but his sister doesn’t mind. She has tremendous patience. The little dog is inquisitive and chatty… and can be a total handful. But thankfully his family loves every minute with him. Kevin spends his days lying about and obsessing over celery. His family tries to get Kevin to exercise but he’s … Read more

Hilarious Talking Dog Dubbed “Best Video On The Internet”

Ultimate dog tease

In 2011, a video of a talking dog took over the internet. The poor dog just wants a savory snack, but every time his human describes meat that’s in the kitchen, he disappoints the dog by not giving him any. However, the dog isn’t really talking, which becomes obvious when he starts forming full sentences. Yet, it adds to the charm of the video, especially since it means no dogs were actually upset during the filming. Ultimate Dog Tease In … Read more

Hooch The Great Dane Looks Better In Crocs Than Any Human Ever

Great Danes have some of the biggest paws in the canine world, so it’s no wonder they have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. For a pooch named Hooch, that all changed when she discovered imitation Crocs. Made of a PEVA-like material, these colorful slides help keep Hooch’s dogs from barking. Dog mom, Holly Smith, discovered the blue canine “Crocs” online and knew Hooch had to have them to protect her tender paw pads. If nothing else, Smith knew the … Read more

Woman Takes In Tiny Terror That Has No Regard For Her Lack Of Experience

A woman, named Ciara, wasn’t rosy on fostering a dog. Nevertheless, her husband begged her to foster a puppy and she gave in. Little did she know she was about to get into a predicament that left her a bit in over her head. Okay, more than a bit. Ciara opened her home to Louie, a puppy who required a lot of work! He needed tons of love and tons of training! The foster dog, although adorable, is a mischief-maker … Read more

“Vegetarian Dog” Chooses Between Meat And Veggies On Live TV

Chooses meat

It’s no secret that our beloved dogs are the descendants of wolves. But with their friendly, cuddly behavior, and close companionship, we can forget that they’re not so distant from wild animals. So when a woman named Lucy adamantly claimed that her Husky, named Storm, actually preferred eating a variety of vegetables over a bowl filled with meat, hosts of British talk show “This Morning” decided to put it to the test.  It was right after a heat wave had … Read more

Golden Retriever Refuses To Let His Human Pet Another Dog

Jealous Golden Retriever

It’s no secret that most dogs love attention. Of all the humans in the world, they usually love their human’s affection above anyone else’s. So, when they see another dog trying to steal their person’s attention away from them, they need to act fast! One Golden Retriever named Bailey is extra passionate about making sure he’s his human’s favorite pet. So, whenever he sees his dad petting one of his four-legged siblings, he intervenes. Bailey’s dad posted a hilarious video … Read more

Mom Awoke To New Dog Lookin’ Extra Comfy In Patio Chair Lounging By Pool

Amy Haden woke up early one morning and came downstairs after getting dressed. Her daughter ran over to Amy and claimed there was a dog outside their window. Amy made her way over and sure enough, a dog was lounging on the patio furniture by the pool — like he owned the joint. Well, this dog’s appearance was more efficient than a giant cup of coffee because now both ladies were wide awake! Amy told her daughter that she had … Read more

Hilariously Sidetracked Husky Has Had Enough Of This Agility Course

Agility courses are all about being fast and accurate. However, for Lobo the Siberian Husky, the agility course at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show was all about having fun. Every year, there’s at least one dog whose head isn’t in the game, and this year, it’s clearly Lobo. The adorable pup loves taking his time and admiring all the new sights and smells. He’s not in it to win it, but instead, he’s in it for an enjoyable experience! Lobo’s … Read more

Pup Sasses Mom For 3 Hrs When He’s Told No Then Gives Her Silent Treatment

An adorable French Bulldog, named Cashew, is one stubborn pup. When he’s hungry and Mom’s not cooperating, he’s a total handful. In this hilarious video, Cashew comes into the kitchen when Mom is doing the dishes. It’s a whopping 3 hours before supper time. But Cashew doesn’t care. He barks and barks. Mom can decode his language and knows exactly what he’s asking for. Cashew is gently told “no.” But that word only works him up more. He dances around … Read more

Friendly Pup Pokes Head Through Mailbox Each Day To Greet Everyone Who Walks By

Rigby is an exuberant dog who loves socializing with everyone he meets, both two-legged and four. He’s always been intrigued by the comings and goings in his neighborhood but because he lived inside, there wasn’t much opportunity for him to act on his curiosity. But then he had a bright idea… 😉 Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Zoo Land via YouTube Video   As a puppy, Rigby’s humans Evan and Courtney Poole would pass him to each other through their mailboxes. Now … Read more

Black Labrador Left Frozen In His Tracks By ‘Frightening’ Halloween Felines


When the family of a black Labrador Retriever named Maverick decided to decorate their lawn with spooky cat cut-outs for Halloween, the loveable Lab had an unexpected reaction.  In the viral video that’s now spreading smiles across the internet, the petrified pup was left completely catatonic upon viewing the fearsome felines. Sweet Maverick found himself so scared he was literally left frozen in his tracks.  When the video begins, the person filming slowly approaches the beautiful black Lab as he’s … Read more

Malamute Puppy Turns Innocent Trick Into Hilarious “Aggressive Hugs”

Malamute gives aggressive hugs

Many people love to hug their dogs, but what if your dog could hug you back? Brian Hanshaft taught his Alaskan Malamute puppy to “hug” at an early age. The first few training videos were adorable and heartwarming, but the trick didn’t end up how he expected. Now that Hugo the Malamute is full-grown, he still hugs his human. He’s very enthusiastic about giving hugs too. The only problem? His hugs tend to be “aggressive” and more like tackles than … Read more

Think Vets Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor? Check Out These 13 Signs

The vet can be a nerve-wracking place for both people and pooches. Our dogs anxiously whimper and pace, smelling the stress of other pup patients. Our cats dodge their carriers, dreading the thought of a car ride, let alone a shot. And we do our best to calm our pets down, sometimes nervous, ourselves, at the prospect of some diagnosis or even an unexpected vet bill! That’s why we appreciate these veterinary offices that lighten the mood with their hilarious signs. … Read more

5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Your Family Members

We can all agree that we love our dogs like family, but do you prefer the company of your canine companions over your human family members? You may be afraid to admit this out loud, but for the record, we can totally relate! Dogs are our best friends, confidants, and furry family members, and their love and loyalty is unconditional and everlasting. They don’t judge, they’re always happy to see us, and they never, ever let us down – even … Read more

Little Girl Becomes Her Dog’s Attorney And Defends Him Against Mom’s Accusation

Samson the Newfoundland is a well-mannered dog who seldom causes difficulties. However, those shredded pillows that appear around the home occasionally cause Mother to get angry with him. Fortunately, Samson has his little sister Sierra on his side, utilizing her legal expertise as an expert attorney – his adorable younger sister! 😂   Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube Video Sierra dotes on Samson, and would not tolerate anyone chastising her giant furry brother when she is around. So … Read more


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