Drive-Thru Dog Video Delights Some And Outrages Others

Puppachino featured

If you’ve ever sat in line at a drive-thru, especially for your morning cup of coffee, you know how the wait can be excruciating. It’s frustrating to be so close yet so far away. Well, a video of one super excited drive-thru dog, who simply couldn’t wait a single extra second for their special Starbucks treat, is creating quite the controversy across the internet.  You see, one of Starbucks’ secret menu items is what is known as a “puppuccino.” Essentially, … Read more

These 25 Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs Have Us Feeling Thankful

It’s time to count our blessings this Thanksgiving, and when writing out the list of special joys you’re thankful for, don’t forget to put your cats and dogs at the top of the list. Oh, who are we kidding! We know the puppers and kitties are the first entries on all our lists! As our best friends, our furry ones fill our lives with light and happiness. They’re there for us in the darkest times and the brightest. Whether it’s … Read more

Recharge Your Day With 21 Cute & Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs

Today’s world is always on the go, but the 24/7 grind of society can leave a soul worn down. If you need to relax and recharge, do it with two of the best subjects that could ever grace social media feeds—cats and dogs! Luckily, there are posts aplenty to make you laugh or melt your heart. Either way, kitties and doggos have the healing magic we need when the batteries have worn down. So, if your focus has blown a … Read more

The “Bark At Your Dog” Challenge Is TikTok’s Latest Trend

TikTok reaches a billion users every month, and a large portion of those people have dogs. So, at this point a few years into the app’s existence, you can imagine how many dog-centric videos are on there. The latest “challenge” (as the savvy TikTok-er knows are common on the app) is the self-explanatory “Bark At Your Dog Challenge.” You know, it’s all there in the title: users bark at their dogs on camera to capture the dog’s reaction. Some dogs … Read more

‘Demon Dog’ Goes Viral For His Terrifying Scowl Over Neighbor’s Fence

demon dog cover

A nosey pup has gone viral for his judgmental glare over his neighbor’s fence. The neighbor captured the hilarious moment in a photo, opening the door for all the hilarious memes to come. A Twitter user named @thegallowboob was relaxing in his backyard when he suddenly felt as if someone was watching him. After peering over his shoulder to scan the area, he locked eyes with an unexpected sight. Peering over the fence was a scruffy pup sporting a look … Read more

21 Hilarious Cat & Dog Posts To Help You Get Your Fill Of Laughter

Social media and animals go together like peanut butter and jelly. But lucky for us, funny cat and dog posts contain no calories; serving up only the laughter and good feels vital to a fantastic day. So, if you’re hungry for laughs, there’s always plenty to be found in the Facebook feeds. If Twitter is your main dish, the clowning hounds are plenty. And if Instagram is your jam, we’ve got cat loaves to go with it. Oh, but the … Read more

Curious Dog Drives Golf Cart Into Owner’s Truck, Then Casually Walks Away

Dog crashes golf cart

Lots of dogs have special talents, but does it count as a skill if it’s done by accident? A 10-year-old English Mastiff named Titan loves golf cart rides, but his humans aren’t always around to take him. So, one day, he decided to take matters into his own paws. While resting in the golf cart after a difficult day, he accidentally drove it. The golf cart ended up smashing into his human’s car, so he fled the scene to avoid … Read more

Special Needs Dog Baffles Humans With His Selective Musical Taste

Studies show that dogs react to certain music. Most dogs seem to prefer soft rock and reggae, but Oscar the special needs dog’s music taste is much more complicated than that. Oscar was rescued from Thailand after he was found wandering the streets with his back legs paralyzed. Now, Oscar lives in the comfort of a loving home with two other rescue dogs. One of his favorite hobbies is listening to music, but he makes it clear which songs are … Read more

33 Hilarious Cat & Dog Tweets To Make You Laugh Your Paws Off

We love our cats and dogs for so many reasons. They’re adorable, intelligent, loyal, and always there when we need them. And best of all, our kitties and doggos are funny as all get out! Pawrents can always count on their furry ones to provide the most excellent comic relief. Even on the worst of days, like Mondays, we can look to our cats and dogs for laughs. And, thanks to social media, we can enjoy other people’s fur kids … Read more

Relatable: Dramatic Dog Really Milks His Tiny Cut For Attention

Do you ever look at your spoiled, precious little dog and wonder how they could have descended from wolves? Some dogs you just can’t imagine ever surviving outside of a home without access to pillows and climate control. They are spoiled, needy, and downright dependent, but we love them anyway. A viral video from this week stars one of those sweet, delicate little dogs. The Tik Tok tells the story of an injury he received at the dog park and … Read more

Tiny Dachshund Guards Pub From 20 Feet In The Air

The Three Merry Lads pub is a destination where visitors can take in stunning views while they’re warmed by one of three fireplaces. They can also be greeted by an unexpected host/bouncer. If you’ve ever had a few too many adult beverages, you certainly know that your eyes can sometimes deceive you. This wasn’t the case for one man in Yorkshire, England. The man was out walking his own dog when he heard barking. No matter where he looked, he … Read more

Guide Dog Trainee Yanks Reporter Down On Live TV

It wasn’t your average Monday morning news show on BBC Breakfast when a weather segment co-starring a Labrador went a little off the leash. A clip from that unplanned conclusion later went viral, proving once again that live animals and news reports don’t always mix. For Carol Kirkwood’s weather report, she held onto the end of a guide dog named Flash’s leash while on camera. Flash accompanied Kirkwood to the Royal Horticultural Society in Chelsea that day as a representative … Read more

Athletic Dog Steals Cricket Ball During Match

Sometimes, playful dogs and professional sports games just don’t mix. You never really know when a loose leash and a soaring ball can result in a necessary time-out. During the 2021 semi-final match of the Women’s All-Ireland T20 cricket league, a furry spectator made that point especially clear. Dazzle the dog ran onto the field in the middle of the match, chasing a ball in motion. An Adorable Interruption Fortunately, the televised match brought the dog’s antics to the world. … Read more

Excited Dog Complicates Couple’s Gender Reveal In Hilarious Way

Failed gender reveal

For some dogs, getting a human sibling is thrilling. Yet, others experience more jealousy. Either way, dogs want to make sure they’re still the center of attention, and they’ll do anything to get the spotlight. A French Bulldog mix named Doobie wanted to make sure all eyes were on him even before the baby arrived. During his parents’ gender reveal party, he caused some complications, which postponed the anticipated news. But did the pup do it out of excitement or … Read more

Meteorologists’ Dog Interrupts Weathercast In Search Of Treats

Fellow fans of both dogs and news bloopers: you’re going to love this one. A routine weather forecast on Global News Toronto suddenly became a starring vehicle for the meteorologist’s dog last week. Storm, as the dog is adorably named, wandered casually into his dad’s broadcast in search of treats. A total pro, Anthony Farnell continued his report as Storm kept on unintentionally stealing focus. In a caption on the YouTube video of the segment, Global News wrote: “Last Friday, … Read more

Chatty Dog Asks Mom “Where Are You Going?” In Near-Perfect English

Alaskan Malamute Talks

Many humans and dogs can understand each other through actions alone. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if your dog could talk to you? One TikTok user has a dog who seems to be able to do that. In a viral video, Hugo the Alaskan Malamute comes up to his human and makes the silliest sound. When you listen closely, it sounds like he’s saying, “where are you going?” Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, or maybe Hugo is smarter … Read more

Sneaky Dog Slides Chair Across Kitchen To Steal Food From The Stove

It seems our dogs always suddenly remember how to sit once a treat is involved. Or have you ever tried to keep a canine and their nose for all things delicious out the kitchen on Thanksgiving? It’s not an easy task. And the same can be said of pretty much any time you want to cook a little something for yourself but your dog has different ideas. To put it mildly, doggos love to eat. And they’ll do just about … Read more

25 Guilty Dogs Who Have No Regrets

Guilty dogs shamed

Even the best-behaved dogs like to cause trouble now and then. And no matter how naughty they are, we always forgive them because they’re adorable. While dogs misbehaving might be frustrating in the moment, it’s funny to look back on your dog’s mischievous habits. “Dog shaming” has become a popular trend on social media. Photos and memes of guilty dogs are always hilarious, but most of those pups don’t seem to regret their actions. If anything, they just love the … Read more

Pup Gets “Jealous” Whenever Mom Tries To Kiss Dad

Love and loyalty are two of the best traits dogs possess. Sometimes though, these traits emerge in the form of what can only be described as doggie “jealousy.” At least that’s what I called it when my childhood dog jumped up on the couch and forced himself between my high school boyfriend and me. Tik Tok, the video-based social app, offered other dog people the opportunity to share their stories with the #JealousDogChallenge. One user, Ashleigh Sparkles, aka Ashleigh Wedd, … Read more

Puppy Kicked Out Of Daycare For Constantly Laying On Top Of Other Dogs

This Husky pup is the life of the party — even if the other dogs at doggie daycare don’t know it yet.  In a hilarious video of stills posted on TikTok by user Stephmalak, a Husky pup is shown constantly jumping and laying on the backs of other dogs. “It’s called dominance,” the video is captioned.  A photo of the pup looking completely innocent is captioned, “When you get kicked out of daycare for laying on top of all the … Read more

Professional Violinist Creates Beautiful Tik Tok Duet With Howling Dog

For me, the best part of using the Tik Tok app is access to videos of animals everywhere. From dogs and cats to wildlife sanctuary residents to farm animals, these types of videos are, I think, the best of what this app has to offer. If you’re not on the app, a video of a Border Collie named Nicolas lying on a window sill and howling has been viral for a while now. Tik Tok user @juliaszypulska02 uploaded the video … Read more

Dog Has Priceless Reaction To Fake Phone Call Featuring Her Favorite Words

There’s no denying that dogs are some of the smartest animals out there — and a recent video shows that they do, in fact, know their favorite words.  The adorable video, posted on Instagram by user Rosieandmack, opens with a 5-year-old Dachshund named Rosie sitting on a bed. Her mom begins a fake phone call using all of Rosie’s favorite words like “grandma,” “treat,” “car ride,” and “walk,” as the pup turns her head back and forth with an excited … Read more

Boy Releases His Pet Butterfly Only For His Dog To Immediately Eat It

It’s in a dog’s nature to chase and put their mouth on whatever they see moving past them. Sadly for a UK toddler, his family Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was just doing what dogs do when he chomped down on something of sentimental value. 3-year-old Ronnie Seddon kept a caterpillar named Ralph in a terrarium for several weeks to watch it grow. As they do, Ralph eventually turned into a chrysalis, and then developed into a butterfly. Ronnie’s father Danny, … Read more

Silly Dog Won’t Give Up On Ball Under Fence With Open Gate Feet Away

We see a lot of determined dogs around here. Committed canines, firm-minded fidos, and a bunch of good boys and girls on their own private missions. One of our favorite recent examples is a red retriever named Eden and her undying resolve to get one of her favorite tennis balls from under a fence. It’s pretty funny to watch, but what makes it even better is that although it’s her own backyard and she knows it well, she stubbornly persists…even … Read more

Dummy Helps Comfort Senior Rescue Dogs At This One-Of-A-Kind Sanctuary

If you are a senior dog lover and are yet to follow Vintage Pet Rescue on social media, you need to get on that ASAP! Not only do they specialize in rescuing and rehoming elderly and disabled dogs, they also share some of the most heartwarming and hilarious content you will ever see. Take, for example, Farc. The name Farc is a blend of Marc—one of the founders of Vintage Pet Rescue—and the word “fake.” Why? Because Farc is a … Read more

16 Recent Dog Posts That Make Social Media Worth It

Through all the negativity and performativity on social media, posts about dogs remain the best reason to have an account. That’s why I pretty much exclusively follow shelters and animal influencers on Instagram. It makes all the noise worth it. Just to bring some joy to your day, here are 16 of this month’s amazing posts from Twitter, Tik Tok, and Reddit featuring excellent puppers. 1. A Little Pup Enjoying A Tasty Puppacino It kind of seems like he enjoys … Read more

Foster Mom Creates Hilarious, F-Bomb-Packed Adoption Advertisement For ‘Hellion’ Dog Named Hank

Houston foster dog mom Christine Clauder is desperate to find the perfect home for her foster dog, Hank — so much that she created a hilarious, expletive-packed website highlighting his maxed-out antics and energy.  The Siberian Black Mouth Cur is currently up for adoption, and Clauder is hoping to find his forever home — and fast. The website is titled “please adopt this hellion,” and features information about the overactive pooch.  “Trying to get this dog adopted has been like … Read more

Fearless Yorkie Chases Bear Up Tree To Teach Him A Lesson

Guard dog Yorkie

When most people look for a guard dog, they look for a large breed known for protecting. Those who adopt a toy breed probably aren’t expecting much beyond unlimited cuddles. Yet, one family was surprised to find out that their Yorkie was secretly a guard dog. Bella the tiny Yorkshire Terrier is fearless. She doesn’t let anyone hurt her loved ones, no matter how strong they might look. The sweet pup recently went viral for scaring off a bear that … Read more

15 Photos That Prove This Bulldog Is The Best Thing On The Internet

Remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet? Well, wait until you see this hunk of love. Axel the Bulldog is the internet sensation you probably haven’t heard about but you’ll be glad you did! He and his dad go on a lot of adventures around town. When they aren’t taking a joyride together or out getting ice cream, Axel’s dad likes to dress him up in some outfits that will literally make you laugh out loud! He hasn’t quite reached … Read more

Suspect Sought After Gruesome Murders Rock Rural Indiana

WARNING: Disturbing content. Discretion advised. A string of crimes has rocked the community of Putnam County, Indiana. Murders are rare in the county with a population under 40,000. Putnam County is a place people go to raise their children. It’s a quaint community where you can leave doors unlocked and never have to worry. That was until now. Now, locals fear for their loved ones and the future of the peaceful, rural community they call home. The Putnam County Sheriff’s … Read more