Worried Dad Sees His Missing Dog Running Toward Him, But The Dog Is Not Alone

The Kriers live in Concordia, Kansas with their goofy and affectionate Black Labrador Bo. Normally an adventurous dog who often sneaks out for little neighborhood excursions, one day he went completely missing– leaving his family in a panic.   Image (screenshot)/Story Video Source: Kyle Krier – YouTube Video   In Kyle Krier’s frantic search for his beloved dog Bo, he finally received a call tip about a possible sighting of Bo 6 miles from their home. When he got to … Read more

Bulldog Is Obsessed With Running Up And Knocking Over Every Trashcan He Sees

Charlie the Bulldog is a walking “menace” in this neighborhood, all thanks to his crazy obsession with trashcans! This chubby boy has some serious beef with trashcans, and he literally hunts and knocks down every single one of them during his daily walks. Over the years, he has earned himself various titles like “The Chuck Wagon”, “Charlie the Bulldozer” and “Trashcan Charlie” – and he couldn’t be more proud! 😂   Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via Facebook Watch Video   … Read more

Finalists For The 2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards Don’t Disappoint

In an age where nearly everyone has some kind of a camera on them at all times, we have more hilarious pet pics than we can possibly handle. That’s why the Comedy Pet Photography Awards came into existence. Well, actually, they evolved from a similar concept, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Brought to us by Animal Friends Pet Insurance, the Comedy Pet Photography awards celebrate all kinds of domestic animals and their quirky antics. The 2022 finalists were just announced … Read more

Drowsy Dog Delays Game After Deciding Soft Soccer Field Is The Perfect Place For A Snooze

Sleeping on Soccer Field

When choosing the time and place to take a much-needed nap, the most popular settings are often calm, quiet, and free from potential interruptions. But for one drowsy dog, the most appealing site seemed to be a patch of soft, green grass that just so happened to be a soccer field.  Only, it was during a professional soccer match that she decided to take a snooze. Who doesn’t love a lazy, afternoon nap? Especially when the site of your snooze … Read more

Lucky Lotto Winners Redeem Tasty Ticket Eaten By Mischievous Pups

When you’re a dog, you don’t have to worry about things like money. You don’t even know what the lottery is, let alone what a lottery ticket looks like. To some dogs, like Alaskan Klee Kais Apple and Jack, a lottery ticket actually looks like a tasty snack. Either that, or they find the sight of one reprehensible. Whatever the reason, these two troublemakers tore their parents’ ticket to shreds. A Delicious Lottery Ticket It’s not clear which dog if … Read more

Hungry Boy Desperate For Crisps Is Foiled By Narrow Train Seats

From the moment Huxley the Golden Retriever laid eyes on the bag of Walkers Supreme Prawn Cocktail Crisps sitting on his mom’s tray table, he had a goal. Huxley was going to get his paws on those crisps one way or another. Huxley’s human, a London-based photographer named Ursula, regularly posts photos and videos of her two beautiful Goldens (Huxley has a brother named Hugo). She shared these hilarious pics of her tenacious dog attempting to acquire some of her … Read more

Vocal Pit Bull Throws Adorable Tantrum At The Vet

Carl is not a fan of the vet, and he’s making sure that his human parents know it. As responsible owners, we know we sometimes have to do things our dogs don’t like. Brushing teeth, baths, taking pills – things that are for the best for our dogs, even if they don’t understand it. That doesn’t mean they have to take it lying down, though, and they often don’t! After an injury to his leg, Carl’s dutiful parents took him … Read more

21 Hilariously Quirky Dogs That Seem To Be Malfunctioning

Dogs do unexplainable things. But when they do, we still say “aww!” and take a picture. Then, we can’t help but share those adorable photos all over the internet. But the silliest and most entertaining images are the ones where the dogs seem to be “malfunctioning.” The ones where dogs are sitting weird or acting almost human-like. So, the internet has blown up with photos of dogs acting in bizarre manners. Each image begs the question, “what’s wrong with your … Read more

Former Street Dog Attends Adorably Awkward Meet-Up For “Introverted” Pups

Introverted dog meet-up

Most dog meet-ups are chaotic, especially for high-energy dogs who love to play. But some dog lovers forget that not all pups have that type of reaction when seeing fellow furry friends. The proud parent of a former street dog posted an adorably awkward video that shows how shy dogs interact at canine events. They brought their rescue dog, Qila, to hang out with a group of other “introverted” dogs. The pups in the video look like they’re not sure … Read more

Man With Rowdy Dog Accidentally Terrorizes Delivery Driver

Dogs are the best, but let’s face it, they don’t always make things easy for delivery drivers. Come to think of it; people don’t really do that either. Mark Polchleb, a TikTok-er who lives in Australia, recently shared a five-part video journey that begins with an unruly dog and ends with a touching moment of humanity. It all started on July 7th, 2022, when Polchleb shared footage of a food delivery gone wrong, thanks to his incessantly barking Dachshund. A … Read more

Frightened Family Returns Home To Find Their Pup Covered In “Red”

pogo story cover

A playful Springer Spaniel named Pogo gave his fur parents quite the scare when returning from an evening out. Pogo greeted Gemma McAdam and her girlfriend at the door just like any other day, but this time he had a mysterious red substance on his chest and paws. The couple immediately panicked, thinking he had injured himself somehow when they were away. Gemma began to scour her home for sharp objects that were lying around, while her girlfriend examined Pogo … Read more

Dog Follows Kids To School And Mom Receives Photo of Him In Principal’s Office

Let’s face it, dogs are our kids and yes, they have fur. Hence, the name ‘fur-kids’. 💗 You’re going to love this story about a dog named Sandy who decided to follow Karen Manthey’s children to school. The funniest part is at the end of the story when Sandy’s mom received a surprise text message and photo from the school principal. Meet Sandy, this is her story!   Karen Manthey’s family has had Sandy the Labrador Retriever for years, and … Read more

50 Funny Dog Names That Will Make The Entire Dog Park LOL

Smiling Dog

Choosing your dog’s name is an important task. It is something you will be repeating over and over every day for as long as your beloved pup lives. Nah, who are we kidding, we still talk about our furry best friends even after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.  So since it’s something we say so often, why not spread a smile across your, and the entire dog park’s faces, when you bellow the name of your beloved pup.  Whether you’re … Read more

Deaf Dog Was Told He’s Not Allowed In The Pool, Throws ‘Oscar-Worthy’ Temper Tantrum

It’s a beautiful day, and Max the Great Dane just wants to dive into the pool and enjoy a nice swim. But mom isn’t having it!


Unfortunately, his human doesn’t want him to swim. This big guy begins whimpering softly, but soon it becomes piercing howls. Similar to a child who is being denied his favorite sweets. 😆



Image/Story Source Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube



To top it off, Max is also deaf. It’s brilliant how he can lip-read and understand hand gestures from his owner. He usually has no problems agreeing with his mom, but right now, he is just downright disappointed because he is not allowed into the pool!


He even walks to the edge of the pool and tries to dip just one paw into the water, as if to test the temperature (and his mom!). But he decides otherwise and continues his whining which has now become very persistent, showing how annoyed he is with his mom.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube



We do hope poor max got to swim eventually. Every dog deserves his fun!


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Police Find Missing Husky And Confirm His Identity When He Sings His ‘Favorite Song’

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Giant Dog Casually Shops At Dollar General Alone, Then Refuses To Leave

Dog at Dollar General

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Dog Farts While Sleeping And The Cat’s ‘Comeback’ Has Audiences Going Wild

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Dog Throws “Hilarious Fit” When His Human Starts Imitating His Every Move

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Dad Proudly Built A Fence To Protect His Dog, Dog Hilariously ‘Tested It’ Out

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Home Security Camera Reveals Dog Using The Toilet. Literally.

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K9’s Outrageous Disregard For Police Property Leads To “Arrest”

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25 Guilty Dogs Who Have No Regrets

Guilty dogs shamed

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Girlfriend Gave Her Partner An ‘Ultimatum’, Demands Either “The Dog Goes” Or “She Goes”

There’s a reason why dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend. If someone or something were to attempt to separate a man and his dog, it wouldn’t end well. That’s why when one guy’s girlfriend gave him an ultimatum: choose between her and his loyal furry companion, he was taken aback.       Image/Story Credit via  Happiest.net   When the lady, who had been dating the man for four years and was ready to live together, blindsided him with … Read more

Dad Put Camera In Car To Show 4-Dogs ‘Flipping Out’ When They Hear They’re Going To The Dog Park

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Dog Is Home Alone When Doorbell Rings, Owner Returns Later And Checks Footage

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Mom Asks Her Husky If She’s Stupid, Husky Is Ready With A Hilarious ‘Comeback’

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Couple Wakes Up To Find An Unfamiliar Dog Snuggled In Their Bed

Dog in stranger's bed

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Meteorologists’ Dog Interrupts Weathercast In Search Of Treats

Fellow fans of both dogs and news bloopers: you’re going to love this one. A routine weather forecast on Global News Toronto suddenly became a starring vehicle for the meteorologist’s dog last week. Storm, as the dog is adorably named, wandered casually into his dad’s broadcast in search of treats. A total pro, Anthony Farnell continued his report as Storm kept on unintentionally stealing focus. In a caption on the YouTube video of the segment, Global News wrote: “Last Friday, … Read more

‘Defiant’ Husky Told To Get Into His Kennel And Uses ‘English’ To Talk Back

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