15 Photos That Prove This Bulldog Is The Best Thing On The Internet

Remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet? Well, wait until you see this hunk of love. Axel the Bulldog is the internet sensation you probably haven’t heard about but you’ll be glad you did! He and his dad go on a lot of adventures around town. When they aren’t taking a joyride together or out getting ice cream, Axel’s dad likes to dress him up in some outfits that will literally make you laugh out loud! He hasn’t quite reached … Read more

Suspect Sought After Gruesome Murders Rock Rural Indiana

WARNING: Disturbing content. Discretion advised. A string of crimes has rocked the community of Putnam County, Indiana. Murders are rare in the county with a population under 40,000. Putnam County is a place people go to raise their children. It’s a quaint community where you can leave doors unlocked and never have to worry. That was until now. Now, locals fear for their loved ones and the future of the peaceful, rural community they call home. The Putnam County Sheriff’s … Read more

Relatable Pup Goes Viral On TikTok For Hating Mornings

dog grumpy in morning

Dog lovers around the world are falling for a spunky pup with a disdain for mornings. Most of us have groaned at the sound of our morning alarm, making this dog’s struggle extremely relatable. Eddie is an 8-year-old Yorkie Mix that was adopted in 2018 by a vet nurse named Lisa Mattuchio. Eddie came with a few special quirks, all of which helped Lisa determine that he was the pup for her. Eddie was born with a severe case of … Read more

Border Collie Found Herding Sheep Days After Going Missing In A Car Accident

Tilly the Border Collie is back home safe and sound. The pup went missing after a car accident and was found herding sheep on a nearby farm days later.  Tilly was riding in the car with his parents on June 7 when they got into a car accident at an intersection in Idaho. The pooch was ejected from the vehicle and ran from the scene.  Luckily, no one was injured in the crash, but the couple was heartbroken that they … Read more

Woman Wakes With No Memory Of Her Drunken Doggie Sleepover

Mia and Husky

It would be fairly funny and perhaps even exciting for many of us pet parents to wake up with an unfamiliar dog in our bed. But not for Mia, who was a bit tipsy the night before and is actually quite nervous around most dogs. It was a bit of a “ruff” morning for her when she woke up to find a large “wolf-like” dog lying next to her in her own bed with no memory of how or why … Read more

Revolutionary New Way To Eliminate Dog Poop And Stop Porch Pirates

Do you have a problem with jerk porch pirates stealing your stuff? Are you at the end of your tape roll trying to figure out how to stop them? Well, Jason Harvey has a solution for you! When his Des Moines, Iowa home became a repeated target for porch pirates, Jason got tired of watching the brazen thieves steal his packages. As he was walking his dog, Jason came up with an innovative solution to deal with the thieves. The … Read more

Reporter Scores Exclusive With World’s Dumbest Dognapper

Folks, I gotta say, this one’s a doozy. It’s either something ripped from those viral videos of “dumb criminals” or the weirdest “mistake” you’ve ever heard. Let me explain: it all started when a dog was stolen from a parked car. Around 12:30 pm on a Friday, Boston Police officers responded to a report that someone broke into a car and took a 13-month-old German Short Haired Pointer named Titus. Surveillance video later captured a man walking the dog over … Read more

Irish President’s Pup Steals The Spotlight During Somber Tribute

President of Ireland's dog

If you ever meet Michael D. Higgins, the president of Ireland, you can expect to meet his dogs too. His Bernese Mountain Dogs have always had a reputation of stealing the show. And now, the newest pup in the family has joined in. During a tribute to deceased actor Tom Hickey, Misneach the puppy stood right beside Higgins, just out of frame. While Higgins appears serious during his speech, a behind-the-scenes video reveals a different perspective: Misneach vigorously licking and … Read more

Dogs Start Petition To Ensure All Balls Are Actually Thrown

In a world where nothing makes sense anymore, the rules are made up, and the points don’t matter, dogs are finally taking a stand. What do they want? All balls to actually be thrown! When do they want it? Now! This decree is similar to the chant that has been barking around cities across the nation. From the hollers of Possom Trot, Kentucky to the smallest cracks of Buttzville, New Jersey, and every other never-heard-of town in between, dogs are … Read more

Golden Retriever Shows Off His Sizable Stick Collection

Collecting is a hobby that brings joy to people all over the world. There’s a very specific thrill that comes from looking for, finding, and then admiring your accumulations. However, collecting isn’t a behavior that is exclusive to humans. Interestingly, cats, magpies, and squirrels are known gatherers and admirers of shiny objects. Even dogs are known for favoring specific objects and toys over other things.  While it’s quite common to meet a dog that loves sticks, how many of them … Read more

Photographer “Flags” Dog Walkers Who Neglect To Dump Their Pups’ Poop

When you welcome a dog into your family, you also welcome love, loyalty, and lots of poop into your life. Hey, we all know cuddles on the couch and backyard games of fetch are far more fun than being their own personal pooper scooper. But if we want lifelong loyalty and unconditional love, this is one of the prices we’ve got to pay. Since there’s no such thing as the poop fairy, your dog’s poop is your responsibility. AP Hovasse, … Read more

Dog Crashes Track Meet & Unofficially Wins The Race

At Logan High School in Utah, a track meet took a surprising turn thanks to a doggie spectator’s intervention. As runners neared the end of an intense 4×200 meter relay, a pup in the crowd took a page from the Air Bud playbook: “there’s nothing in the rule book that says a dog can’t run a relay race!” Refusing to remain merely a spectator in the face of such high stakes, the little dog ran right under the barrier separating … Read more

Handsome Shelter Employee Helps Get Pup Adopted In Record Time

When adoption rates are down, animal shelters have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to help dogs find forever homes. Some attempts are crazy successful, while others go unnoticed. Luckily, a recent post from Wichita Falls Animal Services was a hit without a doubt. But not for the reason you’d think. The post advertised an adoptable Husky sitting next to one of the newer shelter employees. While the dog got lots of interest, so did the man! In fact, … Read more

German Shepherd Makes Herself At Home In Store’s Toy Bin

They say you’re always at home when you’re with the ones you love, and dogs sometimes take that message literally. Still, what might be asocial behavior for a human is just plain endearing from a dog. Whether they’re jumping up and getting cozy on display-only furniture, peeing in the aisles, or stealing things off store shelves, dogs sometimes get too comfortable on errands with their people. Take, for example, a German Shepherd who confidently turned a store display into a … Read more

UPDATE: The “Chucky Doll In A Dog’s Body” Has Found His Perfect Person!

Update 4/27/21 Dog rescuer, Tyfanee Fortuna does not pull any punches when it comes to writing adoption ads. Sugar-coating a dog’s behavioral problems may get them adopted sooner, but the goal is to find them a forever home. So, when it came time to find an adopter for one of the most challenging creatures in her long career, Fortuna was as blunt as a hammer. Describing a pooch as a “haunted Victorian child in the body of a small dog … Read more

Dog Impolitely Achieves His Dream Of Becoming A News Reporter

Dogs can have dreams just like we do. And many of them probably want to do human things to be more like their loved ones. But is it possible for dogs to want a job? A dog in Moscow seems to think so. During an outdoor weather report in Russia, a Golden Retriever decided to attempt his goals. In order to become a news reporter and a star, he knew he needed a microphone. So, he interrupted a live report … Read more

YouTuber Builds Device That Informs Him When There’s A Dog Outside

Did you know just looking at dogs and cats can make you happier? Really, it’s backed by science. These days, we could all use a little cheering up while we’re stuck at home. Practically though, no one can spend all day staring out the window looking for doggie pedestrians. With this in mind, YouTuber “Ryder Calm Down” decided to put his technological capabilities to the test. He built a device that alerts him whenever a dog passes in front of … Read more

Shhh: These 17 Dogs Are Trying To Study!

When I was a kid, my dog Dudley laid his paws on top of an open book, making it look almost like he was reading. I couldn’t get over how human he seemed, and I had to snap a picture of Dudley “reading.” Of course, I’m not the only dog person to make this association. Dogs “studying” is actually its own kind of photography. Here are just 17 brilliant examples of studious pups who are clearly learning and absorbing the … Read more

21 Hilariously Quirky Dogs That Seem To Be Malfunctioning

Dogs do unexplainable things. But when they do, we still say “aww!” and take a picture. Then, we can’t help but share those adorable photos all over the internet. But the silliest and most entertaining images are the ones where the dogs seem to be “malfunctioning.” The ones where dogs are sitting weird or acting almost human-like. So, the internet has blown up with photos of dogs acting in bizarre manners. Each image begs the question, “what’s wrong with your … Read more

Definitely Innocent Dog Didn’t Break Into That Bag Of Flour…

Even when you think you’ve taken all the precautions, your dog can still find ways to cause trouble while you’re away. Dog mom Michelle Anderson came home from work one day to a crime scene, but the canine culprit was pretty easy to identify. When she walked into her home, she saw an absolute mess of whitish powder all over the floor. The only ones home were Anderson’s two pups: Candy and Spike. Little white footprints lined the hallway, and … Read more

Super Shedders: 25 Shedding Dogs With The Fluff They Left Behind

For parents of really fluffy dogs, sometimes it seems like you can never vacuum or lint roll enough. No matter what, your dog’s hair is determined to cover everything you own. If you can relate to the struggle, you’re going to love these hilarious photos of heavy shedding dogs and the hairy proof they left behind. Here are 25 fluffy dogs whose shedding might just put your dog’s problem to shame: 1. A Dead Hair Style This Shiba Inu’s parents … Read more

21 Adorable Dogs Who Are Bursting With Excitement

Excited dog

Dogs can’t tell us they’re excited, so instead, they have to show us. And a dog’s gestures of excitement are grand, silly, and adorable. Whether it’s running, bouncing, or letting their tongue hang out, it’s easy to tell when a dog is bursting with excitement. A dog’s happiness might seem overdramatic, but that’s okay! It’s good that most dogs are so positive and upbeat all the time. So, let’s take a moment and appreciate all the excited dogs in this … Read more

21 Begging Dogs That You Just Can’t Say No To

Begging Dogs

It’s no secret that dogs love food. No matter what you’re eating, they want it, even if they don’t know what it is. Every good dog parent knows that most table scraps aren’t healthy for dogs. But when you look down and see puppy dog eyes, how can you possibly resist? The following 21 dogs just want a taste of their humans’ food. Of course, they’re all too cute to resist. If you were faced with these begging faces, you … Read more

23 “Vicious” Guard Dogs Who Don’t Need Their “Beware Of Dog” Signs

A lot of the time, when you pass a yard fence with a “Beware Of Dog” sign posted on it, it’s just there as a deterrent or a heads up for the mail carrier. Occasionally though, you might get a glimpse of the vicious canine guardian that warranted the sign. That’s what these brave photographers did. Intruders, you better watch out. These 23 ferocious dogs spotted defending their backyards are ready to pounce on whoever dares enter their domain.   … Read more

Artist And Australian Shepherd Team Up To Recreate Famous Paintings

Artist and dog recreate paintings

During the COVID-19 quarantine, we all went a little crazy. Being cooped up at home with nowhere to go caused everyone to get a little creative. And those who already had creative minds found even more unique ways to keep themselves entertained. For artist Eliza Reinhardt and her Australian Shepherd Finn, their quarantine hobby soon became a part of their everyday routine! Reinhardt and Finn remake famous paintings using the items they have at home. It started as a response … Read more

20 Naughty Dogs You Just Can’t Stay Mad At

Whether they’re tearing up our belongings or stealing things from neighbors’ yards, our dogs love to misbehave. Still, looking at their adorable guilty faces, we just can’t stay mad at them. Since I’m sure many of you can relate, here’s a collection of photos featuring naughty dogs and their extremely forgivable mugs. As it turns out, most “naughty” dog behavior is really just too funny and cute to earn them punishment. That’s certainly true for these 20 dogs: 1. This … Read more

These Cats Aren’t Really Liking These Dogs And It’s Pretty Funny

Okay, so it’s no secret cats and dogs aren’t always each other’s biggest fans. Like most siblings, the cats and dogs who call each other family don’t always get along. For example, if a cat is taking a nap, then she might not like it when her doggo brother comes bounding along and sticks a wet nose in her face. It makes kitty sister mad and probably results in a hiss, a paw swipe, and a dog yelp. But after … Read more

Frightened Family Returns Home To Find Their Pup Covered In “Red”

pogo story cover

A playful Springer Spaniel named Pogo gave his fur parents quite the scare when returning from an evening out. Pogo greeted Gemma McAdam and her girlfriend at the door just like any other day, but this time he had a mysterious red substance on his chest and paws. The couple immediately panicked, thinking he had injured himself somehow when they were away. Gemma began to scour her home for sharp objects that were lying around, while her girlfriend examined Pogo … Read more

“Exorcist Dog” Photobombs Family Pictures In Cutest Way

Kiko the exorcist dog

Kiko the 9-month-old Finnish Spitz is part of a photogenic canine family. She lives with two other Finnish Spitz named Tofu and Mika, a White Shepherd named Kaya, and a Black Shepherd named Hades. All five love to pose for pictures on Instagram, but Kiko’s poses are a bit more interesting. If Kiko’s back is facing the camera when the picture is taken, she flips her head upside down 180 degrees, making her look like the possessed girl from The … Read more

“Sympathetic” Dog Copies Owner’s Limp, Wastes Hundreds In Vet Bills

When our dogs are in pain, we rush to find out what’s wrong. We’d do anything to keep our furry friends happy and safe. So when a Lurcher named Billy started limping, his parents contacted the vet immediately. But as it turns out, nothing was wrong with Billy. The family spent over $400 just to find out that Billy was mimicking his dad, who recently got crutches. Of course, most people would be mad at this, but instead, the family … Read more