Here’s What Happens When a 195 lb. Mastiff Meets a 3 lb. Chihuahua

Say hello to Maggie, a gentle, 195 lb. English Mastiff, and Dude, a rambunctious 3 lb. Chihuahua puppy. For these 2 friends, size doesn’t seem to matter! This video was taken the day the two dogs met for the first time. On YouTube, their owner shares that to this day they remain best buddies. Do you have a pair of dogs who, despite their size differences, are best friends? Share their names and picture in the comments below.

12 Dogs That Look Oh So Uncomfortable, But Oh So Cute!

How could puppies sleep like this? - Source ...or like this? - Source I started walking but my legs won't follow.. - Source Awww...poor baby...can't you sleep in your bed? - Source The bed just won't do. - Source Must be her favorite spot. - Source Just find something to lean on and you're good to go. - Source Sometimes you just have to cool down. - Source tired... - Source Popping his head out of the dog house. ... Read more

Meet Bob the Dog, the World’s Most Effective Alarm Clock. This is SO Funny!

They say there are two kinds of people. Morning people, and people who want to kill morning people. I happen to be the latter 🙂 However, if I had an alarm clock as effective (and cute) and Bob the Weimaraner, I might have an easier time getting going in the AM! Watch and laugh at what this pup does to his owner every morning! Is your dog a morning person? What tactics has he/she used to wake you up? Tell … Read more

12 Dogs Who Love To Annoy Cats Just For Fun

Dog: Hi guys! - Source Cat: Why is there a dog in our turf!? - Source Nope, the dog is not going anywhere. - Source Cat: It's called 'Personal Space', dog! Learn it! - Source Dog: I think it's really comfortable here. - Source Cat: Human, do something! - Source Awww..that's sweet! - Source Dog: Come on, kitty! Let's play! - Source Cat: Too close! Back off! - Source Dog: I love you, even when you're crabby and grumpy! - ... Read more

Man Foolishly Tries to Bathe 200 lb. Dog in Lake. What Happens Is Hilarious

Apparently, this video started out as some kind of instructional example of how to bath a Great Pyrenees in a lake. But then it when horribly (and hilariously) wrong! I can’t understand much of what this guy is saying, but I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about. We certainly know who is boss by the end of the video! 🙂 We’ve all had our bath time blunders, haven’t we? Tell us about your the bath time adventures you’ve … Read more

How Can You Not Love These 12 Dogs, Even After They Did THIS! :)

That's one unique way to say 'Good Morning!' - Source How can you get mad at that face? - Source He looks sorry. I'd surely accept this doggy's apology. - Source LOL! Who can get mad at that muddy face? - Source Just look at that face! Will you get mad at that face? - Source That's a funny facial expression! - Source "Please don't be mad at me..." - Source "I was hungry. And there's a saying that says ... Read more

12 Dogs With a Habit of Stealing Some Really Funny Things

The binky thief! - Source And here's another binky thief! - Source This doggy steals dolls from lil girls! Shameless! - Source LOL! You look good, doggy! - Source He didn't only steal it, he buried it too! - Source I bet he couldn't solve the Rubix cube so he tore it to pieces! LOL! - Source You can't get away with that on your face! - Source Oh sweetie, what have you done? - Source This, my child, is ... Read more

These 12 Pics of a Husky Raised by Cats Are Taking the Internet by Storm

This is Tally, the Husky who was raised by cats. - Source Tally is also known as Tao Tao which means mischievous in Chinese. - Source Tally is very cat-like. She's still a puppy and she already likes boxes like cats do! - Source She has not a pure Husky. She's part malamute, and maybe a lil bit of something else. - Source Here you can see how she poses like a cat. - Source Her humans say she as ... Read more

The Whole World Has Fallen In Love with a Dog Who Can’t Catch Treats!

Nana, a gorgeous, 130 lb. Great Pyrenees named after the dog from Peter Pan, has a lot of great qualities. For one, she’s stunningly beautiful. However, one of her better skills is definitely NOT catching treats! Watch as she tries, and tries again to catch a treat thrown to her. It’s ok sweet baby, we love you anyway! Make sure you watch until the end, when she finally gets rewarded 🙂 We’re glad to see she finally gets rewarded at … Read more

12 Pics of Dogs Running with Adorably Awkward Faces

What a big smile! - Source Two Basset Hounds running! - Source Here's another one trying to run as fast as he can! - Source You look surprised! - Source Run before they catch you! - Source Keep that smile as you run! - Source Look! A stick! - Source I wonder what this dog is running from! - Source I bet this is his 'welcome home' face! - Source Who says Bulldogs don't run? - Source Awww...what a face! ... Read more

When she gave her 3 dogs a treat, she NEVER expected this. How Sneaky!

The video is only 18 seconds, but it might leave you laughing for 18 minutes! 🙂 It’s always the little ones you have to watch out for isn’t it? Before these 2 bigger dogs even knew what had happened, BAM, they’re gone. I think someone needs to learn to share! SHARE this to spread the laughs! Tell us about your experience in the comments. Do your dogs steal from each other? Is it always the little ones bullying the big … Read more

HILARIOUS: Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship

I dare you not to smile while watching this. We bet you a bag of dog food that you can’t! These pups want nothing more than a furry friend, but the kitties want nothing to do with them! Being a husky owner myself, my favorite clip has to be the first one! 🙂 SHARE this video to spread the smiles! Dog owners: How does your dog act around cats? Cat owners: How does your cat react to dogs?

The World’s 12 Most Photogenic Dogs. How They Took These Pictures, I Don’t Even Know

Smile for the family portrait! - Source Aww...aren't these doggies beautiful? Love the smiles! - Source Can your doggy smile on command? - Source What do you think of this dog's lovely smile! - Source A bird and a dog playing chess! Amazing photo! - Source What a beautiful day, and what a happy face this dog has! - Source Pose, wink, and smile! That's one photogenic doggy! - Source Check out this doggy's smile! - Source Jump + Say ... Read more

12 Dogs Who Don’t Fully Understand Their Size

I can still take my bath here, right? - Source I know I still fit on this laundry basket! - Source No need for another bed. This one is fine. - Source This is my seat! - Source Is this for me? - Source What? I love sitting on mommy's lap. I'm her baby! - Source See?! I told you I can still fit here! - Source Face it doggy. It's not a bed anymore. It's now a pillow. - ... Read more

Dog Hijacks Sled and Creates Home Video They’ll NEVER Forget!

What happens when you tell the dog they can’t go sledding with you? Well watch out, you might just get your sled hijacked! This little feisty pup wouldn’t take no for an answer. Check out what he did! SHARE the laughs! After all, dogs are family right? They should get to participate in everything! SHARE the laughs!

Things kept disappearing off the desk. So they setup a hidden camera and saw this!

Meet Cantaloupe, an Italian greyhound with a pretty severe case of kleptomania! Every time you leave the room, even if only for 60 seconds, things would disappear off the desk! So her owners setup a hidden camera for a full week to find out just how she does it. What you’re about to see is the footage they edited down to one minute. I love how she jumps up first to scope out the situation. And was that a cactus … Read more

Two Dogs Skype Each Other! You’ve Got To See What Happens Next!

Technology isn’t what it used to be! We can now speak to anyone across the globe, with a click of a button! Another click and you can even SEE who you are talking to! But people aren’t the only ones benefiting from this. Nope! Long lost best-doggy-friends are giving it a shot! And what happens next is adorably funny. Check them out! What do you think about your dog using Skype? Tell us in the comments below! SHARE if you … Read more

12 Dogs Who Sleep Wherever The Heck They Want

Awww...this puppy sleeps wherever he wants. I hope he feels comfy though.. - Source As long as you fit, then you can sleep in it! - Source Sleeping on two pots? No problem.. - Source He can pass out wherever he wants..even on a couch and on a table at the same time.. - Source As long as he feels comfy and snug, then he'll sleep in it. - Source Dogs indeed can sleep wherever they want. They can even ... Read more

Dog Only Responds When Spoken To In The Voice of a Famous Musician

Call him a voice activated Corgi! This little pup only responds to his owner like one famous musical group. Watch as he tries using his own voice, and several other accents. The dog completely ignores him! How on earth did this even happen, LOL! The last scene where the dog is hiding behind the fridge is the best! Has your dog ever responded differently to different voices you make? Tell us about it in the comments below.

What?! This Clever Dog Carjacks a Vehicle!!

I can’t believe my eyes! This dog actually carjacks a vehicle! Naughty dog! Apparently, dog carjackings are growing in number. They’re catching up to all of the cat carjackings taking place! 😉 You’ve got to see it to believe it, really! And next time this happens to you, be sure to keep your car keys on you! 😉 SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

This Dog May Love Baths More Than You!

There’s nothing I love more than a hot bath after a stressful day! But if there’s anyone that DOESN’T share my sentiments, it’s my dog. He hates bath time and even tries to run and hide from it! Which is polar opposite of this next pooch. I’ve never seen a dog love a bath more than this cutie, Casper. He’s taken pampered to a whole new level! Check him out… SHARE if your dog loves bath time! SHARE if your … Read more

Funny Doxie Gets Stuck in a Sleeve!

Sure, they’re shaped like a hotdog but that doesn’t mean they can fit just anywhere! They may get a little further than some dogs, but that only gets them into more predicaments. Much like the cutie in this next video! He’s all fired up about being stuck in a jacket sleeve! And now the jacket has come alive… and it barks too! 🙂 Watch it now! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who … Read more