Does Your Significant Other Stare Just a LITTLE Too Long At Others? He Can Join This Pooch in The Dog House!

Did you catch this commercial during the Superbowl earlier this year? Somehow, I missed it! But even though I’m late to the game, I’m pretty sure that this video is funny EVERY TIME you see it! These dogs “act” out a typical scenario that we’ve all experienced at some point! Their version is an adorably funny take on the situation. Be sure to turn your speakers on!! Are you curious about what happens? Find out now! SHARE this with someone … Read more

When They Told The Dog To Get Off The Bed, They Didn’t Expect THIS!

No one, and I repeat, NO ONE tells Mosley the Greyhound what to do! So imagine his frustration and confusion when his owner told him to get off his own bed!. This is one of those videos you keep hitting replay on. I love what happens 18 seconds in!!! If you ask me, I think he made his case quite well. Let the pup stay on the bed! Are dogs allowed on the bed at your house?

Hilarious Dog Confused By Bag of Marbles!

This Boxer is losing his marbles! Or maybe he’s listening to some hard rock music that no one else can hear? Regardless, his response to this bag of marbles has us laughing hysterically! And while we’re pretty sure this isn’t the correct way to play with marbles, we’re going to embrace this pooch’s approach because he’s having more fun with marbles than anyone EVER has! 🙂 Check it out! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this … Read more

Adorable Frenchie Argues Over Bedtime!

Oh how I love this next video! My dogs argue with me every night over bedtime. Whether they refuse to come upstairs to bed or they decide it’s time to play once they’re in bed, it’s always a process. (Some nights I get lucky though!) But, I’ve never had a dog verbally argue with me! This next cutie does just that! AND to top it off, once he stops arguing he actually listens to his momma, closes his eyes and … Read more

This boxer getting scared by a leaf is the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

Some things are adorable beyond words! Warning, if you watch this once you might just watch is 10 times! When Leonardo the Boxer started barking uncontrollably, his owner ran into the room. To his surprise, he found his beloved boxer utterly terrified by a single leaf. Need some more videos of Leonardo? Check out this and this. Tell us in the comments below: what is the strangest thing your dog has ever been afraid of? Share to spread the laughs! … Read more

Frenchie argues with owner about bedtime

This video won the internet yesterday! Although not a new video (it was uploaded in 2011), for whatever reason is started going viral yesterday. After you watch it, you’ll see why! I just love how this pup backtalks until the very end! It even looks like he’s faking going to sleep, doesn’t it? (maybe his owner should get him an easier bed to get into, don’t you think! I might be arguing too about that 🙂

8 Dogs Who Are Just Trying To Get Comfortable

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This Dog is NOT Allowed on the Bed… So Guess What Happens When He’s Home Alone?!

Dogs try their very best to behave properly when we’re present. I’d like to think they’re well-behaved when we’re away but… something tells me otherwise! Perhaps it could be this adorable video of what a hidden camera captured of a dog home alone? As the title mentions, and I will repeat, this dog is NOT allowed on the bed! So, it stays off the bed right? :-p Find out! (This video has amassed a whopping 23 MILLION VIEWS so far! … Read more

When 2 Dogs Share An Ice Cream Cone, The Little One ALWAYS Gets The First Bite…You’ll See Why!

Friday Fun-day is a regular occurrence in Cooper’s home, and even his friends get to join in from time to time! They LOVE their ice cream, especially Cooper. Cooper loves it SO much that he knows it’s only best to let his friends go first in getting a taste. His politeness pays off, so keep your eye on him! Any guesses as to what happens? Find out: Did anyone see that coming?! We wonder if Cooper got a brain freeze… … Read more

[PULLED]Bad Dachshund!

Oh my goodness, this little Dachshund is hilarious! A little bad, but funny nonetheless! Say hello to Mr. Pepper. This adorable tiny Doxie has a big personality and he LOVES to torment his big brother, Patrick the cat. Get ready for some laughter:

Cartoon hilariously illustrates what it’s like to sleep with dogs!

Do you let your dog sleep with you? Correction, actually we should ask does your dog let you sleep with them!!! We came across this hilarious comic illustration through I Love My Dog and just had to share it! Do you have a funny sleeping with dogs picture? We want to see it! Post it below in the comments! 🙂 SHARE if this made you smile! SHARE if this made you smile!

10 Things Dogs Have Always Wondered about Humans

Peer inside the mind of your dog with these 10 hilarious questions dog’s want to ask us! #1 – Why do you think we need more fur? #2 – Why do you put the BEST food in the “garbage” and then get mad when we eat it? #3 – Why in the world do you relieve yourself in our water bowls?! #4 – What’s up with your ugly, furless, stinky puppies? #5 – Why are you always buying new collars? … Read more