New-Mom Introduces Newborn To Her Pet, Dog Shows Mom Her 1st Rookie Mistake

Dogs are known to have an uncanny ability to sense when a new baby has arrived. Recent studies show that dogs can smell when a newborn is related to their human pack leader. This may be because dogs preferentially form bonds with people in charge of looking after them. Dogs naturally form attachments to the new baby, who they see as in higher position.


Image Source: YouTube Video


The video in this article shows the HILARIOUS lengths babies’ puppies will go to ensure they are safe. Dogs are known for being loyal, but there is no limit to their love for human babies!

This type of nurturing is expected from a parent, but it can be hard to see, when the only caregiving has only arms. Especially since this one dog lacks the digits to do most tasks, yet has figured out how to accomplish something so darn adorable— and is taking care of the tiny baby she already adores.


Image Source: YouTube Video


I promise you, watching this will be the sweetest 32 seconds of your day! And don’t forget to share this with family and friends. Keeping it to yourself would just be wrong a little selfish, sorry.


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Sick Babes Huddled Together In Tight Corner After Being Left In Midst Of Night

The story of two vulnerable, sweet puppies begins with them huddled together for comfort. They were left in the shelter without anyone to watch over, based on the assumption that no one would want them. Luckily, things changed when a worker received a call about their cries and no one wanted any harm to come to them.


Credit Image: YouTube Video


A volunteer decides to get vitamin and mange shots for his car. This will help the puppies with lethargy and discomfort, as well as the itch from the mange. The puppies are unhappy about being shot but it will allow them to feel better. Just like our kids need to get vaccines, these puppies will have to endure some pain in order to feel better.


Credit Image: YouTube Video


The puppies are soothed with lots of pets and kind words. The puppies can rest now. The next day, the puppies have ticks on them. With a lack of resources, the open shelter that’s exposed to the elements, is always a challenge. The ticks are treated next. He also gives the puppies some extra vitamins in their water.


Credit Image: YouTube Video


In just a few days, the painful mange treatment is working. The puppies hate it but you can already see such a difference. The sores are drying out! Since they’re not as itchy, the puppies can finally relax and eat. They meet all sorts of new friends at the shelter. They’re growing so much by the day and are nice and healthy.


Credit Image: YouTube Video


Even people of limited funds and resources go out on a daily basis to help animals. We call those people heroes.


Watch this heartwarming rescue story below. Be sure to pass it onto a friend or family member!





Innocent Baby Gets Too Close To Dog And Dog Goes Straight For Her Face

Loving unconditionally- When Amanda and Don Swift welcomed their baby daughter, Harper, into this world they immediately knew she was going to be loved unconditionally by their family’s 8-year-old Chocolate Labrador, Savannah. The Atlanta couple had raised Savannah since she was 10 weeks old. They are confident in her loyalty to their daughter.


Image Source: Swift Family/YouTube


As Harper grew up, Savannah became very vigilant of the baby’s well-being and safety. The dog wanted her baby sister to grow up well, and would do everything in her power to look out for her.

Savannah softly tilts Harper’s head forward, so he is looking at her. As she speaks to the baby calmly, the family watches in amazement as Harper starts to crawl towards Savannah.


Image Source: Swift Family/YouTube



Savannah, who you can tell wants to be an adopted human daughter to the baby Harper, rewards Harper with a sweet kiss on the nose, causing Harper to break once again into quiet giggles. Savannah is genuinely enjoying her time taking care of Harper like she were one of her own.

Be sure to watch Savannah and Harper in this heartwarming video! Be sure to pas this onto a friend or family member:



A Walking Skeleton, She Roamed The Streets & Hung Her Head In Shame

This poor dog was a victim of homelessness and neglect. Covered in mange and skin impervious to the world, she looked like she could die at any moment for all we know.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


Animal Aid are trained to handle animals with care, before they are set free. They used a blanket to gently capture her, identify her, then put her into their mobile clinic for boarding.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


She was immediately taken to see doctors, where she realized they were there to help her. After this sudden realization, her whole demeanor changed. She no longer felt shame or alone.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


After a medical diagnosis, the doctor would prescribe a treatment plan. First and foremost, she needed to get sufficient rest and a high-calorie diet.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


What must have felt like the greatest gift to the starving dog was when she was finally able to eat. And there were days when she would eat two or three bowls of food! She said that it longed long time in her life when she had plenty of food.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


Despite some anecdotal evidence that some home remedies may treat mange, the best way to treat this skin disease is with medicated baths and antibiotics.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


Animal Aid works to place animals in happy homes where they can thrive. If they don’t find a home, the peaceful atmosphere of the sanctuary allow these companions to live out their life in happiness with loving volunteers. Little Mary will live with Animal Aid until she finds a forever home.


Image Source (YouTube Video Channel): Animal Aid Unlimited


Mary’s health is going in the right direction thanks to a new home and a loving community to support her.

Watch Mary’s rescue by the Animal Aid Team below: Be sure to SHARE this story with a friend or family member!


All The Animals Were Adopted One By One ‘Til He Was The Only One Who Remained

Capone is a senior Pit Bull. He has been waiting for a forever home. His shelter mates have all found homes, but Capone was either ignored or put back in his kennel after a brief meeting with staff and volunteers. They knew he deserved to find his forever home and make it out of the shelter alive.’


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook

It broke the shelter team’s heart: “For quite some time Capone was the only dog we had in the shelter,” Carly Quinn, the director of the Ionia County Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “All the kennels were empty, except for sweet, quiet, kind Capone.”

Capone was adopted from the shelter but returned after he began fighting with another dog at his new home. Capone became very depressed and stopped eating.


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook

“He lost quite a bit of weight as he just did not have the appetite he did in his home,” Quinn noted. “It was very hard to get him to eat. We had to coax him daily with treats and assorted wet foods.”

Everybody could see that he lost a piece of himself and just lost his appetite.


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook


“He was heartbroken,” Quinn said, “and anyone who has felt true heartbreak understands how proper diet takes the back seat.”

Having been adopted and then returned to the shelter changed Capone. “The Capone we met in 2017 and the Capone wet met in 2018 were two different dogs,” said NSC Director Jon Peddie. ” Quinn said. “After he was surrendered the second time, it seemed like he picked and chose his friends as if he truly felt betrayed. He became very attached to us shelter staff.”

“He is a ‘velcro dog,’” Quinn added. “A dog who loves to be right next to you, always touching you.”


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook


Quinn checked their Facebook page and saw a message from a couple interested in Capone. “They had fallen in love with his pictures and his story,” Quinn said. “[When] they came into our shelter later that day, they had already gone to the pet store and made him a custom name tag with his name and their information.”

The staff at the shelter only wanted Capone to be adopted out to a home where he was the only dog. This proved more challenging than they thought it would be.

The staff of a shelter in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, shared a photo of Capone on their Facebook page. They hoped that someone would see him and adopt him. They were even more determined to get Capone placed after the shelter had to relocate due to construction work. He did not deserve to be left behind especially when he was so lovable and playful.


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook


Quinn checked their Facebook page and saw a message from a couple interested in Capone. “They had fallen in love with his pictures and his story,” Quinn said. “[When] they came into our shelter later that day, they had already gone to the pet store and made him a custom name tag with his name and their information.”

But everyone was so nervous! Since his second surrender, Capone had become quite picky about who he liked and who he preferred to stay away from. What if he didn’t like his new potential parents?

Quinn practically held her breath. She walked Capone over to meet the couple with her fingers crossed. Quinn said, “As I walked into the lobby with Capone, he stopped and looked at Jon and Ashlee for a while. They both knelt down and Capone ran right into their arms.”

“It was truly a tearjerker,” Quinn added.


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook

Even when Capone left, the staff was a mess. They were so nervous he would come back. But as time went on, and the staff checked in on Capone, they realized he DID get his happily ever after. Just look at him in his new home with that peaceful sleepy smile


Image Source Credit: Ionia County Animal Shelter/Facebook


“Look at that smile,” shelter volunteer Sammie Vincent wrote on Facebook. “Us shelter staff actually cried tears of joy for Capone.”

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