Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of Everything And One Night With His Brother Changed All

Hedgie had a difficult start in life. His first owners chained him up outside as a puppy and never showed him love. When he was eventually adopted and brought home by his new family, the little guy was terrified of everyone and everything. He just cowered behind the table.



Image/Story Source Credit: Instagram and The Dodo



One night, Mason’s dog, Hedgie, wouldn’t stop barking. That’s when Mason decided to bring the dog up to his room for the night. The next morning, when Mason went downstairs, he was surprised by what he saw: Hedgie was a completely different dog! The two of them became inseparable friends who did everything together.


Image/Story Source Credit: Instagram and The Dodo



But one day, Hedgie started having trouble walking and eating. He was taken to the vet where they diagnosed him with megaesophagus, but putting him down was not an option for this family. Instead, they would feed him in a special chair.


Aside from his disorder, the family knew the dog was healthy and had lots of life left to live. 


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After Spending His Entire Life On A Chain, Biscuit Was Shown An Empty Field

Please meet Biscuit. A Siberian Husky who lived his entire life on a chain, until now. This is his story!


8 dogs were discovered while Amy Hines, a wonderful member of Dogs Deserve Better, was in Kentucky. She just knew she couldn’t leave them outside without shelter, so she wanted to do something about it right away.


Image Source Credit: YouTube Video


Amy knew that she had to take action and decided to stop her vehicle and save one of them. However, she decided to go all the way and took the opportunity to speak with the owner and rescued all eight of these dogs from the property. Her first rescue, Biscuit was taken to their Good News Rehab Center which is located in Virginia.




Image Source Credit: YouTube Video



For some time these dogs were living their lives chained up. However, thankfully, they are now safe, free, and loved. We absolutely love happy endings and you will absolutely enjoy this wonderful video below.



Watch this wonderful video of Biscuit taking his first run of freedom! We’re smiling from ear to ear!


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Couple adopts rescue dog before meeting him. When the door opens to reveal him they “lose it”

Tracy Whyatt realized that many dogs were being euthanized in high-kill shelters every day with little chance of adoption, so she stepped in and decided to do something about it. Tracy’s Dogs was founded by Tracy Whyatt as a way to save unloved canines.


Image/Story Source Credit: OnlyGood TV via YouTube Video


Tracy and her husband, Scott, load up dogs from overcrowded kill shelters into a 32-foot trailer and drive them to other states to find them forever homes. They’ve partnered up with PetSmart as a meeting place for the dogs and their new owners.

As you can imagine, the moment the owners see their new dogs for the first time is beautiful and emotional. Everyone gathers around the trailer as the door swings open, and the tears begin to flow. Welcome to your new lives, pups! 🙂


Image/Story Source Credit: OnlyGood TV via YouTube Video


Since starting their company in 2011, Tracy and Scott have adopted out over 3,700 dogs! If it weren’t for them, most of these dogs would not have survived. They have a wonderful thing going here, and Tracy’s Dogs deserves all the recognition they can get!


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