Rescue Dog Attempts One Final Agility Course Before Retirement. Fails Gloriously!

It’s the end of an era. Kratu, the world’s favorite agility dog, gave his farewell performance at the Crufts Kennel Club Dog Show last week. The Romanian rescue dog that stole our hearts plans to retire from agility at the end of the year. Kratu first made a name for himself in 2018 when he put his own unique stamp on the agility course. Rather than follow the approved routine, he skipped obstacles, visited onlookers on the sidelines, and generally … Read more

FedEx Driver Makes A Special Delivery For Lost Dog

Catcher the 3-year-old Golden Retriever is great at learning new tricks with her mom, Liza Menzies. However, her eagerness to learn new things recently got her into trouble. Her latest trick was an escape act, one that her family certainly didn’t approve of. Catcher wandered off all on her own, and she likely would’ve been lost forever if a kind FedEx driver hadn’t come to save the day. Catcher’s Escape Act Menzies and her husband were out of town when … Read more

Dog Gently Tucks Baby Sibling Under Blanket

Sometimes a dog’s behavior can be so disturbingly human, we’d swear they’re just fur-covered people walking around on all fours. Take, for example, one dog who tucked his uncovered baby sibling under a blanket. This nanny of a dog seems to know exactly what he’s doing. In a video that now boasts over 8.8 million views, a loyal, caring pup notices his human baby sibling lying on a blanket. The last thing this dog wants is for the baby to … Read more

Woman Makes Amazing Artwork With Rescue Dog’s Fluff

iHeartDogs reached out to Rachel Belyavsky after seeing a post featuring her dog, Mowgli, on Reddit. She shared her story, and her amazing photos of Mowgli with us – and we’re thrilled to share them with you.  “We rescued Mowgli in June of 2017 through Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue. Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue pulls the majority of the dogs they save from high volume, high kill shelters in rural Texas – some with intake of 100+ animals a day. Mowgli was picked … Read more

Kindergarteners Make Dog Treats For Dog Rescue Fundraiser

Of course, kids love dogs! So, what better way to learn than to encourage young kindergarteners to help out dogs in need? A junior kindergarten class at Harrisburg Horizon Elementary in South Dakota is doing exactly that. The students are working together to make their own dog treats to sell in a fundraiser. All the proceeds go to Almost Home Canine Rescue.  Treats for a Good Cause The kids are having a blast with their new project. 5-year-old Julia Page … Read more

Couple Has Their Entire Bridal Party Made Of Dogs

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, then you know the definition of stress. It’s one thing to find the venue and work out all of the logistics of the big day. It’s an entirely different ordeal to play referee with dueling bridesmaids and gruff groomsmen. One couple solved those problems in the best way possible. A Bridal Party With 32 Feet There were no humans on either side of their bridal party- just their seven dogs! It was a bridal … Read more

Dog Reports Himself Missing At Police Station

Chico is a 1-year-old Husky and German Shepherd mix that’s anything but serious. His dad, Edward Alvarado, had first hoped that Chico could be a guard dog, but the pup was just too friendly. All he wanted to do was play with everyone and show them love. Like many young pups, his curiosity often gets out of hand, especially when he’s bored. One night, Chico even decided to go on an adventure of his own without his dad’s permission! At … Read more

Young Girl Writes Stories To Read To Shelter Dogs

Brielle Leger is a 9-year-old girl who loves dogs much like any other kid. However, her love for dogs truly goes above and beyond any other 4th grader. Brielle is an aspiring author, so she writes her own stories about dogs, complete with illustrations that her younger sister, Brynn, helps her draw. Once a week, the sisters visit the Fairhaven Animal Shelter, where they read their stories to all the dogs waiting to be adopted. This heartwarming idea started at … Read more

Puppy And Pigeon Friendship Raises Money For Animal Rescue

Dogs have been known to chase birds and other small animals for fun. But when the bird is bigger than the dog is, they might think twice! A Chihuahua puppy and a pigeon have formed an unlikely friendship, and they have inspired many people to help animals in need. Both of the animals have mobility issues, so they bonded as they recovered at The Mia Foundation. Plus, they’re just so cute together! Lundy is a 2-month-old Chihuahua puppy who can’t … Read more

Social Media Users Help Old Dog Find His Favorite Discontinued Toy

Like most dogs, 12-year-old Jaxon has a favorite toy. His name is “Greenie” and he is a jolly dragon the color of fresh limes. Last month, Jaxon’s concerned mom, Kelli Brown took to Twitter in search of a replacement “Greenie” when she discovered that the beloved toy had been discontinued by its manufacturer. Brown was hoping to find just one remaining “Greenie” lingering in a discount bin at a PetSmart location somewhere. She never expected her post to garner such … Read more

Golden Retriever Serves As Flower Girl At Her Pawrents’ Wedding

Briana and Kevin Schaefer consider their 4-year-old Golden Retriever, Norah their daughter – or dog-ter if you prefer. When it came to planning their November 4 wedding, there was never any doubt that Norah would be included somehow. “The bond we have with Norah is special, she’s our fur baby,” Briana told The Knot. The couple decided that the golden cutie would serve as their flower girl, complete with a wreath of flowers draped around her neck. Norah behaved like a … Read more

Dog Rides The Bus To The Dog Park Every Day. By Herself.

She loves hugs and the color red. Her pet peeves include cat people and being stared at while pooping. She’s Eclipse, Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog! What’s so special about an urban dog riding a bus, you ask? Eclipse rides Seattle’s D-line five stops to the local dog park – by herself! After riding with her owner, Jeff Young each day, Eclipse grew tired of waiting for him to finish his morning cigarette. One day she decided to hop on by … Read more

Three Rescue Dogs Find The Perfect Match With Their Three Adopted Human Siblings

It’s hard to believe that Curtis and Roberta Griner could become even more inspiring. The couple are active dog rescuers, having fostered over 70 pups and adopted several of their own over the years. Now the young family has welcomed 3 new members – Jessica, Victoria, and Veronica – human sisters adopted from Poland. With the Griners’ 3 rescue dogs waiting at home, the girls arrived in America last month, each with her “own dog” already picked out. Victoria chose … Read more

They Couldn’t Figure Out How This Puppy Kept Escaping The Crate Until They Caught The Crime On Video

Some dogs become such good friends that they eventually become “partners in crime”! Just like this German Shepherd named Twitch, and his tiny little friend named Sophie! Their humans were wondering how Sophie kept escaping her crate. So they set up a video camera to find out. Watch the video below and see how Twitch helps little Sophie escape from her crate! The mystery is solved! LOL! That’s one smart German Shepherd!