Heroic Rescue Beagle Saves Life Of Elderly Neighbor

Milo Featured

Not only are our furry best friends absolutely adorable, and make excellent companions, but they also have the uncanny ability to sense when something is wrong. Whether it’s thanks to their heightened senses of hearing and smell, or they’re also tuned into the metaphysical, it’s clear that our canine companions are watching our backs. This can especially be said about Milo the rescue Beagle, who is not only cute but has proven that he has an acute sense for detecting … Read more

Scroll Through The Stunning Photos Of A Pink Nosed Pup Befriending Butterflies

Milo garden

Meet Milo, the pink-nosed pup who befriends butterflies and has become a social media sensation. Once you get a good look at this photo gallery, it will be easy to see why. Milo’s mom, Jen, captures stunning photos of handsome, happy Milo interacting with the butterflies that live in their garden. One scroll through these feel-good photos is sure to leave you smiling for the duration of your day.  In many ways, Milo is like most dogs. He loves long … Read more

Research Confirms It: Adopting More Pets Improves Happiness!

Pets Cause Happiness Study

If you have a pet, you know that being around them brings you joy. So, it makes sense that pet parents would be much happier than pet-less individuals. Now, a new study proves that people with animals in their families are noticeably happier than those without pets. People with dogs in the study were also happier than those living with cats. This research answered a lot of important questions, including ‘what animals make people the happiest?,’ ‘do more pets mean … Read more

37 U.S. Airports Have Therapy Dog Programs. Does Yours?

Sometimes even thinking about going to the airport makes my blood pressure rise. Know what’s proven to help ease symptoms of stress and anxiety? Therapy dogs. It only makes sense to place therapy dogs at the airport, one of the more stressful places nearly everyone has to be at one time or another. Airport therapy dogs have, to everyone’s benefit, become far more common in the last few decades. At airports all across the United States, these certified pups and … Read more

Soldiers Hope To Save Wounded Dog They Befriended In Afghanistan

As you probably know, having a dog in your life always makes things a little better. So you can only imagine how much a friendly local dog means to soldiers in Afghanistan. Duke was beloved by all the soldiers on the base he frequented. Often, the dogs they meet overseas become very important to men and women who serve. That makes it extremely difficult when they have to relocate and potentially leave their friend behind. This is especially true in … Read more

Crazy Coincidence Helps Brothers Reunite After Eight Years Apart

Brothers Reunited

When puppies are born inside or brought to a shelter, it doesn’t usually take very long for them to be adopted. So it’s not much of a surprise that when Australian Shepherd puppies “Randy” and “Travis” found themselves transferred to an SPCA together in 2013, they were adopted within half an hour of each other. What is truly surprising is the story of their serendipitous reunion eight years later. And it was all thanks to the power of a dog’s … Read more

Community Raises $38,000 For Child To Get Service Dog

Imagine worrying every single day for the last 15 years that someone you love could pass away at any time. Now imagine that you’re the parent of a child who could die at any second. That’s the reality for one Houston-area family. Heather O’Harra is the mother of 15-year-old Kayley. Kayley was born with a rare genetic condition that causes her to have seizures. They first realized she had the condition when she had her first seizure at just a … Read more

A Special Bond With His Person May Help Chewy Win ‘America’s Top Dog’

“America’s Top Dog” on the A & E network is the reality show dog lovers needed in their lives. The competition show features talented dogs and their handlers competing on an obstacle course designed to test their speed, agility, teamwork, and trust. That last aspect, the bond between dog and trainer, proved pretty important in the success of one team: Team Chewy. The pup and his trainer/mom, Rachel Clark, won their first episode in Season 2, making it to the grand … Read more

“Clean Start” Grooming Program Helps Adoptable Dogs Get Shiny & Healthy

Regular grooming doesn’t just keep a dog looking fresh. Grooming also keeps them healthy, and in some cases, a good grooming can turn a matted stray into an adoptable dog. After all, some potential adopters do tend to unfairly judge a book by its filthy cover. In a partnership with the Humane Society of North Central Florida, Scenthound aims to groom and care for rescue dogs. The wellness-centered grooming service will also take care of their health concerns like matted … Read more

Gizmo The Therapy Dog Helps Kids Cope With Stress

When you’re a kid, you don’t really know how to use coping strategies when it comes to your emotions. Fortunately, a new curriculum, “Gizmo’s Pawsome Guide to Mental Health,” will help children across the country with that. It’s inspired by a cute little therapy dog named Gizmo. Naturally, the Maltese, Papillon, and Japanese Chin mix resembles the Mogwai from the 1984 film Gremlins. His small size makes him easy to hold, and his sweet face makes him easy to love. … Read more

Teal The “Foul Ball Dog” Is The Real MVP Of Minor League Ball

For baseball fans in Corpus Christi, a foul ball has become a lot more exciting to see during games. That’s because of a Chocolate Lab named Teal, whose job it is to go and fetch the balls hit into foul territory. Teal is the 4-year-old canine companion of the head groundskeeper, Landry, for the Corpus Christi Hooks at Whataburger Field. Beloved by players, stadium staff, and fans alike, he serves as the team’s unofficial mascot. Landry named the dog not … Read more

Two Friends Open An Innovative “Doggie Health Hub” Together

Most dogs don’t exactly enjoy their visits to the groomer. A new more holistic approach or “healing grooming” may help soothe some of their anxieties. At least, that’s the idea behind Groucho’s in the northeastern U.K. Friends Paula Goodrick and Jennifer Robb partnered on an exciting new dog health and hygiene venture. The two run Groucho’s, an unconventional grooming salon and “doggie health hub.” Their goal is to work with nature to offer an all-around dog health treatment facility. Goodrick … Read more

Police Officers Break Window To Save Dog Locked In 115 Degree Car

It’s hard to believe in this day and age; with everything we know about the severe effects, people still leave their dogs in hot cars. Even on cloudy days, locked cars can heat up to extreme temperatures fast. On a 75 degree day, temperatures inside the vehicle can reach 120 degrees in just 30 minutes. When Sarasota Police officers responded to a call about a dog left in a parked car, they knew the stakes. Dogs are very sensitive to … Read more

Adoring Golden Squeezes Under Car To Hug Her Handy Human

Golden Retriever cover

Most of us know that our pups will go to great lengths to get our attention. A Golden Retriever in Australia did exactly that, and would not let anything stand between her and her fur dad! Goldens seem to be affectionate by nature, but some are even more cuddly than others. This Golden couldn’t bear being away from her fur dad while he worked on his car, and quickly took matters into her own paws. At the beginning of the … Read more

Flight Attendant Helps Reunite Veterans With Their Retired Service Dogs

When dogs who serve in the armed forces complete their military service, they’re often given up for adoption. Sometimes the soldiers they worked with and grew close to are given first priority, but it’s not quite that simple. Bringing a dog back to their handlers overseas costs thousands of dollars. Luckily, there’s Molli Oliver. Oliver works as a flight attendant for United Air, but her real passion is reuniting these brave dogs with their partners. She’s already brought four dogs … Read more

9-Year-Old Collects Huge Haul Of Donations For Animal Shelter

If you found your way to this article, odds are pretty high you’re an animal lover. I’m also willing to bet you’ve loved animals since you were old enough to distinguish a doggie from a kitty. So surely you can relate to 9-year-old Caroline Uhorchak, who already knows her passion in life is giving back to animals. Though she’s only a grade-schooler, Caroline has pulled in tons of donations to her local animal shelter… literally. With a red wagon in … Read more

Man Bullied By Employer And Paid In Pennies Donates $1,000 To Rescue Dogs

We’ve all had horrible bosses at one point. They’re miserable and their unhappiness seems to soak into the hearts of all of their employees. You probably saw the news recently where a man’s boss thought he got the last laugh, but if you didn’t let me catch you up. Andreas Flaten worked for A OK Walker Automworks in Peachtree City, Georgia. He decided to call it quits last November after spending too much time in what he considered a toxic … Read more

Emotional Support Dog Is Adopted By Another Family During Owner’s Medical Emergency

Joey and Max

The heartwarming moment of a man being reunited with his beloved best friend and service dog after an unexpected three weeks apart was caught on video by a local news station. Joey Martin and his German Shepherd mix Maximus ventured from Portland to Auburn, Washington, where they were looking forward to exploring Olympic National Park together. However, they never made it to the park for their adventure. Not long after they arrived in Auburn, Martin experienced a medical emergency that … Read more

Accomplished Border Patrol K9 Retires After 7 Years Of Hard Work

K9 Kirpy Retires

Kirpy the Belgian Malinois is just one of the many brave pups who fight for our country. From his puppy years to age seven, Kirpy worked as a police K9, specializing in locating illegal drugs. But no one should have to work forever. So, after seven successful years of hard work, Kirpy got the retirement of his dreams. Now, brave Kirpy gets to live the pampered life of a companion dog. The days of fighting crime are over, and now … Read more

Country’s First Indoor Dog Water Park Is Approved By Pampered Pups

Dog Water Park Facility

Whenever you stop at a hotel, kids are sure to burst with excitement if it has a water park. And as it turns out, many dogs are the same way. A South Dakota dog resort recently expanded its facility to include the country’s first indoor dog water park. Dogs can run around in a splash pad space any time of the year. This doggy play area had a slow start due to COVID, but now it’s booming with success! It’s … Read more

15 Adorable Fluff Balls You Need To See!

There is nothing cuter than a furry friend with impressive fluff. Some pets have fur that just cannot be contained, and deserves to shine in its fuzzy glory. Let’s introduce you to 15 fluff balls worthy of their time in the spotlight! 1. A fluffy pup needs a fluffy friend! 2. What an angel of a fluff! 3. A majestic fluff with a perfect blowout! 4. A mighty bear fluff in the flesh! 5. He is a supreme fluff and … Read more

The “Dogfather of Harlem” Is Transforming Dog and Human Lives During Pandemic

The pandemic has forced too many businesses to shut their doors, but one dog groomer has used these challenging times to create change that will far surpass the lasting effects of COVID-19. Meet Brian Taylor. Brian is originally from Sierra Leone in West Africa but he’s been changing the future of Harlem for the last 10 years. When he graduated college, Brian began a career as a business banker. His decision to trade in his briefcase for a grooming table … Read more

Adorable Rescue Dogs Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers

Dogs Deliver Flowers

For many couples, it’s a tradition to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. But now there’s a way to make romantic bouquets even better! Flower shop, She Loves Me in Washington DC, did something special this year. If customers donated money to an animal shelter, their Valentine’s Day flowers would be delivered by an adorable rescue dog. In no time, this event became a hit. The shop raised over $1,000 for rescue dogs, and five special shelter dogs got to enjoy … Read more

Derrick Nnadi Inspires ZIWI Pet Food To Cover Kansas City Adoption Fees

Derrick Nnadi and Ziwi Donations

Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi is known for his kind donations to animal welfare. Leading up to the 2020 Super Bowl, he promised to pay an adoption fee of a hard-to-adopt dog for every game the Chiefs won. Once they reached the 2020 Super Bowl, he set an even higher goal. If the Chiefs won that Super Bowl, he would pay for every dog’s adoption fee at KC Pet Project. He followed through, paying for 100 pet adoption fees. While the … Read more

Teen’s Dog Treat Business Booms In Rough Times

The ongoing pandemic has forced everyone, even young adults, to get creative. We’ve learned new ways to socialize, exercise, learn, and earn money. Lynnsey Hauger, a freshman at Berkley High School in Michigan, was inspired by her love of dogs to find a new source of income this year. Unable to earn her usual babysitting dollars, Lynnsey started her own small company at home: Lubirds Dog Treats. Every day, Hauger makes gluten-free, dog-safe treats from her own kitchen. She bakes … Read more

New Facility In Phoenix Is Dedicated To Saving Moms And Their Babies

Of course they’re unbelievably cute, but newborn puppies aren’t quite ready to find homes with people. Experts say puppies should remain with their mothers for at least the first eight weeks of their lives, if not longer. The pups have a lot to learn from their mom and a lot of socialization to undergo. They need to be able to grow and thrive with mom by their side. A Phoenix-based rescue specializes in large-breed pregnant dogs and their puppies who … Read more

Abandoned Puppy Faithfully Remains At Her Deceased Sibling’s Side

Your dog may love to chase cars, but often they don’t understand how dangerous this activity really is. Attended and securely leashed, it’s usually just harmless barking and tugging. Little puppies with no one to protect them, however, are at serious risk of getting struck by a vehicle. Sadly, this tragic fate befell an abandoned puppy in Serbia. Even sadder, his sister didn’t know what else to do besides remain by his side, just next to the street. This heartbreaking … Read more

New Luxury Shelter Will Cater To Seniors, Pregnant Pups & Special Needs Dogs

big barn dog rescue

Chicago’s ALIVE Rescue is preparing to open their dream rescue facility is Salem Lakes, IL. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the Big Barn Rescue will be their most impressive accomplishment yet! The creation of the sanctuary started when they received a huge land plot donation at the end of 2016.  Four years later, plans for their dream rescue and adoption center are well underway. It is the culmination of a massive goal that will help ALIVE Rescue more than double … Read more

Doug The Pug Finds His Calling Helping Children Battle Cancer

If you are not familiar with Doug the Pug, you are missing out! With over 18 million followers across his social media accounts, Doug is one of the most important (and squishiest) influencers online today. Now Doug is using his status to help children fighting cancer. Leslie Mosier, the human voice behind the canine phenomenon, announced the creation of the Doug the Pug Foundation on Giving Tuesday. View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Doug The Pug … Read more

Amber Abroad Part 6: Ecuadorian Animal Clinic Helps Dogs In Their Indigenous Communities

amber abroad cover

If you have been following the Amber Abroad Series, you may remember me for my time spent in Cambodia. I documented my 6 months spent working with an incredible animal clinic named PPAWS, and shared their work to improve the lives of the animals in their country. My adventures in Southeast Asia were cut short due to the sudden pandemic, forcing me to reevaluate my plans for 2020. Just when I thought my work was put on hold, I was … Read more