Heavy-Hearted Dog In ‘Baking Sun,’ Gazed With Hope As Sound Closed In

In the “baking hot” temperatures of South Africa, a dog lay by her lonesome in a heap of garbage inside a well. A concerned caller phoned Sidewalk Specials after witnessing the cruel reality of why the dog was there: she had been dumped by a callous owner that no longer wanted her. Sidewalk Specials raced over knowing the temperatures would continue to soar and the dog could not help herself. The poor girl was trapped and desperately needed a helping … Read more

Woman Clutches Unloved Puppy That Wraps His Paws Around Her And Won’t Let Go

A rescuer with Love Furry Friends made her way down a quiet road on the outskirts of Ukraine. There, lying in the middle of a field, she found Misha. He was so tiny and all by himself. Many people don’t spay their pets in that region so strays are abundant. Puppies are frequently dumped outside of villages. Because they cannot care for themselves and most are too young to find proper resources, they succumb to the elements or starvation. Misha … Read more

Rescuer Promises Lonely Ram, “I’m Going To Get You Out Of There”

Visitors to the petting zoo where Huxley spent the first 10 years of his life referred to him as “The Depressed Ram.” He was completely alone and miserable with no other animal friends for company. Confined to a pen with no shelter, Huxley had utterly given up on life. The lonely ram came to the attention of Ryan at Uncle Neil’s Home, a sanctuary in New Jersey for rescued farm animals. She visited him frequently, watching through the fence as … Read more

After Years Of Trauma, Lab Brothers Freeze In The Presence Of Rescuers

After being rescued from a hoarding situation, Buddy and Hobbs were both so scared that they would freeze in fear, and be unable to move. Their foster mom would have to scoop them up and carry them outside to do their business.  But after living in an environment where they were shown lots of love, and patience, their personalities are peeking through, and they’ve become playful pups. These sweet souls are so fearful because of being forced to spend the … Read more

Man Holds Down “Stone” Dog With Bottle, Snarls & Snaps Unaware Of His Intent

Homeless animals face hardships every day. Searching for essentials such as food, shelter, and water is challenging enough. These precious souls also battle untreated infections that can be life-threatening. A stray dog, later named Crumb, had succumbed to mange that was so severe, it turned his skin to stone. Rescue workers with Sidewalk Specials wanted nothing more than to help Crumb but he refused to be caught. In fact, he led the volunteers on an eight-month rescue mission. Finally, a … Read more

With Eyes Swollen Shut, Baby Fox Is Too Weak To Fight When Strangers Approach

Fox with mange

Wild animals don’t have humans looking out for them the same way pets do. So, if they get sick, recovery can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there are many kind people out there who spend time rescuing, rehabilitating, and then releasing wild animals so these critters can get a second chance at life. One example of this is a young fox who was found with a severe case of mange. She had several infections and she couldn’t open her eyes, making … Read more

Confused Puppy Pelted By Tiny Bullets & Tied Up With Wire, Felt It’s All His Fault

A pup no older than six months was found trembling and alone, tied to a large oak in the park. As soon as Dev Naz received notice, he ran over to assess the situation himself. The thin wire cut deep into his neck, constricting any movement. It’s unfathomable how someone could be so mercilessly careless. Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube   When Dev freed the puppy from its binds, he was worried that it may have been … Read more

‘Paralyzed’ Dog Found Amongst The Trash With His Back Legs Tied Together

Animal Aid Unlimited discovered a stray dog with an injured spine sitting in a pile of trash. For some reason, someone had tied his back legs together. Rescuers rushed the paralyzed pup to their hospital right away for treatment.   Source and Image Screenshot: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube   Though they couldn’t find any injuries, his whole body was stiff from the agony. That he could feel anything in all his legs was a very positive sign. The … Read more

Man Adopts Fox After Saving Him From Euthanasia And Established An ‘Intense’ Friendship

In Tunbridge Wells, England, The Fox Project – a charity organization that helps care for injured foxes in the area – found an injured fox on the side of the road and took him to the vet. Upon further examination, the vets found that he had toxoplasmosis–a disease brought on by a parasite infection. Given that it was unlikely for him to survive in the wild according to the medical professionals, they were left with two choices: putting him down … Read more

Instead Of Rescuing An Abandoned Dog, They Tied Her To A Tree & Left Her To Die

When Daisy the hunting dog was no longer of use to her owner, she was abandoned and left to fend for herself. She barely survived on scraps of food in a dangerous part of town. Daisy was heartlessly tied to a tree by a resident who saw her as a “nuisance” in the area. She was left there for more than 24 hours before someone called “DAR Animal Rescue” for help. By the time rescuer Ermioni arrived, Daisy was incoherent … Read more

Abused Dog Had So Much Matted Fur They Couldn’t Tell How Big He Was Underneath

The staff at “Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac” received a call on an excruciatingly hot day about a dog in dreadlocks. The abandoned dog, later named Rasta, had been lying in a lone corner of the park for days with a rope around his neck and was clearly sick. Rasta was covered in so much dirt and flea-ridden fur that it made the heat even harder for him to bear. When the rescue received word of his condition, they dispatched a … Read more

She Was Limping With A Swollen Paw Near An Embankment, But She Refused Any Help

Hope For Paws received a call from a concerned citizen about Tinkerbell, a 10-year-old Mastiff who was found 3 weeks prior in an embankment 25 miles outside of LA. The dog was starving and crying due to her broken paw, so the Good Samaritan wanted to ensure she received help.   Source and Image Screenshot: Hope For Paws via YouTube   The rescuers were surprised to see, as they climbed down the embankment, that Tinkerbell wasn’t too thrilled with their … Read more

Man Cradles Broken Dog’s Face, Promises Never To Give Up On Her

Mildred was dealt a bad hand in life. When she was first brought to the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, all her bones were showing, and she could hardly stand. But Millie refused to give up. And little did she know, a wonderful man would soon take her in his arms and vow his lifelong support.  Lee Asher is the founder of The Asher House, a non-profit sanctuary located on his home property in Estacada, Oregon. Asher rescues and rehabilitates … Read more

Mama Dog Hesitates At First, Then Leads Rescuers To Where She Had Given Birth

“Northeast Animal Rescue” discovered a dog living near an overpass during winter. The pet would spend its days running around busy roads, searching for food from passersby, and risking its life in the process. In the video, we see Will driving on partially snowy roads until he finds Sierra, a rescue worker who was looking for a dog that might get hit by a car. Once he locates her, it is clear that she has just given birth and is … Read more

Old Dog Could No Longer Walk, So He’s Placed In A Cart For Euthanasia That Day

The dog’s owner brought him to the animal shelter to be dropped off because the family could no longer care for him. The owner said that the boy couldn’t walk anymore and he was scheduled to be euthanized that day. However, McKenzie stepped up to foster him with the hope of nursing the poor dog back to health. The next morning brought an upsetting trip to the vet. The dog was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, and the number one recommendation … Read more

Shy ‘Homeless’ Pit Bull With A Broken Leg Hides Under A Bush On Side Of The Road

As Karma the Pit Bull writhed in agony from her broken leg, she lay abandoned on the side of a busy road. Too pained to move, motorists avoided her out of fear of the “scary” breed. Starvation soon claimed the animal’s weakened body, and she resigned herself to death. As the rescuer approached Karma, she stared at him with her strikingly beautiful eyes, only to turn her face away. She was weary to her core and didn’t want to engage … Read more

An Old Tire Was The Only Place He Felt Safe Till He Met Her Arms

The owner of a gas station called DAR Animal Rescue about a pup that was living inside a tire on the property. The stray wasn’t moving much and the man thought he might be paralyzed. But that wasn’t the case. Instead, the dog sought solace in the only place he felt safe and remained there, too frightened to move. The rescuers came as quickly as they could and met the dog. He seemed timid but sweet. Now they had to … Read more

Lady Vowed His Sad-Eyed Days Among The Trash Were Over

In poverty-stricken areas that are overrun by strays, homeless animals are often overlooked by humans too poor to take care of themselves. They lack the resources to help, but in this instance, a kind human who passed by a puppy in need posted his photo online and pleaded for help. DAR Animal Rescue saw the post and drove straight over. The puppy was living in a pile of trash beneath a park bench. He slept on dirt and garbage. He … Read more

34 Dogs Saved From S. Korean Meat Farms Are Learning To Trust Humans

Dogs rescued from meat trade

WARNING: The content of this article may be sensitive to some readers. As long as dogs are still being harmed in the dog meat trade, animal rescuers will keep doing everything they can to save them. Humane Society International recently rescued 34 dogs from meat farms in South Korea. Many of the dogs are shy and hesitant to trust humans, but they’re all ready to find the loving homes they deserve. These dogs have made their way to the United … Read more

“Touch-And-Go” Pibble At Death’s Door Sniffs Her 1st Ice Cream Cone

An emaciated, helpless Pit Bull was found alone in the woods. She was merely skin and bones. Her condition was so poor that her rescuers named her Halo in case she didn’t pull through. She was found curled up in the brush. It was as if she was waiting to die. The poor girl had some issues with her eyes and small wounds covering her body. The rescuers had to act swiftly. They put a leash around her and led … Read more

He Yearned For Owner Till His Bones Showed, Whimpers As Woman Cradles His Face

A woman walked into an apartment building and found a dog standing there. He was skin and bones. It almost seemed like the dog was waiting for someone… someone who wasn’t coming back. Despite mistreatment, the loyalty of a dog will continue to shine through. Dogs are such loving creatures and will often overlook the cruelty their owners put them through. Sadly for the pup, later named Hilly, the time he spent alone in that building was filled with disappointment … Read more

“Left For Dead” Dog Comes Barreling Over, Later Sabotages Rescue

A dog, named Bo, was left for dead by his owners. He lived in a dilapidated doghouse in the yard. Bo had been attacked by coyotes and was never taken to the vet. He had wounds all over as well as mange. Street Dog Rescue received a call about Bo, finally, by a neighbor. Volunteers with the rescue group got to Bo as quickly as they could. At first, they thought rescuing Bo would be a simple task. Boy, were … Read more

Object Stirred Beneath A Water Tank In 122-Degree Desert

In Kuwait, smack in the middle of the desert landscape, homeless animals fight to survive. The temperatures rise to dangerous conditions making it more difficult for innocent animals to find shade, food, and clean water. One such dog, later named Sandy, was found underneath a water tank. The people that passed by could barely see her. Sandy dug a hole beneath the large tank to keep as cool as possible in the sweltering heat. The dog was also protecting a … Read more

“Broken” Puppy Mill Dog Is So Traumatized No One Can Touch Her

Lolly was rescued from an Iowa puppy mill, and like many dogs in these situations, she was terrified of the world. She was scared of humans and refused to walk on a leash. The breeders at the puppy mill had broken her trust in humans, so she wasn’t eager to accept affection from her rescuers. But with time, patience, and love, Lolly warmed up to the humans who were kind to her and she found her forever home. She has … Read more

Abandoned Puppies Battle Raging Storm With Nothing But A Cardboard Box For Shelter

Seven helpless puppies are safe, warm and in the capable care of Harbor Humane Society after surviving a terrible storm. Abandoned with nothing but a cardboard box for shelter, the pups, who are about four weeks old, withstood low temps, pouring rain, and howling winds before being rescued by police. Responding to a call from a good Samaritan, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office discovered the pups huddled in a cardboard box on the side of the road near Holland, Michigan. … Read more

Dog Plucked From Sludge After Falling Into 12-Ft. Deep Cesspool

Like a septic tank, cesspools have to be pumped. It’s a nasty but necessary job. But when it came time for one New York family to have the duty done, they got more of a mess than they bargained for when their dog fell into the open utility hole cover and straight into the sludge. Yuck, right? But more than just gross and leaving a dog covered in filth, the collecting gases in a cesspool are toxic and have the … Read more

Bullied Puppy Shook, Stayed On Rock Pile So They Couldn’t Get To Him

A family reached out to Sidewalk Specials, a wonderful rescue group in South Africa, and asked them for help. Their dog had a litter of puppies but one of the babies, the runt of the litter, wasn’t doing well. He shook uncontrollably and wasn’t eating or sleeping. The other puppies bullied him. He climbed up on a rock pile to feel safe. His young life was already filled with difficulties and tragedy. It was heartbreaking. The rescue group gathered supplies … Read more

Daring Woman Sweet Talks Abuser, He Retorts “Open The Car Door”

A rescue group received a call about a man that was mistreating his dogs. When they arrived, they were taken aback by the conditions of the dogs and the yard they lived in. One particular dog that was wearing a heavy chain was flesh and bones. The chain was so heavy, it weighed the poor dog down. Despite all she’s been through, she wagged her tail at the rescuer. It was as if she was asking the woman for help. … Read more

Women Walk Over To Decorated Box That’s ‘Crying’ On The Ground

Several women came across a beautifully decorated box that was placed on the ground. They couldn’t believe what was inside! A tiny puppy, merely a few days old, was lying there. Whoever dumped her left a bowl of milk beside her but because she’s so young, she couldn’t drink it on her own. One of the women brought the tiny puppy home. She needed to be bottle-fed around the clock. Her eyes were cloudy and she had frequent diarrhea. She … Read more

Man Grabs Stray Pit Bull By Leg To Pull Her In Tempting Her To Bite

Hope For Paws is an amazing rescue organization that will never turn down an animal in need. They received a call about a Pit Bull living in a junkyard. She was so dirty and hungry. The woman who fed the dog, later named Karina, earned the dog’s trust a bit but she was never able to get close enough to pet her. The seasoned rescuer had his work cut out for him. The rescue group, founded by a kind-hearted man … Read more